Friday, October 30, 2009


Lucy's back. The Wilsonville woman called me suddenly today to say the woman she adopted her to was bringing her back immediately. I told her to bring her kittens, then too, because it sounded like the lovable loving Lucy had turned into a stressed out monster, like me today.

So she comes down this evening, while I'm trying get ready to go tomorrow, stressing me out. I didn't want to take another cat while I'm stressed and trying to get ready to go tomorrow. And she didn't bring the kittens, which would have helped both Lucy and me.

So, I'm trying to get ready to go, something I should have done during the afternoon, but couldn't due to getting caught up in Lucy's return, minus her kittens, which I thought were coming too, which would have made life easier on calming down Lucy, who has been passed around way too much, and on me, in dealing with a stressed adult cat who misses her kittens. Well anyhow.

Also, my printer broke down today and I had not yet printed up my flight ticket for tomorrow's transport of Tiny Tim to his new home. I rushed to Corvallis, to get a new cartridge since an error code indicated the black cartridge was defective. I know what happened. Miss Daisy has been sneaking in her, and crunching down on top of the printer and paper tray. Last time she did so, I heard a nasty crunch. I still have not got the printer working despite the new black cartridge, which Rapid Refill, when I explained my urgent need to get the printer working and why, donated the new refilled black cartridge. Anyhow, am about to try to get a page to print. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow is going to be an incredibly long day for me. But an exciting day. I will be leaving very early and getting home, if I catch a very tight Seattle connection, after 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The flight down is only 2 1/2 hours. The flight back is through Seattle.

I will meet with Kate and Ned, Tiny Tim's new family, go to lunch with them, quickly, get back to the airport to check in and be gone. My big vacation for the decade! Ha! Three hours in Huntington Beach. I plan to have a good time in that mini vacation, I tell you. It is a better vacation than zero hours, don't you think?

And I am happy Tiny Tim is getting a great home with good people.

Boy there have been some freak fatal accidents lately. Yesterday, two twin brothers pulling a trailer behind their SUV, cut a corner and hit the back of a T-bird. A man was working on the front of the T-bird, and was crushed when the trailer struck it, and the T-bird rolled over him and came to rest on top of him.

Today, a woman goes in to get her hair done, at a salon in the front of Fred Meyer and doesn't make it home alive. An old woman hits the gas instead of the brake and plows through the window of the salon at high speed, even going through a brick wall. The Albany woman killed was pinned between the old woman's car and a sink.

Just goes to show you, any of us could die any second. I better stop complaining about anything, like I have been, and enjoy every second alive I get.

Rent This Movie "The Island"

I rented a movie called "The Island". Not only are the special effects and action sequences spectacular, but whomever filmed the movie was extremely skilled. The shot angles are artistic, beautiful, creative. But the plot, oh the plot is wonderful. I will say no more. Go rent "The Island".

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passive Aggressive Letter

I haven't checked my mail in awhile. I get a letter in the mail, anonymous. Every word spelled correctly, using all the cat lingo familiar to people who work in rescue, trap ferals or in shelters. This is someone who knows me, but is too much of a wuss to give a name. Why? Either because they've screwed me over before or because they don't want to get involved, want someone else to do all the work, make all the effort, incur the costs of housing another Albany cat.

Pisses me off. Hey, passive aggressive piece of work, you're reading, because you know me and I have good idea already who you are.

The letter included $30, with another passive aggressive statement: "Guess I'll have to trust that you will use it to help this cat." That's passive aggression, asshole.

You don't have the courage to use your name, because you know me, and you're lazy, don't want to do the work to catch, fix, treat, vaccinate and find a home for this cat. Asshole. You want someone else to do it. Cut the crap. If you write again, that letter will be refused.

The handwriting is very distinctive.

Hey you piece of cowardly garbage, testing alone would cost me over $60. Do you know that? Of course you do, that's why you're a non involvement passive aggressive specialist. "you do the work and pay the costs" that's what you are, a lazy passive aggressive asshole.

