Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Simple Yellow Jacket Trap

If you are dealing with yellow jackets, this guy in this video, first digs out a nest.  Then he tests three traps, two of which you can buy.  The third is most effective short term and simple to make yourself.

Seven More Fixed

I over did it yesterday.  Big time.

So last night I was exhausted and in one of those moods where you don't want anyone to say a word.  I just wanted my bed.  It's not like I see many people anyway, which is probably good, when I get that tired.  I'm more likely to fire off.

Ganji has ringworm.  He's the last cat I caught at that old woman's house in Lebanon who wouldn't feed them.  That means he couldn't go for barn cat placement.  I meant to have him tested too, when fixed, because he's so thin, and with the ringworm.  It's not normal an adult cat has ringworm like that.  Might mean he's got a disease.  Or it could just be from starvation.  He sure is eating up a storm now. Or it could be he was sleeping somewhere with lots of spores, like under some house.

But it complicates things.  Ordinarily, I'd send him right back where he came from, if disease free, and let the ringworm, a fungus and common in the valley, self limit and it would.  But he's not wanted where he came from and wasn't getting food.  So he'll get tested Thursday, at the latest, at Heartland.  If he is free of disease, he'll have to get over his ringworm in my garage, which means I'll have to figure out a way to keep it cool for two months.  Sometimes these things happen.

I'd hoped his hair loss was from fleas.  But I had a feeling, and kept him apart from any other cat.  Course the spores can be airborne.

Yesterday, after netting the three adults in the trailer, I went to Sweet Home to pick up a second unwanted boy at the same place the orange girl and her five kittens came from.  All the adults there also are tamish.  Bobbi and Big Ben both went to my barn cat placement friend after their neuters yesterday.  Ganji was supposed to go also, but he couldn't with ringworm.


I was in search yesterday of a 7th cat since I had seven reservations.  Two people who have had traps for some time, to feed in, failed to catch their cats.  Second week failures.  So I headed to a new situation way out in the hills.  I'd been called by the older couple's daughter in law and for some reason, thought this was going to be a fancy property.   It's way out there, in the hills between Scio and Lacomb.

I finally found the property, no neighbors even close, a gate by the main two lane road, then up a hill through a clear cut to a place.  To be honest I didn't get much of a look, because the moment I stepped out of the car, yellow jackets swarmed me.   I had not been warned there was such a severe problem.  I was in capris and open sandals.

I probably smelled like canned cat food and tuna, from my time in the trailer that morning, trying to catch the adults, then resorting to a net in the end.

The older woman came out with a fizzling can of bee spray. It was almost empty and she looked like she'd about had it.  She carried the can like a gun, trying to defend herself and me too.  It was hopeless.  We had a brief conversation about the cats and this too is a removal and I can see why.  Someone had dumped a little pregnant girl out there, in the middle of nowhere, to die, only she found these folks and had kittens and now they are teens.  By now those cats must be being driven insane by the yellow jackets.

I left a trap rigged so it couldn't spring, instructed her to feed in it, only dry and only at night.  And ran for it, yellow jackets everywhere, stinging me and even in my hair.

I had been stung three or four times, and had to get out of there.  I drove down the hill from their place, but I had closed the gate behind me when I came in, as I always have done, since childhood, ingrained in me, "always close a gate".  I got out to open the gate to leave and was attacked again by yellow jackets, this time on my face, got two stings on my nose alone.

Yellow jackets were also in my car.  I would stop when I saw another buzzing at a window and get it out.

I went to the Scio store and asked for ice, explained what had happened.  I have had occasional allergic reactions to yellow jackets stings.  I didn't think I would this time because I'd taken an antihistamine that morning.  But I wanted to stop the swelling of the stings on my nose and one on my arm.  They even opened a package off the shelf of small zip lock bags to fill with ice for me.  The checker had had her own problems with yellow jackets.  It's because of the heat and lack of water, said on the news.

The old couple's son and daughter in law are hiring pest control she told me, after I messaged her about what happened, to kill the yellow jackets.  I felt so bad for that older couple, way out there, in this heat, with such a problem.  I felt sorry for those cats and wanted to get them out of there fast too.

