Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neuterscooter Stops By. Fixes Seven Lacomb Kittens.

Below are photos of the three owned Albany female cats being fixed today.

When I got back from returning the nine cats, fixed yesterday, mostly kittens, to Monroe, there was a message from the Neuterscooter. They had sat outside my place for an hour, then left, since they are flying out of Portland tonight.

I called them. I was sad I'd missed them. I was hoping they would stop by and quickly fix the seven Lacomb kittens. When I called, they were still in Albany, having lunch. They talked about, then came right over. Within an hour and a half, they are gone, leaving behind seven fixed vaccinated kittens. One, the weakest smallest one, was tested and negative on Felk.

They're recuperating now in my bathroom, on a heated bed. The only problem was they were out of ink for their standard left ear NS tattoo, so these kittens got no tattoos. They were disappointed about that, but when you are out of tattoo ink, you are out.

They are on the road to Portland and will fly back home now to Indiana.

The last Oregon clinic they did was a couple days ago, in Brookings. They did 116 cats I think.

I also got a little bit of a lecture, from Oscar, who said "Jody, slow down. Take some time off. Don't do so much for people." Dr. Peavy said he wanted to say that because of the Albany Neuterscooter clinic where I nearly collapsed days end, from exhaustion.

They agreed however that the events surrounding the grange managers and the cats across from the grange, the last minute pressure to try to get some of them caught and done, me paying for it, were what led to my problems that day.

Two of the seven kittens are now already spoken for and will leave Thursday.


  1. Yay for the "spoken for " kittens!!!
    and so true about overdoing it! Jody-we so care about you but the cats and kittens and "creeps" you put yourself out for don't know the difference. You make the difference and we know it but, truly, give yourself a break!!

    take care,


    veri word" Dingi- another cool name!

    2nd veri word (I wasn't logged in)

  2. Oh my goodness - two gone already! Seems like we was just discussing names for them!

  3. Not gone yet, spoken for. Three of them now, maybe four! They've just had surgery, so they're here for a few more days, but some, half at least, are now spoken for. The NS vet insisted on coming to do them, knowing otherwise I'd have to wait another two weeks to put them up for adoption most likely. And I got one tested, which was good. They're already up and playing again. Can you believe that?