Monday, July 22, 2019

Hard Hit

I saw a post from someone else, on a friends page, wishing her heartfelt love.  I wondered why and contacted my friend, called her up in fact.  I worried she might be ill.

She answered and was in California, in a hospital, her son having just gone into surgery.  Her son had a motorcycle racing accident, and looks like he is going to be in a wheelchair.  No feeling in his legs.  My heart sank just like that.  See her husband is in a wheelchair, paralyzed from waist down, very little use of arms anymore either, also from a motorcycle racing accident.

I couldn't believe it.  Fortunately, her son has lots of support and I hope maybe for a miracle and maybe when inflammation is gone.....well I can't help but hope.  I don't know how to think about my friend with a paralyzed husband AND son.  Her husband is a stoic soul who powers through the hardships of it.  No doubt her son, from a different husband, is of the same ilk.  The whole family is very very tough but also exceedingly kind.  I admire them. 

So I sent two cats up with someone else today, who had appointments, to be spayed. Both are from Waterloo.  One, a pregnant young girl, showed up at a residential house over a month back.  She tried to find a shelter or rescue to take her but everyone is full.  So she decided to get her fixed at least, so they'd have no kittens born in the brush.  Her husband won't let her name the cat, fearful she'll keep her too, so she calls her No Name.

No Name, spayed today.
The other cat I happened onto by accident.  A tweeker house this other woman knew about and told me they had kittens and an orange female.  I drove over there, pounded on the door many many times before I got a response.  The orange female and her one kitten, a torti, were outside.  I saw a gray tabby big cheeked male stroll through.  Finally the woman comes out and I talk to her about getting the cat fixed.  She agreed to it with nudging from the trailer owner.  She was out of it and hard to keep on track.

So I went back yesterday and picked her up.   And she was fixed today.   Chevron was in heat again.
Chevron, spayed today

I didn't take the cats up.  Julie from Sodaville had reservations and picked them up this morning and dropped them back off.

I spent the day doing more projects.  It was quite hot today, not bad though, about 87 degrees.  I like it about that hot.  Tomorrow will be back in the 70's the news says.

I will be thinking of my friend and her son. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Trip to the Coast

Yesterday I took a long planned trip to the coast clinic with Sassy.

I knew she was having mouth problems.  She would drop food she was trying to eat and sometimes work her jaw.  Sassy is feral but even without any drooling, I could tell from a distance she had trouble going on.   I have had this appointment for over two months.  Sometimes its hard to get a dental appointment at the coast clinic as they are so popular.

The day before yesterday a friend had volunteered her husband with his chain saw to cut down what is left of the maple.  I want to revamp the cat yard, put up a house around the stump, left at 10 to 12 feet, when the maple was cut above the cat yard wire a few months back.  But to do that, I needed it cut way down, so I could work around it, to either nothing or much lower, like to about four or five feet tall.

I first tried to get ahold of the tree cutter who cut down the maple, to cut back the stump left.  But he did not answer.  That's when the friend offered up her husband.  Ha.

I thought it would take like ten minutes.   But his saw bar was short and he worked and worked at it, but never could get it cut clear through so the larger piece would fall.   I tried then, in one of his half cuts, with a hand saw, for a couple hours but made no progress.    Finally I had to put the cat yard wire back together there.   It's kind of a mess, however.  We did get that staple out that held a rope wire up that holds up the cat wire.  The staple was embedded deeply in the tree at about ten feet high by now.  With it out, the wire sags now, so the cat wire is not even as high as I am tall on that end.  Oh boy.

By end of the day Thursday I was beat and my shoulder twitched, but I'd taken Aleve before hand and limited the suffering with ice too.

So I was tired already yesterday when I rolled out of here at 4:30 a.m. for the coast.  Once there, I checked Sassy in at the clinic, then found a parking lot at the beach, and fell asleep in the back of my car atop a comforter. 

I dreamed at least I thought I was dreaming, that I heard children and woke to see kids staring in at me, and an adult woman staring into the front of my car.   I thought it was a dream but when I finally woke up, two and a half hours later, I saw the same lady with two children walking off from their car, parked right behind me, for a hike.   There was her large V8 Toyota SUV parked just a couple feet behind me and another Toyota, a pickup with a large fancy camper, parked facing the front of my car, in an otherwise almost empty parking lot.  It was a little strange.  I should have taken a picture before I left.  My tiny little car with those two huge vehicles behind and in front of me.

I drove to another beach, nearby, and took a short walk to the waters edge (tide was way out) then back up to my car, realizing it was surgery time at the vet clinic and this beach is in a cell phone dead zone.   I needed to be reachable during surgery hours.  But no call came from the vet clinic which I knew was a very good thing.  I had been worried that Sassy might have mouth or jaw cancer.  Like Jade did.