So then it was back to the trailer park, after the 7th cat.  I was not about to give up.  There were still three wild kittens needing caught there, plus one male.  And a couple dozen already fixed cats that would fill the next hours with frustration and entertainment.   This was a drop trap job, after pre feeding, not a last ditch hope the fixed cats don't go in the trap desperation job.  I ultimately failed to catch any of the three wild kittens.

I caught a possum though, turned it loose.

I gave up finally and drove across the road, as a last ditch thought, still after the  7th cat to fill my 7 reservations.  This was where over a month ago, kittens had been seen in the parking lot.   And I saw kittens almost immediately crouched against a curb near the brush.  These were not the same kittens seen a month before.  Those were tabbies, with a young tabby mom.  This was a muted torti and an orange.  They looked pathetic.

Kittens against a curb in a parking lot

Took 20 minutes to catch the little orange mackerel tabby, who turned out to be a girl.  They'd run off into the brush when I got out of my car.

I never caught the torti.  I hope to do so soon.

I got home at 11:30 p.m. and still had chores to do.  So bed didn't come til 1:00 a.m., then I had to get up again to go to the clinic at 5:30 a.m.  Fortunately I got three hours of sleep in once I got home from the clinic and I went to bed very very early last night.

I'll be off on sleep for a couple days.  Last night, in the night, I woke to the strangest hacking sort of sound. I'm sure it was one of my cats trying to get up a hairball, but in my sleepy brain, I began to wonder if another possum had dropped through the cat yard wire and made it through the maze of runs into the house and now was living in here.  I did see two more outside night before last.  I'm going to trap them.  A friend with a large property, has said she'll take them.

Lots of animals seem desperate this year, from the heat and lack of water.  And then there's the yellow jacket issue too, from heat and lack of water. Smoke now clouds the valley skies from various forest fires, along with dust thick in the air from grass seed farmers turning under the dirt.  It can make a person choke.

I went to the clinic with seven cats, the two girls and one boy  I netted at the trailer park, Midnight, Kitt and Bubba, two boys from Sweet Home, Big Ben and Bobbi, and Ringworm Ganji from Lebanon, plus the parking lot kitten, Scooter.  I came back with five, because Big Ben and Bobbi went to my friend to place, and in the morning I'll return the three trailer park adults.   The little orange girl, Scooter, from the parking lot, can't go back there and now Ganji is in the garage. 

By net, by trap, through yellow jackets swarms and sleep deprivation, I got my seven cats!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

One Day Misting

We had relief  from our strange extreme heat, although it was brief, yesterday, in the form of slight precipitation and clouds yesterday.

I don't know if the mist was even measurable but sure felt nice!

Today its back to the mid 80's, then more 90's.

The young woman who asked for help with the orange mom and her five kittens, who are now with Meow Village, also fed other strays.

She caught one of them yesterday, a big bodied boy, but light in body weight for his size.  Big Ben, I call him.  She also has by now caught his brother, whom I'll pick up today, to be fixed tomorrow.  Looks just like Ben, she told me but with short tale.  She calls him Bobbi.  She feeds one more she is trying to catch.  Haven't heard from her yet this morning to see if she had any luck last night.

Big Ben
Also caught another adult where I caught the Siamese kitten Tango, his mom and Siamese male Don Juan last week.  This cat is skinny and has hair loss, most likely from fleas.   He's already coughing up hairballs which could be part of the trouble.  But also, he's not been fed and likely because he's not fixed, has been driven away from any food scroungable by bigger boys.  He's suffered, that's for sure, and we shall see what the vet says.  I call him Ganji.

This morning I went and netted three more adults at the N. Albany trailer.  The trailer is still full of kittens.  11 tame ones, 3 wild kittens on the outside and unfixed adults.  I got Mokey, a gray tux female, fixed from there last time.  She took 8 of the 11 kittens to Safehaven, for first shots and is now officially fostering them for Safehaven, but they have no room to take them in right now she says.

