Friday, June 26, 2009

Interference at Fred Meyer

KATA called me and wanted me to help one of their volunteers catch an abandoned kitten over at Fred Meyer. I went over and set a trap. Two employees agreed to check the trap and call me if the kitten was caught.

I then went all the way out to a road off Grand Prairie to collect my rabbit hutch, carrier and litterbox, loaned out over a month ago and never returned, of course. That pisses me off, the way people are that way. It is rude.

Got home, cleaned litterboxes, filled water dishes, etc, then, since I had not heard from the Freddies employees, I decided to go over and set another trap and leave water for that kitten.

I saw the kitten when I went over the first time. It is a cute little black tux, living in amongst the tightly packed pallet stacks. It cried and cried but would not come to me. Hence the trap.

When I go over, to set another trap and leave water, I find the empty trap, bait eaten, atop a pallet. No kitten inside. I had not been called. I panic, wondering "Where's the kitten?" I go inside and try to find the two male employees who had vowed, only an hour and a half before, to watch the trap. Nowhere to be found. A clerk tells me a customer came in and said there was a cage out there and something in it. The clerk said she paged the manager to come, but the manager didn't come and the customer disappered and she didn't know anything else.

"Page the garden center employees," I said. They wouldn't come, said they were busy.

I went out fuming. Did this older lady, as she was described by the clerk, just release that poor kitten or did she take the kitten? I have no way of knowing, so I put out food and water and came home.

Those two guy employees shouldn't have promised something they did not intend to do or didn't have time to do.

Anyhow, I guess I wonder more what happened to that poor kitten, if the customer turned it loose or took it or if someone else took it. I shouldn't have gotten involved. I got the call from KATA, asking to take a trap over, when sound asleep, probably in the middle of some great dreams!


  1. I think some people just agree to do something infront of their boss or to appear to better employees or kinder people than they actually are.

    Had this happen with a small feral colony on a farm in Wales. Farmer and farmw orkers all agreed to put out food daily in specified places, where the farm dogs couldn't get at it. All enthusiastic to my face, but once I'd gone, nothing done. I'd come along bringing more food and find they'd let the dogs eat all the food. Challenging them about it, you'd just get blank stares, like you were mad and they'd never agreed to keep the dogs out in the first place.

    People can be such measly cowards.

  2. That pretty much describes exactly what happened, everycat. People can be such miserable cowards. You're right.