Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neuterscooter Stops By. Fixes Seven Lacomb Kittens.

Below are photos of the three owned Albany female cats being fixed today.

When I got back from returning the nine cats, fixed yesterday, mostly kittens, to Monroe, there was a message from the Neuterscooter. They had sat outside my place for an hour, then left, since they are flying out of Portland tonight.

I called them. I was sad I'd missed them. I was hoping they would stop by and quickly fix the seven Lacomb kittens. When I called, they were still in Albany, having lunch. They talked about, then came right over. Within an hour and a half, they are gone, leaving behind seven fixed vaccinated kittens. One, the weakest smallest one, was tested and negative on Felk.

They're recuperating now in my bathroom, on a heated bed. The only problem was they were out of ink for their standard left ear NS tattoo, so these kittens got no tattoos. They were disappointed about that, but when you are out of tattoo ink, you are out.

They are on the road to Portland and will fly back home now to Indiana.

The last Oregon clinic they did was a couple days ago, in Brookings. They did 116 cats I think.

I also got a little bit of a lecture, from Oscar, who said "Jody, slow down. Take some time off. Don't do so much for people." Dr. Peavy said he wanted to say that because of the Albany Neuterscooter clinic where I nearly collapsed days end, from exhaustion.

They agreed however that the events surrounding the grange managers and the cats across from the grange, the last minute pressure to try to get some of them caught and done, me paying for it, were what led to my problems that day.

Two of the seven kittens are now already spoken for and will leave Thursday.

Three Albany Females to Be Fixed Today

Today, I'm taking up three Albany females to be fixed. Afterwards, I am returning the nine Monroe cats. After that, Bad Black Teen Mom goes home. After that, I settle on names for the bathroom kittens and move them into the spare bedroom, after cleaning it thoroughly and disgarding the comforter Bad Black Teen Mom soiled the first two days she was here. It was on the bed in the spare bedroom and she used it as a litterbox, after which I had to cover the bed with a tarp.

I also hope to pick up the trap I left with the couple fostering the other four Millersburg kittens of Bad Black Teen Mom. They've had it awhile, said they were going to catch a male cat they fed, but never have.

I intend to look in on the kittens, then pick up a carrier loaned to the sisters who adopted White Girl, with the bad eyes. In the end, I had found out they have been feeding her way before I trapped her over there, and had tried to trap her once themselves, but the trap malfunctioned and she got out. After that, they said, she wouldn't go near a live trap. Seems odd because it took only ten minutes to trap her that Friday night. She must have been very hungry.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Grass Seed Industry High Utilizers of Chemicals. Field Burning May Send Toxic Chemicals into the Air

Click post title to go to one study about grass seed farming and it's toxic ways. When I saw one chemical used, in this report, it got my attention, because there was something on the Discovery a month ago or more, that described scientists researching this chemical in streams that receive agricultural run off from farm applications. Atrazine!

It's the one that, in lab studies, changed the sex of male bullfrogs into reproducing female bull frogs. They were finding frog abnormalities in ponds and streams next to highly sprayed agricultural fields in CA that were not related to any virus or bacteria. They then tested the water and found high levels of all sorts of farm chemicals, including atrazine. They then took the invasive bullfrogs, not born to these waters, and introduced atrozine to the water they lived in, in the lab. Some of the researchers were very funny about what happened. Male bullfrogs developed female organs, mated with other bullfrogs and even produced young.

I suppose the ultra religious would call this immoral behavior and try to convert the bullfrogs instead of realizing this is science and we are poisoning ourselves.

Anyhow, the controversy over field burning should go further but nobody has the stomach for it. To even bring up ethical land use, makes some conservatives want to shoot people. It should delve into the world of chemicals being dumped on these fields, sliding into our water and into the air we breathe, kicked up in dust clouds and in the now banned field burning. And the consequences. It should include a discussion on how we might start changing from chemical farms to something healthier.

But bringing up change, in agriculture or any other place, is like saying "Yo mother sleeps with your first cousins' half breed dog." You know, fighting words. It's stupid. Everyone wants the world to survive and be productive. Nobody contests that. So why is it so hard to talk about change? Oh, who the hell knows.

The controversy over field burning is hot right now because the legislature just banned it starting next year. The grass seed industry takes up most land in the mid valley. Those farmers are lucky to have land. Not many people do and for gosh sakes, certainly nothing close to hundreds upon hundreds of acres of land.

Some of the land was given to these farmers far distant ancestors in land grants, too. They get tax breaks on the land, because it's zoned for ag, although grass seed cannot be eaten and most of it ends up sold to grow lawns or sports fields, etc.

They're darn lucky, the grass seed folks. They could grow food, or rotate crops and what they do with all that land, i.e. spread and spray on it, affects everybody else's water and air. They should probably count themselves as real real lucky.

My brother once said when pollutants start causing males fertility or any related problems, things will change. Well, maybe change is in the wind, hahahahaha, with the atrapine studies.

It's not like it hasn't been known fooorrrevveer that dioxins, containing a pseudo estrogen, have vast implications in disease for women. I am one of those women. I suffer from endometriosis. People do marches for the cure and wear their pink and ignore many probable causes contained in chemicals in their own homes, and dumped on fields by the metric ton.

Oh, and another thing I read: farmers and gardeners have much higher rates of nervous system diseases like Parkinsons. Big surprise, eh?

I wonder if atripine is used as an insecticide too. It sounds like one of those chemicals. Most insect killers kill by making the nerves just continue to fire relentlessly. It's really ugly. Unless you want to kill bugs. There are usually further results when you put stuff on the ground than just killing a few bugs. We forget we drink the water and eat the things that grow in the soil and need air to breathe. Denial is a really good friend until that friend kills you. What the hell do I care anyhow? I got no kids and no stake in the future. I am FREEEEEEE!


I can't stop giggling sometimes now. Like today. Those rural folks near the grange are hysterical. They're hoity toity about religious stuff and morality and talk of revolting against taxes and all that, probably only in wistful whimsical fashion. However, they/other neighbors live and discuss these grave moral issues not 300 feet from a horrible morally compelling situation of animal neglect and cruelty. All with a straight face. That wrong could be righted in a days time, if the talk would stop and the action would begin.

In the end, the cost and labor has been thrown to my staggered shoulders and pathetic income. I think this is because they're just too busy talking to do actually do anything. Boy, isn't that some common problem these days? I also was expecting after "the promise" of at least partial reimbursement on those 8 cats fixed from there I paid for. Still waiting. "Checks in the mail"! Uh huh, right.

All I can do, in the face of such tremendous hypocrisy and inaction and committee mentality is giggle. I've been giggling half the day, I tell you. It's hysterical and would make a great comedy movie.

Nine Monroe Cats Being Fixed

This is the tame mother of most of the kittens.
Orange tabby male kitten being fixed today.
Muted torti female kitten, being fixed today.
Worrried kittens! A brother and sister, cute as buttons!
I think this mustached black and white is a male.This is an adorable female kitten.
I think this kitten is also a female but I may not have checked.
This is the feral they trapped and brought up. She's a girl, too!
This kitten is a male. I checked!
Same male black tux kitten again.
This black tux kitten is a girl!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bumper Crop of Useless Cherries

I was soooo excited to see an unbelievable number of cherries on my tree this year. Then I tasted one. Ukkkkk! Sour! I waited a few days and tasted several again. So sour I had to spit them out.

The Harvest farmer folks returned my traps and were impressed by the cherries. I said "Go ahead. Taste them." They spit them out with much exagerated facial expression.

I finally called the extension office and said "What is up with my massive number of cherries, all inetible?"

They had me describe them. The woman thought they must be Van cherries. She said Van pollen can fertilize other types of cherry but not another Van and it takes a certain type of pollen from certain cherry trees to fertilize a van. She suggested I plant a Royal Ann cherry tree nearby. I said "But if fruit was produced, it must have been pollinated ok, right?" She wasn't sure, but said the most likely cause of the sour nature this year is overset and that the tree needs pruned and that it can be done now, right after the tree produces fruit.

Last year they were much larger and so sweet. I am vastly disappointed.

So the tree needs cut way back.