She has created a catio of her front deck and porch and had the three adults inside, but they're not tame really.  She  can pet them but she can't pick them up.  So, I brought in my trusty very old homemade fish net, and netted them.  The only tough one was Bubba the boy, who wedged himself under her TV stand with three kittens.  We had to remove the TV and various cords.  Then she tipped up the stand.  He ran out and I got him in my net, mid jump.   I then cover the cat with a towel, while the cat is in the netting, scruff the cat through the towel, and push them into a live trap through the back door.  Can be a much quicker way to get it done and in this case, that was the way to go.

There are still possibly three outside males to catch and the three wild kittens but we're getting there.  Hopefully soon Safehaven can take some of those kittens.  She is in HUGE relief mode to get this done.

All females now will be fixed from there as of tomorrow.  I hope.

Bubba, the gray and white boy

Kitt, the long hair tabby on white girl

Midnight, a black female I netted at the trailer.
I had a possum adventure too.  I had seen a little possum scuttle out of my garage, when the door was open one evening about ten days ago and was a little surprised.  I haven't seen a possum in the area for a long time.  Then two nights ago, I was outside playing with my cats, darkness encroaching, when Sam ran up the run to the tree perch.  He suddenly stopped, looked up and began switching his tail.  I looked up there then.  Atop the cat yard wire, atop some dead leaves, slept a young possum.

Later in the evening, I went out with a flashlight to see if he'd left the cat yard wire.  It'd a very odd place for a possum to be sleeping and hard to navigate from the fence too, without paws getting caught and legs going through.  Sure enough, the little thing was caught in the wire.  I freed him from underneath and tried to push him in the direction, towards the fence, with a towel.  I went to bed thinking he'd be gone by morning and he was.  But then, I found him in a cat house inside the cat yard.  He'd fallen through.

I finally found a possum lady, who has done rehab, in Stayton who would take this little guy, since I didn't know if he or she was injured in the fall.  I herded him into a trap, out in the cat yard, with my net.  I drove him to Stayton.  The woman who took him is very skilled with possums.

Did you know they don't get rabies and are immune to snake bites?  They eat slugs, snails, all kinds of destructive bugs, cockroaches, ticks and even rats if in their territory.

But then last night, coming out to my garage, door open again to cool it off in there, I startled two more juvenile possums, who scuttled out fast.  They'll be going to another location next week.  This is a very tightly packed neighborhood and I don't want possums falling into my cat yard or running into my garage.

Well I hopefully will catch one more cat to fill out the seven reservations I have for tomorrow at some point today.  At some point I need to drive to Sweet Home to pick up Bobbi, Ben's bro, already caught.  Hopefully I hear soon on whether they caught the other one yet or not.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

A Ferry Ride with Cats

I took Freezie, the little Frozen Foods trapped girl kitten, to whs to be fixed yesterday after procuring a spay neuter reservation.

Our heat wave continues here.  It was 95 yesterday.  Will be hotter today.   I don't mind the heat so much but the garage is too hot to hold cats, that's for sure.  So I recuperated Rosalita, the black female from Lebanon, after her spay Monday, in my bathtub in the trap, then moved her into a small cage.

She was in there with Freezie, the night before her spay, and with Gervais boy kitten Sunrise.   Rosalita should have been in a Yamhill county climate controlled garage, but the mix up had happened with my barn cat placement friend and she'd taken black male kitten Sundown instead of Rosalita.  So we had to switch black cats yesterday afternoon.  Sundown would go home with his brother Sunrise.  She also agreed to take Freezie.  Freezie, who is alone in this world, needed family and the Lebanon family of Rosalita, Don Juan and Tango, would be perfect.

She lives on the far side of the river, however, up near McMinnville.  There are not that many bridges over the Willamette and none in that area.  So I said "let's meet at the ferry".  The Wheatland ferry takes cars across the river north of Salem and costs $2 one way.

After I picked up Breezie at the Salem clinic, I headed up there.  Rosalita and Sunrise were in the car with me.  I had to leave the car running with the AC on even for the short time it took to run into the clinic to pick up Freezie.  I get a little nervous travelling in very very hot weather with cats.  What if the car breaks down?  They could die quickly in such heat.

The Ferry isn't far off the freeway north of Salem and it would then be very quick to return, once I had Sundown, cross the freeway and drive on up to Gervais to return the boys.  Just a few more miles.  So meeting my friend on her side of the river via the ferry was a good option.