I went back to Astoria for lunch.  I stood in the long line of people waiting for fish and chips at the Bowpicker, a boat on dry land rigged into a short order fish and chips place.  It's a popular place and quite famous.  Usually I just eat something at Costco for lunch or from the Mexican food cart at the gas station (good food there by the way)  but this time I wanted to try it.  The fish is tuna, fresh caught, and quite delicious. I could have done without the chips.

Back to the clinic parking lot then, and right back into the back of my car to sleep another couple of hours.  That's about all I really did yesterday was sleep after working too hard on Thursday for so long on the tree.

I picked up Sassy around 3:00.  She'd had all her remaining teeth pulled, poor girl, although she didn't have that many left.  She got a long lasting antibiotic shot too, and updated on her rabies vaccine.   She was quiet as a mouse on the drive home, and slept.   Portland congestion was at its finest and it took over an hour to get from highway 217 to I5 then down past Wilsonville, stop and go, not fun but what can you do these days.    Traffic north on I5 now from Albany on is often clogged and slow even on weekdays.  Too many people.  I would have been home by 6:00 if not for the congestion issue.   As it was I got home by 7:30 or so and got the litter boxes cleaned and the cats fed and was again in bed early.   Nice and well rested this morning and so happy I got Sassy into the vet.   Will take a week, but she'll feel so much better.
Sassy just before I took her into the clinic

I'm currently experiencing computer issues again.  Something about the mouse click.  It deletes things.  Or, instead of being able to click a history link to go to that page, it deletes the link instead.  If I try to delete one email, instead four or five emails vanish, etc. etc.  I have to be really careful when in my records.   So anyhow.....getting a new mouse to see if that might help.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

So Long Kittens

I had so much fun with Pebbles and Beanie and little Kai, from the Knox Butte road ditch.  I'd given Kona, Kai's mom, back three of her kittens, Keanu, Leilei and Kalani, after she became depressed and angry after her spay.  Yesterday, I laced wet food with catnip and gave it to her, so she would be a little drugged when I took them out of the cage and away and maybe it wouldn't make her as sad, I reasoned.  I put them in the bathroom for a few hours, until loading them all up to head off to Heartland Humane in Corvallis.

I can't keep them all and when Heartland said they would take them yesterday, I took them all over.  It was an opportunity, for me, and for them to get homes and be fostered by other people so they'd become great kittens people will want to adopt.  And I sure hope good people adopt them.  There are lots of not good people who adopt kitties, that is for sure.

I hope they will be ok there, thrive in their foster care, get fixed then into homes.

On the way home, I broke down in tears.

Kona, the ditch kittens' mom, is still here, in the garage, sad from her kittens being gone too.  We shared them and loved them.  She's leaving to a barn home Tuesday. I hope she does ok out there.  The place has a dozen other fixed cats half of them tame.  If she wants friends, she'll have them.

Our weather remains cloudy but it was warm cloudy yesterday and humid.  It's cloudy this morning too but I think its supposed to possibly burn off.   We won't have rain again until Wednesday I heard too.

Late Thursday I decided I needed to do something, cloudy or not, and headed off to the lake with my raft.   I had an enjoyable time rowing around the lake, swimming while I pulled my raft and even jumped off a rock into the water.  There were not very many people out on the lake, probably because it was cloudy.

I met a nice man from Cascadia, who actually built that fence that is made to look like a old west town.  He helped me carry my raft from the parking lot to the lake since I didn't take my two wheeled cart, it having a flat tire.  I've taken pictures of that fake old west town front before.  He said they moved to Cascadia twenty some years ago and never left.  I said its a long way out there and he said well, as we age, friends stop coming by, for one reason or another or die off and its just as well to be way out there.  I agreed with him.

My parking brake doesn't work all the time so I don't back the car with the raft down the ramp now to put in, for fear my car will end up in the drink.  I once had some slanted blocks for the wheels but I don't know what happened to them.

It was very nice to be out on the water and in it and I hope to go back up very soon.  Maybe the cloudy summer will play to my advantage if not that many people go out when its cloudy.

At the one big day use area, the water polo folks were there having their annual tournament.  They rent it I guess from the county for that and the county even lets them camp there, which usually is not allowed.   They were whooping and hollering playing their water games, lots of them.   Water polo I thought.  Who plays that?  Is that a rich person's pursuit or am I clueless.  Never heard of people playing water polo.  Farther on a lone man stood painfully upright on a paddle board.  He made good time and the lake was smooth, no wind, so that probably made it easier.  A few kids leaned over the railing on the second arm bridge, looking down, until the sheriff's boat came around the corner, then they slipped out of sight down a trail.  It's illegal to jump off that bridge into the lake.  Too high, I guess they say.  But I did it a few years ago, with the urging of some kids, as an old lady on a dare.

