Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Insanity

I've had two close calls on the roadways, in the last three days. These incidents have made me consider my own mortality and I am attempting to create a plan, should I die, for the cats here.

During the first incident, I was headed to Lacomb on Fish Hatchery road. I came around a corner on a slight incline to face the glaring single headlight of a motorcyle in my lane. The older rider (gray hair and mustache) had a passenger behind him. I remember that passenger's helmeted head popping out from behind the driver to see me right in their path. Fortunately, I was travelling even slower than the speed limit and slammed on my brakes and he got around the car he was passing in a double yellow line zone, back into his lane.

This idiot decided to endanger others, even his passenger, because he was in a hurry. He was dressed out to the hilt in some colorful riding clothes and his bike too. All I remember about the colors came after it was over and after my racing heart slowed finally that the bike and riders seemed like a passing circus.

Then today, returning from the vets office, using I5. I'd passed the rest area, coming home, south, and suddenly on the south side of the Santiam bridges a white SUV comes barrelling by the entire line of traffic in the right hand lane of I5. The white vehicle was racing along the pull off edge of the highway, to the right of the right hand line of traffic, showering cars, including mine, with trash, rocks and any debris along the highway edge. The vehicle was travelling at an extreme rate of speed. The vehicle finally forced its way into the right hand lane and made an immediate switch to the left hand lane and my mouth was open in shock and horror.

Crazy people are out there on the roads. They don't follow any rules and they don't care who they hurt.

So I'm trying to figure out a plan, in case of my death, for the cats I have here. I need to figure out who I could call on to help place them. I can't find anyone willing so far, or figure out what to do. I don't want them to sit in cages anywhere. Many are totally unsuitable for cage adoption anyhow.


  1. Do you have an insurance policy? Is there one you could afford? Sometimes if there is something to leave a place might take the cats until they can be adopted if they have some funds to feed and care for them...of course - your cats need homes, though, not cages in an adoption center. Its a damn shame you don't have one relative or close friend willing to take those cats just in case. I think your idea of contacting local news with an "in event of death" letter might do the trick. People are more willing to help out in those situations if they are advertised thru the news. in any event, drive carefully.

  2. I am creating a will on legalzoom, and the contact in case of death will be the Corvallis Gazette Times editor, who has agreed to it. She then hopes to write an article, if she outlives me and is still at the paper, describing what I did, and what cats I have needing homes. I hope to also get SafeHaven and Heartland to agree to post on their websites about my death, and the need for homes for the cats here. I keep an updated list of the cats here, their med records, personalities, best friends here, do's and don'ts in placing them, on a file, specified in a list kept on my frig.

    I have no insurance policies at all, outside of my liability insurance on my car. Hey, I live on almost nothing. I don't have a cell phone, and get three channels on my TV. But then......I have that fifty zillion dollar life insurance policy, made out with Deaf Miss Daisy as full beneficiary. Just kidding!

  3. just like an eccentric cat woman - leaving it all - in this case - nothing - to a deaf cat!

  4. I have great things of value here to leave Miss Daisy. Let's see, the frazzled worn out springs sagging torn up couch, from a thrift store; the chair, scheduled given me by someone who was going to take it to Goodwill; the loveseat I found beside a dumpster; the bed, which is a mattress on the floor; um, the nonworking dishwasher, she just loves that! I have a bicycle with two flat tires and no brakes or seat; um, I do have a flattened inner tube I thought one day I could repair and float on the water somewhere, but I feel I should include that in my will for Miss Daisy because she might need it for something. I have the ancient TV with rarely functioning remote. I have some old books, most frayed, torn covers, stained. I have a dresser I got off freecycle that I had to sort of "reconstruct"; I have various asundry really old ragged clothing, too, that Miss Daisy just loves to sleep on, if I forget and leave out on the dresser. I have a really old beat up entertainment center piece of furniture. It's empty but the cats love to jump atop it and look out the window. Hmmmmm, that's about it. But it's all hers when I'm gone. I forgot, I have a rake and shovel, too. Can't leave those valuable items out. I found the shovel along the road, which makes it like a treasure.