Books Read 2018

January 2018

Radiance by Carter Scholz
  This book is horrible.  I'd give it negative stars if I could.  I never finished it, would have wasted more of my time.  By a quarter way through, still without a plot, and with vague confusing interrupted unpunctuated conversation, often ending in partial words,  I was done. A reader can't even tell, in these frequent lengthy "conversations", who is "talking".  Besides the poor writing, there are misspelled words and grammatical errors.  This book is good only for fire starting.  

0 Stars (trash)
Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

  This is another Harry Bosch story.  A friend gave it to me for Christmas and it's already history.  This one wasn't quite as good as some of his Bosch books I felt, lacked the detail of a single crime investigation, covered too much territory and seemed dedicated to showing off what a good man detective Bosch is rather than his detective skills.  So this was not really that enjoyable a read for me.

Three Stars

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