Sunday, October 14, 2018

Four Videos Featuring Deer, Raining Leaves, Leaves on the River and.....KITTENS!

Saw this pair when up trapping kittens in Sodaville.
The weather?  Raining Leaves!  The mournful sound you hear
part way through is probably just a lonely Big Foot.  We get
that here in Oregon.

Just some leaves floating on the river.

Please send toilet paper!  I'm out.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Gotta Be Careful Out There

Cougars are being caught on trail cams all over.

The usual places and some not so usual ones.

This morning there are more posts about cougars being seen near Sodaville and a comment on the post stated one was seen in Waterloo at 4:45 a.m.  I'm trying to find out where in Waterloo.  Not that it really matters.  They've got large ranges.  They're seen more often now cause everyone seems to have their security cameras and their game cams out.  Game cam photography is now in itself a passion and hobby many have taken up.

I have to keep track of these things as best I can. At least I feel I should be keeping track.  I'm often out in the night trapping, alone, smelling like a can of cat food or tuna.  A cougar might smell me from half mile away.

A cougar was seen forty feet from where I've been taking cats out of Sodaville.  Two kittens were cornered there and killed by something but likely not a cougar.

It's a big world and an encounter isn't likely.  That's what they say.  And yet in my life, one human, I've run into them a number of times.  They say there are way too many cougars in Oregon but when they hunted down the one that killed that hiker near Zigzag, their game cams placed all over that side of the mountain only saw the one that they then killed.  It was a female, healthy, and had not a litter for years, they said.  So you wonder, are there really that many?   Since they have such huge ranges game cams on properties and in back yards can catch the same cougar all over an area in the same fricking night.

I suppose the scariest encounter I had was out beyond Cheshire, when removing some cats I'd gotten fixed before.  Property was empty by this time and remote, periodically being built upon.  I was tired, too tired, and already something had messed with my trap and drug it 10 feet through the brush.   There's really only one animal that would do that.  I knew it but my sleepiness had overwhelmed me.  I'd sat against a big tree, and fallen asleep.

I woke to what I thought was jake brakes, from a truck on the highway.  It was not jake brakes.  It was rumbling harsh growls of a cougar a few dozen feet from me down the driveway.  I'd felt safe enough there, since across the road there was a farm with goats and chickens.  If I were a hungry cougar, I'd be over there, not over here, toying with a human.   But cats are cats and they're curious and they get in trouble that way and this one probably even sniffed me while I slept, leaning against that fir tree.

I didn't move a single muscle.  The cougar vanished into the darkness.   I scrambled to my feet and got in my car.

I need to remember these encounters, I tell myself, that I've had and stop being so distracted and forgetful there are other animals out there in the woods when I'm trapping.  When I get tired I'm not as alert.  I'll try to be more alert.

It's just animals being animals, like humans, and they eat other animals too, like most humans do.  Cougars are way bigger and stronger than I am.  I would not stand a chance if one decided I was a threat or a meal, smelling the way I usually do, of cat food.   I don't waste one moment worrying over it though.

Do surfers quite surfing because there are sharks beneath the water?  Nah.

Hunting season does scare me out of the woods though.  Too many bad hunters who just aim at movement or hunt drunk or while popping pills.

There are lots of dangers all of us face every single day.   Car accidents kill so many people in Oregon.  Now there's some strange disease causing polio like symptoms in kids who get certain cold viruses and their systems react to the virus in a certain way.  Five kids in WA state just got hospitalized with it.  Some recover mostly and some die.  That has to frighten parents.

An Arizona hiker just died up around Mt. Hood, probably of hypothermia.  His hiking partner left him, a mile from the lodge, too slow I guess, guy wanted to rest up a bit, friend took off leaving him.  He never made it back.  Took a wrong turn, ended up halfway up the mountain and dead.  Days before they found him.  His friend didn't even report him missing til he hadn't heard from him for nine hours.  You don't want that kind of hiking buddy.

Who'd think, a couple day hiking trip, in the fall, weather hasn't really turned too bad yet, and one of you ends up dead as a result.  I've hiked with speedsters before.  It's no fun.  They race ahead then you come upon them sitting on a log, looking annoyed you're so slow, then you get about ten feet from them and off they go again.  I hate hiking with people like that.

 I'm just babbling this morning.  For no reason.  Gonna be a beautiful day too.  Can't wait.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Weekend Chess Match a.k.a. Cat Round Up

Ah, what a game.

The moves I must make, many steps in advance, to ensure the reservations I get are not wasted.  A chess game.  I need to make my moves.  I need to calculate my moves now to sync up cat fixing weeks into the future.  I love the game.  It's like visualizing a moving puzzle.

The cat juggling that goes on, both in my mind, and in the field!  Days before my reservations, my mind begins counting the cats.  One from here, or should it be two from here, and three from there, and how good are they at catching their own cats and will they.   What are the odds there, or at that other place.  There are so many variables to filling those golden tickets.

I have seven reservations Monday and ten to twelve Wednesday elsewhere, at a more distant clinic.  That colony going on Wednesday has long been set up.  The drop trap is there and being fed under.  The caretaker is, for once, very sane.  But then comes the hitch.  Her husband's health.   He's in the hospital.  Will that colony catching collapse and if it does, last minute, where will I get ten cats to fill those reservations so last minute?

