Wednesday, June 03, 2020

One Day/Big Difference for the Kitten Known as Hot Mess Daphne

What a difference one day can make.

In Daphne's little life, the difference is night and day.

I drove to Sweet Home Monday evening to pick her up after a little girl found her on her grandmother's property, where cats are fed.  Boy, was she a tiny desperate mess, with gunked shut eyes, poop all over her, starving too! 

Early early yesterday morning, the sun just barely up, I met Selena who fosters for Meow Village, in a Walmart parking lot in Salem and handed her over.  I was so relieved when she said she'd take the pathetic little girl.  She's an expert at the fake mom cat business and restoring health and hope to little kittens like Daphne.

Just check out the video at the end of my Monday blog post to see Daphne "as is".  I took that when I picked her up, shocked at her condition.  She was found outside a window on a rural property where the lady feeds cats, like I said, and there are probably more kittens out there.  Daphne is the 13th kitten removed from the property so far. 

Here's a photo and a video Selena sent me today.  Isn't it wonderful!

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Where Are Our Leaders?

Our country seems to be falling apart.  If you watch the news.

Riots and looting going on in the cities.  People still dying of the virus. While other places, like where I live, life goes on as normal.  If I didn't watch the news, and I probably shouldn't, I would know nothing of cities burning and of this....

"Trump deepened outrage on Monday by posing at a church clutching a bible after law enforcement officers used teargas and rubber bullets to clear the way for him to walk there after he made his remarks in the White House Rose Garden."

Surreal scenes. Like out of some bizarre tragic apocalyptic movie. Only we are living in this movie.

I'm not hearing our President on the news calming the country. I hear him on the news insulting state governors and threatening to call out the military on the people.

So that's why I ask "Where are our leaders?"

The violence is the work of the usual suspects, I suppose, those who drop everything when they hear of a chance to cause mayhem and maybe not get caught, hiding in numbers and darkness, smoke, flames and broken glass.

Or is it people fed up with everything, their lives, themselves, their housing situation, their jobs or lack of jobs, income disparity, racism, lack of hope of ever improving their predicament? I really don't know. Both these causative scenarios are being debated on the news and I have no idea which one is true or if both are partly true. The news has been, for some time now, a one upmanship on panic reporting, the more extreme the story is or can be made out to be, the better. We rarely get thoughtful insightful just-the-facts in depth reporting anymore. That doesn't pay the bills.

So little folk like me just hope for the best, that our country will survive, and keep on with life. No rioting here, in my little town. Not yet. South of us, north of us, there it is happening. But not here. And that's a big huge relief to me.

I know there are inequities. I know that man shouldn't have died like that, at the hands of police. I can't watch that video. What is his mother going through, I think. I know that man jogging should not have been chased down and then killed by two gun toting white men either. I don't know how to stop that kind of thing any more than I know how to stop men from killing women for no reason or a parent from hurting their own child. There are lots of things I can't figure out solutions to stop.

I'm unnerved and nervous and hopeful too. Optimistic without reason. That's me.

In the meantime, the people from Sweet Home called that they'd found another kitten out on their mom's property, where the 12 others came from. I drove up there and picked her up and she was a mess--filthy, skinny, eyes gunked shut, poop all over her, and desperately hungry. I fed her wet food and KMR and brought her home and gave her a bath and blow dried the little thing, and got her snuggled in on a fuzzy blankee and heat pad. She was so tired.

That's all I can do for this world. So that's what I do. It's probably not enough but it's something.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Yesterdays Kittens

Yesterday, I had kittens, lots of them.  17 to be exact.

At least I didn't have 20 kittens.  Three of the Holly guys ended up in Salem with a friend who is very good with bottle babes and also volunteers with Meow Village.  The buff kitten near death when I got him home was the first.  He's done fine by now, and his name is Alfie.

Now she has Bruce and Carl too.

