Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Eleven

Like I said in my last post, I took 11 cats to be fixed yesterday.  Some of them were massive boys.

Tux, for instance, a porch stray, once owned obviously, but living and being fed on a Lebanon porch.  Now this big boy (over 12 lbs) is fixed.

Tux, from Lebanon
I'd trapped four more at the Griggs colony.  They turned out to be three boys and a girl.  Two of the boys were huge--Pandora and Zigzag, while Libra, the mackerel tabby was just a teen.

Zigzag was fixed yesterday.  He's a huge boy.

Pandora, another huge boy, long hair black with that white patch on his chest, was fixed too.  This is Little Sally's colony. 
Libra, and not a good picture of him, a young boy, also was fixed.

The only girl of the four, Pisces, a long hair black and quite young.
I saw three more out there needing fixed, but there could be others.  I saw another short hair black, obvious male, a long hair young gray and there's another mackerel tabby. 

Now for the six from Salem, four of whom were boys, three of them HUGE boys.

Mama Fuzz, will now just be Fuzz and she's a he, and a massive HE at that.  His estimated age was 8 years and he has some dental issues, the clinic said.

Vinnie is also an older male but at least he's fixed now

Mr. Big is also obviously a boy and massive.  He is also now fixed.

Karenina, one of the two cross eyed gray tabbies, was one of the two girls in the Salem group

Karenin, also cross eyed, is a boy, the smallest of the four boys from Salem.
Coal is a young female, with that very short tail.  She was post partum but not lactating.  I wonder where he kittens are.
Well those are the 11, a lot of boys too, big ones.  My cats will be happy when they are out of the garage.  Tux went home last night.  I'm about to get moving and take the Salem group home.  After they're home, I'll come home and return the Griggs cats.

Then maybe its back to bed for me.  I wore myself out the last few days.

Monday, December 10, 2018

11 More Cats Fixed and a Funeral

Saturday I drove  two hours down to a funeral for my brother's mother in law.  I didn't know her.  I may have met her twice a long time ago.   She was about 80 I think when she died after a lengthy struggle against cancer, of various sorts.

  I was late to start, too busy, doing everything for everyone else, as usual.   I received the sixth cat from the Salem colony at 11:00.  Mr. Big.  They had two more to catch but didn't catch either.  Then it was off to deliver a carrier to someone with a stray porch male in Lebanon, then on to feed the park cats.

I got home with barely enough time to shower and jump in the car to have a chance to make it on time to the funeral.  It was a two hour drive down there.

 I don't know what I was thinking, going all the way down there.  I guess I wanted to support my sister in law, who lost her mom.   I didn't think what the consequences might be of going.  I had a lot of trauma doled out by the church of which she was a member.   Not that particular one but in Portland.  My neck got ruptured when they beat me on their church's hospital psyche ward.  It was almost two decades since that happened so I thought I would have no problems with flashback feelings and memories, that do haunt me still but not nearly as much anymore.  I did end up having a great desire to get  out of there.  I stuck it out.  I'll just say that was enough for me, of being inside a church again.

I get down there with just enough time to get seated next to my niece.  Nice to see her again.  Hadn't seen her in years.   My stomach was growling as I hadn't eaten all day.  I had some gum in my purse and had to chew on that, as quietly as I could, to try to keep my stomach silent.  The hard pew began to hurt my butt.  Badly.  I don't know how people sit on those things.

It was a nice service, but quite long.

Once it was over, I did not stay long.  I talked to my brother briefly but he was quite busy then.  They had to be tired out.  I said my goodbyes and left.   On the way home, I stopped at Burger King and finally got some food if you can call french fries food, lol.  I was kind of happy to be alone again.  The number of people at that service was more than the number of people I usually see in two years time.

I didn't get home til 9:30 p.m.  Much of the drive was through dense fog.   I had only six cats in the garage and ten reservations for Monday.  I don't like going short to a clinic.   I'd have a seventh cat in the Lebanon stray male.  But that left me three short.

Sunday after sleeping in, I decided to go out to the Griggs Road colony, if I got permission.  There were still at least 7 out there in need of spay neuter.  By now the weather outside had changed.  Rain pounded down in a deluge.   I went out to the colony mid afternoon and was charged by a herd of  hungry chickens, wanting cat food.  Ducks soon joined in, clamoring and quacking.   I saw a few cats darting in and out of junk and set up a trap, with a bottle holding up the door, and a string tied around it.  I didn't want to waste time, at this stage, and in this weather, catching already fixed cats.

I had to throw handful after handful of dry cat food out for the chickens and ducks to keep them from the trap.   Otherwise they would attack any cat who was out and might eat some of that food.