Nine Cats from Monroe in my Garage

I have two adult females and seven kittens from Monroe in my garage. I finally went down to Monroe to pick up any of them two pounds or over, so they could be fixed prior to adoption. Only two came in under 2 pounds. These folks had contacted me, wanting help. I knew the guy from when I trapped cats at Hull Oaks Mill. He's a manager or boss, can't remember which.

The two under weight kittens for fixing were just barely under weight, like an oz. under two pounds. Still, I didn't bring them along.

I have no kitten appointments, am just hoping the kitten fixing clinic can fit them in tomorrow, I'm hoping, or at least on Tuesday. The two adult females can be fixed Tuesday if nothing else for sure, but the kittens have to go to the kitten fixing clinic and I have no standing appointments there. I'll call them in the morning. I wanted to get these kittens fixed badly, before the folks give them away, you see.

The neighbor boy was adament about riding along. I didn't mind but I made him go ask his mother in front of me. I don't know much about kids, but I bet they might bend the truth if they really want to do something, so that's why I thought it best to have him ask his mother right in front of me. She was good with it. Maybe she wanted a bit of relaxation time. She works hard.

I keep chiding this kid about helping her out more. Probably doesn't help much. He's good with the cats, interested in all aspects of the cat trapping and likes to play with the cats. Helps to have them socialized by another person. He's not much into any other sort of work, like cleaning litterboxes or anything, just playing wih the cats here.

On the way home, he insisted on having one carrier on his lap all the way back, so he could look at the kittens.

They're nice looking kittens and I hope that family can find them homes. It was a tough house to find. Mapquest had it all wrong. I had to ask multiple people how to get to such and such a road. Finally, I asked the next door kid to pull out his cell phone and call them for directions. Had he not been along with his cell phone, since I don't have one, would have been tough to find those people.

They'd had a young cougar in their driveway a couple weeks ago. Their dog hid, Jimmy said, which was probably wise on the dogs part. The dog needs a new frisbee. He's carrying one around in his mouth that looks like a flat plate with very rough edges. The curved lip edge is long long gone. The dog is best friends with a neutered male cat they have. They wrestle all the time and the dog considers the cat his, while the cat probably actually runs the show.

Well, so anyhow, wish me luck on finding someplace willing to fix at least the seven Monroe kittens tomorrow. I really need that done. I have seven Lacomb kittens in my bathroom, you see, and one Conser Drive bored teen mom in my spare bedroom with her final kitten, the very petite survivor kitten, Farrah, with whom teen mom tries to wrestle, before she suddenly realizes she's trying to wrestle with her kitten, who is still the size of an undernourished rat.

Bad Black Teen Mom is leaving tomorrow, most likely, to go back home to her family, and I am talking cat family, all her cousins, mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. She has an old couple human family, too.

I have some great new furniture. A friend of Poppa's president and her husband are moving from a huge house to a small one and had too much furniture. Keni told her to bring it to me, and she did, in a pickup. It's really nice, real wood. I don't have anything to put inside the two dressors and bookcase, but I'll transfer the stuff out of the two falling apart dressors I have, that I got in an alley or on freecycle. They're excellent furniture pieces! I haven't seen real wood furniture maybe in my lifetime before.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Policy

I have a new policy in place now. If people have mother cats they want help getting fixed, I will do so. But if their mother cats have kittens, I will ask that they wait to adopt out the kittens until they are two pounds and can be fixed first. That will be a declaration in writing.

The consequences for violating the terms of being helped, if I get the mom fixed first, and despite signing, they go ahead adopt out the kittens unfixed, will be a fee of $50 per kitten.

If they sign it, violate the terms, then don't pay, I will take them to small claims court. This is because it isn't working the way I'm doing things. The way I do things doesn't ask any involvement of people who are causing the problem in halting overpopulation. If they won't get involved, and stop the consequences they caused with a female having a litter, there's no sense in helping them at all long term.

I am not gaining any ground the way I'm doing things. That means I need to change things.

Billy and Benny, the Cottonwood Boys, Now

Look at the boys now, enjoying a sun spot. They are now named Oz and Wizard!

From living in a junk metal pile, to lounging in luxery, what a change! It's beautiful.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Interference at Fred Meyer

KATA called me and wanted me to help one of their volunteers catch an abandoned kitten over at Fred Meyer. I went over and set a trap. Two employees agreed to check the trap and call me if the kitten was caught.

I then went all the way out to a road off Grand Prairie to collect my rabbit hutch, carrier and litterbox, loaned out over a month ago and never returned, of course. That pisses me off, the way people are that way. It is rude.

Got home, cleaned litterboxes, filled water dishes, etc, then, since I had not heard from the Freddies employees, I decided to go over and set another trap and leave water for that kitten.

I saw the kitten when I went over the first time. It is a cute little black tux, living in amongst the tightly packed pallet stacks. It cried and cried but would not come to me. Hence the trap.

When I go over, to set another trap and leave water, I find the empty trap, bait eaten, atop a pallet. No kitten inside. I had not been called. I panic, wondering "Where's the kitten?" I go inside and try to find the two male employees who had vowed, only an hour and a half before, to watch the trap. Nowhere to be found. A clerk tells me a customer came in and said there was a cage out there and something in it. The clerk said she paged the manager to come, but the manager didn't come and the customer disappered and she didn't know anything else.

"Page the garden center employees," I said. They wouldn't come, said they were busy.

I went out fuming. Did this older lady, as she was described by the clerk, just release that poor kitten or did she take the kitten? I have no way of knowing, so I put out food and water and came home.

Those two guy employees shouldn't have promised something they did not intend to do or didn't have time to do.

Anyhow, I guess I wonder more what happened to that poor kitten, if the customer turned it loose or took it or if someone else took it. I shouldn't have gotten involved. I got the call from KATA, asking to take a trap over, when sound asleep, probably in the middle of some great dreams!

Road Insanity

I've had two close calls on the roadways, in the last three days. These incidents have made me consider my own mortality and I am attempting to create a plan, should I die, for the cats here.

During the first incident, I was headed to Lacomb on Fish Hatchery road. I came around a corner on a slight incline to face the glaring single headlight of a motorcyle in my lane. The older rider (gray hair and mustache) had a passenger behind him. I remember that passenger's helmeted head popping out from behind the driver to see me right in their path. Fortunately, I was travelling even slower than the speed limit and slammed on my brakes and he got around the car he was passing in a double yellow line zone, back into his lane.

This idiot decided to endanger others, even his passenger, because he was in a hurry. He was dressed out to the hilt in some colorful riding clothes and his bike too. All I remember about the colors came after it was over and after my racing heart slowed finally that the bike and riders seemed like a passing circus.

Then today, returning from the vets office, using I5. I'd passed the rest area, coming home, south, and suddenly on the south side of the Santiam bridges a white SUV comes barrelling by the entire line of traffic in the right hand lane of I5. The white vehicle was racing along the pull off edge of the highway, to the right of the right hand line of traffic, showering cars, including mine, with trash, rocks and any debris along the highway edge. The vehicle was travelling at an extreme rate of speed. The vehicle finally forced its way into the right hand lane and made an immediate switch to the left hand lane and my mouth was open in shock and horror.

Crazy people are out there on the roads. They don't follow any rules and they don't care who they hurt.

So I'm trying to figure out a plan, in case of my death, for the cats I have here. I need to figure out who I could call on to help place them. I can't find anyone willing so far, or figure out what to do. I don't want them to sit in cages anywhere. Many are totally unsuitable for cage adoption anyhow.

World Solution Suggestions Number One: Bioweaponry Made in Oregon

I have made this suggestion to the Pentagon (and probably been put on some watch list). My suggestion has been ignored.

How can someone fight well if they're high on weed? I say they can't. Add powdered maryjane to incendiary bombs that detonate off the ground burning the weed and spreading weed smoke out in large area. Might be necessary to actually drop from helicoptors large burning piles of weed, to produce desired effect, or, to poison water or food with weed. Result: lack of desire to fight, confusion, visions, sleepiness and general apathy towards doing anything, which includes strapping bombs to body and blowing up kids and others in market places. It is good to produce apathy for killing and if maryjane bioweaponry can do this, use it!! Oregon could produce the product and we need the jobs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Got a call, out of the blue. Really nice woman. She'll be adopting Matilda next week!!!!!!!!! She's always had three cats. She lost one. The cat was 21 years old! Matilda is getting a home! Yip...Yip....Yipppeeeeee!!! It's huge for me to adopt out an adult! I know that sounds pathetic. I was so excited when I hung up with her I burst into loud raucous cheers. The cats startled and fled. I said, "Sorry guys, but I can't stop." Then I cheered some more.

