Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Running into the two kittens, formerly of the Bond Orange colony rescue, now with litters of their own, brought back the memories.

This was the inside of the blue storage bin, at the Bond Road orange colony of last year. That woman had 8 cats stuffed inside this, I think it was.

The Lacomb woman then agreed to foster the orange mother cat and her three kittens I think it was. Then, she accidentally left the foster room door open and the mom ran out of the foster room, with one of her kittens clutched in her mouth. The door to the outside was also open and she raced into the woods with the kitten.

Later, when they became mad at me for that happening, even though I was in Albany and incapable of opening a door 20 miles away, they refused to give up all the kittens, and gave back only one of the three, keeping two unfixed orange female kittens they were supposed to get fixed themselves, but did not, resulting in 9 more kittens, seven of whom they still have.
This was the orange mom of the kittens they fostered. Fortunately, I got her spayed before leaving her there in foster, with her three kittens.
This was one of the three orange kittens left in foster there originally.

Lebanon Siamese mix male, among four cats being fixed today.
Black Lebanon male, being fixed today. The three Lebanon cats being fixed are owned. They were not inside and ready, when I arrived. A neighbor man came over and had to round them up, finally getting the bathrobe clad owner to help a little. He grumbled loudly that he shouldn't have to be rounding up a neighbors cats and they should have had them ready and that the husband was sleeping and wouldn't even get up to help. I said "Welcome to my life. Want to hang with me?" He declined, unfortunately. He was quite handsome, I thought.
Lebanon female being spayed today.
Willy, whose rear parts will be thoroughly inspected today for possible neuter errors.
Young orange tabby mom of some of the kitten horde up in Lacomb. I haven't seen her since she was kitten, unwanted on Bond road.
Big Willy again, taken today.
This is a photo of Big Willy taken just after his rescue, in February 2008, from a dilapidated duplex in south Corvallis, where a woman fed about a dozen strays, caste off from the drug infested human tenants of that south town slum.

I'm getting the seven older kittens from Lacomb fixed tomorrow! Yahoo! Whoopdeedodoo!

As for Willy, turns out these folks took him in to an Albany vet, and had someone there feel him up. That person at that clinic told them he wasn't neutered. Now, I beg to differ, but we'll see today, won't we?

I told my vet clinic the whole sad sordid twisted story and asked they do a bang up job of checking poor big Willy's rear situation out. They're going to pull his penis and check for barbs, the whole shebang. If he isn't totally neutered, tain't my fault. I took him in to the vet Feb. 4, 2008. That's when he got his eartip and was given the "I'm neutered" seal of vet approval. Shit happens, though.

I am traveling tomorrow with kittens to the Oregon coast to attend a NS clinic where the kittens, any I can round up, will be fixed, since clinic registration was low there.

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