You know me. You know my address. But you are a COWARD who shoves work off onto others. And you've screwed me over before, or you would have included your name. That makes the short list of who sent this very short indeed.

You want to be helpful? Then find him a home, then I'll trap the cat. YOU FIND HIM a HOME to go to, asshole, or I do nothing. Got that? lazy passive aggressive pass the buck look the other way "I don't get involved" asshole?

Four Cats Fixed Today and Lucy's New Owners Don't Want Her

Lucy's nice home in WA state isn't working. They don't want her. They say she is too aggressive with their adult male. Well, they didn't follow introduction protocol, nor do they seem to realize she's been taken from her kittens and gone through a great deal lately. She's hormonal and came down with mastitis, too, I was told. So no, she's not going to want an adult male anywhere near her.

But does she get along with other cats? You bet. She coexisted well, with her kittens, as a stray, with over a dozen other cats, some not fixed. She co-existed well here, with my cats, while nursing kittens, which is unusual. So my guess is she is stressed to the hilt, from all that has gone on. She's coming back, first to Wilsonville, then home to me.

That will be next week. I'll bring home one of her kittens, too, so she'll feel better.

Four cats were fixed today, all boys, from the Corvallis Seven.

I cleaned my gutters. It was a dirty filthy yukky job, but it had to be done. I also bought bolt cutters and cut off those damn cable ropes, then lowered the cat wire so I could get to the gutter on the cat yard side, and get the leaves off the cat yard wire with ease. It got down and am I ever glad about that.

I called the City of Albany to see what they have planned for leaf pickup this year. Last year was a big fiasco. They decided to save money and have the city do it with front end loaders and dump trucks, and it took so much longer than they realized, that I don't know if leaves were ever picked up in some areas. I never knew when they'd come, if they did, and the leaves I piled by the curb blew into huge messes.

This year, it's back to the disposal company doing it. In Corvallis, they're at it now, weekly. But not in Albany. Leaf pickup will occur only three times and the first leaf pickup isn't for two more weeks. But, with high winds and rain, many leaves, including those off my maple are now on the ground, in huge piles everywhere, and there is nowhere to take them. Two more weeks. Unbelievable. Albany needs to figure out when leaf fall begins a little better.

I call it the Albany leaf fiasco.

Well, there's nothing that can be done about it. I am going to put them by the curb and what will be will be. If any haven't blown away in two weeks, they can get picked up.

I feel very guilty taking Happy and Lucy with her three kittens to that Wilsonville woman. She has little space, even less money and no way to adopt out cats. I tried to get her to let me take some of them back yesterday, when I took up cats to be fixed, but she said it was ok. But it isn't. I need to take them back, I know. It is so hard to find cats homes these days.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seven Cats Fixed Today

The male, I think, of three tabby tuxes fixed today, from Corvallis Seven group.
I think this was one of the two tabby tux females.
And I think this was the other female.
This fuzzy gray teen male, was fixed today, from the Corvallis Five group.
This cute fuzzy blue point male Siamese teen was fixed today, from the Corvallis Four, although their mom was fixed last week. That would make this group more accurately called the Corvallis Five. The mom was a chocolate point Siamese.
This was the only female of the four fixed today from the Corvallis Five.
This is the Corvallis Five adult male, fixed today.

Seven cats, all from Corvallis, all craigslist contacts, were fixed today. I have four more going in tomorrow from one of these situations. They had seven in all needing fixed. Two girls and one boy were fixed from the Corvallis Seven group today, while a male and thee teens, two boys and a girl, were fixed from the other Corvallis situation. The mom of the teens was fixed last week.

Since Sunday, including tomorrow, 17 area cats will have been fixed this week. That's not bad for one week. I hope Poppa's budget is holding out. I'm trying to think of ways to make money for Poppa Inc. The numbers of cats in this area alone, fixed through Poppa funds, is astounding. Yet I can't seem to get any publicity for Poppa in these parts.