The Kittens

I did not get photos of all seven of the kittens yet. Some are unbelievably skinny and since here, have been eating nonstop. Some have minor URI's. All were chock full of roundworms, as was young orange mom, who is nervous about being in my bathroom, but allows me to pet her and hold her. She will be spayed tomorrow and returned Saturday. The kittens range in weight from 12 oz. to 25 oz.

The Neuterscooter vet said, if she has time, on her way to fly out Saturday, she'll stop by and fix some of them, but I doubt she will have time. She has kept a crushing schedule in Oregon, fixed over 100 cats in Tillamook, close to 90 in Albany, not sure how many in Cottage Grove and then Eugene, but 50 in Veneta, over 200 I believe in North Bend in two days, 35 or so today in Gold Beach and I believe tomorrow she will be in Brookings.

The numbers of cats showing up at her clinics suggest high need for affordable spay neuter in our state. Does that flick on any lightbulbs with new or existing vets here in Oregon on how they might make a bit of extra money? It should.

Two of the three tortis among the seven kittens, and one of the four orange boys.
The littlest skinniest torti who has been so grateful she can barely contain herself here, with endless food and her starving body.
/The young mother, just under a year old herself, nervous, hungry and ok. She'll be spayed tomorrow. She too was full of worms, now gone, and eating everything in sight.

The Job Hunt

I've been looking for a job the last two weeks. It's really been a lesson in reality. I'm older. I have no education outside of high school and I have not held a paying job for decades because I was in the mental health system. I have nothing to put on a resume, no references, nada. So, what I can look for realistically is pretty much entry level minimum wage. Add to the problems, my inability to stand for long periods, due to my spinal cord problems or lift repeatedly, boy, that narrows things remarkably. I do not do well in customer service based jobs either. I know that incapability and won't even go there because it would end badly and quickly.

Then you add in the economy. I think unemployment in this county is something like 17%. Every jane and joe in the county is out looking for any little piece of work, it seems like, even like handy man work and odd jobs. People are begging. It's very sad and makes me feel guilty for looking when people are trying to support families and lost their jobs. I am lucky to have a roof over my head. I never knew how bad it was for many people, who have mortgages, families, car payments. It's sad and sobering.

Click post title to go to today's paper ads for employment. Of the 47 listings, 24 are shady "work at home" type listings. Two are recruiting summer teens for selling cutlery door to door and likely this too is some shady thing. Five are caregiver jobs. The rest a hodge podge--one for a nurse, one for a Domestic Violence Center director, a couple are hiring wireless phone experts of some sort. There's not much out there.

So, I'm trying to think of something I could make and sell from my home. Lots of people have started up home businesses after losing their jobs. Some have taken off, some haven't but maybe will.

What do we have here in Oregon that the entire world would want? Well, we have Oregon. Oregon is beautiful and if there are people out there with money to come here, COME! We need to bring in tourists and if we have to, we need to make it easy for them to get here, reduced air rates, package deals, like "Tour Oregon Casinos" or for history buffs, wine buffs, bike tours, anything. Tourism means dollars, spending, shopping, hotel stays. We have got to bring in the tourists, because Oregon's greatest asset is Oregon!

If you're online out there, and an Oregonian, sell our state! Get people here to visit. Promote Oregon because once here, they'll see. You weren't lying. This state is wonderful! Oregon is Oregon's greatest asset! We who were born here are blessed. This is God's country.

Didn't Go

I didn't go to the coast with the seven Lacomb kittens and one of their mothers, to the NS clinic. The drive was going to be extremely long, just one way, and I would have had to come up with more money to pay for the irresponsible behavior of others.

It was really dumb of me to involve myself once again helping those Lacomb people. They are the ones who refused to return the two orange kittens and should have gotten them fixed. I shouldn't be helping them again. I helped them get cats fixed in two places where they lived in Albany, that's how I first met them. It's stupid. Now I suffer the consequences. You'd think I would learn.

I want to leave this county in part out of spite I guess, so the residents won't have someone to dump on, to call to come help them. I want to leave in part because I'm being fed on and it hurts me to think there are so many people out there willing to do this, without a sense of right and wrong, of fair play.

Makes me feel totally unwanted, unwanted that is unless I'm sacrificing to solve someone's problem. I think this issue is with me only because I don't have family or friends in this area. I think, and maybe it is not true, if I could cut loose with friends, joke about things that happened, would help tremendously and most things I think about, when tired out, might not even cross my mind.

Like the people out off Grand Priarie I helped, loaned them a rabbit hutch, carrier, they no longer need, but have never returned. I have not had time to go way out there and retrieve it and I am intrigued by the fact they feel no inclination to call me and arrange the return of my equipment. It's interesting. Next time, I'll charge a rental fee.

I'm walking a fine line, trying to help people's cats, save their lives, prevent more births, despite the people's behaviors, like dishonesty. What do you do? If I only helped people who would donate something or were honest, well where are those people in this county anyhow? They're probably not the ones with unfixed cats so I would never meet them in the first place most likely.

It's hard for me, when people use emotional blackmail, threatening to kill cats or kittens, to get what they want. There's no good answer to that, because you can't threaten that you'll call the law, that it is illegal to abuse animals, when the law does nothing about it here and people know this.

And I'm looking into little desperate faces of kittens or cats who just want to be safe and loved and live their lives.

They have nothing to do with the issues of the mean people making the threats. It's hard for me not to save them, bring them here, tuck them into my bathroom, try to have faith I will somehow find them a home. That faith has not been strong enough lately I guess, or deep enough, because I am not coming up with homes anymore. Is the only answer then to quit doing this, if I end up with cats here I can't find homes for, too many, enough so that I struggle and end up dead here, of lonliness and for want of recreation and healthy exercise?

The toll on me has been huge. I've gained 40 pounds since moving to Albany. That is bad. The stress is tremendous. There's nowhere to hide from the animal problems here in Linn County. I rarely get enough sleep and there's no place to get away close by. I will die.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Willy is Indeed Prev Neut

Mr. Willy was of course already neutered. The news seemed anticlimactic, when I told them. It had played such a huge part of the story yesterday. I was disappointed by the muted reaction.

I have the second young orange mom and all seven older kittens, four oranges and three torti's in my bathroom. All 8 will be fixed tomorrow.

KATA will work in the kittens to adoption venues when they can and if I find any homes out of here, that's good too, because they have to be in my bathroom. This crimps my style and my styling (of hair, etc). Not that I am well groomed. One reason is I rarely have full use of my bathroom. Second teen orange mom will go home, once spayed.

AFter these 8, there will still be the muted torti and her four kittens, now only four weeks old, who need fixed. One thing at a time.

Illiterate About the Cause He Promotes

Click post title to go to a letter to the editor by a Lebanon man, promoting government health care. He states that medicare patients choose their doctors while HMOs' appoint them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr., but most doctors won't even take medicare patients. The local medicare HMO's and yes, medicare patients are under HMO's for the most part, choose doctors who will take quotas of the patients nobody else wants, the medicare and medicaid patients, due to low government reimbursement rates.

Often no doctors are taking new patients, let alone no new medicare patients and then you're in limbo if your doctor quits, until a space opens up and somebody will a few medicare patients.

The other disturbing piece of news is the supposedly voluntary police registry of those people designated "nutcases" bill being pushed through the legislature by an Albany legislator. So if the police encounter you, and you're on the registry as a mental case, the pie in the sky theory is they will treat you better or something. Supposedly this will be beneficial to the "mentals" and to the police.

That's baloney. The police knew who the mentals were in Corvallis and preyed upon them sometimes because they knew they were mentals and could get away with it. This won't help anybody. That's the reality. The fuzzy wuzzy pie in the sky everything is beautiful love everyone people have no clue about street reality.


