Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Illiterate About the Cause He Promotes

Click post title to go to a letter to the editor by a Lebanon man, promoting government health care. He states that medicare patients choose their doctors while HMOs' appoint them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr., but most doctors won't even take medicare patients. The local medicare HMO's and yes, medicare patients are under HMO's for the most part, choose doctors who will take quotas of the patients nobody else wants, the medicare and medicaid patients, due to low government reimbursement rates.

Often no doctors are taking new patients, let alone no new medicare patients and then you're in limbo if your doctor quits, until a space opens up and somebody will a few medicare patients.

The other disturbing piece of news is the supposedly voluntary police registry of those people designated "nutcases" bill being pushed through the legislature by an Albany legislator. So if the police encounter you, and you're on the registry as a mental case, the pie in the sky theory is they will treat you better or something. Supposedly this will be beneficial to the "mentals" and to the police.

That's baloney. The police knew who the mentals were in Corvallis and preyed upon them sometimes because they knew they were mentals and could get away with it. This won't help anybody. That's the reality. The fuzzy wuzzy pie in the sky everything is beautiful love everyone people have no clue about street reality.

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