I caught a long hair huge black male, then a smaller black, whom I think also is a male.  Then I caught one of the two mackerel tabbies and finally a huge brown tabby male, as a short hair unfixed black male roamed about.   I only had the four traps so left with four.  I'd be one over my allotted reservations already.

I was soaked by then, from the rain.   I went over and picked up the Lebanon male afterwards and called it a day, with 11 extra cats under my care.  Most of them seem to be massive males.

So this morning I took up 11 more cats to be fixed.  I'll post their photos later on.  I have no more reservations now until January.

I don't see a funeral as an event to honor the deceased.  The dead have lived and what they did in their lives speaks clearly and stands alone.  A funeral is an ending for the living, a put to past and a look forward.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Lazy Cat Round Up

I'm doing a lazy cat round up again for Monday.  I have ten reservations Monday but those are the last until January.

This time, its a colony in Salem at an apartment complex.  But the couple involved are trapping the cats themselves and even bring them down here after they trap another.  Talk about easy.  I just loan them traps, give encouragement and take care of them here until Monday when they'll be fixed.

So far they've trapped five.  They're in three cages in my garage, set up in cages that offer shelves, carrier beds and litter boxes.

They dine on warmed wet food and cat treats.  Fresh catnip hangs into their cages.

The Catnip Hotel.  Nothing but the best.

Vinnie is really huge and spends most of his time napping.  He's taking a little forced vacation from fighting other boys.

Check out that flopped left ear!

This little black one they call Coal has a very short tail.

Then there are two cross eyed gray tabbies, siblings I guess.  Allegedly the massive brown tabby long hair is their mum.  Hmmm.

This is Mama Fuzz, but Mama Fuzz is MASSIVE.  I would think male but they swear its a girl and a mom.  I'm not looking either.
So anyhow, they're still trapping.   And I don't have to lift a finger.  Just the way I like it.

I went up to the park today.  Frost had lingered in shady spots even mid day.  By this evening, rain had taken up again.   The gorge may get freezing rain but its warmed up now in the valley.

Frost on the logs along the river

Snow berries

I took Little Sally off to Heartland Humane Thursday.  Was very hard to do that, loved her so much.  She's a wonderful kitten and I hope she gets a great home.
So long Little Sally.  Love you girl.  Good luck.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


I took Willy home.   Along with Luke and Sweetie, the two I had trapped that needed fixed.

Willy's wound, where his eye had been removed, had healed nicely.

You wanted to see the Pirate ship on the property? 

And now there's a one eyed cat to go along with it.  See ya round, Willy.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Nine More Fixed Cats

That's always a good thing. 

To have nine more fixed cats in the valley, as opposed to nine unfixed cats.

I drove up with them slow this morning.  Dense fog helped take the pressure off my slower than normal driving (you're only supposed to go about 50 on a donut). Most people were driving slower than usual in that.  Except for the idiots who always drive like idiots even in dense fog.

I dropped a trap off too, to a couple in N. Salem wanting to trap some they feed.

Then it was the slow drive home.  This time, no fog and I got lots of dirty looks but only one middle finger.  I just smiled like I am a ditsy clueless incompetent old lady high on drugs.  Hahahaha.

I showed em!

Tire store only had one type of tire in my size and just happened to be a very expensive tire too.  No go, I said.  I said I'm only here at this store because Discount Tire for some reason is closed today and I can go back there because they have such and such a tire at such and such a price and I like that tire, always have.  I was babbling.

Oh but he can order that exact tire for almost same price they offer it, he says, fingers flying over his keyboard, searching.  Oh, I say, lovely, do it.  Order two of them.  I'll have good tires on the front and bad ones on the back.   I like that combo.

They'll be here tomorrow.

 A friend came down with her van, the back lined in a big tarp, to take me up to the clinic to get the cats.  I took up five too, cats from another place, already fixed, who could not remain where they had been (feeder moved), and my barn cat placement friend met me there to take them.   That was a huge help for these beautiful kitties.

Being a passenger was nice for a change.  I loved it!   Nice of her to do that for me.  I didn't want to hit the road again with that bike tire, basically, on one wheel.

What happened to full size spares?

Well here are the photos of the nine.  I didn't get photos of the five who went for barn placement.  My camera battery had died.  We will begin with the Sweet Home five.  A mother and her three kittens, then that big male they feed too.

Angel, looking bored, the mom, maybe anxious to get back to her box filled store room home. Just kidding, it's freezing out.  Bet they're happy to be inside and warm!

