Friday, May 17, 2024

End of Warmth

 We had some nice days.   But the heat is gone.

We'll be in the 60's again for awhile, with perhaps some drizzle.

I love the heat.  Takes me maybe a day to acclimate then I'm in heaven with the heat.  88?   Love it.   

Back in 60's?  I'll deal with it.

I had some time in my pool too.   I got part of the lawn mowed.  I cleaned the inside of my car out.   I even removed the center console to vacuum beneath it and wash the plastic console itself.

And finally I replaced the back hatch lever.   It broke awhile back and I glued it all back together then attached it with flex tape.  But then a friend decided to open it, when it was locked and broke it apart, so it was hanging floppy style merely from the flex tape again.

I'd bought a new back hatch lever when it first broke from ebay motors.   That was months ago.  Time to put it on.   The longest part of the job was removing the gooey residue from the flex tape.  First I tried rubbing alcohol and when that didn't work, I switched to WD40 and that did work.

The rest was just taking off the two license plate lights and the hatch latch release from the old one and screwing those onto the new one.  Sure the new hatch lever came flat black, but oh well.   

That's the new hatch lever hanging from electrical wires while I have WD40 soaked paper towels across the gooey tape residue

And there is the black back hatch lever newly installed, plate number blocked with photo app.  Looks pretty darn good, in my opinion.

I got all the traps cleaned, after last Monday's load of cats were returned Tuesday.  And the cage cover laundry done.

I contacted the Corp of Engineers asking when the reservoir would be filled since it was still down 20 feet or so, and they replied they were starting to fill it now, which made my heart sing for joy.

I need to fix my kayak.   The seat straps broke from wear.  One pulled out.  The netting across the back, that holds things down, tore off and some of the hooks it attached to were broken.  I ordered a new seat and some new attachments and elastic cord, instead of netting, to hold carry on things down, off amazon a couple or three months ago.  Time to install the new seat and the new hold downs on the back.

There's always a lot of projects in the spring.   Fix its usually, that I've put off.

Monday, May 13, 2024


 Sunday I was so slow getting going after the late night Saturday.

But after cleaning litterboxes, giving KMR to kittens, feeding the ferals in the garage, etc, I hit the road.  But, still didn't get down to Pioneer Villa, mainly to go after kittens, until late morning.   

After a couple hours, I had only caught one.  A little sweetie.

But I kept at it.   The fixed calico, one of the two moms caring for this batch, that included the brown tabby boy I'd trapped night before, kept circling, wanting wet food, which I'd give her.  I wanted to nap more than anything.

The day wasn't as hot as Saturday but it was hot enough, into mid 80's.

After so long, mid afternoon, I caught one Siamese mix kitten, then, suprisingly, two more.  I had thought there were only two Siamese mix kittens.

The little sweetheart.....

I finally left a trap set by the mobile, for a ninth adult after Silverton Cat Rescue told me they'd take the mom of the tiny ones and get her fixed after the kittens were weaned.  I had 8 adults for 8 spots but she was one of them.  So I could trap another adult.  I left a kitten trap set for the remaining two kittens and drove home.

Once home I did mad cleanup here and gave the ferals waiting in traps, food, water.   I headed back down about 6:00 p.m.  No kittens in the kitten trap but there was a big gray male, Church, in the trap by the mobile.  The feeder lady named him Church after a pet cemetery "character".

I put out a lot of food, for the calico mom and the two (I think) kittens who still need caught.

This morning, I was worried I couldn't get it all done to get all 8 ferals labeled and into the car, and the mom and all the kittens rounded up in my bathroom but I did!    Silverton Cat Rescue took the 8 kittens and the young orange tabby mom of three of them.   And home I came.  Except for now I have to go pick up the 8 from the clinic, whom I will return to tomorrow.

Fun Times at Pioneer Villa

 It did have to be the hottest days of the year Saturday and Sunday, when tasked with catching, not five but eight adults at Pioneer Villa, to be fixed today.   88 degrees Saturday.  Only a bit cooler yesterday.

