Monday, November 28, 2022

Five Cats Fixed Today

 I went up to the RV park above Sweet Home yesterday afternoon and got the three girls that were fixed today.  The Lacomb folks had already brought over their last two boys needing fixed.  Seven fixed from the Lacomb barn.  20 so far helped this time around at the RV park.  With more to go.

These are the two Lacomb boys.

Froggy, a gray tabby

Shadow, who is all gray

The three RV park girls all had had litters.  Wesa's owner has three of the kittens from Wesa's last litter.  They're now three to four months.  I'll take them to be fixed next Monday.  The clinic still is not giving out appointments for January.  Getting worried about that.

Wesa was spayed today.  Next week her three teenagers, her last litter, will be fixed.

Cupcake was a stray a lady is now calling hers.  She had two litters this last summer alone.  

Thunder was spayed today.  She's a sweetie.  She had five kittens but they all died except one and I guess he's four months now but the size of a 2 month old so not sure when or if he'll be healthy enough to be neutered.

So Wesa's three kittens plus one of Cupcakes kittens, now a teen, will be fixed next Monday and maybe the final tabby if I get so lucky as to catch that wild thing.  That should do it there.  

I guess the big rig cab will no longer be parked out front.  A neighbor yelled at him over it.  Made me sad.  I will miss The Guardian.  Probably that darn loud deisel pickup will be back parking out there now.   I liked that big tractor cab out front.  I don't know why, I just did.

The girls are all back home.   The boys will go home in the morning.   Next weeks cat round up will be all at the RV park, and then if I have a leftover spot, another stray from another part of Sweet Home will get to go too.   It's too easy to fill just a handfull of spots.  Give me twenty spots for a bit of a challenge.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Rogue and Gigi Updates

 I took the above video clip of Rogue this morning.   He's doing so well in recovery from his middle ear infection and vertigo.    

He's done it all himself.  I did add some little shelves for him, to make it easier to traverse up to second level beds, without falling.   He stayed ground level on his own, understanding he had safety issues, for two weeks but now can do second level.  His new favorite bed is second level and looks out the front window.

Gigi is beginning to feel her oats, but is very easy to care for in the bathroom.  I didn't expect her to convert so easily to rather confined living, while she recuperates.  I still don't know how I'll find her a home, once she's well.   But we shall cross that bridge later.   

She takes her meds morning and evening and gets a treat each time afterwards.   She went to the vet the 23rd and now its the 26th.  

With Rogue, it seems like forever since I took him to the vet at the coast clinic.  In reality its been just over a month.   Gigi went to the vet the 23rd and today its the 26th.   Again, feels like weeks ago.

When I found her under the blanket in the garage, I smelled the infection before I saw her.  It was that bad.   Now I can't smell it anymore.   Not since the vet cleaned it all out and she's been on antibiotics twice a day.

It's crusting over and closing over too.  It's such a huge hole I can't believe it would fill in, without stitching together but it is.

Anyhow, my nephew and his well travelled wife, inspired me to think I need to go for some trips.  If I can drive 7 hours in one day I can drive 8 hours and make it over to see my brother in Idaho.   Can't do it in the winter because there are too many snow and ice issues between here and there until spring or early summer.   I was very excited at the thought and called my Idaho brother and told him "I'm coming, but not til late spring or summer."   Maybe I can go the scenic route through Prineville and check out the painted hills and maybe even Hells Canyon.   Might be my only chance to see those natural wonders.   Gives me months to find a reliable pet sitter.

I have five spay neuter reservations Monday.  The Lacomb barn folk are after the last two who showed up in their barn after neighbors place was drug busted.  The first five were fixed first of the month.   Then back again to the RV park above Sweet Home for three more females.  There are still a few beyond the three, but I only have five spots and it will be good to finish the Lacomb barn cat group, at least.  The Lacomb folks catch their own and even deliver them here.   That's about the easiest thing on me ever.  I love it.  I do have to make the trip up to the RV park tomorrow to get the girls.   I wanted to try to get girls left done first because I still don't know if and when I"ll get more reservations.

