Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Just Wrong---Too Hot to Handle!


The heat predicted this weekend is unbelievable.  

Some forecasts say it will be 108 degrees here where I live on Sunday.  WHAT?   

They all vary by a few degrees.  Suffice it to say it will be unfricking believably hot for a few days.  Then comes the cool down, where it will be in the low 90's, upper 80's.  Some cool down.

This is to say the least, NOT NORMAL.  Not for this area and certainly not for June.

There will be idiots buying fireworks too, for the fourth and setting them off.  Nobody with a working brain would buy or set off even legal fireworks with the heat and dry we've been having, let alone illegal ones.   There are no shortage of idiots however....


Say it isn't so!   

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ashes to Ashes

 I got Brambles Ashes back yesterday.  Heartland now has a cremation service.

My sweet little guy from such a horrid place.

Now his remains reside in a beautiful little metal tin.

They won't be there long.  

I need to free even his remains.  I still have Miss Daisy's ashes and those of Jade and Calamity.

Mops, who died this year, and Raindrop, were buried by a friend, in her hazelnut orchard.

Cougie who also died this year, along with Stiletto, were mass cremated.

It doesn't feel right to keep ashes in a box or tin.  I know its just the remnants of their physical remains.  But it just feels selfish to do that, like clinging to an object, and being unfair by weighing down and confining a beautiful memory that should be freed.  

Miss Daisy's particles need shared with the world, I feel.  Like her fun loving ever optimistic spirit will somehow better the world, if they become part of it again.  I want to get a necklace to wear some of her ashes next to me though.  I loved her so much.

Jade and Calamity were best friends.  I will mix their ashes before spreading them.  Calamity was so socially shy with the other cats and when Jade accepted her as a best friend, she was in bliss over it.

I've lost so many over the years.  Little Chessie, who'd been left behind and lived under an apartment complex and was shot at by a creep with a crossbow, before I just went and got her and kept her here.   Bonita, from that complex off Hill street, cared for by a family who never fixed them.  They multiplied and when they moved, they left them all.  She likely had cancer when I took her in and lived only a couple of years here, but seemed to love her safety and the companionship of other cats and adequate food and water.  Her ears were full of polyps that turned out to be cancerous.   

Electra and Hopi and Oci are buried in the backyard.   So were Gretal and Poppy and Dex, but I dug them up after a year.  They gave up their nutrients to the ground.  I disposed of the bones left.   I know I'll soon have a lot more tins of ashes.  My cats are all so old.  Who will be next to leave?  My guess is usually wrong.  But Buffy, Shady, Comet, Soloman and Panda are all on that narrow edge.

So long dear Brambles, my kitten loving sweetie.

He came from this situation.....he outlived even his original caregiver.  

Monday, June 21, 2021

Neighbor Dies

 I came home from an errand in the morning yesterday and saw two police cars down in front of the house at the end of the cul de sac.

I wondered if it was a result of all the cars from the house next to it, on the block all night, for a graduation party.  So I asked a young man just leaving from that house if everything was ok.  He told me the neighbor man, next to his uncle's place, was found dead.

I guess a relative called in a welfare check.  He had family in town here.  They couldn't get an answer out of him.  The police found him dead.  I don't know what he died from, but something considered natural causes.  

That's his place down at the very end there, with the white SUV out front.  I think they were loading his body at that point.

I didn't know him.  He's lived there a few years.  He always wore a stylish hat though and drove a red SUV of some kind.   He wasn't as old as I am, I don't think.

I don't know anything more than that.   You wouldn't think there would be such a high turnover of people on one little short dead end street but there has been.   I can't remember how many different folk lived in that house he died in before him, while I've lived on the block.  First off, it was a military recruiter and his family.  His wife was also in the military.   They were very slick dressers and both often wore black and rode motorcycles.  I liked them.  After they moved out, someone else moved in, maybe a family, and after that another big group of people had it.  Then maybe it was him after that.  I don't remember everybody and can't keep track anymore. 

My Lebanon friend who had knee replacement a couple weeks ago is having a tougher time of it than my brother did.  Her leg swelling hasn't gone down enough to even be able to bend her leg and she says the bruising up and down her leg is tremendous.   I hope something changes for her and she ends up with a good outcome in the end.