Running into the two kittens, formerly of the Bond Orange colony rescue, now with litters of their own, brought back the memories.

This was the inside of the blue storage bin, at the Bond Road orange colony of last year. That woman had 8 cats stuffed inside this, I think it was.

The Lacomb woman then agreed to foster the orange mother cat and her three kittens I think it was. Then, she accidentally left the foster room door open and the mom ran out of the foster room, with one of her kittens clutched in her mouth. The door to the outside was also open and she raced into the woods with the kitten.

Later, when they became mad at me for that happening, even though I was in Albany and incapable of opening a door 20 miles away, they refused to give up all the kittens, and gave back only one of the three, keeping two unfixed orange female kittens they were supposed to get fixed themselves, but did not, resulting in 9 more kittens, seven of whom they still have.
This was the orange mom of the kittens they fostered. Fortunately, I got her spayed before leaving her there in foster, with her three kittens.
This was one of the three orange kittens left in foster there originally.

Lebanon Siamese mix male, among four cats being fixed today.
Black Lebanon male, being fixed today. The three Lebanon cats being fixed are owned. They were not inside and ready, when I arrived. A neighbor man came over and had to round them up, finally getting the bathrobe clad owner to help a little. He grumbled loudly that he shouldn't have to be rounding up a neighbors cats and they should have had them ready and that the husband was sleeping and wouldn't even get up to help. I said "Welcome to my life. Want to hang with me?" He declined, unfortunately. He was quite handsome, I thought.
Lebanon female being spayed today.
Willy, whose rear parts will be thoroughly inspected today for possible neuter errors.
Young orange tabby mom of some of the kitten horde up in Lacomb. I haven't seen her since she was kitten, unwanted on Bond road.
Big Willy again, taken today.
This is a photo of Big Willy taken just after his rescue, in February 2008, from a dilapidated duplex in south Corvallis, where a woman fed about a dozen strays, caste off from the drug infested human tenants of that south town slum.

I'm getting the seven older kittens from Lacomb fixed tomorrow! Yahoo! Whoopdeedodoo!

As for Willy, turns out these folks took him in to an Albany vet, and had someone there feel him up. That person at that clinic told them he wasn't neutered. Now, I beg to differ, but we'll see today, won't we?

I told my vet clinic the whole sad sordid twisted story and asked they do a bang up job of checking poor big Willy's rear situation out. They're going to pull his penis and check for barbs, the whole shebang. If he isn't totally neutered, tain't my fault. I took him in to the vet Feb. 4, 2008. That's when he got his eartip and was given the "I'm neutered" seal of vet approval. Shit happens, though.

I am traveling tomorrow with kittens to the Oregon coast to attend a NS clinic where the kittens, any I can round up, will be fixed, since clinic registration was low there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Going Nuts

And I don't mind that I"m going nuts. My mind has been so stressed everything is a big funny joke. I have decided to hire a comedian to answer all the cat phone calls. I will hire Jay Leno if he will take the job. Or any other comedian. The pay will be low. But times are tough, you know?

I'm going to take this comedian everywhere with me too, to answer all cat questions. I will tell people, "let me refer that demand to my comedian."

I went up to Lacomb, to pick up the three unfixed females and the male they adopted from me over a year ago, whom they claim is the cause of the girls being pregnant, even though he's neutered.

I got up there, and sure enough, his ball sacks are completely empty. However, they were anxious to lay the blame on me somehow for having two orange females with seven kittens between them, and an adult torti, whom they said was dumped pregnant, with four more orange kittens. They said "They all look like the male you gave us."

I'm straining to see that. Three tortis and 8 all orange are the kitten colors and the male is a black tux. I try to keep from giggling hysterically and rolling in the grass with laughter, because I'm going nuts and I wish my future comedian employee was there to take on this one. I wanted to say, but couldn't because it seemed so outrageous anyhow that they were saying they looked like the black tux, but I wanted to say, "Um, I'm not seeing that resemblance."

I said, "I bet you have an unfixed orange male roaming around here." The daughter, or someone, not sure how the woman fit in the scheme of things there, said, "Oh, the neighbors had a big orange cat but it was hit on the road."

"Well, there you have it," I said, thinking I was off the hook. But no, I wasn't that lucky.

"It was this male, this one you gave us," and they again pointed an accusing finger at poor old huge Willy, whose ball sacks hang empty. "Ok, well damn it then," I said, as cheerily as I could with an outraged twang, "I'll take him in and this time, it'll be done for sure." I faithfully loaded up the already neutered male into a carrier.

They tried to put one of the orange mothers into a carrier and she shot off. So I just brought the one unfixed female and the neutered male who magically will be found to be completely sterile and incapable of viable sperm production.

I stupidly stuffed two of the zillion kittens into a carrier, since they are so good at guilt production.

See, they had offered to foster a fixed mom cat from that Bond Road woman with 16 orange cats over a year ago. The Bond woman had claimed to be moving to Europe and all 16 of the cats had to go. Another Albany rescuer had told her she'd take them and asked if I would ride along. We found 8 cats stuffed into a blue storage container in the horse barn, covered in feces and urine. We couldn't leave them. The other rescuer then loped out of the helping picture for the most part. The Bond Road woman never moved at all. She was nuts too. Like me. Only much worse.

Ok, now I'm starting to giggle, just thinking about the Bond Orange colony. The woman wouldn't even come out of the place when we arrived, except to peek through the curtains. She said they sell fancy horses all over the world, like South Africa.

That was once, one of the only times she actually spoke. And I'm seeing that urine filled storage container she had 8 cats stuffed into, in the back of my mind, while she's trying to convince us she's a hotshot fancy horse dealer of the entire world. Ok, the giggling is starting in big time. Where's that comedian?

I live clear inside the theater of the absurd. The stage: Linn County, Oregon.

Then Fostering woman when fostering left the door open to the foster room and to the outside. The spayed orange mom cat made off into the woods with one of her unfixed orange kittens clutched in her mouth. For some reason, this provoked fostering kitten woman into a scream at me fest, even though I had nothing to do with leaving a door open.

When I heard of the escape I went right up to search and not one of them would even say one word to me. I then tried to take the rest of the foster kittens back with me, and they refused to let me take another one of the unfixed orange kittens, leaving them two. I said "You'll have to get them fixed if you are keeping them as yours." And they agreed. They didn't get them fixed. They had kittens and now that's my fault too.

Yay!!! I love blame! Blame me for more! Come on! Lay the blames on. They're all my fault. EVen global warming is my fault. Did you know that it is? Now you do know so there is absolutely no excuse for you to not start blaming me.

I am so loved in this county for my cat fixing ways that everyone yells at me. Every unfixed cat in the world is my fault. I know.

I'm a slacker! I'm a slacker who is going to hire a comedian to pose as me, then slacker me is heading for the hills, giggling as I go.

Want to Hide

A caregiver for an Alsea woman called, wanted to see if I would take on the old womans' 20 plus cats. Started from two who were never fixed. I told her they could be fixed, but that's all I could do.

A Senior Dog Rescue woman called me from Corvallis. For some reason, a homeless woman called her and thought she was me, and wanted her to tell me to come get a bunch more cats at the homeless camps in Corvallis. I told the Senior Dog Rescue woman if she calls, to tell her, I can get them fixed, if I can find help, but I can't take them this time.

A Lacomb woman has four adults and 11 kittens who need fixed. The calls today alone have been frightful and I am stressed again. I don't seem to be able to handle this anymore. There needs to be more help from the big shelters. I think both SafeHaven and Heartland should spend half their resources on reducing the population through spay neuter. I'd love it if they would do that. Now that would help.

A Monroe woman is working on catching a feral female, the adult daughter of a tame stray they took in and didn't get fixed. Now there are 8 kittens from two of the now adult kittens of the stray. The original female at least is now fixed.

A Lebanon woman has a male of hers who disappeared before she got him fixed and then a year later, reappeared, having found his way home, but is very aggressive now. Her neighbor has at least one in heat female, maybe more and she is going to ask them how many they have that need fixed.

I am trying to relax myself, tell myself I'll get to the situations I can get to and some, well, those cats out in Alsea are doomed. That's what people do, who don't fix their cats or the cats they feed: they are cat killers in the end. They do them no favors and nobody else any favors either.

