Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nine Cats from Monroe in my Garage

I have two adult females and seven kittens from Monroe in my garage. I finally went down to Monroe to pick up any of them two pounds or over, so they could be fixed prior to adoption. Only two came in under 2 pounds. These folks had contacted me, wanting help. I knew the guy from when I trapped cats at Hull Oaks Mill. He's a manager or boss, can't remember which.

The two under weight kittens for fixing were just barely under weight, like an oz. under two pounds. Still, I didn't bring them along.

I have no kitten appointments, am just hoping the kitten fixing clinic can fit them in tomorrow, I'm hoping, or at least on Tuesday. The two adult females can be fixed Tuesday if nothing else for sure, but the kittens have to go to the kitten fixing clinic and I have no standing appointments there. I'll call them in the morning. I wanted to get these kittens fixed badly, before the folks give them away, you see.

The neighbor boy was adament about riding along. I didn't mind but I made him go ask his mother in front of me. I don't know much about kids, but I bet they might bend the truth if they really want to do something, so that's why I thought it best to have him ask his mother right in front of me. She was good with it. Maybe she wanted a bit of relaxation time. She works hard.

I keep chiding this kid about helping her out more. Probably doesn't help much. He's good with the cats, interested in all aspects of the cat trapping and likes to play with the cats. Helps to have them socialized by another person. He's not much into any other sort of work, like cleaning litterboxes or anything, just playing wih the cats here.

On the way home, he insisted on having one carrier on his lap all the way back, so he could look at the kittens.

They're nice looking kittens and I hope that family can find them homes. It was a tough house to find. Mapquest had it all wrong. I had to ask multiple people how to get to such and such a road. Finally, I asked the next door kid to pull out his cell phone and call them for directions. Had he not been along with his cell phone, since I don't have one, would have been tough to find those people.

They'd had a young cougar in their driveway a couple weeks ago. Their dog hid, Jimmy said, which was probably wise on the dogs part. The dog needs a new frisbee. He's carrying one around in his mouth that looks like a flat plate with very rough edges. The curved lip edge is long long gone. The dog is best friends with a neutered male cat they have. They wrestle all the time and the dog considers the cat his, while the cat probably actually runs the show.

Well, so anyhow, wish me luck on finding someplace willing to fix at least the seven Monroe kittens tomorrow. I really need that done. I have seven Lacomb kittens in my bathroom, you see, and one Conser Drive bored teen mom in my spare bedroom with her final kitten, the very petite survivor kitten, Farrah, with whom teen mom tries to wrestle, before she suddenly realizes she's trying to wrestle with her kitten, who is still the size of an undernourished rat.

Bad Black Teen Mom is leaving tomorrow, most likely, to go back home to her family, and I am talking cat family, all her cousins, mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. She has an old couple human family, too.

I have some great new furniture. A friend of Poppa's president and her husband are moving from a huge house to a small one and had too much furniture. Keni told her to bring it to me, and she did, in a pickup. It's really nice, real wood. I don't have anything to put inside the two dressors and bookcase, but I'll transfer the stuff out of the two falling apart dressors I have, that I got in an alley or on freecycle. They're excellent furniture pieces! I haven't seen real wood furniture maybe in my lifetime before.


  1. Rescuing cats is a full time job! I am a volunteer and a board member of the Cat Adoption Team in NC and like at every other rescue organization, our adoptions are down, donations are down, but, of course, the cats don't know this and continue reproducing. Sigh!!
    By the way, our policy is, we don't take kittens unless the mother cat is fixed and the owner pays for that.
    Please help C.A.T. by answering a short survey. Details are on my blog.
    Thanks for your work on behalf of kitties.

  2. Glad you have that policy, Tammy, it's a good policy. Wish the economy would brighten up, that's for sure, so donations might brighten up too! Thank you for stopping by!