It will be in the 90's again today so I got done what I needed to do and won't do anything more til tonight, after the heat fades.  I sleep in the afternoon during the hottest part of the day so I can do chores like laundry in the cool of the night.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


 We started our heat wave today.   Not bad today though, supposed to get to maybe 85, but so far, at 3:00 p.m., its not out of the 70's.  Tomorrow the forecast is for 95.  That may have changed since its not as hot as predicted today.

My Thursday trip to the FCCO wasn't too bad, although it got off to a rocky start.  I couldn't sleep well, the night before.  This happens to me sometimes when I'm nervous about getting somewhere on time and have a lot of cats to load.

I hit stop and go traffic way too far south of Portland on the way up.   I thought I would not make it in fact, at all, at that rate.  But after about 40 minutes stuck in that, for no apparent reason, to all broke up and was easier going the rest of the way.

I was so tired though.  I got more coffee after leaving off the cats and ended up in a movie theater.  I was the only one in the entire theater watching Quiet Place Two.  Which was awesome!  It's a horror flick but was well done and had me jumping in fright a couple times, when startled suddenly by a scene.  My popcorn went flying when that happened.  I'd just intended to use the theater as a nap zone.

I was lucky Thursday.  The cats were done early and I was on the road by just after 3:00 p.m.  Even so, I still endured about half hour stop and go, before I got south of Wilsonville.   But it was nothing like the Friday before when I didn't get to pick up the cats until almost 4:00 and then hit the road, right in the middle of rush hour.

I fell asleep on the couch shortly after I got home.   The futon does need to go.  It's so short my legs hang off the end.

Next morning I returned the cats.  I was horrified to see she had blocked off under the house, in the tiny bare backyard.  Under her house, was where they were used to staying, sleeping and hiding.  I protested to her, saying if she was going to do that, she should have done it before trapping, and given them other hideouts and beds to become used to because now, when trying to recuperate from surgery, they had nowhere to go at all.  And how did she know there wasn't a cat now blocked under her house.

She didn't know if there was or not, had no way to know, if one was under there.  I told her I would not be part of this and she'd have to release them.  It was horrible.  I watched them, from my car, try to climb over the fence at the front as she released them in the back.  They were panicked and confused, as normally they would have dove right back under the house, their familiar zone.  I drove away horrified and crying.  

When I got home, I unpublished my nonprofit facebook page.  No one can see it but me now.  

I'm on break for real now, happy to be so, and I'm not sure I'll ever start again, officially.

Yesterday I spent trying to get over the thoughts of those poor cats and my anger with that woman.   And the exhaustive cleaning of traps and laundry.  I was very very tired too and slept a lot.

Today I get home from an errand and find the neighbor lady on my property spraying what she considers weeds.  I ran her off my property and told her it was wrong and she knows its wrong and to just stop it.   She won't though.  I've endured it so long now.  It's time to build a fence along that side and try to fence her out.   I told a friend if I get killed or the house burns down, tell the police its probably her doing.  Just kidding. I have no idea what's wrong with her to think she can do what she wants to me and this property.   

I'll plan to build a fence but I don't want to.  I'd rather just let it go, but then she'll pull something else.  It's better I make the plans and do the slow build, like I did with the fence on the other side.  One section, then another when I had the money get some more wood for it....and so on.  I know I'll be sorry later if I don't get to it and do it this time.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ten and the Hell of I5 in Oregon

 We caught ten cats at the new Lebanon colony, this last project before taking the summer break.  

Its turned slightly warm, after we endured a week of downpours, which we needed here, I've been told.  Nevertheless, the extension of dreary gray and wet into mid June is depressing.  Today however we will get into the mid 80's.  Yesterday we had mid 70's and no rain, for a change, although the thick dark clouds rolled through periodically all day and threatened.  

