Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Kittens

I did not get photos of all seven of the kittens yet. Some are unbelievably skinny and since here, have been eating nonstop. Some have minor URI's. All were chock full of roundworms, as was young orange mom, who is nervous about being in my bathroom, but allows me to pet her and hold her. She will be spayed tomorrow and returned Saturday. The kittens range in weight from 12 oz. to 25 oz.

The Neuterscooter vet said, if she has time, on her way to fly out Saturday, she'll stop by and fix some of them, but I doubt she will have time. She has kept a crushing schedule in Oregon, fixed over 100 cats in Tillamook, close to 90 in Albany, not sure how many in Cottage Grove and then Eugene, but 50 in Veneta, over 200 I believe in North Bend in two days, 35 or so today in Gold Beach and I believe tomorrow she will be in Brookings.

The numbers of cats showing up at her clinics suggest high need for affordable spay neuter in our state. Does that flick on any lightbulbs with new or existing vets here in Oregon on how they might make a bit of extra money? It should.

Two of the three tortis among the seven kittens, and one of the four orange boys.
The littlest skinniest torti who has been so grateful she can barely contain herself here, with endless food and her starving body.
/The young mother, just under a year old herself, nervous, hungry and ok. She'll be spayed tomorrow. She too was full of worms, now gone, and eating everything in sight.

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  1. those poor little things...i can see why you can't turn them out. Will their mom be okay when returned? will she have enough to eat then? those orange kittens are especially beautiful - can't help it, i love orange cats. the mother is a beauty herself.