Thursday, November 24, 2022


 My car is working again.  Two more sensors got changed and now it seems ok.

So I drove down to my old home town of long ago, probably still has near the same number of people living there as when I grew up there, which would be about 4000.

I grew up a hick from the sticks.  That's how people used to describe when you grew up in a tiny little town.

My brother lives there still.   I didn't take a single photo all day.  Sorry.   I forgot my billfold so once again---no money to spend along the way, which was probably in my best interest but I had to borrow gas money off my brother to get home.  My wallet had fallen out of my unzipped purse but inside the house.  I found it when I got home and lucky me, no cats had peed on it.

I left about 9:00 this morning, a little after and got there just after noon.   We had Thanksgiving lunch maybe at 2:30, after my brother's wife's sister and her daughter got there and also his son and his son's wife, daughter and a friend of hers.  Also his office manager from work came.

It was an easy dinner, with mashed potatoes kind of the main course. I mixed the mash up with the salad and the green beans and then put all that onto the small dinner roll, which was quite good.   No stares this time for how I mix up food because everyone was too busy with their food.  I thought it was very good and not too much food to feel stuffed.

I don't like to think of all the work of usually one or two people put into extravagant dinners.   I was happy it was simple.  

I got back home at 9:00 p.m. after driving three hours back.  

12 hours gone, 7 of that spent driving.  Thankful I made it down and back home!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Gigi Goes to the Vet

 Gigi went to the vet this morning, who cleaned it all up, prescribed pain meds and antibiotics.  

She'll be ok, he reassured me.  

She's in the bathroom now and seems just fine with that.  Keitha's Kitties are going to help me find her a good home, now that she is officially relinquished.

It's kind of awful looking open like that but the vet says it will heal much better that way.

It was an abscess that ruptured out, and gave her pain relief when it drained, probably from the fights with two particularly aggressive neighbor cats.   One, the other, both, hardly matters.  Or something else.  I don't know.

She seems really happy in the bathroom!   But she wouldn't be happy in my general population, have too many a hole cats still, although not that many with so many lost to age related issues in the last two years.  A local rescue will help try to find her a good home.

Anyhow, Gigi will be fine.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


 Gigi was badly horribly injured by one of the new free roamers in my yard.

I'm not sure which one but I did break up a fight between her and the white and black long hair a few days ago.  Broke up a fight between him and another neighbors cat, in my yard this morning.  I've about had it with neighbors who don't care for their own cats.

When I found Gigi tonight, in the garage, hiding under a blanket, and uncovered her to see that horrible wound, I was shocked and it made me cry.  Her ear looks nearly detached at the base.

I walked around the block to talk to her real owners.  They relinquished her when I asked them to, since they don't even see her there anymore and want her to get vet care but don't want to get vet care for her themselves.  I'm hoping to get her in tomorrow somewhere.   

Then I hope to find her a real home once she gets well, if she does get well.  The wound is terrible.

People around here, many are so mean, I can't even say online how mean some of them are.  That's besides being probably the worst pet owners you could ever imagine.  In whose mind is it ok to let your cats off your property to become someone else's responsibility most of the time?  Without even asking that person.  

All I want to do is cry, really, tonight.  I don't know how to deal with some things.

The Guardian

 I have named the big rig semi cab that parks out front.

The Guardian of the Hood.

I like it, for some odd reason.   It is about as tall as the tallest peak of my house.   It's awesome in its potential.  It's engine is quieter than Mr. Loud and Mr. Louder, my names for the two deisel pickups who park out front sometimes.

I don't mind it one bit.  

My car is in the shop this morning.   I haven't heard a thing from the shop three hours later.  Its appointment, on a cancellation, was at 8:00.  However, this morning, driving it over, it did not do its hesitation upon acceleration thing which its done every morning for the last ten days.  

What could be different, I ask myself.  Well, I put Seafoam in the tank.  I'm very skeptical additives help anything.  Modern gas has plenty of cleaners added in.  I also took it on a high speed jaunt yesterday afternoon.  Did the dual affects of getting the motor up to high rpms plus Seafoam clean out some carbon?  If so, maybe the problem is dirty fuel injectors?  Or dirty fuel filter?  Who knows.  However, I had hoped in my usual in-awe-of-mechanics skill set optimism, to hear back soon, that all is perfect with my beloved little car.  

