Monday, January 21, 2019

More Cats

I've got 11 cats here recuperating from being fixed today.  Six girls and five boys.

I have six other cats in the garage.  Five are from the KB colony, same one the 11 just fixed are from.  I've now trapped 28 cats there.

After I got home from the clinic this morning, I went back out to try to catch more.  I just want it over and done with.   I'd left a trap tied open so it couldn't spring, so they'd be used to it, although in one night?  Not so helpful.

I put my water bottle under the trap door, tied the string around its neck, backed off 20 feet to a chair, sat in the chair, waited.  I first caught an unfixed small black and white.

Next up was a gray and white. 

I wanted to catch this calico I'd seen too.

And I did catch her
Here's Camille, fixed last Wednesday.

Looking good, girl!
I know there are at least two more out there not caught and not fixed, but I was tired and I then had to go to the Griggs colony and pick up the torti.  They'd gotten her inside.  I spent a couple hours there too trying to catch the very last unfixed cat, a black male, without luck.   The adult guy there told me getting these cats fixed had been "an ordeal".  I have no idea what he meant.  I figure it was not a compliment, that's for sure. I've caught 26 cats there now.

Anyhow, after that I had to go pick up the 11 cats at the clinic, now all fixed.  I get three more of the six I have here fixed tomorrow.   They include the three I trapped at the KB colony today, the torti from Griggs and Hoodsie and Snowflake, whom I trapped before at KB and they are still waiting for spay neuter space.   I will take the torti, the calico and probably the gray and white.  The other three will have to wait longer.
Snowflake is still waiting on spay neuter space, with Hoodsie.

It was very foggy this morning. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

12 More

I caught 12 more unfixed cats out at the KB colony this morning.

Rain was pouring down too, so I had very little dry space for traps and nowhere to watch them from discreetly. 

Yesterday I slept half the day, didn't wake up til after 6:00 p.m.   Then I went to the store to get bait.  On the way home, I pulled to a stop at the intersection at Queen and Geary, no other cars around, and the red light cameras flash.  Two of them.  I was just sitting there.  Bright as day they flash.  What the fuck, I thought.  Am I going to get a ticket for NOT running a red light or something?   I can't figure out why they would have flashed.  I don't like going through that intersection.  I see them flash on cars for no reason quite often.

I get home, and get miffed immediately to see an unfixed unknown buff male in my driveway.  In the street, facing off from a nice safe distance from him, was the cat from across the street and down two houses.  Then to join the male madness, here comes the unfixed Siamese from the house behind mine.   I was getting steamed over neighbors being so bad, when I see a car parked up my driveway.  Nobody in it either.  It's after dark.  I thought "be a dumb burglar breaking into my place, there's nothing in there but cats, lol."  Anyhow, I shine a light on the car then finally walk up the driveway and see that its a friends car.  I'd asked her to watch my cats a week from yesterday, but not yesterday.  I look in my kitchen window and there she is, working away.  I go in and say "Watcha doing?"  "Feeding the cats," she says.   Then it dawns on her, suddenly, she's got the wrong date.  We laugh and laugh.  It was nice to see her.

I saw at least five more unfixed uncaught cats by the time I left the KB colony with 12.  I recaught Juan, Panama, Krakatoa and Rainier.  All four were already fixed.  That didn't help.  But catching 12 more isn't bad, along with Hoodsie, the one still waiting to be fixed, in my garage.

That's 25 caught there now, since a week ago Sunday.

I was lucky today.  I needed to pee very badly after three cups of coffee, sitting out there in my car, at the colony for hours, catching cats, rain pouring.   I could have gone out behind the trash pile but I didn't know if they had cameras or not and they were gone.  I texted a friend two driveways down.  I caught cats there too, then she adopted Copper of McLagen Road.   She said "Come on over and pee".  So I did.  She was starting split pea soup and said to come by later and have some.   I did, for dinner.  It was already dark and still wet.  She and one of their tenants were watching one of the football playoff games and hoping the clouds would part so they could see the full lunar eclipse.

I ate lunch earlier up at the colony house.  They came home from church and she said "come on in, we have some leftovers".  It was very good, salad and fruit salad and some sort of potato dish.  She and I and a guy living there in a spare room heated up plates, with potato dish and broccoli,  in the microwave, then added salad and ate at the wood table.  She was headed off to Portland to take care of a sick granddaughter and filling up a big thermos of cold coffee, said her granddaughter has no coffee maker and she can't survive without coffee.  She's so busy, helping everyone, mainly the homeless of our county, at least I can get all those cats fixed so that will be off her mind.  She has more people calling wanting help from her than I do.  I watched the calls come in and I don't know how she does it.  She's one of those easy to be around people, like you've known her already forever.

I have now 11 reservations tomorrow and 3 Tuesday.  So I can add on another, if I catch another, on Tuesday.

I caught the three known boys and named them Junior, Reddit and Flame.



