Monday, June 29, 2009


I can't stop giggling sometimes now. Like today. Those rural folks near the grange are hysterical. They're hoity toity about religious stuff and morality and talk of revolting against taxes and all that, probably only in wistful whimsical fashion. However, they/other neighbors live and discuss these grave moral issues not 300 feet from a horrible morally compelling situation of animal neglect and cruelty. All with a straight face. That wrong could be righted in a days time, if the talk would stop and the action would begin.

In the end, the cost and labor has been thrown to my staggered shoulders and pathetic income. I think this is because they're just too busy talking to do actually do anything. Boy, isn't that some common problem these days? I also was expecting after "the promise" of at least partial reimbursement on those 8 cats fixed from there I paid for. Still waiting. "Checks in the mail"! Uh huh, right.

All I can do, in the face of such tremendous hypocrisy and inaction and committee mentality is giggle. I've been giggling half the day, I tell you. It's hysterical and would make a great comedy movie.

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