Tiny Tim passed his vet check this morning with flying colors. He is good to go on Saturday. I am getting extra sleep every night so the transfer of ownership goes very smoothly.

As for the Nebraska cats, still working on it.
I found this spay neuter clinic that isn't that far from the location she gave. It's in Colorado and sounds great!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Four Cats Fixed Today

The Wilsonville woman also took in a calico mom and her two orange tabby female kittens. I believe they were found in a wrecked car.
One of the orange tabby girls.

This is the calico mom of the two orange tabby girls.
Happy, a male kitten, formerly of 18th street in Albany, was fixed Monday and now is up for adoption.
This is the Philomath male, Diamond, fixed yesterday.
The last cat from Clover Ridge, fixed Sunday at the FCCO clinic.
One of two Sweet Home Calico kittens fixed yesterday.This is the other Sweet Home calico kitten fixed yesterday.
Sweet Home black male kitten, fixed yesterday.

I took two cats to one clinic and two, kittens, to another today, to be fixed. Three of the cats were from Sweet Home while one was a male from Philomath trapped by a dear friend of mine. She has a collector who lives nearby, so, bless her heart, she cleans up after these folks, who don't know how much heart and money a neighbor has put into dealing with the consequences of their actions.

So two boys, today, and two girls. All went back home end of day.

I've been communicating with a Nebraska woman. She can't find help. A neighbor man died and left at least ten unfixed cats behind. She's been feeding them, but knows little about cats and is appalled there are no programs to help in that area. She has called the big wig outfits she has donated to for years: namely, Alley Cat Allies. She has received no call back and finally searched the web and found my website. Today, I was about to ship her a trap, out of frustration, that there is no help there at all, to get cats fixed and low cost spay neuter is considered to be $80, even for a feral. She has no money. I am going to find a way to get those cats fixed, I tell you. I will. I am determined. This woman wants to do the right thing and that determination needs rewarded. With action. Not talk. And fancy websites.

So, once she finds a vet and gets a price list, I will be putting out a plea, from Oregon, to help a woman in Nebraska and I hope we can all gang up on this situation and get it resolved, long distance no less. She did finally find someone who might be able to loan her two traps, so I'm holding off on shipping her one for now. I'm not messing around. I have every intention of getting this woman's situation resolved any way I have to do it. Who's in?

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cats for Tomorrow

I thought I had the cats all lined up to take up to be fixed tomorrow. Someone in Lebanon was actually going to take their own three up. Then some Sweet Home folks were bringing three more down. And a Philomath woman trapped another male. That would have been seven and I was worried about overloading my vet.

Then came the crash. The Lebanon woman cancelled, just now in fact, at 9:30 at night, too late to find replacements. The Sweet Home three are kittens, not suitable to be fixed at the regular vet, who requires cats to be four to five pounds. That means I went from seven cats to one cat. Sad.

The SH three will have to go all the way up to Wilsonville because they're just kittens.

My TV is back to showing all channels I used to get, limited basic, at least. Yay! The problem ended just as suddenly as it began. I don't know what caused that glitch but it was interesting, I'll have to say. Veeerrry Interesting.

I generally blame my cats for strange happenings because I figure they probably somehow caused it. I think they caused this one, too. I don't know how they did it, but I know it was them.

Keni, Poppa Inc.'s pres, who came down from Beaverton to help place housing units for the cats inside the Corvallis homeless camp, haul in food for the homeless, and try to trap more kittens who have appeared, got Poison Oak, for her reward, and has one eye swollen shut. I couldn't find anyone at all around here to help, so good old Keni came all the way down to help. Heart of gold, she has, and now she has poison oak!