I caught seven of the Lebanon cats, including all five teens, in my first drop of the drop trap.  After which I had to transfer them out, one by one, into live traps to bring home.  Then I caught one more, a big male, with the drop trap and then left it to the lady living there, to watch the traps set and put out more, if those were filled.  But she only caught two more in the last day.  No way to trap discreetly at that colony so as to not freak out the cats when one or more are caught.  Tiny bare fenced backyard with postage stamp concrete patio outside a sliding glass door.  You can only hide behind verticle blinds inside the house, a few feet from the drop trap, to yank the cord on it.  One of the males not caught saw that seven cat catch happen a few feet from him.  So he's going to be a hard sell to catch anytime soon. Since the lady works from home all day, she can check traps but I can't be over there, which isn't helpful anyway, due to the small area where the cats are seen.   

So this morning, I am taking ten cats up to the FCCO to be fixed.

Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment, I'll say that.  I slept yesterday afternoon, in preparation for today and wasn't going to get up for another half hour, but my stomach woke me early.  I get nerves when I have a lot of cats to take up.  Getting them changed over, prior to leaving, into clean traps.  Getting them loaded.  Getting going on time, which seems harder and harder for me to do.

This morning when I woke, I stretched out in bed, and my left knee cap popped out of place.  It didn't hurt at all, and popped right back into place.  All I can do is laugh over the state of my being.   I'm getting old but I still can trap and transport a packload of cats.  Oh yeah.

The traffic misery of Hellish I5 in Oregon may start early.  I saw on tripcheck there's a pedestrian/auto collision, and you might guess how that would turn out, on north bound I5, north of Salem and all lanes in NB have been closed.  ODOT states on trip check they hope to get one lane open by commute time.  Otherwise, they have a detour in place.  Oh shoot, I think to myself.  This will be hell, even on the drive north, which is usually only minor hell, compared to the congestion south on the drive back which is a visit to major hell, the big den of fire and brimstone.  Who'd a thought, hell is right here in Oregon.  

I think to myself do I need to start an hour early or would that make it even worse.   I think to myself why in the world do I drive I5 at all?   Of course you have to if you live in Oregon.  It's really the only north south highway in the valley.  Well, there's highway 99, but its two lane and can't handle any extra traffic.

I think to myself, man I wish we had affordable spay neuter here in the mid valley.

I turned down an Alsea colony (over an hour's drive west in the coast range) and a Stayton colony (nearly an hours drive north and east) because of the distances involved in going to these places to trap multiple times, come home, go again, then go clear to Portland with the cats to get them fixed.  Its too much and this car of mine has 214k miles on it.    

Anyhow, I better get to work, to get ready.  Here are photos of 9 of the 10 cats who will be fixed today, if the gods or should I say devils of I5 allow me to pass.

Adult buff orange male

Gray and white adult female

Adult gray tabby tux male

Adult long hair Siamese mix male

Orange tabby teen male

Flamepoint teen

Lynx Point teen

Snowshoe mix teen

Siamese mix teen

The tenth cat is a brown abbytabby, allegedly a male.  So, if that is the case, I'm taking four adult males and one adult female plus five teens today.

Wish me luck.  May the cats be with me and my clunky car as we battle the devils of I5.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Done Colony

 I'm happy to report the latest project is done.  Thanks mostly to helpful neighbors, who took on setting and checking traps.

A teen boy noticed kittens in the yard of a vacant house.  He was skate boarding and he or his mom contacted Keitha's Kitties.  I offered to help catch the adults.  KKR, the rescue, had three spay neuter spaces they were not using last Thursday.  I knew we could get at least three done.  FCCO said they could do up to four on Friday.  So I was covered, for fixing the adults.

KKR hand grabbed one kitten, who was very ill.  The other four the neighbors caught one by one, with my traps and one of their own.  I just went and got the kittens or cats once caught.  I sure like it when it goes this way.

Lots of trips back and forth but that's ok.

The kittens were all caught by Wednesday evening.  And I had three adults for Thursday too.  They were a big Lynx Point male, a young black long hair female, Uva, and Boots, the mother of all.

Mr. Fluffy, fixed Thursday.

Uva, a girl, fixed Thursday, Boot's offspring

Boots herself, no more kittens for her.

Friday KKR came here and picked up the three fixed Thursday, to return to their home, since I'd left early with two more boys from the colony, bravely heading to the FCCO which is in Portland and Portland is a traffic nightmare.

Draco was fixed yesterday.

Timmy the tabby, also a Boot's offspring, fixed yesterday.