I caught the Siamese female and the Siamese kitten too.

Whitey, torti point Siamese

I caught three young black and whites, with varying degrees of each color.

Tailor is a girl

I caught two calicoes and a long hair muted torti.
Cassandra, the long hair muted torti
And finally the lone all black.
Barbary the Black  I had thought Barbary was a girl, so she was going to be Barbara but then I wasn't so sure and went with Barbary as sort of a slippery boy or girl name.  Starts with "B" for black though, so I might possibly remember it.

Who didn't I catch?  Well, at least one calico, a small brown tabby, a gray and white and two black and whites.  Those are the five I know are still uncaught and unfixed.

Hoodsie, the little gray and white I caught last week, is in the garage too, waiting to be fixed.

I was out there five hours but they were onto me by then and kept catching same olds, the fixed ones.  So I left the trap there fixed so it wouldn't spring and came home finally.  It was a good catch, the dozen and the colony is close to becoming entirely fixed.  Very close.  I can feel it.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Rain, Rain

It's supposed to rain very hard, starting this afternoon.

Why am I not in gear, getting things done before that happens?

Beats me.  Guess I'm still worn out from the last 8 cats here.  I took them home yesterday, but most of the dirty traps are still in the car.  Exhaustion set in.  Then I just kind of sit around, make bad comments on facebook, take naps, moan and groan, that kind of thing.

Takes a couple days to recuperate sometimes.  I got a few things going on, like one arm and shoulder goes numb if I carry too many heavy things, knees that pop and crack and swell and go back to normal, a middle finger that locks--the getting older everything over used sort of stuff.

I let myself recover now, learned I have to.

I've got the 9th cat here still, trapped Monday, along with the other 8 but I only had 8 reservations.  I held out the smallest easiest one to care for until I can get him fixed.

When I returned the two Griggs cats, that was Tuesday (they were fixed Monday), the three black tailed deer were in the field again.   There are usually hawks in the line of trees too and a heron on the other side huddled or hunting.

One of the two younger ones is darker in color.  Black tailed deer are the most common deer around these parts and are related to the larger mule deer.

I returned Cheeky the torti to her home too.  Her people wanted her back and she wasn't happy here. She is the kitty who suffered a complication after surgery.  She had to have a second surgery and a blood transfusion to survive but she survived.  My cats can be such arses' to newbies here or visitors.  The gosh darn old farts that they are.   Cheeky, once out of the carrier I took her home in, ran around mewing for her family members.  Two of them came running to greet her.  Very happy scene to watch.

When I returned the 8 fixed Wednesday, I saw yet another unfixed muted calico, plus a big huge black tux tame unfixed male.  I'm aching to get the rest fixed but hampered by lack of local spay neuter resources to do it.  Kills me to see all those unfixed cats and have to wait to find spay neuter space somewhere.  Nobody has been in heat or pregnant so far so I want to next get those three big dominant males I've seen fixed.  Takes a month or two for hormones to diminish, and I don't want them tearing each other up as heat season gets under way.   So far I've gotten 12 fixed from there, four Monday and 8 Wednesday.   Only 4 of those 12 have been girls and only 3 of the 12 have been adults, them being all females, which was really good.  I've seen now at least four more adult females and then those three big boys, the black tux being the biggest and baddest.  He's next on my list.

You are next, buddy.  Get used to that idea.

Not much going on other than rain, work, sleeping, cleaning litter boxes, you know, the usual blah blah blah.   Can't wait for some sunny warm weather but that's a long way off.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nine More Caught

I got nine cats fixed Monday but only four from the new large KB colony.   I think there are at least 30 cats out there.  When KATA said they were not using 8 reservations today, I snapped them up.

I returned the six cats left to overnight with me yesterday morning.  First I returned the two from the Griggs Road colony.  I like those folks.  We've become friends.   At least I like to think of them that way.

They struggle as so many families do these days, as full time 24/7 caregivers for an aging parent, while at the same time, trying to make a living to survive.

Then I loaded up the four from the KB colony along with a lot of empty traps and headed up there.   I was going to target adults only, for the 8 reservations, but I got lazy after awhile and just took who I caught although I did catch two of the known adult females.  I saw three others I knew I should be catching, all three being adult females too, but they'd already been fed and I was tired.

I caught nine more even though I had only 8 reservations but I didn't do it on purpose.  Two cats got into one small trap and sprung it, and I didn't want to turn one loose.

On the way home with nine more cats, I went down Kennel Road, and there, at Spicer, a wreck had just happened.  A van was down in the ditch with its side smashed in.  A pickup was up on Kennel with its front end smashed.  There was glass and debris all over.  A Linn County road truck had pulled over and a man from it was out with a flat end shovel trying to pull debris off the road.  The police had not yet arrived but the people in the van were getting out by then so I drove on.