After coming home Saturday with one adult female, Itty Bitty, the muted torti, and watching the learn to burn, I got in my pool for a couple hours.   Only my floatie tube deflated.  It's got leaks.   I'll find and repair them one of these days.

I went back down to Pioneer Villa evening and immediately caught the orange tabby mom cat, on the mobile porch.  There was still slight smoldering from the burned down mobile behind.  It was plain gone, by now, consumed in the burn to learn.


After catching the mom cat, I waded through berry vines and trash, to get to her three babies and put them in a carrier in the car.   I would now have to manage them in the heat, still high, while catching others.

I set traps there at the mobile, where a lot of males hang out, and went back over to near the motel, to try for the Siamese mom and maybe some of the Siamese and calico's kittens.  The calico was already trap happy, no fear of the traps and would go in and get caught over and over.  She likes wet food but had been fixed last Friday.

However, I caught the Siamese mom fast and first this time.  

I then caught the other two girls out front area.  I first caught the torbi tux and then Poppy, the charismatic long hair young orange and white girl.


Manager said she had kittens awhile back but they all died.  She carried them around dead, heartbroken.  They had to trick her to finally get the last dead kitten away from her.


I also caught a brown tabby big male and two more orange and white males near the mobile.   I went back to where the Siamese and calico kittens hang out and caught one brown tabby boy kitten.




With 8 adults now, plus four kittens, I went home.   It was 11:30 p.m.  I drove up 7 Mile, which has a clear view north, hoping to see northern lights.  Lots of other people had the same idea, and were parked in pullouts along the two lane road too.   I found a place I could pull out and waited and watched.  I took pictures with my cell phone hoping if my eyes couldn't see them, my camera could.  But nothing.

I drove on home and set up the cats and was in bed about 1:00 a.m.

That was Saturday.   I'll just say I've got to get moving, to get 8 adults to the clinic and hand off 8 kittens plus orange mom to Silverton cat rescue.   

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Kittens Galore

 I went to return two of the three I took to the clinic yesterday.  

The third, Drake, the tame already fixed male, the workers at the Villa (a truck stop, restaurant, motel, and nowhere near any houses), found a home for Drake already.  So he went there.  I was relieved.  Worse feeling in the world to open a trap to let a tame dumped cat back out where they were dumped, even if being fed there.  He had showed up there six weeks ago, they said.

In the meantime been trying to find any rescue to take some kittens, or even a young mom cat and her three from this colony.  Then came the offer from Silverton Cat Rescue to take the kittens.  I'll go back down tonight to catch more cats and the kittens (I hope)

So I release the calico and she vanishes, but the Siamese mom is there, nursing the calico's kittens!  The Siamese's kittens are older.  They're all adorable.  The calico came right back when I put out wet food.

A worker there chats with a kitten

Two of the calicos kittens
I put out a bunch of wet food and the two moms and then all the kittens showed up to devour it, can after can after can.  Oh well, it was fun.   

I went around back of a shop to release the male where I'd trapped him.  There are two mobiles back there, one occupied, one not.  Well, there were all these fire trucks there.  "Uh oh," I thought.  But a maintenance man came over and told me it was a Learn to Burn, with the fire department from the nearest town.  They were about to burn down the unoccupied mobile.  It was in bad shape and they couldn't rent it out because it'd been illegal to put there in the first place and had been done so by previous owners.

I went into worry for the orange tabby mom and her kittens on the front porch of the front mobile, but they were fine.  Nonetheless I set a trap to see if I could catch mom.  She was really freaked by all the trucks and the fire starting up.  Fire departments are so good at what they do, I had no fear for the front mobile, that it would accidentally catch burning those kittens up in the process.  I just got skittish, and thought 'what the hell' I'll see if I can catch the mom fast, then grab her kittens.   

This is the mom cat, on the porch, with the smoke starting up behind this mobile.

These are her kittens

I came back about 20 minutes later, hoping she'd be in the trap.  Instead, it was this cat in the trap.   Must have been hungry to go in with the fire raging behind and all those fire trucks and people around.

