Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bumper Crop of Useless Cherries

I was soooo excited to see an unbelievable number of cherries on my tree this year. Then I tasted one. Ukkkkk! Sour! I waited a few days and tasted several again. So sour I had to spit them out.

The Harvest farmer folks returned my traps and were impressed by the cherries. I said "Go ahead. Taste them." They spit them out with much exagerated facial expression.

I finally called the extension office and said "What is up with my massive number of cherries, all inetible?"

They had me describe them. The woman thought they must be Van cherries. She said Van pollen can fertilize other types of cherry but not another Van and it takes a certain type of pollen from certain cherry trees to fertilize a van. She suggested I plant a Royal Ann cherry tree nearby. I said "But if fruit was produced, it must have been pollinated ok, right?" She wasn't sure, but said the most likely cause of the sour nature this year is overset and that the tree needs pruned and that it can be done now, right after the tree produces fruit.

Last year they were much larger and so sweet. I am vastly disappointed.

So the tree needs cut way back.

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