Despite bathing in the remnants of my technu after emerging, filthy and torn up from the camps this time around, I now also have poison oak. I have one spot between my boobs and one spot on one boob. But then, I've had Poison Oak on and off all summer, from going in and out of those camps and getting scratched up by berry vines while in there searching out kittens and trying not to step in human crap, which is everywhere. No big deal to endure another round.

Every Channel on my TV, even the ones I'm not supposed to get, Broadcast same Station

I am in awe. I'm not sure what happened, but about twenty minutes ago, I went into the kitchen. I had been half watching something on TV, while cleaning. But, in the kitchen, I could hear the channel had changed. I figured the cats stepped on the remote. I go in, pick up the remote and try to change the channel back. But the same station is on every single channel! America's Funniest Home Videos, like some Halloween nightmare, on every single channel right up to the highest channel I could get on my TV--99. It is coming in on channels that are snow channels for me usually, with limited basic cable. Not anymore! The channel that has taken over my set is PDX tv.

I call a tech guy I know. He said to disconnect the cable and try to hook a makeshift antenna to the cable outlet, like a wire and hold it up. I do so and get flickers in the snow field on Channel 7, which, without cable, would be PBS. So tech guy doesn't know what's going on, but doesn't think it's my TV, thinks its likely comcast. So I call them. They are intersted to say the least. They say maybe they'll get lots of calls about this problem soon, but until then, too bad. And they said, maybe it's your TV. Yeah, I'm sure it's my TV, comcast. It always is. Like that last time, remember? Hohohhoohoooo.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

80 Cats Fixed

I went to the FCCO clinic today in Corvallis. I think about 80 cats were fixed. I had only one reservation. That was to go for a Millersburg stray male, but those folks failed to catch him, saying he didn't show up Friday or Saturday nights.

But, fortunately, I got a call from the Albany people feeding the last two abandoned cats of 20 left behind by a tenant. I had taken the orange male to the Neuterscooter to be fixed, but they had been unable to catch the female. She'd been trapped before by another party, who then, for some reason, released her. So, I finally showed them how to selectively trap by tying a fishline to the trap door, running it up through an eye hook screwed into a crack, then in through their patio door, which can be closed and even locked over fishline.

They finally cut the line when both the orange boy and the female were in the trap yesterday. I went and trasnferred the male out and took the female to the clinic today. She was spayed and that ends the need for further trapping in that location, as all the cats are now fixed.

The clinic seemed to go quickly and smoothly. I signed on for cage cleaning morning shift. There were no gloves to use or even brushes in the cage cleaning supplies, which was lame. They did have one pair of ultra small gloves that would not fit on my hands. I tried using latex gloves but they just kept tearing on the traps.

When my shift was over, by then, most of the cats were done. I slept in my car a couple hours and by then, the kitty was spayed and I left. I was so tired today and tonight, too. Hope I am not catching the flu. I slept on my couch awhile, watched amazing race, fell asleep again, and now am going to bed.

The woman who was fostering the black female, from downtown Albany, and her three kittens, now seven weeks old, found a great home for Lucy, the mom cat, although they now call her Ginny. She is indoor only and lives in WA state now. She has found a home for the little black tux male kitten too, once he is fixed, leaving her three kittens from here, who will need homes, once fixed: Happy, from 18th street, then Sunshine and Tiger Lily, the two Under the House girl kittens from Lucy, a.k.a. Ginny.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photos of the Four Cats Fixed Yesterday

They were one girl and three boys. The folks who cared for them just picked them up to take them to a new barn home, since they are moving. They also borrowed my relocation cages, which I am happy to provide for such an endeavor.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

The couple, who have fed some strays, and are now moving, caught four of them. They have a barn home already found and set up to receive these kittys. They're a very nice couple.

I'm stiff and sore today. Keni, Poppa's Pres., came down again to help out trapping at the homeless camp. We were told there are at least four kittens still roaming the camps plus one adult female, at least. We set traps, brought in food for the homeless, and laboriously carried in some housing units for the cats, to try to keep them out of the campers tents. Some of them get annoyed when the cats try to come into their tents to play or keep warm. But, for a couple of beat up old cat women, carrying one of them in, down a slippery bank, and along the muddy bank to place we could get up the other side, was a bit of a strain on injured joints.