The far side of the river by the ferry dock includes an expansive parking lot and beach area.  But it's all rocks and dirt and on a 95 degree day, seemed dirty and dusty.  Lots of people had their dogs with them, who were swimming in the river.  The smell of dog poop, in such heat, was strong.

We transferred the cats from her containers to mine and they headed home one way, while I got in line to get onto the ferry to return to my side of the river.

On across the freeway via Brooklake Road to Brooks, just a few miles, then north to Gervias on 99E and the boys went home.  They were happy about that!

I stopped in at the Bird Lady's night out gathering in Albany.  She'd invited me some time ago.  These are encouraged one night a year by the police department, so neighbors get to know one another.  The police stop by to say hello at all registered neighbor gatherings.  Our neighborhood, as usual, had nothing, since everyone is quite paranoid and stodgy around this area.  Ha.

I was tired though, greeted Evelyn and plopped in a chair and soon was dozing off until some noise or movement would startle me awake.  A friend of the bird ladies from Corvallis was there belting out her Christian and country songs.  She has a good voice but exhaustion made the sounds grate on my brain.  The two officers who were there when I arrived seemed awkward in full uniform, which must have been hot, and stood, did not sit.  But the fireman who came by was very friendly, seemed like a fun guy and immediately fit in and wanted to sing with the determined singer lady.  Kids were crawling around in the police vehicle and having fun.  I excused myself to the Bird Lady, said I had to go home, go to bed, and she knew by looking at me, and said to sleep well.

Sulu has fit in just fine with her.  She told me she loves him so.  She had been stressed by keeping cats apart, the orange girl Kate, and black tux male Kent, in her bedroom, Kay the gorgeous long hair torti, from the dumpster behind grocery outlet, in the bathroom, let out when the others were not out, and her calico in and out, but never out in the main house when the others were.  Kent, Kate, her calico and Sulu are all throw aways from the house from hell, two houses from her, where tenants left all the cats.  The calico was from them a few years ago, was theirs, but she got hurt and they wouldn't help her so Evelyn did.  Anyways, I told her to let them all together, and not worry about it, that there would be some hissing spitting and yowling perhaps at first but they'd work it out and so she did and things are easier now that way.

It was good to hear Sulu is doing so well and so loved.  I had been going to stop to get my cage back but she had him in it for the gathering in case someone needed to go in to use the bathroom and I said fine, I'll get it some other day.  And maybe I won't, maybe I'll just let her have it, because she needs it sometimes.  Sure that leaves me only one small cage, but sometimes you have to let things go, to somebody who needs it and it might be the time for that particular cage.  I got it free myself, when Heartland had a garage sale of things they didn't need and let rescues come first and take what they could use.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Back to Break?

I'm longing already for break days, even though I did really nothing except too many projects during my alleged break in July.

What a week it's been. 

First off last Monday it was picking up the orange mom and her five kittens, all six filthy, in Sweet Home, bathing them all in the bathroom sink, trying to kill their massive flea populations, worrying over them. 

Same day, off to Waterloo park, and then running into the dumped teen mom there, trapping her, finding out her kittens were also dumped and that KATA already had them.  Then KATA picking her up.

Then it was Sulu being returned and dealing with that.

Then it was taking the orange mom and her brood, now clean and mostly flea free, to Meow Village.

Then it was the Circle K clerk's kittens, who by now were young adults, my goodness.  And getting them to CAFA.

Then it was rounding up cats for yesterday to fill seven reservations, driving to Gervais when two kittens were trapped there to pick them up.  Trapping the otherwise doomed three in Lebanon, then finding the N. Albany trailer with so many cats to get one of them to fill out the reservations.

The two Gervais boy kittens were fixed yesterday---Sundown and Sunrise.  They get to go home today.

Sundown, black male Gervais kitten

Sunrise, orange tabby male kitten
The little Lebanon family of three were fixed yesterday.  Tango, the kitten, turned out to be a boy.
Tango, a little boy, and the only survivor of his mom's latest litter.

Don Juan, the male, and daddy to Tango, obviously.  He got a convenia injection for a cheek bite wound infection.

