Books Read 2018

April 2018
City of Bones by Michael Connelly
This was a repeat read, since it was in my car when I was out trapping, so I read it again.  I do love the Detective Bosch series of characters so this was like watching a movie I might like again.

4 Stars
March 2018
The Burning Room by Michael Connelly
  This Bosch character book should be read before The Crossing, when Bosch begins working for his half brother after being canned from the LAPD Delayed Retirement contract.  He had just solved the Burning Room case when he was fired for picking the lock on his Captains' office door, to get some files for the case he and his partner, Lucia Soto, needed to see fast.  They solved two big cases, that of a Mariachi band member, shot years before, who had just died, as a result of the bullet.  Bosch and Soto work cold cases and while the shooting was cold, having happened two decades back, the mariachi's death was recent.  The case leads them down the path towards a politician and his biggest financial supporter.  And while working that case, Bosch finds that his partner, Lucy Soto, is working another case, although its not assigned to her.   When he confronts her over copying case files that are not hers, she tells him why the case haunts her.  She was there, as a child.  She survived a fire that killed 9 others, mostly children, when an apartment complex was set ablaze.  Bosch and Soto solve both cases.  Success is never taken lightly by the LAPD, nor anywhere else for that matter.  Good people good at what they do are almost always singled out for resentment and underhanded acts committed by the ineffective and inefficient.  Bosch gets fired.

Four Stars
February 2018
The Crossing by Michael Connelly
  The Crossing is another Detective Bosch character novel with a bit of the Lincoln Lawyer, his half brother, thrown in.  Bosch has been fired from the LAPD, during the time he was under his delayed retirement contract.  And for bogus reasons, as usual with the LAPD.  He's bored but his half brother, a criminal defense lawyer, needs an investigator.  His is out on medical leave after he got rammed riding his motorcycle.  Bosch doesn't want to cross over the line, to the other side, so to speak, as his former cop coworkers don't like it when a former detective turns to working for the defense of criminals.   But after reading the case, Bosch is convinced the man pegged for a murder is innocent, getting railroaded.  When Bosch sees someone innocent in jail, he thinks about the guilty party out there needing caught.  So he takes the case, and ends up ridding the LAPD of some really bad cops in the process.

Three Stars
End Game by David Baldacci
  A friend lent me this book, by a favorite author.  As I mentioned when I read other of his books, he likes his characters super human, men and women who can do it all and perfectly.  This book features two of his most lethal characters--Will Robie and Jessica Reel.  They've split up, at the beginning of the tale.  Will is off taking out a house full of terrorists in London while Jessica is off killing dozens in an Afghanistan blindside double cross.  However, they are thrown back together when their boss, Blue Man, on vacation in his Colorado home town, goes missing.  They do their thing, meet some high end freakazoids, several types, and eventually find Blue Man and get out alive.

Three Stars
January 2018
The Late Show by Michael Connelly

  This book by Connelly features a new character.  I wasn't impressed with the book.  It was a slow slog, one I just wanted done with mostly.   Detective Renee Ballard has been shifted to the Late Show, the night shift, after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a lieutenant.  Her partner is just killing time til retirement although he seems to have her back.  He's not that interested in solving crimes.  Ballard is gung ho though, takes her job seriously, loves it.  Which means trouble for anyone in any job, most likely.   And in the three plot lines of open crimes she is investigating, either directly or quietly, without department approval, she solves every one of them.  And is brutally abducted by one perp, but gets free and saves a life, when she does, which makes the men of the department look a little pale by comparison.  In that regard, the book is pretty satisfying.  Very slow to get interesting however.  The grandma character is poorly developed and shallow.  This character series needs some work by Connelly before he spits out another.

Three Stars
Radiance by Carter Scholz
  This book is horrible.  I'd give it negative stars if I could.  I never finished it, would have wasted more of my time.  By a quarter way through, still without a plot, and with vague confusing interrupted unpunctuated conversation, often ending in partial words,  I was done. A reader can't even tell, in these frequent lengthy "conversations", who is "talking".  Besides the poor writing, there are misspelled words and grammatical errors.  This book is good only for fire starting.  

0 Stars (trash)
Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

  This is another Harry Bosch story.  A friend gave it to me for Christmas and it's already history.  This one wasn't quite as good as some of his Bosch books I felt, lacked the detail of a single crime investigation, covered too much territory and seemed dedicated to showing off what a good man detective Bosch is rather than his detective skills.  So this was not really that enjoyable a read for me.

Three Stars

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