The other 17?  9 from one situation, 8 from another?   Well yesterday, after three nights of minimal sleep,. I took them all to Portland, to Karen, who then took off with them to OHS (Oregon Humane).  All 17 were accepted and went off with fosters.  They are too little to be fixed yet, way too little.  Most were only about four to five weeks old.

It will be strange to not have kittens hanging off my pajama bottoms in the bathroom, six or eight of them.  At least I stopped myself before adding KMR to my coffee instead of milk.  One can get a little dazed bottle feeding so many kittens.   I'll miss the little brats.  All 20 of them!

I can't believe we pulled that off, getting the 20 in the first place, through all the confusion of where they were at and meeting people, caring for that many here for a few days, then getting all into good places where they'll get proper care, be fixed, get nice homes for themselves.

This is the 17 when I handed them off to Karen, in Portland, after driving up to the sounds of kitten screams, cries and the smells of kittens pooping.  They sure are good at pooping.  And at screaming for attention.  Hats off to cat moms everywhere.

Before driving the kittens to Portland, I dropped off seven cats in Salem to be fixed.  Four of them were moms to the kittens, two from one place, two from another.   That was awkward.  And sad.  And probably not fair to the kittens or the moms.

There may be more kittens where the 12 came from.   I went up there to catch three cats.  I only had three reservations for that one.   I saw at least ten cats and caught three, two of them lactating moms and the other a boy.  I wish I could get more spay neuter reservations but right now those are tough to find.

I haven't got a good photo yet of Brewers, the gray tabby boy,  but I'll add it when I do.  Here are the two moms from there--Sandy, the brown tabby girl, and Camille, the calico.
Brewers, the gray tabby boy

The other two girls, Thumbs and Catty, had ten kittens between them.  But their people kept two of them, so I had taken only 8 kittens there.  Thumbs and Catty were fixed yesterday too and will return home today.

Catty is gorgeous

Thumbs is very sweet
The last two cats fixed were from a fellow trapper who had two needing done she'd trapped somewhere and would soon be up for adoption, but they needed fixed first and its tough to get reservations.   She goes out and traps usually tame strays people are concerned about.

Big guy Snowden was fixed yesterday

So was young Imani, a girl
I'll finish off the post with....what else....kittens!

I was saying goodbye to them in Portland.  By then, they thought I was mom.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Too Many Kittens

Well it was quite the day.

And now my bathroom is chock full of kittens.  Little tiny kittens.

The first jolt I got when I woke up was two photos sent me by an Albany woman.  She'd picked up a stray cat, fed in down town, who had a disfigured face.   It is still unknown if the cat suffered trauma to cause this or whether it is cancer or something else, like rodent ulcer.  Yeah, rodent ulcer.  But rodent ulcer has nothing to do with rodents.  It's so named because of the "ratty" edges to an upper lip inflammation that can really end up disfiguring the face. 

She took the cat to the vet today.  She turned out to be an otherwise healthy already spayed young female.  So the vet is convinced her upper lip disfigurement is from a trauma injury combined with infection but a biopsy has been sent off.  Poor kitty.

Here is the fundraiser Monica is running for vet care help with her.

There are photos on the fundraiser.  I won't post them here as they are disturbing.

Second jolt of the day, an email from a Lebanon woman.  She has to be out of her rental or house, I don't know which, on Friday (in three days) and wanted me to take four outside semi feral cats.  I said "no".  I can't do that.  I suggested she find them homes herself.

That was all I could do there.  Anger bit at me when replying that someone would wait until three days before they must be out to think of their cats.

Third jolt of the day was from one of the pair of Sweet Home women who have in the past pointed me to myraids of unfixed cats in their area.  This time I was told she had a friend with 10 kittens, six weeks old, who needed a place to go.  I said I'd ask around.

I did.  Karen did her thing, up in Portland, and did find somewhere that could take them.  I went up to get them.  Only things went south.  I was told the kittens were now in Holly but the woman had driven her mom to Albany so wasn't there currently.  I finally just drove on up since by the time I heard the woman wasn't home, I was already halfway there.