I hold auto mechanics in about the same esteem as neuro surgeons.  High up there, in other words.   Mechanics, builders, farmers, doctors/nurses---they keep us all going.   Sure I'm a big fan, why wouldn't I be.

 It's the greatest car ever I think.    Just thinking about that car now, I smile in the bliss of wonderful memories and pride.  What could be better than a cheap used car I can sleep in that gets good gas mileage and can carry close to 30 cats off to be fixed, if packed correctly.

I bristle when someone suggests time to dump the wreck and find something else.  It hurts when someone says that, because the car is awesome and how could they not understand that and say move on to something else, like I could anyhow, like its that simple, like I'm fricking rich and can just go pick out another car.  Nor do people realize only certain cars work for me and my low budget--has to get good gas mileage, haul cats and be cheap to repair.   Know what fits all three criteria---my car does!

I bet The Guardian understands.   It towers like an all seeing power above the other vehicles of the block.  

I'll end this post with a photo of the latest of so many neighbor cats in my yard.  I am getting a little tired of people not taking care of their own cats.  I came home from dropping off my car, to see the gray tux and white and black long hair, one owned, one not sure where he belongs, fighting my front yard.   

Just an hour ago, I see this cat in my driveway....

Monday, November 21, 2022


 Car is going back to the shop, but one in town here this time, in the morning, on a cancellation.  

I was happy about that.   I don't know what's going on with it now.  It doesn't like to go when I press on the gas at odd times, then will accelerate with some jerking.  But it only does this intermittently, and not after its been driven a few miles.  WTH?

I looked it up and the internet says that is just another symptom of it running lean.  When I saw that, I thought 'shoot' because there are a zillion things that can make it run lean.

Well maybe this shop can figure it out.  After the last visit in October, it did stop pinging on hills.  It'd done the hesitation thing before that visit but it was infrequent and insincere it seemed like in its acceleration delay so I'd dismissed that as not serious and figured fixing the then problem of pinging on hills with dash lights on would fix that too.  No such luck.

Anyhow, I don't even know if its pinging on hills again because I haven't driven hills except the trip right after I got it back from the mechanic with Rogue through the coast range.  Sure the dash lights had all come back on within 25 miles driving from the mechanic shop....but I wanted to believe everything was just fine again.

But it isn't.

I'm trying to think what if I don't have a car, how will I make it, and that's not anything easy to think about.   Stuck here, no way to go anywhere except by begging rides off others.    That's no life, not here where we depend on cars to get even to the grocery store.

For kicks I looked at used Scions online, to see what they're going for and they're for way way too much at high miles.   It's ridiculous the prices of everything now.

My friend who gave me a loan to get the one I have now, off craigslist, died a year ago this month.  I can't believe she's been gone an entire year.   She was my most colorful and outrageous friend and she had a big huge kind heart too.  I'm not sure her family knew how funny and fun she really was.  (away from them, ha!)

Gigi, the garage cat, really owned by the neighbors behind me, now has a sliced up ear.  I don't know who she had a fight with this time, but that white and black long hair is probably the culprit.   He hasn't been very nice lately, going after everybody.   Or maybe she got into the yard next door and now there's a dog back there sometimes, although its one yappy barky dog that's for sure. You can usually hear it coming because its barking its head off.  So I don't think it was the dog.  I don't know how she got beat up.   So I washed her ear up, with soapy towel and dried it and that was enough to get her very happy.  Gigi is not a young cat anymore.

I saw a cat I'd never seen before yesterday morning on the back fences.  Short hair.  Tabby on white, blotchy tabby markings down its white face.  Did the people behind me get another cat I think to myself.  

Well tomorrow I get to spend a years income on my car again.   I love doing that.  Being in debt for a metal horse.  Oh I'm being complainy and awful.


Five Cats Fixed Today

 I went up to the RV park above Sweet Home yesterday afternoon and got the three girls that were fixed today.  The Lacomb folks had already ...