Muted torti

I texted the lady who lives in that mobile.  She left for the weekend.  Good idea with the learn and burn behind her.   Anyhow, she said this cats name is IttyBitty and she only sees her now and then and she's not had a litter ever that survived.

So I came back home with her and won't go down again until this evening when it starts to cool off.   Our weather will be hot again today but by tomorrow, back in our usual 70's range.  Nice but not hot.  Just two days over 80.   I'll be in the kiddie pool, if you need me.  Scratch that, phone will be off.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Three More, Like a Broken Record

 Do I sound like a broken record?

Three more cats are up being fixed today.  I got last minute spots.  I'd not been to the colony before, at a busy truck stop, restaurant, motel right off the freeway south of here about 12 miles.

A lot of nice people there, that's for sure.

I caught three, one of the girls, there are several, and most have litters, and two of the boys, one who appeared to have been dumped off six weeks ago, they said.  He's tame, once a pet probably, but at least he'll be fixed now.   We named him Drake, for the records.



Villa, the calico

It's a large area, but it didn't take long to catch the three.

After I dropped the cats at the clinic, I encountered a man, walking middle of the busy road, oblivious to traffic, in his own world.

There are so many people on drugs now, or having mental issues, or just financial issues and in trouble and homeless.

The rest area I passed on the way up, seemed overloaded spilling out along the freeway, with broken down rigs of various sorts, and people in their cars, parked along the freeway.

I feel lucky to have a home.

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Early Birdie

 Do you think I jumped the gun?

Kiddie pool is up and full.  I covered it for the night, to keep the latest roaming cats out of it, or at least try.   I can't believe it's held up for so long it was so cheap to begin with.

It was 79 degrees today here and might be over 80 tomorrow.  I'm ready!!!!

I did get three last minute spots at the clinic tomorrow so went down to a new colony outside Brownsville this evening and caught three.  Didn't take very long.  Nice folks.

I'll get photos in the morning.

Tomorrow, after I drop off the cats and maybe take a nap, I'm going to be in that pool lounging around.

Monday, May 06, 2024

Sun Coming

 Sun is supposed to come to us finally here in Oregon.   It's been pouring last few days, today included.

At first, the weather stations were claiming mid 80's this weekend.  Close to 90 one Portland station said.

My phone weather app makes it look pretty promising.....

But some of the others, like this one, not so much, but at least nice.

Right now, outside.....cold and wet.

I was a little shocked to see a CNN news article about extreme flooding in southern Brazil with many deaths and others missing.   My nephew's wife and kids are in southern Brazil visiting her parents and sisters.   I texted her, asking if they were flooding but got no response.  I texted my nephew, who had to return to his job in southern Oregon after a two week visit down there, responded that where his wife and kids were sleeping, no flooding, but roads and bridges out.   I haven't heard a thing since from anyone, so I assume they are just fine.  Seems to be a lot of rain falling in a lot of places this year.

The two girls from 7-11 are leaving tomorrow for a barn home placement with Silverton Cat Rescue.  They've been here 8 days, in my bathroom 7 days.  I really don't see them, but they've even found the toilet paper to unroll.   And boy do they eat!   

Tut, the lynx point, never went back to the colony either.   When I was going to take him back, I was tired and it was pouring.   Then I saw him trembling in fright in the trap, and began baby talking him and suddenly he arched his back and wanted petted.  So I transferred him to a cage in the garage.  My goodness.  He's a big baby.  Had me fooled.

I asked the 7-11 manager about him and she said he sometimes comes into her apartment, which is behind 7-11 and is probably a sibling to the cat she has inside from the colony and that her daughter is adopting.  She relinquished him for placement.    So he goes also tomorrow to a different sort of barn home.  This one has a lonely long fixed friendly boy who needs a friend.  It might be a good match.  I hope so.

Anyhow, at least the rain will end soon.  I don't even feel like getting dressed again today.  

End of Warmth

 We had some nice days.   But the heat is gone. We'll be in the 60's again for awhile, with perhaps some drizzle. I love the heat.  ...