Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Willy is Indeed Prev Neut

Mr. Willy was of course already neutered. The news seemed anticlimactic, when I told them. It had played such a huge part of the story yesterday. I was disappointed by the muted reaction.

I have the second young orange mom and all seven older kittens, four oranges and three torti's in my bathroom. All 8 will be fixed tomorrow.

KATA will work in the kittens to adoption venues when they can and if I find any homes out of here, that's good too, because they have to be in my bathroom. This crimps my style and my styling (of hair, etc). Not that I am well groomed. One reason is I rarely have full use of my bathroom. Second teen orange mom will go home, once spayed.

AFter these 8, there will still be the muted torti and her four kittens, now only four weeks old, who need fixed. One thing at a time.

1 comment :

  1. I love love orange kittens - they are the most adorable of all!!! Hey, maybe you can just gather up the shedded kitten orange hair and glue it to yours for a new "do" - the orange kitten look....might catch on...not!
    as long as the don't hog the mirror....
    My cat loves to stare down the toilet as it if he's saying "where does it go? and why in swirly circles? "