We got it done! The only cats I caught, however, were already fixed. One I caught was one I'd gotten fixed two years ago. I had not seen him since. The cats are like ghosts there, in the huge area. Trying to locate the kittens proved impossible yesterday, but we gave it a good try.

Today, a storm has hit and is blowing all the leaves off the trees out back. I spent an hour whacking the wet leaves burdening down the cat yard wire, off of it. I had sworn I would rig a solution before fall came and I didn't. Me bad.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad News for Linn County. Paper Plant to Close. 230 good jobs gone.

Click post title to go to story about the sudden announcement that the Millersburg paper plant will close, leaving 230 people without work. They were family wage to really good family wage jobs.

The paper plant, the article states, was the biggest property taxpayer in Linn County. Of course, I guess since the company will still own the property, until they find a buyer, they'll still have to pay those property taxes. At least there's that.

In the meantime, that's a lot of high wage jobs to lose. Linn County already has higher than average unemployment. Very sad.


One of the two orange and white boys didn't come out of anesthesia well. I took him back to his owner, but by 8:00, she called and wanted me to come get him. So he came here. I gave him fluids, a bit of nutrical by mouth, had him on a heating pad and he's up now, finally, at 3:00 a.m. but still not quite out of it.

I fell alseep on the couch about 10:00 p.m. Just woke up and checked on him, did my dishes.

The poor little boy is crawling in fleas. The woman told me she thought he'd get free flea treatment and worming today, too. I don't know where she got that idea, maybe from her friend, who referred her, for whom I got 10 ferals fixed. Don't know.

I was supposed to be up early this morning, because Keni is coming down, to again help me with the homeless camp, since I can't find anybody to help down here.

And tonight, I'm supposed to help a woman trap four cats she feeds to be fixed, then relocated to the barn home of a friend of her daughters. They are moving, you see, and didn't want to leave these strays they fed without anybody. She said the landlord there traps strays left behind by tenants and has them killed. She doesn't want the cats she feeds killed.

I also ran into the daughter of some folks I got cats fixed for out on highway 20. She said they were moving. When I asked, "You're not leaving the cats behind, are you?" She said, "Well, yes." I came home upset, looked up their number and called the house, explained who I was and asked if they were indeed going to abandon their cats when they moved. It was another daughter who lives on the north coast who answered the phone and said "I'm not leaving them. I'm taking them home with me." I said, "That's a relief. Thank you."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos of the Six Cats

These two boys were dumped as very young kittens along a road. Fortunately a kind woman and her grandson saved them.
This female hails from Corvallis!
This is one of five more huge and I mean HUUUUGGGGEEE males the Jefferson woman has been feeding, the latest in years of strays showing up hungry and otherwise unwanted at her doorway. She has tried to get as many fixed as she can over countless years. She tries to find kittens homes. But she's getting old now and worn out and broke, living on a fixed income and needs help with the latest five to show up, three of whom I caught.
This is another of the four huge males to arrive at this old woman's house, requesting assistance and food, in the last months.
The old woman thinks this cat is the female who had one kitten, when dumped off along the road a few feet from her door last spring. She has the kitten, now a teen, inside her place. She will be fixed a little later. To me, this very large cat, has a very male appearance. UPDATE: the brown tabby is indeed a male.

Tiny Tim is Going to Huntington Beach!

My brother is donating his miles to transport Tiny Tim to his new home. This is very exciting. Even the vet clinic is excited for him. He will get his health cert for travel the same day his stitches are removed. And, if all goes as planned, a week from Saturday, Tiny Tim will be flying south, not just for the winter either.

What a nice ending for a nice kitty. No more flopping along Albany sidewalks in the dark, to gulp food on a porch.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Six Cats to be Fixed Tomorrow?

