Meet the Cats!

Since retiring (mostly) as a cat wrangler, once Poppa Inc. closed its spay neuter mission, I now dedicate my time to caring for the cats left here.  I ended up with cats from terrible situations I was "fixing", as a Poppa Inc. volunteer cat wrangler.  Most cats here I took in with dozens from the same situation, but was unable to adopt one or two of them out, for various reasons.  Many of the cats here are not senior citizens. My biggest challenge is vet care bills, and of vet care bills, the highest are for cat dental cleaning and extractions.

Once Poppa Inc. closed its spay neuter mission, they began to operate as Odd Cat Out, a cat sanctuary up in Sherwood, Oregon.  I, as an affiliate and former Poppa Inc. cat wrangler, am Odd Cat Out South.

I don't take in more cats.  But I am dedicated to caring for those I've taken in for the rest of their lives.  I could use your help.   If you'd like to donate cat food or litter, please contact me via comments on my blog.  They are screened and I can not post comments publicly if you prefer.  The cats here eat Costco Purple bag dry cat food along with Purina One Hairball dry cat food.  They also love their wet food and eat Friskies brand wet food.  We use wood pellet fuel for cat litter, the kind you'd burn in a pellet stove and comes in 40 lb bags.  

I often have a vet care fundraiser going through, with a link on the blogs' main page, right sidebar.

If you want to sponsor one of the cats with a monthly donation, we would love you.  You could donate $20 month or any amount a month, to provide food and vet care, cat treats and cat toys, for one particular cat.  Odd Cat Out South is an affiliate of Poppa Inc. and therefore your donation can be tax deductible if you wish.

What follows will be a list of the cats.  Your name will be added as a sponsor below that cat if you do become a sponsor.


The Elders

Deaf Miss Daisy:

Vision (now 20 years old):

Comet of Heatherdale

Spicer Boy Mooki (Comet's best friend):

Peeman Sam, a.k.a. Samwise:

Sam's best friend, Mums:

Tugs the Mischievous (Mums' sister, best friend to Starry and Slurpy)

Toothless Gretal:

And Poppy (also toothless):

There's Cheerful Chirpy Slurpy:

And dreamy Starry, from the swamp in N. Albany:

There's Starry's brother Nemo:

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