I really can't deal with that homeless camp in Corvallis again. It's where the cops hassled me and I had to quit catching the remaining cats. So let Corvallis take care of that, but I know, means death for the cats. If Animal Control is involved, they are taken to Heartland and killed. But how do you teach the homeless, who never learn, to stop getting kittens and taking them into the camps and never fixing them. I don't know the answer to that.

My Iranian Sisters

My Iranian sisters are defying a religious zealot dicatator whose religious tryanny includes treating women like animals and worse. My Iranian sisters are in the streets, defying death, showing their hair, their faces, something a religious dictator believes makes them worthy of death. My Iranian sisters, bless you. I am with you.

I am your American sister, whose religious father could not keep his hands off of me. If I could, I would be by your sides.

Freedom cannot be contained. It is busting out of hearts, long held prisoner, in Iran.

Dictators everywhere, take note. I'm talking about you, Mr. crazy man in N. Korea. You enslave your people, keep them in poverty to serve you. How dare you.

I'm talking also about religious fanatics everywhere who seek to control women. You too are evil freedom hating dictators.

People Suck!

I offered to get two kittens someone "wants gone" fixed off a post on craigslist and this was her response:

"I really do not care any more. They must go. If you want to take them spay them and find them homes come get them. They must be gone by noon tomorrow. I had tried to work with 4 different rescues that at first said they had room but when it came time for them to come over and get them to either spay them or take them into foster care they said they lost there foster space because someone abandoning kittens to them. I am highly allergic and only took them in because they were playing at 6 weeks old in the street. I use to live in Sacramento and had no issues with having rescues take kittens found spaying them and finding them homes but with these 2 kittens I have been pulled around too much and am done."

I retorted that the rescues around here, and there aren't four I can think of, get no donations from the locals, and most are private people who work full time and just try to make a difference on the side. I said the people of Linn County don't fix their pets then suddenly want them all gone, or want door to door pickup, yell if you don't arrive back when they think you should, demand free cat food, free vet visits, don't lift a finger, you have step over them sitting on couch smoking with beer cans everywhere to pick up their cats to take them to be fixed for free and to whine about rescues not taking their kittens is pathetic and selfish. I told her I can get them fixed and that's it.

I called KATA, and there's a whole lot more to this story. She later claimed in an e-mail that she did donate 500 lbs. of cat food, implying she had donated it locally to KATA, but of course I know KATA and she had donated nothing to them. I suggested if she ever donated again, she might donate to KATA, who told me despite having no room, they'd take these kittens in, from this demanding woman, to save their lives, from a self described rescuer who says she going to kill them tomorrow: her response below:

"After donating 500 lbs of cat food over the past 6th months I think I have donated enough for not being a cat owner. It not worth spaying them if I will have to humane have them euthanized tomorrow if they not gone today. I have advertised and tried many options to find them homes but like I said before THEY MUST GO. My ad today is there last chance. I know there are very few people doing rescue and it is kitten season but they just can not stay. It is not like I have not tried to find them homes. It not that I got a kitten and decided I do not have any time for it. These 2 were out in street and after asking every homeowner with in a 3 block area around me if they were missing a kittens or if they knew someone that was. I even tried to call my rescue friends in CA to see if they could help."

Then there's this man, I contacted, who was also offering free kittens on craigslist, who loves to have kittens and he finds them good homes. I retorted that when he lets his cats have kittens, the people who adopt them, then don't adopt the hundreds upon hundreds out there who need homes, often sealing their death sentence. I retorted they could always foster kittens for any local rescue or shelter. They're all overwhelmed.

I retorted that him adopting out unfixed kittens means those kittens may go on to be part of the massive problem, causing suffering and death everywhere. I retorted that I hope he isn't the Siamese breeder on a certain street where I've had to clean up the area repeatedly of their overflow and that the neighbor, whom the breeder claimed to another neighbor, likes the cats that come begging at his door for food, really doesn't want more and that nonprofits and myself have paid a high price to clean up after that idiots' mess and love of breeding backyard Siamese kittens. I said "if you're that person, I'll tell you. Your neighbors are fed up with your behavior."

His response to my pleas for him to be responsible and get his cat fixed below:

"Thank you for your concern, but we enjoy having kittens and we have never, ever had a problem finding them new homes. I have been re homing Siamese kittens for close to 17 years, people actually contact me to see if I have any. We interview prospective parents and often turn down people we feel cannot properly care for them. We also tell each new family that we will gladly accept the return of any kitten they find themselves unable to care for"

When he says "rehoming" he really means breeding.

Albany Water/Sewer Rates To Jump

Albany combines its water and sewage rates. For whatever reason, I don't know. They're hiking the sewer rate now 9%, with more rate hikes expected. This is in a city where water rates are some of the highest in the state already and the water is crap, and known for its extreme chlorination levels, levels so high when you turn on the faucet, it's chlorine gas you smell.

I'm not happy about rate hikes in the water/sewage bill. One reason is because the rates are already so extreme, for a crappy product.

Click post title to go to paper article.

Too Late on Preggie

I went over to get the preggie tonight, after getting a call from a woman who said there were five adults, one of them pregnant and three kittens in their neighborhood.

They hadn't seen the preggie all day. I said, "She's having kittens. Where might she have them?" I looked around and over the fence into part of the yard of the woman who feeds them and saw a shed, with room under it. I said, "She'll be under there."

The woman who feeds them is mentally challenged and very nice. She let us through to her backyard and got on my stomach and looked under the shed with a flashlight. Kissing the dirt has become the norm for me lately. Sure enough, there she was, in a back corner. I asked them to call her out, so we could see if she was still pregnant or not. She is a stray, but tame.

The three women, all neighbors, shook a food dish and out she came. She not only was no longer pregnant, but she wet down the back legs, bloody and still dilated. She'd just had her kittens!

I told the women it'd be a lot better for her and them if they were inside somewhere, safe and cozy and cared for. So the mentally challenged women decided with the neighbors her garage would be perfect. I was nominated to dig out the kittens.

The bottom of the shed is open in some spots but in other area, has gravel clear up on inch or two on the side. I slid through a narrow area between the far side of the shed and the back fence to get to the corner where she was. Then I had to lay down in the gravel and dig out under the shed. Then I had to locate the mom and kittens using a flashlight and mirror. And finally, to top it off, I had to reach under there, and pull the newborn kittens away from a mother cat who didn't know me!

She was ok with it and I pulled out four newborn kittens. Two gray tabby on whites, one gray and white and one either black or torti mix. They then coaxed out mom and put them in the garage in a nice bed and gave her food, water and a litterbox. I hope works out. I'm not sure it will. The mentally challenged women kept calling back her neighbors, claiming the mother cat wanted to talk to them.

I trapped the mom of the three older kittens. They males they told me about, three of them, were nowhere to be seen. I got a glimpse of the three kittens, but couldn't tell if they're two pounds or not. One looks just like mom, a medium hair muted torti. Another is a Siamese mix, looks just one dad. The other is black and white and looks like another dad in the hood.

I spotted Mr. Siamese when driving out. Seems he's neutered. This situation isn't that far from my place. Seems he's the same Siamese I caught in my yard a month ago and had neutered. That boy roamed into the wrong yard unfixed, I tell you. He sure looks better now. He was skinny and ratty looking and flea crawling. Now he's looking so much better.

So now instead of three kittens over there, there are seven, and another teen mother who may not be too interested in her four newborns. I say that in part because she was practically still giving birth when she came out for food, which is not exactly normal behavior, but is for a teen mom.

I got another call from someone in Monroe with unfixed cats. Her partner or husband or someone works at Hull Oaks Mill and says he knew me there, when I was catching cats out at that old mill in the sticks. So they have like two females and 8 kittens, all from a stray who showed up, whom they finally got fixed, but her first litter never got fixed and now are having kittens. One of the kittens turned adult also turned sort of feral, too. So I asked her if she could come up with a live trap and she thought she could and is going to let me know.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Kittens Part Four

Cat Photos

Lebanon cat whose eye was removed at the Neuterscooter clinic and she was spayed.
The Lebanon kitty again.
Tweetie, from the trailer at Columbus Greens and the old woman who died. Of those twelve cats who came here from there, Button and Tweetie remain.
Tweetie again.
Tweetie on the cat tree while Shady enjoys refuge in the hanging carrier.
Feather, yawning big.