Black mom with Tango.  I named her Rosalita.
In search of a 7th cat, since another male orange kitten, would be coming from Meow Village, I went to a trailer park in N. Albany.  I had been told, right as my break began, about kittens in the shopping area over there.  I went over, mainly to check it out, and decided they were likely from the trailer park and went over in search of them.  I asked a man if he'd seen a mom and kittens and he pointed out a trailer.  I went there and found a ton of kittens, plus unfixed adults.  So Sunday, I went back there.  There are three unfixed females and three unfixed males, although one only comes around when the girls are in heat.  There are ten kittens inside her trailer with access to a catio she's made of the deck and three wild kittens outside.  The ten tame kittens are going to Safehaven, today in fact, although she'll bring them back, once vaccinated, since they are currently full, she said.  I trapped the outside female with the three wild kittens.  They are old enough to not need mom for a couple days.  Ten weeks she said.  So Mokey was fixed yesterday too.

Mokey, a gray tux female, fixed yesterday.
I took Mokey back this morning.  The woman seems extremely excited to be getting them fixed at last.

This was after I took another kitten to Salem to be fixed this morning.  I fortunately was gifted a spay neuter reservation someone else wasn't using.

 Once I got home yesterday I was contacted by a local business who had trapped a kitten.  They had not had this happen but once before.  The trapper's wife was cruising the web looking for a humane solution for the little wild thing and found me.  I went and got the kitten yesterday morning after I got home from taking the seven cats to the clinic.  I'd first picked up the Meow Village boy, Hitch, to take also.
Hitch, a wild boy Meow Village needed fixed

  The little black tux was in their live trap and scared to death.  I immediately covered their trap and then took the trap to the back of my car, laid it on its side, with the end that opens up against the back of a tomahawk transfer trap.  Got inside with all the windows and doors shut.  I moved the towel covering their trap, over onto mine and carefully opened the door of their trap, which was not a transfer trap, moving the back of my transfer trap to cover the opening.  Once the door of their trap, laid on its side, was completely open with the wire of the back transfer door of mine covering the opening, I opened that transfer door and the kitten darted into my trap, anxious for the privacy provided by the towel covering mine. 

The kitten wanted water, food and to sleep, more than anything.  I put her in my bathroom so she could do just that and tried to nap myself for awhile.

And did.

When I picked up the cats at the clinic yesterday afternoon, my barn cat placement friend met me there.  She usually transfers the cats she's taking from my traps to her feral containers, in the back of her truck.  But its not climate controlled so she came with her husband in her car due to the heat we are experiencing here.  She had agreed to take the Lebanon family of three.

However things got mixed up, as she transferred in the back of my car.  I took two other cats in traps out on my side, to make room for her inside, and her husband took out another on the other side.   And somehow the black cats got mixed up.  She took home Sundown, from Gervais instead of Rosalita, Tango's mom. 

I didn't notice she'd taken the wrong cat since all the traps were covered, until I got home and went to return Sundown and Sunrise, boys from Gervais, to my bathroom, until I return them today.  Sundown is black also, like Rosalita.  I was a little surprised to see the adult Rosalita was the black cat I had.  I called my friend and we will swap today and probably she'll take Freezie, the little black tux kitten from the local business, too.  I think she'd match well with Tango, from Lebanon, and Rosalita.  Rosalita lost two of her kittens somehow and Freezie seems all alone in this world, although this morning, on the way to Salem with Freezie, I saw a deceased small black tux on the road right near the business where Freezie was trapped.  I bet it was a sibling or maybe even her mom.
Freezie, from Frozen Foods

All in all the last 9 days have been very productive in helping cats.  I am a bit worn thin with the intensity but I'll survive.   However, my dreams last night were filled with beaches and warm water and wishing wells.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

What do you do?

My first seven reservations for spay neuter in a month are Monday and the cats who I had lined up to fill those seven reservations, may not be going.   Their people are to blame, not returning calls or texts when I've already even loaned out traps to a couple of them.
Where are these people?   Beats me.

Guess they don't want the cats they feed fixed that badly.

I have four so far, three of them kittens.  Two of them from the Gervais colony, where mom and one kitten got fixed before my break.

