Friday, June 26, 2009

World Solution Suggestions Number One: Bioweaponry Made in Oregon

I have made this suggestion to the Pentagon (and probably been put on some watch list). My suggestion has been ignored.

How can someone fight well if they're high on weed? I say they can't. Add powdered maryjane to incendiary bombs that detonate off the ground burning the weed and spreading weed smoke out in large area. Might be necessary to actually drop from helicoptors large burning piles of weed, to produce desired effect, or, to poison water or food with weed. Result: lack of desire to fight, confusion, visions, sleepiness and general apathy towards doing anything, which includes strapping bombs to body and blowing up kids and others in market places. It is good to produce apathy for killing and if maryjane bioweaponry can do this, use it!! Oregon could produce the product and we need the jobs.

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