I went to the woman's place who contacted me, and then we both drove to Holly.  I assumed she knew where the place was at, where the kittens were, but she didn't.  So we sat in a church parking lot waiting on the woman to bring them.  She claimed she had to bathe them first as they were stinky and covered in poop.

I was shocked when she arrived in her car and had not ten but 14 kittens inside.  Most were orange, all were soaking wet and shivering violently.  And they were nowhere near 6 weeks of age. Closer to four weeks.  They would all need bottle fed.  Shoot!

They pulled out two they wanted to keep.  I begged her to be sure to get them fixed and gave her my card for her mother to call me, about getting the ferals fixed who had these kittens.

Then I took off, took the other woman home, and headed home myself, frantic over their state of health and the fact they were soaking wet and cold.  Way too young to be left wet.

Once home I saw that one little buff boy was on his side, back arching and "swimming" with his paws.  They do this often right before death. He could not even stand or walk.  So I set to work warming him first, with a blow dryer on low and gave him sub cu fluids too since he was so dehydrated.  I didn't know if he'd live or not.  I gave him Karo syrup too, to get his blood sugar up.   Then I tried to dry and warm 11 more kittens, all screaming, some with crusted eyes and all needed real baths. Want to talk stress?

In the end, I took that weakest one up to a friend in Salem, since she's an expert on caring for bottle babes.

I was also told by the Sweet Home woman this wasn't the original situation she was going to take me to, that she got mixed up and there were ten more kittens at another house, with two tame moms.  Oh holy kitten season.

But Karen goes big instead of small on her request to the Portland shelter and asks if she can bring 22 kittens in instead of 10 on Friday.  I would never have had the nerve, but boy howdy she did and they said "yes" and glory be!  Although now its 21, since the buff boy went to Salem.

I won't pick up the ten til Thursday though.  I'll also pick up those two moms and they'll be fixed Friday.  There are still the six or eight needing caught and fixed from the other place the 12 kittens came from, but that will be done.  I was supposed to trap a couple girls at a wrecking yard, but the kitten moms will take precendence now.

So that was my day and I'm up again feeding the little brats in the bathroom so I thought I'd write about it.

This last video is of the little struggling buff boy, before I took him to Salem.

I didn't get very many cute pictures of them.  It's hard to take pictures of moving kittens. 

Well that's today's kitten adventure.  And it is ongoing. 

I'll just add:  boy do kittens make a mess, over and over again.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Six More Saturday

The last six Lacomb cats were fixed yesterday up in Portland at the FCCO.

I had met Karen from Portland north of Salem, in the maze called Keizer station, with the cats Friday evening and I met her same place again Saturday evening to pick them up.  She drove them straight from where she picked them up at the clinic.

I knew the sex of three of the six cats, 2 girls and a boy, but because the FCCO doesn't give me paper work, but rather emails it to caregivers, I don't know the sex of the other three and never will.   The caregivers won't know their sex either after getting the paperwork because they're only identified by number and the numbers are on the traps and those cats are back home now.

My nonprofit paid out for the six done in Portland to be wormed.  The charge is by weight since they are Profender tubes you buy to have applied.  It's not cheap.  I just think a cat should get one good worming in its life.

11 local cats fixed Friday and Saturday.  Next Friday I have five appointments but so far, none beyond next Friday.  Yikes.

Here are the six done yesterday.  Four black cats, one torbi and one very vocal black and white girl.  She was so happy and relieved when she got back home and realized she was home and everything was ok again.  I'm sure she thought she was going to die.

I think this is the boy they call Daddy.

This one may be a girl, because I think I see her belly is shaved.

The torbi girl

And Seven, they call her, who is very vocal and was extremely worried.  The relief, once she saw she was back home, was very cute to see.

Lacomb situation is all done now.  Two more Waterloo boys fixed too! 