It was a difficult day on me.  I was tired, my shoulder hurt and my car is not comfortable to sit in long or nap in, unless I sprawl out in the back.  But the boys were terribly stinky and I hadn't brought cleaner or a blanket and pad, for sleeping.  It's harder and harder to find anywhere you can sleep undisturbed and safe, in a parking lot in Portland.  Its a different city (group of cities) than it used to be.   It's over run in cars, people and crime now.

Too many people have moved there.  OMG its awful to try to drive anywhere.  Takes ages.

The drive home turned into a visit to hell.  I don't know how you'd put up with that regularly.  Bumper to bumper traffic stalled me for an hour and a half, going just ten miles during that time.  My mind wandered aimlessly.  People were texting and watching videos on their phones.  I saw four cars pulled off to the side with people just napping.  I thought about doing just that.  Why sit in this exhaust cloud of thousands of cars any longer, I thought.   This is what hell is like, I said to the boys in the back.

North bound lanes were also backed up for miles, behind a wreck.   I vowed to never visit Portland again.  But I have to, next week, with cats from another project and the woman is desperate to get the breeding stopped there.  I won't let her down.  But I might just sleep somewhere and not drive home til after 7:00 p.m., to avoid some of the awfulness.

If I can find somewhere safe to do that, I will.

The last photo I have of one of the fledgings as they did fledge and now are proper tree birds.

Our weather is still very wet and dismal.  So today I'm just going to zone out and doze and be mindless and purposeless.

These gifts from the neighbors who helped trap the colony mean so much to me.   Comfrey cbd cream for my sore shoulder and a homemade bar of soap.  They were handed to me in a little bag decorated by their little girl who is both smart and very kind.  

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

The Bird Nanny

 The bird nanny you ask?  That would be me.  I am assistant to the Scrub Jay parents, in protecting their young.

Hey Baby!

Mainly I'm keeping the neighbors girl cat Gigi in the garage.  She's the huntress.  Not yet as fat or lazy as the other neighbors cats.  Not an easy task to keep her in.

Now instead of going out the garage door to dump my garbage and recycling, I go out the front, down the driveway and around.   Same with bringing in litter bags.  And anything else.  Including trapped cats.  Otherwise she's good at slipping out if I even crack the door.

Yes, I know, I'm on a break. But a local nonprofit asked me to help trap some kittens and adults in Lebanon.  So last two days I did just that.  Five kittens caught, five adults.  They took all the kittens.  When I delivered the three caught today to the foster lady for KKR, I sat inside her place and confessed I was suffering from inertia, and feared I would be unable to move from her couch.   I also told her and her daughter all I want to do lately is stare at cat videos on facebook for hours and also laugh my head off watching fail videos of all kinds on a strange channel that comes in over my antenna.  Finally I extricated myself, after I drank down two of their peach flavored soda waters, and....onward.

One of the five adults caught

Big Lynx Point male

That nonprofit had three spay neuter openings for three of the adults to be fixed tomorrow.  The other two will be fixed in Portland.  Yeah, road trip again with cats.

Lots of back and forths to Lebanon last two days, to pick up caught cats and kittens.   Naps inbetween trips.  Making up for all my failures to Gigi in the garage too.  Vet trip Wednesday for Clover, from the Lacomb colony, who has been ill since I met her almost 3 weeks ago now.   She's on anti herpes pills three times a day, eye meds three times a day and clavimox twice a day.   

Shelby shared this on her instagram.  She is fostering two of the five surviving newborns I took up to Portland a couple weeks ago from the Lacomb colony.  She is precious!

Clover, from the Lacomb colony, has a long road to health and wellness, but at least she's starting down it.  That right eye is ulcerated from her long standing herpes infection.  She's currently on antivirals, antibiotics and eye meds.

And the little birds out back.  I laid out a five gallon bucket on its side finally, three days ago, with straw in it, and it instantly was a big hit with the fledglings.   They dart in and out of it, perch on a couple pieces of wood, I laid out near it, like grown ups.  Their parents screech at me and pound their beaks against the fence to warn the babies when I am in the back yard.  "Really?" I protested.  "Seriously, I'm the only reason your precious offspring are even breathing still."  Ungrateful jays.  

Our weather lately has not been summer like.  Rain, gray, clouds....dreary!!!!