This is Cherub, a girl, one of Angel's three kittens.  All four were fixed today.

This is Santini, another of the kittens, also a girl.

And Tux, the only boy of the kittens.

Ghost, the big male they feed too
Then there were the two girls from the apartment complex.  Both girls former ferals, and strangely, both in heat.   Precious, the torti, was found in the park where I often wander.  So many cats get left there. 

Precious, the torti
This little sweetie, Kitty, belonging to the neighbor, who used to be homeless too, along with Kitty, is so darling, and technically a calico, having bits of orange in a couple places.  She is quite unusual but now fixed.
Rounding out the 9 are the two from One Eyed Willy's colony--Luki, a brown tabby boy, and Sweetie, a young gray female.

Luki, a boy

Sweetie a little girl
So anyhow, that's the story for today.  They'll all go home tomorrow and I'll be getting my tire situation cleared up tomorrow too I hope. 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Always Something

I came home last night, after getting some groceries.  It was after dark and as I approached my driveway about to turn in, I became distracted. I saw at the end of the block, flashlights, and two people in the yard of a disabled man.  Immediately I wondered if they were up to no good.

This distraction made me turn a bit too soon, up my driveway and then I aborted the turn, thinking I'd drive down to make sure his place was ok.  In that process I scraped the curb with my right front tire.  The air immediately whooshed out.

And they were not burglars, just his neighbors, out looking at their own Christmas lights, that they had just set up.

I got up the driveway at least before losing all the air from that tire.  I got out the jack, and the donut, and felt for the notches under the door, to fit the jack into, loosened the lug nuts, jacked it up, removed the lug nuts and damaged tire.  Then I put on the donut.  I was cursing by now, knowing there was no place open to fix it at this time on a Saturday night.

Nonetheless I went to try.  I drove to Costco, thinking they have a tire center, maybe they'll do it.  But they don't fix flats there and besides their tire center was closed.  I drove out to the huge brightly lit truck stop by Millersburg--Love's.  I saw they had an open service center and breathed in a happy sigh.


However, the guy came out and said they only work on the big rigs.  I said "Well I haul freight."  He looked at me, like I was nuts.  "I haul cats," I said, lots of them, by the hundreds."  I could tell he wanted to help but he couldn't break the rules and sent me on my way.

I came home defeated.  Gave the bad tire a kick on the way in the garage too.

I had a feeling it could not be patched.  A quick internet search confirmed my fear.  Sidewall puncture.  Nobody will repair those.  I think its even illegal.

"Shoot," I thought.  That's all I need.  The expense of buying at least two tires.  The tread should match at least on the front tires.

This afternoon I had to net those four cats I trapped a few weeks ago in Sweet Home. She'd had me turn them loose inside her place, in a little room she uses for storage.  It's full of boxes.  I thought it might be a problem to catch them when I had spay neuter room.  They had a stray male they feed also that was not fixed.  I wasn't going to let a go slow donut on one side stop me from keeping promises and fixing cats.  I drove on up.

This lady had to let her car go back to where she bought it, she said.  She couldn't afford it, not the payments or the insurance.   She shops online when she can get on a neighbors computer to do it and her son walks to Safeway which is only a few blocks from where she lives, for groceries.  She has no internet and only a handful of minutes a month on a cheap cell phone.  No TV connection either, outside of now and then they pick up a neighbors Wifi, but the signal isn't strong enough, she said, to really watch anything.  So they collect DVD's at garage sales to watch.

They make do, but her life isn't that easy.  She's a senior citizen living on SS.

There are lots of people living like that around here.   So my little tire problem isn't that big by comparison but it is a financial setback for me.

It wasn't too hard to move boxes and get the hiding cats, a mom and her three older kittens, to go into traps, one at a time.  Took maybe an hour, of not working that hard at it.

And I got the stray male they feed too.  Well they did.  I came out and they'd gotten him into a trap and he was already in my car.  Now that was easy.

On the way home, I stopped at the Walmart tire center.  They were open today, the only place, but they didn't answer their phone.  I tried twice.  My tire size is a little hard to find.   So I asked if they had my size and they had only one tire, a low ender, my size, but it would be too late by the time I got home, to get back before they closed.  I didn't have the tire with me and would need that.

Then I went and picked up two cats from an apartment complex.  One was from the woman who got scratched last time.  She had it down by now.  She lived on the streets, which is where she found this tiny little adult cat she has.  Then she had a stroke on the streets and now has a place to live, and so does her cat.   Her neighbor helped her get the cat into the carrier and I also have his cat.  He used to work up at the park, cleaning restrooms.  I knew him from there and he found this cat in the park too, had been dumped.  So she's getting fixed too.  He quit the job at the park.  Didn't pay enough and its a long drive to make up and back every day.  That's gas money.