The seven going Monday are by now sealed in, as I like to have done by Friday night.  Five more will come from the over run property outside Albany.  That lady has been evicted from the property, so I'm trying to get the cats fixed.  She's taking most with her and thankfully, I found a friend willing to take on six of the others.  Isn't that cool?  But I'll be juggling all that as I try to trap for the Wednesday appointments.

And I have five kittens from the same colony in my bathroom right now.  They're going to ARCF too, but there's a catch with that.  They can't take them til Monday.  So besides dropping off the cats at the clinic, taking the kittens to Portland, I will also need to trap in Brownsville.

I need to clone myself.

I may have to put off the kitten transfer.

That should not be an issue.  They are darn cute and so much fun!!

Besides the five from the over run situation, one should be successfully trapped in Sodaville.  I hope anyhow.  And then I plan to take another from the Albany trailer park down south of town.  I took one from there last time.  I think they should easily be able to trap another.  They have six needing done and only one is fixed so far.  Odds are high there for success and its close, so if I have to, I can go trap one myself there.

Well, that's the plan, but plans in my little world often spin out to something completely different within a day.  I'm used to that.  Gotta take that ride and go with it.

Here's my latest dose of daily cuteness in my bathroom.  They've been here a day now and they have my heart.

There are five kittens in all, four are buff orange and one is a dark orange tabby.  This one I call Peekaboo.  She's a very soft buff orange tux girl kitten.

The dark orange tabby on the left is a girl.  The two buffs in this photo are both boys.

I call this boy Dozer.

The two boys wrestle
I have not taken many fall photos yet.  The leaves are turning but many are turning from green to crackling dry red, since the trees are dry and that's not too pretty.  However, we're having some nice weather for a change after the gray and drizzle.  Today was pretty.

These were all taken up at the park.

Not sure you're actually supposed to have livestock by the river due to poop and pee getting in the water.

That's it for today.  Putting away the game board and heading to bed.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Finally, Rocky, who was abandoned at the county park months ago, is at Heartland, waiting there for a home.  There he can be seen by people who want a cat in their lives.  And what a cat he is too.

Rocky is laid back and a hugger.   He loves other cats and people, despite what people have done to him in the past.

I first encountered him in the bushes at the park, a sudden glimpse of a massive black face, like a  panther.  He had a massive appetite too, which challenged my ability to keep him fed.  There was no chance to find him somewhere to go, like a shelter or rescue, to be seen so he could be adopted, during the height of kitten season.  So I waited and waited, feeding him, watching him struggle, trying to hunt ground squirrels to keep his massive body nourished.

Rocky, at the right, Cumi, a fixed tabby tux, to the left, waiting for food in the bushes.
I wish people wouldn't be so mean and dump cats.  They do it all over this county.  Its so sad and so mean.  So hard on the cats and those who care.

Finally in September I had an open spay neuter reservation, not knowing if he was already fixed or not, and I trapped him.  Took all of three minutes since he LOVES wet food.

He turned out to be already fixed.   That was the 17th of September.  He stayed in a small cage in my living room for awhile.

He had trouble getting down off the shelf to the food, water and litter box, he is so large.

Finally, a week of that, no luck finding a shelter to take him, he went down to a friend with a large walk in holding cage.    He was down there a couple of weeks before I tried Heartland Humane again and thank goodness, they said bring him.  So yesterday I took him there.  He was a perfect boy for his admission.  I hope he gets a home soon.  He's such a sweet kitty and went through so much.  He deserves some really good humans this time around.  I hope someone finds him there who will take wonderful care of him.  Thank you Heartland Humane for giving Rocky a place to be seen by people.

Rocky is at Heartland Humane in Corvallis.  If you're a decent loving kind human being, consider adopting Rocky.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Another Big Day

Yes it was another big day yesterday for local cats.  I wore myself out, in fact just got up.  Barely.  And intend to do nothing all day.

I took 11 to be fixed, and, after taking in five more sick kittens from Sweet Home, worked to bathe them and clean their ears out.   Meow Village had agreed to take them in, thank goodness.

All five, four girls and a boy, had bad colds and gunky eyes.  They were dirty and their ears were full of gunk and mites too.

All felt much better after bathes and their ears cleaned out and eye ointment.  They were eating up a storm.  But they need antibiotics.  Off they went to Meow Village.
The old woman with those kittens has a bunch more unfixed cats.  The Sweet Home lady rounding up cats brought down with them a teen female she thought was their mom, but it wasn't, just an unfixed teen girl and not lactating.

Midnight, that girl, got fixed yesterday as one of the 11 and Meow Village decided to take her too even though she wasn't the mom.

Midnight, spayed yesterday then off to Meow Village.  Out of Sweet Home!!!
Got one fixed too from a trailer park in Albany.  Guess he has like six more needing done too.

This one is Blizz, a little boy.  That's the only thing I'm going to do today, take him home.
Blizz, a white with gray boy teen, fixed yesterday, from a trailer park south of Albany.
Then there was Rio from Lebanon who was found starving under a house.  He's a sweet boy.