And then I heard of a Lebanon situation, from someone I'd helped before with cats.  She was on a bus trip outing with a lady who she said went on and on complaining about cats in her yard.  Seems it was a mom, three teen kittens and a male.  Five in all.  She gave her my number.

So she calls me and I loan her a trap to pre feed in, then set traps this morning.  I catch mom quickly, see the big Siamese mix male, but he heads off and its getting hot and the lady is in and out of the house getting ready to go to church.  So I leave a trap set and before she goes to church the kitten is in it.  I go get him.  The big Siamese mix male has vanished by this time, off napping or roaming.
Mom and one of her kittens

She had first said there were three kittens.   That would mean with the male and mom, five cats, plus the Gervais two, and I'd have my quota.  I loaned traps to other folks too, thinking if this situation didn't pan out, I'd turn to those cats, but those people are not even answering.

Now she says she's not sure when she last saw three kittens, that maybe lately she's only seen the one.  So this five cat situation may only be a three cat situation.

This is generally how it goes, at least half the people flake out.  All the prep and showing them about traps, half the time its a waste of time.

Those Lebanon cats are a sorry group.   She doesn't feed them and doesn't want them.  The two I've caught, plus any more I catch there, will go to my barn cat placement friend.
I've caught the male now too over in Lebanon.  Apparently the other two kittens have either died or someone grabbed them, hoping for the latter and that someone nice, caring helped them.

I've had a lot of people lately want me to take the cats they feed to the vet, if injured or sick, like I'm responsible for every aspect of their care.  I don't have any vet I can take them to see or the money to do it.  Or they want me to completely support their feeding of their cats and deliver cat food to their door, even if quite a distance away. 

I've had to change policies because one person in particular wants cat food once or twice a month and I can't do that.   Can't afford to do it.  She wants vet care too but refuses to let me rehome the cats.  I told her last time, if she can't feed them, I can find them somewhere else.   When she turned that down, I told her this was the last time for bringing her food.  She's the one asks me all the time.  That was the end of it for me.

The new policy is cat food assist once a year.  That is consistent with help, instead of support, and those are two things.

Well so anyhow, I got two in the bathroom and two in the garage.  The Lebanon mom and kitten are the ones in the garage, in a cage with a fan on it.  The Gervais kittens are in the bathroom.

Sulu got returned.  My friend, bless her soul, didn't listen to a word I said about acclimating.  She had Sulu all of two weeks, one of which he spent almost entirely alone, in a bedroom, without any access to the other two cats.

I'd loaned her a big cage and everything, explained to let them meet through the safety of the cage, all that.  She didn't do it, just suddenly let him out to mingle with the other two cats who said what the fuck.  Sulu chased each of them once, no blood drawn, and she brought him back.

 I was severely disappointed.  Poor Sulu.

So he went to the bird lady, who fed him before, after the asshole tenants abandoned all those cats two houses from her.  She offered to take him, and did, after my friend returned him,  but later said she was stressed and wanted to find at least three of those assholes' cats homes.  I found placements for two of them--McCoy and Chekov at least.  But she'd like to place the orange tabby girl, the black tux male and then Sulu. I told her to enlist a friend of hers, who used to find cats homes, for help.  I hope she does.  I wish I was better at finding places for adult cats.  I thought she'd just let the orange girl and black tux boy out and feed them outside but she had them in her bedroom, thinking I could find them somewhere but I couldn't.

Then the Circle K clerk calls, wants me to take her kittens.  This is was an old call that I ignored before my break but she called again.   I wasn't happy she'd let her cat have kittens.  Then I find out yesterday she lives right across from the house where all the cats were abandoned by the asshole tenants and that the mother of these kittens, likely came from them too.   Sulu is likely the father of one or all, in fact.

So a Salem group, CAFA, agreed to take them.  Yesterday I went and got them, less than a stone's throw from the still empty asshole tenants place, and drove them to CAFA's vet in Keizer.  They'll be checked out, then picked up by a foster for CAFA.

They are all three tabbies.  Two boys, one girl.  Don't you think they look a bit like Sulu?

She's supposed to be getting city vouchers to get the mom and the kitten she gave her son fixed on Monday.   I will make sure that gets done.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back With a Vengence

I'm off my break.  Officially I was off break yesterday and what a day!

