Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Albany Females to Be Fixed Today

Today, I'm taking up three Albany females to be fixed. Afterwards, I am returning the nine Monroe cats. After that, Bad Black Teen Mom goes home. After that, I settle on names for the bathroom kittens and move them into the spare bedroom, after cleaning it thoroughly and disgarding the comforter Bad Black Teen Mom soiled the first two days she was here. It was on the bed in the spare bedroom and she used it as a litterbox, after which I had to cover the bed with a tarp.

I also hope to pick up the trap I left with the couple fostering the other four Millersburg kittens of Bad Black Teen Mom. They've had it awhile, said they were going to catch a male cat they fed, but never have.

I intend to look in on the kittens, then pick up a carrier loaned to the sisters who adopted White Girl, with the bad eyes. In the end, I had found out they have been feeding her way before I trapped her over there, and had tried to trap her once themselves, but the trap malfunctioned and she got out. After that, they said, she wouldn't go near a live trap. Seems odd because it took only ten minutes to trap her that Friday night. She must have been very hungry.

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