I really wore myself out last week. There is nothing like bottle babes, and worse, sick bottle babes, to wear a person out. Teensy, the little sick tabby, is improving. Boy, is she one fighter. I don't know how in the world she survived. Well, she had help. For days, I fed her all sorts of mixtures to stop the diarrhea, included Brewer's yeast for iron, goat's milk, because she was intolerant of KMR, nutrical, acidophiles, other pro biotics, human baby food, pedialyte, Karo syrup, rice cereal, all kinds of things. And, I gave her sub cu fluids three times a day.

She might have turned the corner now. Hard to believe something so tiny could survive what she has survived. I've had a heating pad running 24/7 for her, so she can stay warm. I know this has all cost me, not just in exhaustion but that electric bill, when running a heating pad, gets up there. At least it is summer and I'm not running heat for the house, which will help.

I suppose the bottle babe care, then the extreme clinic, where I'd been up most of the night before, checking traps, because I didn't think I'd be staying at the clinic might have set me over the top. The unexpected bill for 8 cats from around the grange just piled on more. Then missing that camping trip, because the Lebanon cat whose eye had been removed, was not picked up, I guess that was the topper offer.

I guess I got into helping cats because they saved me when I lived homeless along the river in Corvallis. One starts out, never thinking you'll end up with a zillion calls for help every week and never a break and too many cats to care for you're trying to adopt out and no help at all. You see the worst of humans every day, sometimes the best, but the constant barrage of exposure to people who do not care for their animals and who want to use and abuse me, and to animal neglect, cruelty and abandonment has worn me down over the years. I start thinking there are not very many good people out there because most of what I see are the bad.

I do not have any friends, if you define friends as people you talk to and laugh with and do things with. The people I know around these parts are people I've helped with cats and there have been thousands of them. But friends, I have none.

It is not easy to have nobody. People can think it is, but it isn't. It is not easy to have nobody and to see the worst of people and all the animal suffering and try to stay positive and sane and well. I fight becoming a cynical isolated ranting crazy cat lady everyday. I don't mind being called a cat woman. It's better than being a bar fly. It's better than being one of these middle aged high school football fans, who gets overly friendly with the coach and players. Now that's bizarre. It's better than being a boy band groupee, too, or any sort of groupee. It's better than being one of those flaming conservatives or liberals whose entire lives are spent posting nasty comments on the websites, blogs or articles of opposing views. It's better than being called a whole lot of things.

But I don't want to become terribly cynical and I have never enjoyed having no human contact. I just can't find anybody.

Most jobs are stressful, however. There probably are not many that are not. There are no perfect lives or situations. One has to make their own solutions. And I need to find a way to deal with stress better. The bottle babes are leaving tomorrow, for a foster home, four of them at least. They'll be back when they are two pounds. Mom will be with Teensy alone for awhile and then she'll return to her home, too.

I hate taking her back, since she's turned halfway tame and will even tolerate sitting on my lap, but I will never find a home for an adult black female. I'm no good at finding homes anymore. She is so tired of being confined to my bedroom, growls at my cats through the crack beneath the door, and likely would not be letting me pet her if she was not so stir crazy bored. She's well fed there and it's a nice location for cats, except for the rural road that goes by, where people often drive like maniacs.

Another blow to my psyche this last week, was when I found out Spay Inc. is adopting out kittens unfixed. I could not believe they would do such a thing. You would not think, would you, with a name like "Spay Inc.". So I called up to ask it was true. The worker at their pet store said "Well people like them young. If they want to come back and get them fixed, they can. Not many of them seem to do that."

I asked, "Do you do any follow up, if they don't?"

"No," she said.

I weighed the bottle babes, when I took them in on June 4. All had severe diarrhea. They were about ten or 11 days old at the time. They really didn't register on my postal scales, but I finally told the vet they were 1 oz, or almost 1 oz.

Today, when I weighed them, they are on average 11 oz, with two, Pippi and Bear, 12. 8 and 12 oz respectively. So they've made some gains in the 16 days they've been here. They are now almost four weeks old and underweight still for their age. But they'll catch up I bet. At four weeks, they should be very close to one pound in weight. Three are eating solid food, despite having access to mom, who doesn't like feeding them. She can deal with one or two, but five drive her nuts.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sick All Day

I had a sudden onset severe left side pain today in my gut that laid me low. It's easing somewhat right now. I've been barely able to stand upright all day, so I slept most of the day. I think it's getting a little better.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Heart is With Iran's Demonstrators

The people of Iran want out from under the reign of religious fanatacism. The women want to be treated as human beings, not property. The young people are fighting for a future free of religious tyranny and the domination of an insane man.

My heart is with all of these brave people.

My heart is with the poverty stricken starving masses in N. Korea, also. They too are virtual slaves to crazy egotistic power hungry leaders and military leaders who lack basic morality or compassion for their own people.

Power crazed nutcases should be committed and should not lead nations. Never.

More and More Cats......

The sisters who now own Gabriel, the white partially blind deaf female, mother of Gabby and Napoleon, the two kittens saved from under the building next to the SS office, report the coworker of the SS woman who also was highly involved in saving White Girl Mom, and the two kittens, will adopt both kittens together next week! They say it's a great home for them. They have vastly enjoyed the company of the kittens. White Girl Mom, now named Gabriel, will remain with them as an indoor only kitty for the rest of her lucky days.

A friend of theirs has declared her desire to foster Bad Black Mom's kids, from here and will take four of them and raise them until they are 8 weeks, at which time they will return here, be fixed, and go up for adoption. I have named three of the four: Linus is the black and white boy, Lucy is the fuzzy intelligent exploring girl and Bear is the black boy. The precocious highly developed intelligent tabby girl I haven't named yet. I call her No Name. At three and a half weeks, she is already eating on her own.

I have them separated from mom and the sick tabby kitten, who is still barely hanging on. I give her sub cu fluids and supplemental feed, including a mixture of goats' milk,(she is highly lactose intolerant and KMR contains a lot of cow milk products, including whey protein and skim milk), brewers yeast, active bacteria culture and antibiotics. I put Bad Black Mom into a rabbit hutch with Sick Kitten to force Bad Black Mom to nurse her little girl and she is, although she is unhappy with me for hutching her.

Bad Black Mom was fixed Thursday and tested negative for FIV/Felk. She was wormed, too, and her bizarre foot looked at. That turned out to be an abscess from a bite wound (old) that was drained.

The couple who will foster the four kittens are feeding an unfixed stray, which I plan to trap Tuesday. The sisters are also feeding an unfixed stray I will try to trap then also.

Someone called from Lyons street and wanted me to take five adults and three feral kittens in right now. They claimed to have called the county who said they do nothing about cats. They called SafeHaven who also said they could not help. I told them I can't take in the cats, but that they need to be fixed. "They're not my cats," she said. "We don't want them roaming in the neighborhood. I thought you'd come take them." Someone had told her I would. I said, "They're not mine either." I said, "I get calls like this every single day. I live on almost no income. Nobody in this county donates or helps or fixes their own cats or even stands up to problem neighbors with other neighbors to demand they be responsible and fix their cats. This is not something one person run ragged and broke can solve. Get involved."

She wasn't sure about getting involved, repeating "they aren't my cats" the usual anthem I hear. So they want little people to go out and take care of it, without donating a dime, or thinking about what they ask little unfunded people to do for them and their neighbors. It's really an isolationist selfish mentality, in so many ways.

If the county is going to do nothing and animal control is going to do nothing, then people like me should be paid and funded. It's a big fat joke to this county and the cities of this county, to try to push it all onto a handful of volunteers. The commissioners and council people probably smirk about it.

Are we ever thanked or given volunteer recognition? Hell no. That's for the well to do visible acceptable volunteer crowd in the city and county. Not for the likes of us cat fixers. SafeHaven gets tons of publicity and most of the donations, and we cat fixers get all the calls for help. What a racket!