Later I realized I might know that van, as one I'd seen up in the park, painted flat black. The van in the ditch isn't green like I thought at first because I drove by it again. It's flat black. The one in the park had this sign taped on the inside pointed out, passenger side, said "Danger" then something else.  Had seemed strange to me, up in the park.  Now to see the same sign on the same window in the van in the ditch, I realized it was probably the same van.  And now, there it was, in a ditch, all smashed to pieces.

A wave of sadness came over me as I drove on.

Well here are the nine cats next in line from the KB colony to be fixed.   One won't go today, as I have just 8 appointments, not 9.

I name the cats for the records.  There are a lot of black and whites I trapped.  I decided to go with mountain names but that was after I had already named the calico Camille.

Camille, the calico, one of them, will be fixed today.
Fuji, a muted torti, will be fixed also today.   After naming Camille I thought I'd go with royal family names, but then something came on the news about a hiker found on Mt. Hood, who had become lost in a white out, and I changed just like that to mountain names.
Hoodsie is the 9th cat and the one who won't go along today since he looks to be the easiest maybe to hold onto til he can be fixed   And I better get a move on, have to leave for the clinic in a few minutes.  In other news, today Cheeky goes home, as her people want her back and she is now very recovered from her two surgeries and blood transfusion.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Nine Cats Fixed Today

I took 9 cats up to be fixed today.

The three Kennel Road cats, a mom and her two kittens, all girls.  Her little boy was given away to a couple two roads east and I'd gotten him fixed last week.  That lady gave this lady my number.  It's good these three are now also fixed.

Bonnie, the mom, fixed today.

Tiny, a little tabby on white girl kitten, also fixed now.

Shelby too was fixed.
The two I caught out on Griggs, Homie and Gypsy---both girls!
Gypsy is fixed now.

Homie, the mackerel tabby, is now spayed too.
Then there were the four young ones I caught at the large KB colony.  KB stands for Knox Butte.

Three boys and a girl.  I name all the cats for their records.

Cortez, is a little boy, now neutered.

DeFuca is a little girl, now spayed. 
This is Juan, a black tux boy, but I'll get a better photo of him tonight.

And Panama, a little gray tabby boy.
So a start on that colony with four young ones, three of them boys.

Tomorrow I return these six, as the other three already went home, and trap 8 more at the KB colony.  KATA gave me their 8 reservations on Wednesday.   So I hear about the colony a couple days ago, and by Wednesday, 12 of them will be fixed.  That's not bad.


Sunny weather during the day around these parts last couple of days.  But cold! 

Nights are well below freezing.

Nonetheless, early yesterday morning, off I went to trap the last cats at the Griggs colony.   That's Jack's colony.  He's the orange tabby in the bathroom, the one who was exposed to ringworm (thus far no signs).

I knew of four more cats. I'd seen them, that aren't fixed yet.  So far there, I removed 13 kittens and teens and got 8 other cats fixed and returned them.  There was a fluffy gray tabby, a stocky black short hair male, another mackerel tabby and then the torti, who is just a kitten.

I never saw the black male while I was there.  I was prepared, with chicken scratch, as diversion to the numerous chickens and ducks who storm the cat food and even a trap with cat food in it.  If I throw out chicken scratch, in large cupfuls, onto the ground, in a wide arch, the chickens and ducks go after that, not the cat food.

Took me awhile to catch the two,  because I arrived late but I caught the fluffy gray tabby and the mackerel tabby.  I didn't see the little torti til I was leaving and she darted back under the trailer.

I was near frozen by then, waiting in my car.  I had put a huge pile of food in the back of the trap, then a full water bottle under the trap door, to hold it up, with a line tied around the bottle neck and strung out to my car, through the passenger side window.  There are lots of already fixed cats there and I didn't want to waste time catching them, just the ones I wanted to catch.

The drive out to the colony, though late, by my standards (after 8:00 a.m.) was beautiful.  The countryside was white with frost.

I caught this kitty, one of the four I was after.  Named him or her Gypsy for the records. Will be fixed today.
There's Sally, on the left, already fixed, then Gordy, the orange boy, also fixed, and Sabrina, the black girl, already fixed and finally the not fixed mackerel tabby, who is now in my garage, named Homie for the records.
Sabrina, who is fixed, next to Homie, who isn't fixed but will be by this evening.

Pandora, who was fixed last time around, peeks at me from behind Christmas decoration remnants.
So I got two there and was happy and went home with them about noon.

Later on I picked up three on Kennel Drive.  This is the mom of the orange and white boy kitten fixed last Monday from a different road.  And two more of her kittens.  No photos of them yet.

And I went up to a new colony, a very large new colony.  I had just two spots to fill at this point, until I was given two more by another woman who had reservations and wasn't going to use them.  I trapped four at the new colony in about three minutes.   I'll get photos later of those four, but here's a photo the colony caretaker sent me of some of the cats, at feeding time.

At least four is a start. 

This morning, once again the ground is painted crystal white in frost.