On to Infinitiy!!!

Friday, May 22, 2020

At Least These Five Will be Fixed and Vaccinated

I spent last night staring at all the free unfixed kitten ads on facebook from around here.

Which put me deep into brooding and wondering why I'm doing this.  The kittens are handed out unfixed.  Many, maybe most, are never fixed because if you're looking for an unfixed kitten, rather than an already fixed and vaccinated one from a shelter, you're likely not going to get it fixed.

I say that because its cost effective to get one from a rescue or shelter, already fixed, chipped, vaccinated--the works.  So if you're getting a free one, off one of these ads, probably you're not going to get it fixed.  You either got plenty of money, to pay for all those things later yourself, or you're too dumb to realize the financial advantage of a shelter rescue kitten or you are acting on a whim to get one.  That's how I figure it.

Anyhow, it's depressing.   And I feel pathetic often, chasing around, cleaning up after those who don't fix their pets, like a responsible person would do, given the current situation going on around the country of severe feline overpopulation problems.

At least these five won't contribute.

Two of the 8 or 9 Lacomb cats are getting spayed.  Now this is not the barn owners fault.  They bought the place a couple months back and found cats in the barn.

Here are the five......for today, the drop in the bucket....

TC Storm, a boy, although now neutered

Grayson, from Waterloo, now neutered

Gracie from Sweet Home

Crook from Lacomb

Happy from Lacomb

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Another Cat Round Up

I woke up one morning to find me tagged in some comment on a post about a cat situation here in the county where I live.  Further down in the comments my Portland friend had told the woman to call her and that she'd get all her cats fixed this weekend.

I didn't know what to think of that.  If Portland folk want to come down here and solve this county's cat problems, I decided, that's fine by me.  It'd be stupid to not just happily watch that happen.  If that's the way it would happen.  Everyone is struggling to find spay neuter space all over the state still.   It is quite frustrating for many.

The woman called my Portland friend.  Who then called me and asked me to call the woman.  I only have five spots for Friday and they were all taken but one.  Wait a minute, I thought.  But I did go out there and loan her a drop trap.  There are 8 or 9 needing fixed.  She'd had appointments to get that done before the lockdown, but when the lockdown happened, the appointments were cancelled.

I played with a tiny sick kitten for awhile out there in that barn, snuggling her under my chin.

I told her I could get two done at the most this Friday and that the Portland woman would have to get the rest into the FCCO up there, as she'd said she would do.  Now things seem to be shifting and the Portland woman may not get more than three in, not sure why or if that will be all she'll get in on her reservations, and of course I will have to catch them and drive them up. I am waiting to hear.

In the meantime, I went after the cat that's been in the park since last October.  The dog walker who told me about the cat calls him or her Trash Can Kitty, because at first the cat would try to eat from a trash can.  After that, the cat would wait by that trash can for the dog walker to come and feed her.

I knew if I didn't get the cat soon, I'd never get her because all summer that park is jammed to the gills with people.   I had plenty of trouble catching the cat anyhow, with people wandering by, innocently, noticing the cat or maybe seeing the trap, wondering what that was and I'd have to jump out of my car and go tell them what I was trying to do.  That went on for hours, even though it was raining off and on, and getting towards dusk.

Just when I was near giving up though, the rain came down harder and people vanished and the cat went in the trap.

So finally little trash can kitty, who needs a real name, will go off to the vet.  I don't know if its a he or a she or maybe already fixed.  The cat suddenly showed up at the park last October and was likely dumped.  The poor little cat has really not left one area where it first appeared, as if still waiting for whomever left her there in the first place.  This is a very sad thing that happens to many many local cats.  However some are dumped so far out remote areas they stand no chance of being noticed by someone with a heart and slowly starve to death.  As I've said before, assholes and cruel people abound around here and probably elsewhere too.  They may have pro life bumper stickers on their pickups or cars, say they love Jesus but otherwise behave like demons to anything smaller than they are.