I was talking to KATA about it today. They took in several cats to be fixed, "owned" by some wouldn't-dream-of-working tattooed up smoking shirtless demanding Sweet Home jerk. Two females could not be fixed due to high fevers. They were sick. So Vicki takes them back, and the man is mad, insinuates they made them sick, wants KATA to take them, pay for antibiotics, and is just being a selfish demanding whining little toddler.

Vicki did tell him off, told him she works six days a week and these are their cats and they should have gotten them fixed in the first place and how dare he be pissed at them. It's what they put up with, what I put up with, what those Lebanon trapper fixers put up with and it isn't right.

To top it off, the woman of the pair says, "We're going to keep that one kitten," and points out a sick snot nosed little gray tux. KATA had finally told them when they got the foster room, they'd take the one females' kittens. Vicki said "You know, if you're going to have cats, you need to take care of them. That kitten is sick. Are you going to take care of it?"

There should be laws about spay/neuter. Laws happen when people cause problems with their behavior in certain areas. Like not fixing their cats and letting them free roam. It isn't a freedom, to cause everyone pain, suffering and expense because they don't choose to fix their cats. That isn't a right.

That's how laws happen, when assholes act like assholes until eventually the problems they cause become huge and laws ensue. Then everyone is shocked that suddenly it's the law and write editorials about needless laws and infringements on freedom. It's all a pile of whiney shit.

This morning I was awakened early with a call from some people who live over on 34th street. They used to live in homeless camp Boondoggle and that's where I met them. They had a bunch of unfixed cats there, that I took in. Then at the complex they had a bunch. I think I got a total of about 16 fixed there, rehoming many, Poppy is one of them still here. They call every now and then, saying they can't afford cat food to please bring some over. I have in the past, but no more. This time I was fed up and told them I couldn't.

I suggested, and maybe it was mean, that they both quit smoking for two days. They could then take that money and buy a premium 20 lb. bag of the best cat food available. Or, alternatively, they could both stop drinking for four days and do the same.

The Long and Short of Yesterday

The facts of yesterday are coming into focus. The long and short of it is: a great deal was accomplished. Cats who would never have been fixed or helped, got fixed and helped. People got helped with their cat issues. I got caught in the middle somehow, and ended up paying for 8 cats I never saved up to pay to have fixed because it was a last minute thing, out there, in the jungle world of the sad cats.

I did plan and save for the other cats I paid for. .

Sure I wish some of those folks would have paid at least a small portion of the cost. Some couldn't. Some wouldn't. I run into this every single day here in Linn County.

The 8 grange area cats and kittens were something I should not have had to pay for, but nobody else would, and those kittens were going to die if not helped. Somebody had to step forward for them. Nobody would, so I did. That's the long and short of that.

I overdid it there, and hurt my knee again. I missed a camping trip which makes me sad. I hope not to repeat some of the mistakes I made, like not sealing in a definitive time for that Lebanon cat to be picked up. That woman finally came and got her, about 6:30 p.m. Friday night.

She said I should have just put her outside but that's not something I do, put a cat, recovering from two different surgeries, eye removal and spay, outside, with a note attached, when I don't even know when someone might come for sure.

I also have little trespassers here, the Mexican kids from down the block. They sneak into my yard. I've confronted them over it, when I catch them. I find their toys sometimes in my yard. Their parents don't speak English or pretend not to, so talking to them is like talking to an inanimate object. In other words, gets me nowhere. But leaving a cat in a trap outside, due to those brat kids trespassing, is not possible.

Sure, it wasn't fair at all that I had to babysit a cat all day and miss my trip. But I have to move forward. I am a lonely person and that camping trip seemed like a light at the end of a long long dark tunnel of lonliness and hard experiences. I have to find a way to ease my disappointment.

My old credit card company sent me a statement. Zero balance. My account is long closed and I had told that company, when they rate jacked me form 11% to 30% I never wanted to hear from them again or get their junk mail.

But such an unethical immoral company couldn't stop themselves from adding insult to injury by sending a zero balance statement. Mad at myself for doing too much for others, seeing that only dishonesty and unethical behavior pays off in this country, I picked up the phone and tried to get through to that disgusting credit card company.

After three tries I made it through their complicated phone tree to a real person. That real person had a foreign accent so heavy I could barely make out what she was saying. When she claimed she was going to access my account, to stop the junk mail and zero balance statements, she really hung up on me.

I then stuffed the prepaid envelope that came with the zero balance statement full of junk, wrote on it with a marker "Show some respect and honesty: Stop sending the honest person you rate jacked this crap." And stuffed it in the outgoing mailbox.

I don't expect anything from anybody. I sacrifice in part because I want to do my fair share in this world. I got a bum deal from the start, with my bad dad, and nobody to stick up for me. Then I got stuck in a brutal mental health system that abused me, and nearly killed me on multiple occasions and again, I had nobody to turn to.

Taxpayers paid for that brutal system I got forced into that took away most of my life and left me with permanent injuries. I have a respect for taxpayers but I also feel taxpayers ought to know what their tax dollars are doing to people and demand accountability. The abuse I went through at the hands of the county and state is unacceptable. Anyone who says it is ok, is an apologetic for abusive practises and pathetic.

I don't get food stamps because I know the state is in a bind, and lots of people need help with food and I respect the people who still have jobs and the money they pay in taxes that goes to food stamps. It does rile me to see people at the Circle K buying pop and all sorts of crap with food stamps. It is a waste and it is disrespectful to those paying the bill. Almost anyone can grow some food for themselves, even if its in pots on a porch or balcony. And they should be doing that. Seeds are six packs for a buck at the dollar store.

So I'm just trying to do my fair share in this world. I can't do much, but I think I do ok, given what I've got.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Clinic

I paid for seven Monroe Cats, the Cottonwood boys, a kitten taken from 33 Cat Trailer in Albany, a kitten abandoned on Harvest drive, with three others and their mom, a Lebanon feral, Bad Black Teen Mom, and 8 cats from the collector across from the grange, to be fixed yesterday.

I save up small donations, I might get, although they are extremely rare, adoption donations, and my change in a fund to pay for spays that I can't get paid for otherwise. But the 8 from the collector across from the grange, I had to take that money for those unexpected fixes out of my own extremely shallow pockets.

I had thought neighbors out there were going to take care of that situation. I had urged them to get the cats into the last FCCO clinic. I had urged them to get permission to be on that property, only a tiny bit of it inhabited by the woman who feeds cats, from the landlord, too. They did nothing, until yesterday, they wanted me to sneak over there, and get the cats. I was exhausted because I set traps at the grange late, then had to get up frightfully early to check them and caught one cat.

Finally, day of clinic, and I wasn't going to stay, I got a little bit upset with the grange people, for doing nothing about the collector across from the grange and expecting me to sacrifice to clean up their neighbhorhood. I told them they needed to get permission from the owner of the property because I wasn't going onto his property without explicit permission and that that permission should have been gained long before, even before the FCCO clinic last month, so the cats could have been fixed there.

They went and got permission then we went over and found five kittens in the grass near death from starvation and flea anemia. They were literally alive in fleas and had earmites boiling from their ears. They trapped two more adults. There were cats skulls and cat bones everywhere, like a graveyard.

Only a portion of the property is occupied, but I don't know if the person who used to live there still lives there or if so, is even alive in there. The grange manager pounded and pounded on the door. There was no answer. I've tried to get someone to come to the door before. The window is open and the cats come and go, but they are feral. The five kittens weren't because they were near death.

The rest of the property, an open barn, is used to store old broken down equipment and piles of lime. There are bones everywhere.

The grange people had tried to get a deputy to go talk to the woman who allegedly lives there. They don't think he ever did anything.

There was no answer at the door. But once in awhile, once very close, there was a man's voice. It's so strange it's like a horror movie or a really bad nightmare.

There are lots of cats but they only caught the three adults and the five dying kittens. There are lots more.

The Neuterscooter vet said if the kittens had not been gotten today, they probably would have been dead within two more days.

Flea anemia.

I was going to take them, because several also suffered from severe URI's. I couldn't stand the thought of taking them back over there to lay in the filthy dirt and die. But I was so exhausted by clinic's end. I had not planned on staying to help at the clinic. The Cottonwood boys were going to a home yesterday in Oregon City. I was to meet their adoptor halfway, in Salem, mid afternoon.