Someone called about a mom cat, left behind by drug infested neighbors, who had kittens.  This was up in Sweet Home.  She had the kittens in a dog crate and said she could get the mom in there too if I could come get them.  So she did, and I did.

She'd done the best she could.   She'd let mom into the crate to feed them now and then.  The crate was so dirty by then after I loaded it into the car with the mom and kittens in it, with the young woman's help, I could barely stand the smell.

The young woman had just had a baby herself.  Despite this, she nestled the newborn on her hip and took the back of the crate with the other hand to help me carry it to the car.  As we returned to the porch, boyfriend stuck his head out the door.  He was NO help and I could only imagine what it must be like for her.

The house next door where the young woman thinks she lived once was trashed and empty.  Drug addicts haven, now long gone.

There were five kittens, three orange boys and two girls, one a calico and one a torti. The kittens were filthy and crawling in fleas.   They had dried urine and feces on them.  The drive home seemed long and was frustrating as I just wanted to get them home, to bathe them, feed them and rid them of those fleas.

I would have to do it fast.  I had two colonies to feed and at one of those, a gate goes up at 4:00.  I got home about 2:15 and quickly carried the crate into the bathroom, got out the blow dryer, kitty shampoo, paper towels, Revolution flea treatment, and KMR.  Then I set to work.

I got a big carrier ready, with a nice comfy blankee inside.  The crate would go outside, to be cleaned, and the bathed kittens would then have a nice warm clean bed.  As soon as I opened the crate, mom cat panicked and ended up in the towel cupboard.  I let her be.

I washed each kitten, drying them with paper towels and then the blow dryer on low.  Each then got Revolution so the flea killing could begin.  Mom did too.

I left them to head out to fulfill my duties for the other cats.   I also dropped off a trap outside Lebanon, to a woman who has had another cat or two show up, for her to pre feed the cats in a trap set so it can't spring.  I fed the park cats then ran into a woman and her daughter who often frequent the park, read, and go into the river to cool off.  They invited me to join them.  I hesitated, thinking of the kittens in the bathroom, but then I did.  All three of us went into the river.  But not for long.  I took one swim along the side of the river with a back current, that carries me up to the last rapid, then rode the rapid down, on my short broken swim board, then had to leave.  I drive home wet, sitting on a towel, and change when I get home.

I decided to drive home River Road instead of on the highway.  Why not?  Stopped at the stop sign by the bridge, looking across at the parking lot by the boat ramp, I saw a man placing what looked like bread on a rock, then moving back.   Hmmm, I thought, I wonder what he's trying to feed.  I decided to pull into the parking lot and check.

I parked one space from the packed white van.  The man was in the van by now and looked like he was heading out.  I jumped out and quickly asked him, "Are you feeding squirrels?"   "No," he says, "a little cat someone dumped" and he motioned just over the bank.  I looked over and there was a crying young tabby on white, headed back towards the berry vines.  She would not come to me.  The food on the rock was chicken.

The man left.  I happened to have another trap in my car and set it with a can of cat food.   It took about ten minutes, or a bit less, for her to go into the trap and spring it.  I hauled her back up to my car and wondered what am I going to do with this one. 

About that time, I receive a message from Diana.  She has included a post from KATA (Kitty Angel Team Adoption), about kittens found in a box right at this very spot where I now sit.  The post reads "We miss our momma" and describes how the kittens were left in a box but the mom had run off and the woman who found the kittens couldn't get her to come to her.   Hmmm, I thought, I better call Vicki.  So I did.  "Vicki," I said, when she answered, "I think I have that mom cat you're looking for in the back of my car." 

Teenage mom cat who was dumped with her Kittens

Vicki came and got the cat.  She was indeed a little teen girl, lactating and very very sweet. She is back with her kittens now.

 For all that to come together involved some serious fate.     Hmmm, I thought.

Last night I bathed the Sweet Home orange tabby mom cat.  She too, like her kittens, had urine on her tail, from being in the crate.   I knew she'd feel better after that and she did. She was happy, purring and felt safe.  This morning I took all six up to Keizer, to a vet clinic where a Meow Village volunteer works.  She is going to foster them.

The bathroom is empty again.