Guess I've rounded up six cats to take in tomorrow. An old woman I've trapped for before, years ago though, called the vet clinic, wanting help. Five more had showed up. I set traps then went back late and according to her, the three I caught are three of the five new arrivals she has been feeding. So that's good.

Two more boys from Albany are going in and a Corvallis female.

I've been distracted lately I guess, still in turmoil over the loss of that white female I thought went to such a good home. Not knowing what they did to her has me in tears sometimes still, and I wake in nightmares some nights. I hope that woman doesn't get more cats. I don't know what is going on with her but it scares me, in a way, to think of those cats at her mercy, and what happened to them, she won't say. And what if she is out getting more. I think about that, too.

Tiny Tim is doing just fine, on the plus side, and so is the mom, with her kittens, now in foster. There are those good things at least. I try to get my mind away from thinking about the white female. When I am tired, or alone too long, the despair over it bubbles through.

It's a complicated and dangerous world out there and I often do not understand it. I want to believe people and believe in people. Some people are masters in the art of manipulation, theiving, lying, and doing monstrous things with no remorse. I can't understand such minds.

The web has made life easier for cat rescues. But in some ways, the web has become a web of lies so deep how can a simple person be expected to untangle the truth? I don't know who I am talking to on the web these days. I don't know if someone is giving their real name, and I never trust a stranger contacting me anymore on the web that they are telling the truth. That's the way the world works now, unfortunately.

But it is especially common in the anonymous enabling freedom of the web. People unleash and their true nature can be seen. What are you like on the web? Do you hide in anonymous commenting and posts and fake name e-mails to vent your internal conflicts and wrath and self righteousness? Do you?

When you can do and say things where nobody will every know its' you, how do you behave? Because what you do and say when nobody knows defines clearly who you are.

So I guess it's six cats tomorrow, at least. I thought I'd have none.

Who's Going to LA? Tiny Tim Needs a Ride to His New Home?

Long time blog reader and cat lover, Kate, from Huntington Beach, would love to adopt Tiny Tim. And I would love him to be with her. I would know how well he would be cared for with Kate. And loved. I would never worry about him again.

But, she lives south of LA. How to get Tiny Tim, from Albany, OR, to Huntington Beach. I don't think my car would make it, without some breakdowns along the way. Their car won't make it up here either, similar issues.

So, what cat lover out there is headed south to the LA area, for whatever reason, in the near future? Anyone?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Six Kittens Fixed Today

I took up six kittens to be fixed today. I was unaware I had appointments down here, too. That was a mix up. I had meant to tell them no appointments today, but probably got mixed up in so doing. They were gracious about my mistake.

The six kittens were three from the Clover Ridge mom cat, abandoned by tenants with her seven two day old kittens. Three of them got fixed today. Three more were from a household on College Park. They said they found the three dariling long hair tortis dumped outside and took them in. They are unbelievably cute!

I stopped in and said hello to Happy, who is doing very well, and, of course, very happy, where he is in foster. Mom and her three from downtown Albany, are also in foster there and doing just fine. It was nice to see them again.

Tiny Tim is taking over the place. He's laid back, easy going and likes to sleep cuddled next to me in bed, provoking intense jealousy however, among some of my crowd. I have be sneaky to do it, which is just so wrong.

Anyhow, Tiny Tim is doing great.

All is well in Catland.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Under the House Kittens Video

Tiny Tim

First it was Flat Tire, then Wheelie, but at the vets' suggestion, Tripod gray boy now has a sticking name: Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim came home minus one leg. His knee was crushed. The cause, big dog attack.

He'll be on pain meds and antibiotics for a week. The Vet said likely he'd be up walking by tomorrow. He's still out of it under anesthesia and growling at me.