So long Pebbles and Beanie, you crazy fun trailer park kittens.  I miss you so much already.  So long Kai, Kalani, Keanu and Leilei and good luck little kittos.  Love you!  So does your mom.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


If the weather is going to be depressing, at least I have kittens.

They're a hoot and I can't really be frowning with kittens around.

Here are a few more photos.  I'll say that Pebbles, the trailer park brown tabby girl kitten, isn't taking it so well, having four more little companions in the bathroom.  I took the kittens out of the garage cage they shared with mom yesterday morning, to take her to be spayed.  But the strange part of that is, Pebbles only acts out by growling at them if I'm in the bathroom too.  She likes to show off,  playing wildly, to me if I'm in the bathroom, and if the others try to play too, she growls and swats at them.  If I'm not in there, she plays with them.  She really loves her brother Beanie but she can be a bit much for him sometimes too and he goes off to his favorite bed under the sink.  He loves that bed, but he doesn't go in it, as intended, but sleep atop it.  Beanie is adorable and instantly got along with the other kittens.

A boy and his bed.  Beanie loves this cave type bed, but doesn't crawl into it.   He sleeps on top of it.

Little Kai is the tamest of the four ditch kittens, as he was so dehydrated at first, I had to give him sub cu fluids many times to keep him alive.  His mom was too starved and dehydrated herself to produce milk anymore.

Kai ignores Pebbles bad social behavior most of the time.

Kalani is very very sleepy this morning.
Thanks to the folks who donated to help keep us in kitten dry and wet food here, with all the extra mouths to feed and to Elaine who has sent wet food AND KMR, clear from Canada, which we are going through by the pint.  

Monday, July 08, 2019

Depressing Oregon Summer

So far its the summer that isn't, here in the valley where I live.

Rain, clouds, very little sun.

All winter we wait and hope for a sunny summer.  ALL FRICKING GRAY RAINY

When summers are like this, it is almost unbearable.

I still hope for a break out into summer type weather, our usual.  Not this crap we have now, cloudy, sun breaks through sometimes, intermingled with rainy times.

It's gotten me depressed.

And irritated.  And wanting to move.  What have I got here?

I was supposed to float the river with someone this afternoon.  Rearranged things for it, was excited because today is maybe the only day without rain this week, although the forecast keeps changing.  Now they say Thursday and Friday will be good with rain Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday.

So I go up to the park early to take care of the boys.  I see a woman open the back end of her mini pickup and there's a whitish big cat staring out, in a harness.  I swing over there and briefly talk to her.  She is elderly and homeless, has two cats, both fixed she says, and trying to live in that little truck.  Oh boy, not much I could do there, except tell her I'm sorry you're in this situation.   She can't afford rent is the issue on Social Security.   I know that one.  It's impossible.   She's on the list for HUD she said, but it would be several months to a year.

There may be more to the story, there often is.  But it made me intensely sad.  I also feel lucky to have a roof over my head at this point.

I took Kona, the mom cat from Knox Butte road over to be fixed.  Because I was floating the river this afternoon, they did her first and I picked her up at 11:00 a.m.   The wound beside her eye is a bite wound, and there's a lower section of it too, they said, and at one point, whatever did that to her, coon or dog most likely, the teeth  from whomever bit her went clear from the outside into the inside of her mouth.  She was likely defending her kittens.

So I am on my way home, 15 minutes from the time this lady and I were going to go float the river, and she texts me to call her and when I call her she cancels, ten minutes before we were going to leave.  TEN MINUTES!!  She changed her mind, didn't want to go I guess, at the very last minute. I was terribly disappointed.   

I was so much looking forward to it.  Now I'm feeling the blues again.   I'd float it alone but it'd be a long long walk back to my car from wherever I got out.  To float a river, you must have two cars.

I need to find somewhere for six kittens to go.  Heartland is still full.  Hmmm.

Kalani and Keanu

Mama Kona up top with Keanu and Kalani

Kai, a little boy, the tamest so far of the four, since he was in dire straits from dehydration.  Kai may be going to a friend and her husband.  Was supposed to be today, but he needs a couple more days.  He's the sweetest little guy.

Mama Kona and Kai  Mama Kona is recuperating in the garage after her spay yesterday.  The terrible bite wound, where something had her by the face, teeth penetrating from outside into her mouth, will heal, the crew at Heartland said.  It was not infected even, although they did give her an antibiotic injection that will last for a couple of weeks.  She was likely defending her kittens.  Starved, dehydrated, on her own---what a mom, what a cat.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Cute Kittens

Not much I can do at the moment still having two trailer park kittens in my bathroom and all the shelters and rescues full.