I brought those two home, then went out to Willy's colony, hoping to catch a couple there that are not fixed.  I'd seen two without ear tips.  I caught them fast too. 

I have nine cats for tomorrow's slow mo ride up to the clinic, gimping it with the donut.  I'll be getting all the dirty looks going too slow on the freeway tomorrow.

I gave the tenth spot I had to a local woman.  She tells me today her starter is going out, so she's not sure she'll make it up there with the cat.  I offered to take the cat for her but she said "nope, I wanna try".  So good luck to her too, with her car problems.

  I was going to get two tires at Discount Tire up there, after dropping off the cats,  but then I find out they're closed tomorrow for some reason.  So I'll try Beggs here tomorrow.  I don't have time for Schwab.  You can wait forever there, hours in fact, and I don't have time for that tomorrow.

It's always something.

Friday, November 30, 2018

A Cat From Last April

I got a call.

Isn't that how most of my stories begin.

The woman had to remind me who she was.  I didn't deal with her last April, you see.  I dealt then with someone else, who is now gone from the property in question.

But I thought I trapped this colony she was calling about long before last April.  But my records don't lie and that's when it was.  22 cats fixed there.    At that time, one of the boys had a really bad eye.  He was just a teen they called Willy.   I talked to Heartland Humane at that time, who said they'd take him in, if relinquished, along with a few others.  I talked to the property owner, who said he'd call and make an appointment, which he did.  But he never showed up at the appointment with the cats, including Willy.
This was Willy back in April, when he got fixed, just a teenager then.

I didn't hear from them again.   Until day before yesterday.

And by now, the woman in the trailer on the property, who I dealt with before, has left the property.  She had cats in that trailer too, who she wouldn't let me get fixed, said she'd get vouchers to get it done, didn't get it done, and left some of them at least, when she left the property.  So now there's two or three more needing fixed. 

The woman who called day before yesterday said Willy's eye needed help and could I help.  Before she hung up I was messaging Heartland about it.  They're the ones who help out.  Best shelter around these parts.  I told them the story, that they had offered before to help this very same cat, could they possibly help now?  Of course they would, they said, bring him tomorrow.

See yesterday was a surgery day and I'd planned to take Little Sally to be fixed.  She's the last unfixed kitten in my bathroom from that rural Lebanon colony.  Then a former homeless woman had a cat I was to pick up to be fixed Thursday morning.  Willy could come along, Heartland said.  So I went and picked up Willy.

At first, again, I was told they'd relinquish, but then the property owner, who likes cats and also pirates, said Willy was his favorite and could the eye just be helped.  Anyhow, that's what happened.  Willy had what the tech called a micro eye, damaged and shriveled from viral infections, likely herpes and it needed out.  So they took it out.
This is Willy last night, after his shriveled eye was removed.  Done for a very easy price too.  HCC paid.  

Since Heartland had offered to take in Willy but that wasn't going to come about because they want him back, I decided to stretch my luck a bit and ask if they could take in Little Sally.  She's very tame now and wonderful.  They said they would but I'd need to bring her home for the weekend and then next week they'd have space.
This is Little Sally.  She's about the sweetest kindest little girl.  A torbi.  She was spayed yesterday, even chipped to Heartland Humane, but she came home with me, until they have room.

 And I hadn't gotten that former homeless lady's cat.  I went over there, early yesterday morning, to get her, handed her a carrier through the door, had told her she'd need to back her in, slowly, had told her that three times.  But I could see her through the screen door, grab the cat and try to shove her head first into the carrier on the table, no finesse at all, and then I saw a flash of cat running and knew this wasn't going to happen.  She'd been scratched and was angry, wanted to blame me somehow, and I told her again cats don't like to be shoved head first into a strange dark hole.   I left the carrier there, told her to get the cat used to it, in the bathroom, close her in the bathroom next time, to get her in.  Well, anyhow.  Now she's scheduled to be fixed Monday.  We shall see.  And her neighbor has an unfixed cat too.

So I only had Willy and Little Sally to take to Heartland.  Willy will be here recuperating in the garage a few days.  Little Sally will be here until next week.  She's so lovely and sweet.  I hope she gets a great home.  And that will be one down, one of five moved on and out of the bathroom.

Property owner with all the cats out there is a nice guy, has lots of people he lets live there who can't afford anywhere else.  Tries to make a  living too.  Makeshift pirate ship out front of his place.  Now he'll have a one eyed cat to go along.