When it was apparent I could not get away, that I was needed at the clinic, I called her from home, when I went home to get traps. She gladly came all the way down. She paid an adoption fee for the boys, and is a very nice woman. The adoption fee covered 60% of the price of their neuters, which, to be quite honest, is more than I ever get in an adoption donation. And I needed that money yesterday.

I think the grange people might be going to get serious about the conditions over there, and all the cats, who still need fixed. Because the cats, searching for food, end up at houses in the area, having kittens in wheelbarrows and sheds and its not necessary for this suffering to occur if they'd just get them all fixed, make a little effort.

I called KATA then who said they'd take the kittens because they couldn't stand the sound of how bad off and sick they were, to be put back over there, after being fixed, just to die.

I was so exhausted and dehydrated by the end of a clinic, to be doing lifting and carrying and all that, after being up most of the night checking traps, I had a break down of sorts near the end, trying to do so much. Finally Oscar of the Neuterscooter told me straight up, "You can't save them all, Jody. Those kittens will have to go back. You've done your share. Go home."

I knew he was right, but I broke down in tears, and told the grange people I wasn't taking them. I paid for them to be fixed and those blessed Neuterscooter folks washed out their earmite impacted ears, and cleaned their crusted snotty noses and eyes and gave them antibiotic injections and in the end, kind people swarmed around them, there to pick up their own cats, and they were swept away into other arms of love.

The grange woman had come to me in the back, where I pretty much was propped up, unable to move, from pain and exhaustion, and said there were people in line who would take them and I needed to go talk to them. I said "They're not my cats and I'm going home. You do it." She said if they're not yours then they now belong to the Neuterscooter I guess." I gave her the glare of a lifetime.

I muttered loudly to anyone near, "Changing the world, in even tiny ways, is hard, painful, sad, expensive, yelling, dirty, filthy aching hard work."

The grange people didn't cause the collector problem. I know they couldn't deal with more cats either. They'd taken in the mom cat with four newborns found in a carboard box near their road, likely from this place across the street, and also nine other kittens and one female, from the grange last year, also likely from the place across the street.

I would be camping right now, halfway to Crescent Lake, if I didn't have that one eyed cat here, not picked up by the Lebanon woman, who never once mentioned she was not going to pick her up until tonight, until I get an e-mail late last night to that effect.

I called my brother and told him that I have no idea when that Lebanon woman will show up for the cat and we had to cancel the trip. He said maybe there will be another time he'll be free this summer, but that I doubt. I have no camping equipment and don't like to go alone. I think I just blew my one chance at a getaway this summer.

I'm really fried, to be honest.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Three Cats Fixed Tuesday

This is the Lebanon male fixed Tuesday. He is feral.
Owned and tame, a Geary street brother and sister were fixed also on Tuesday. This is the female. She had a first litter and abandoned them all immediately. Four of the five kittens died. The female cats' owner is bottle feeding her one survivor, now three weeks old. I have run into a lot of Bad First Time Moms this year!
This is the brother of Bad Mom from Geary Street and likely the father of the kittens she let die, which is kind of scuzzy in itself.
I trapped this cat at the grange in the night, prior to the NS clinic today, but I think he might be owned, and one I actually helped get fixed last summer. I think he will be claimed at clinic time, by the grange managers. They hadn't seen him in awhile.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Neuterscooter Tomorrow

There is a neuterscooter clinic tomorrow. The vet says over 90 cats are registered. I am taking or arranged for the bringing of 13 cats. The three Hill people colony kittens were brought over, but they were sick, for gosh sakes, so I asked the lady to come get them. Why in the world didn't she call me up and tell me they were still sick?

But, no problem, the Monroe folks, bringing two adult females, said they have two 11 week old males, and so I said, "Bring them." Then she called back and asked if her friend could bring her three legged mom cat with her 11 month old daughter, and I said "Bring them."

So, I quickly replaced the three, with four more!

The Cottonwood boys are getting neutered then going to their new home.

The Lebanon feral female will be spayed and one eye removed, if need be.

Bad Black Mom, from my bedroom, will be spayed. She no longer pays any attention to her kittens. They try to nurse off her as she walks away. It's really pathetic. She'll be spayed and go home, or she can stay here awhile, and her kittens can pretend they have a mom that cares.

An Albany kitten will be fixed. She originated from 33 Cat Trailer.

The last kitten of the four dumped with their mom as newborns, off Peoria road, will be fixed and then go to her new home.

So I have six coming up from Monroe. One from Peoria. And I'll be taking over five. I think. I hope I have it straight. I'm kind of tired.

I have a volunteer. The boy next door is coming over to socialize kittens and cats. He's a nice kid and good with cats.

Tabby girl is still alive, sort of. I am hoping the vet has a magic wand to wave over her suffering little diarrhea ridden skinny body. I have switched her to human baby food, nutrical, pro biotics, small amounts of pedialyte, and still the antibiotics. She also gets sub cu fluids. I wonder when its' time to give up and let her go.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Billy and Benny Get a Home

The two lightning storm boys will get a home Thursday. An ad I placed in the Oregonian online edition paid off, in a home together for boys. They'll go right after their surgeries Thursday at the Neuterscooter.

In the meantime, I've gotten lots more calls about mom cats with kittens. I never found the white mother with five kittens over near Salem Road. Someone called from Corvallis, found a tame mother with wildish kittens on Conifer. The mother cat was likely abandoned by a student. It's that time of year in Corvallis, unfortunately. When the students leave, the suffering intensifies for the animals they often leave with the rest of their unwanted belongings.

I haven't heard back from that man. He was going to ask around at his other job, to see if anyone could possibly take them in.

The former meth addict, now clean and doing great, got a message from her daughter, from her ex husband who is still a meth head and not long out of jail, that he had a mom cat with kittens he needed gone and the mom was pregnant again. But the ex thinks he left that message because he wants to get back with her, believes it was a lie to try to lure her into seeing him, because she has a soft heart for strays and unwanteds, and she thinks he'll be back in jail soon and nobody will then have to deal with the lies. So that one was a bust and thank goodness.

There are two kittens I think KATA is going to take in from some folks in Millersburg. They're out of work and out of money and I did get the two females fixed. So I think the kittens, two left, will be taken in by KATA. There are some other Millersburg folks I contacted off a free kitten craigslist ad, advertising kittens and have been for a month. Apparently, they are getting no home offers.

I contacted them awhile back offering help getting the mother fixed, but they said they had an appointment and would do that themselves. Now, a couple weeks or more later, seeing they have had no luck finding homes for the kittens, I offered help getting the kittens fixed at least. No response so far.

Somebody's cat in N. Albany had kittens and the overwhelmed daughter, with kids of her own, has been bottle feeding them. Mom took off, although she's been seen several times. It was her first litter and she just abandoned them.

But the woman is overwhelmed in the work involved, in bottle feeding and they also have diarrhea and make a huge mess every day. I told her I commiserated with her and wish I could help, but I can't take them. I said I could track down that mom cat and get her fixed, because that's what I'm really good at. Then at least, Bad Mom would not be dropping another litter on her door and taking off again.

This is about the time of year I start losing it, not being able to keep up with all the kittens being born and all the kittens needing placed and at least fixed. Wish I could keep up. Keep thinking the next kitten season will be different, less evil, not as many, more people helping.

I'm an eternal optimist I tell you. But that's a secret!

The Lebanon trappers caught one more at the female colony. This one will arrive at my place tomorrow morning and go, to be fixed, to the vet right along with an Albany female and an Albany male who share the same owner.

The Lebanon folks are keeping that sad little starving torti and even are petting her. But primarily, they are feeding her everything she wants to eat for once in her sad unloved pathetic life.

She was born to a mother cat "owned" by some assholes up in Lebanon who barely noticed her mother and kicked the kittens out instantly. She lived under their duplex, had to hide all day until the rowdy unparented teens went to bed and the danger was less. Then she'd try to sneak down the block to the bowl of food on that kind woman's porch, but by then, usually, the coons or the big cats had eaten it all and she'd go hungry again.

She's just a kitten herself, a sad little torti, whose life has suddenly taken a turn towards the light of love.