I had noticed a decrease in appetite with Beanie and Pebbles, the pair in the bathroom, and began to worry.  Then I saw loose dark stool and worried more.  What terrible parasitic infection might they have?  Giardia, was my guess.

Then I remembered I had round wormed them, but never tapewormed the little waifs.  Fleas are bad this year here in Oregon.  So much to their disgust I gave them tape worm killer and this was the result.

Gross if you are inclined to not want to see intestinal worms.  Fascinating however to me, as you can even see the tapeworm segments.

So Beanie and Pebbles will soon be back to normal.  I hope they can be fixed Monday at Heartland, but still waiting for confirmation on that.  At least they would be ready then, if someone wanted to adopt them.  I hope both will be spay neuter weight by Monday.  Pebbles was really close last Monday, but not Beanie the boy.

Beanie, the little boy and little brother to Pebbles who relentlessly wrestles and plays with him, even when he'd like to sleep.

Pebbles, a wild child girl, who loves to play and wrestle wildly
Meanwhile, how cute is Kalani?  She's the oddly colored Knox Butte kitten.   I'm not sure, but may have a placement for the Knox Butte kittens' mom, Kona, who is extremely young and small.

Young mom Kona will be fixed Monday at Heartland.

There were no July 4th celebrations or picnics for me.  How about you?  Did you do anything fun or with family or friends?

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy Fourth of July

It's a holiday, middle of the week one, too which throws me off kilter for a few days.

Oh well.

I went or was going, to go cherry picking up in N. Albany, for any cherries I might want, and a piece of pie afterwards, after we pitted them.

The cherries did not look good.  Many were half rotted and lots of the others were black spotted.  Ugh, I thought. I helped pit them but didn't eat any.  I thought of my own cherry tree that had become diseased, infected with a new bug, that lays eggs inside the ripe cherries, creating black spots.  I took them to the extension service to find out what was wrong.   They recommended I take the cherry down and its gone now.  I don't know if that cherry tree they have is infected with those same bugs or not but I wondered about it.  My back was hurting so I didn't pick that long.

But before I went to pick cherries, I was invited over to a friends house.  I thought that was strange and wonderful but didn't go, not right away, since I was trying to get all my cats flea treated.   Then another text comes my way from her, that the neighbor wants me to call her.  "Oh," I thought, that's why she invited me over." I called her neighbor and sure enough, they had a mom cat in a live trap already plus three kittens.  I tried to get more information but was about to go cherry pick and just drove over and texted my friend with the cherries I'd be late.

I can't believe people trap cats or kittens with no plan for where they might go after that.   The mom cat had escaped twice, I guess, but was so starved she went back in twice more.  Now she sat in an uncovered trap down in the brush.  Beside her was a big carrier, with three tiny kittens cowering at the back.

I got her in the trap up to my car.  No easy feat since I was in my thin worn out sandals and berry vine thorns pierced my feet through the sandal soles.  I had to take the sandals off and pull out the thorns.  I've got a bad back and a bad shoulder right now so some of these things are not that easy for me.

I set two more traps down in the brush and carried up the kittens, then drove the kittens and mom home to set up quickly in a cage in the garage.  First I treated all for fleas, worms and gave the kittens sub cu fluids as they were terribly dehydrated and mixed up some of my last KMR powder and fed these poor starving waifs.

Even before I got out the door, the plate inside the big cage, where I'd piled two cans of wet food, was empty already.  I piled on two more cans of wet food and headed out to cherry pick.

My cherry tree friends might (crossing fingers) adopt one of the kittens.  I'm not sure.  Maybe its wishful thinking.  They'd sure make a good home for one of them, if they decide on it.

I went up there to the place the kittens were living super early this morning after not a lot of sleep.  I had to bottle feed again last night after getting home, clean litter boxes, play with the two bathroom trailer park kittens, etc etc.  One more kitten was in the trap by then, and I don't think there are more but I don't know.  This one, a little gray and white boy, was in a dehydration stupor.  I gave him sub cu fluids, bottle fed him, put him in with his mom and siblings.  He was so relieved to see them again.

Then I went to bed. I had to have a nap.  I'd left a note by a trailer across the street from where the mom and kittens were.   Pretty soon I got a call from them.  They have two fixed cats but knew of the gray mom, had seen her around, and had found a kitten they thought was dumped a few days back, but their kitten is same age and color as the other four.  They're keeping her, thank goodness.  They lost one of their own cats a few weeks back when she was mutilated by windrower blades in the grass field.  Her two rear legs were severed.

Anyhow here they are.  Mom is feral so I have no idea what I'll do with her, once fixed.  Nobody where she was trapped wants her around or will feed her.  Poor unwanted sweetie.

I am supposed to be on a break but some things I can't ignore.