Then, from Sodaville, a gray tabby girl.  Sashi, I named her, but the clinic could not read my writing, so her name there went down as Sushi.  Sushi it is.

Sushi from Sodaville
The other seven were all from the over run property just outside Albany.  Three girls, all lactating, were fixed from there last week.  This week it was four boys and three more lactating girls.  Where are all the kittens?  I don't know.

Hoho, one of the three girls done yesterday

Itty Bitty, another of the girls

OC, yet another girl

The four boys now....


Baby Gray


Besides the 11 being fixed, like I said, Meow Village took the five sick kittens then also Midnight, who was thought at first to be their mom.  Lots of cats left to be fixed though in multiple places.

Today however is for sitting around blankly, sipping coffee and contemplating.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Was In Love

I was in love for a day and a half.

I was again called by someone at the trailer park.  The same guy who had trapped four other tiny kittens and their mom, with his massive Little Giant trap.  And, in the mom's case, a pork chop thrown in the back as bait.

Well it worked.  There was no way she could have eaten that pork chop, but the cats were so hungry, minus their feeder.

Now he was hearing another kitten under his porch, but the kitten would not go in that huge trap, not even for a pork chop bigger than the kitten.

I went out, heard the kitten screaming under the porch, and set a small trap.  Yellow jackets were swarming.   The usual.  I was stung twice more.

I'd had him heat my bait, a combo of human tuna and Fancy Feast wet food, in the microwave first.  The smell permeates better when hot, for little noses to smell.

I had the kitten within ten minutes.  He didn't know if there might be more than one or not. So I waited another two hours, with traps set, but got nobody else.

I was filthy, tired still, yellow jackets were driving me nuts, but I fell in love with the little face in the trap.

I carried her in my shirt to do chores yesterday.   

And took naps with her

She made me happy
She's gone now.   I only had her really yesterday but I sure love her.  I took her up to ARCF this morning and now she's with her brother and sisters.

Good luck Little Sweetie.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Six Fixed Yesterday, 14 Move On

Yesterday, six cats were fixed up at whs.

I admit exhaustion had taken its toll on me by yesterday, dealing with the trailer park cats.

Nonetheless, the first three girls from another large situation, were brought here Sunday evening, to be fixed yesterday.  She is not sure how many cats are on the property now.  At one point, she thought 20.

She is going to rehome the tame ones as they are fixed, which is great.

Longtail, a girl, fixed yesterday

Luba, a girl, fixed yesterday

Quartz, a girl, fixed yesterday
The Sweet Home woman who rounds up cats brought down four.  Two were tiny kittens.  She had said the mom cat, fixed last week, had quit feeding her kittens even by then.  She had said there were six and they were beautiful. I imagined some safe home, as it was someone she knows, and the kittens well cared for inside, warm, all that.   I was quite wrong.   It's Sweet Home after all.  The kittens were unnoticed and outside, made to eat adult dry cat food and four had already been run over in the driveway from people charging in, in their cars, at high speed.  The two she brought were sick, with bulging worm stomachs and prominent spines and rib cages.  Starved in other words, and dehydrated.

I gave them fluids twice before they went off to ARCF yesterday, right after I took up six cats to be fixed.   I have no idea if they'll make it.  Be a miracle if they do.  I gave them baths also, because sometimes if a kitten feels better, not dirty with crusted fur, and are warm, they might rally to live.

She also brought from someone up there an unwanted teen female Lynx Point Siamese.   She too went to ARCF and is very lovely and sweet.

And the fourth cat she brought, the one who would go back, was Tom, a big Lilac Point Siamese boy.  He was fixed yesterday, and end of day, exhausted, I met her in Lebanon to return him.

This teen girl from Sweet Home went to ARCF yesterday, one of six they took in, 3 from Sweet Home and three from the trailer park.

The two kittens from Sweet Home

Tom from Sweet Home, who was fixed yesterday and then went home
The last two teens from the trailer park also were fixed yesterday to round out the six.  Walker was a boy and Tamali was a girl.  After they were fixed, they joined six others and went off to be placed as barn cats with my friend.  The others were two black adults and a tabby boy, from the trailer park I got fixed three years ago, Juliet, who I got fixed mid September but had returned, due to lactation, then retrapped.  And teen kittens Chowder and Skeeter, Juliet's kittens.  They're together again.

So off went 8 trailer park cats to my barn cat placement friend.

Trailer park teen girl Tamali was spayed yesterday, before leaving with my barn cat placement friend.
Trailer park teen boy Walker, neutered yesterday and now awaiting barn cat placement with his family members and friends.
 Besides the two tiny Sweet Home kittens and the teen girl, ARCF took Tescata, from the trailer park, and the latest two of her kittens caught there--a black tux boy and a little tabby tux.  They will join her other two kittens, caught a week or so ago.

It was a long day yesterday to be sure.  But quite productive.   14 cats out of the valley, to await placement elsewhere.  Six more fixed.  Not bad.  A good day.  I was in bed by 8:00 p.m. last night.  Course I woke up at 4:30 this morning.  I'll nap more later.