Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Policy

I have a new policy in place now. If people have mother cats they want help getting fixed, I will do so. But if their mother cats have kittens, I will ask that they wait to adopt out the kittens until they are two pounds and can be fixed first. That will be a declaration in writing.

The consequences for violating the terms of being helped, if I get the mom fixed first, and despite signing, they go ahead adopt out the kittens unfixed, will be a fee of $50 per kitten.

If they sign it, violate the terms, then don't pay, I will take them to small claims court. This is because it isn't working the way I'm doing things. The way I do things doesn't ask any involvement of people who are causing the problem in halting overpopulation. If they won't get involved, and stop the consequences they caused with a female having a litter, there's no sense in helping them at all long term.

I am not gaining any ground the way I'm doing things. That means I need to change things.


  1. now thats what i was talking about before with a contract of sorts!!!! go for it.....

  2. sounds like a great idea. maybe it will help people realize there is more to just "having" a cat and become more responsible too.


  3. This is a very good step to take. I hope it works out. It will certainly make people think.