Black mom cat and her three kittens went to the fosterer, who came down, despite the storm raging, to get the three kittens, but ended up taking mom too. The kittens need her for a few more weeks. Then the family decided also to foster Happy, who darted around their feet, expertly batting a ping pong ball between his front paws, as he ran. The kitten has talent.

He is three oz short of neuter weight, but has gained six oz since he came here, which was just over a week ago. And he lives up to the name I gave him: Happy. He's just always Happy. The kids want to play with him. The kid who came down with his step mom is a self described geek and straight A student. I could tell.

So whether they will foster him for a week until he reaches neuter weight, have him neutered, then find him a home, or perhaps he will return here for adoption, once he's neutered, I don't know yet. But in the meantime, he will get a lot of new experiences, ---play with kids, other kittens and an old patient dog. This will only make him stronger and better. Kittens and young cats need to experience all sorts of things, in a safe manner, while young to become flexible self sufficient well rounded adult cats. Just like human kids.

I'm back to the usual number here, except for Tiny Tim, still lurching around overcoming anesthesia. I slept a record nine hours last night and that felt good. I will do more sleeping today and tonight. I am already looking forward to my bed. It looks so attractive and seems to have magnetic properties. It's pulling me to it and I can't resist!

I get so tired sometimes, I see objects differently. A table becomes something I could clear with a sweep of my arm, then fall asleep atop. A stack of dog food bags at a vet clinic is almost irresistible to me, when I'm exhausted, and waiting. I want to line them up and fall asleep atop them. The dry dog food contents would even out and conform to my body, I imagine, like a memory foam mattress would.

I can't resist a barn full of hay anymore. I don't want arrested for trespassing to commit sleep, but I do celebrate quietly if someone, with a barn stacked in hay bales, calls, needing cats trapped. I like to climb to near the top, nestle in among the bales and doze off. Grass seed bags stacked on pallets to the ceiling in warehouses make such wonderful comfy beds, I found too, that I lust after such a place to sleep right now, when I remember.

But a plain old mattress in a plain wood house right now is pulling me to it. That's just fine, too. Not as comfortable or romantic and lazy as hay bale beds on a warm afternoon, or grass seed bag beds, where a jiggle and a wiggle settles the seed like a glove around me to doze into a peaceful undisturbed lazy sleep. But with the cats piled around and on top of me, my mattress bed on the floor in the corner, comes real close.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Unbelievable Response for Gray Kitty

I've been worn out and tire, but right now, my spirit is soaring. Because of the response to help a gray kitty with an injury, who came flopping up an Albany sidewalk at just the right time.

THANK YOU so much to all who have responded by calling in donations to the clinic. Wheelie is getting surgery tomorrow. The vet is going to try to repair the knee. If he can't, he'll amputate the leg. He wanted to be sure the cat would be getting after care somewhere, however. I said "Of course he will. If nowhere else, right here with me."

Kay in NY called in a donation!!! Thank you, Kay! Bev in Newburg called in a donation. So did Jane in ENGLAND! And Melodie in Sublimity. There may have been others and I will post their names when I find that out, because I love you, for helping out this cat and for making me feel not alone. I appreciate this greatly!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caught Wheelie, the Injured Gray Male

I caught him tonight, with the drop trap. But now, what to do with him and his injured rear leg.

He's tame. Unneutered. I have no money.

What to do with the poor boy. His leg needs X-rayed for starts, to see what's going on. I'll have that done, at least. Not sure what that will cost me.

The little girl gray kitten looks a whole lot like him. My guess: whomever abandoned the black female, abandoned him, too. Bet they are brother and sister, the black female and the gray male. I will bet you! Bet both were abandoned by same asshole.

UPDATE: He's up at the clinic. The vet will do an exam under anesthesia, since he's going to be neutered anyhow. The tech said "Well, maybe it's a torn ACL, on his knee." If so, she said, he'll need three months of cage rest. Her own cat incurred that injury. If, under exam, they feel it is something else, I authorized X-rays, as a start. We'll see.

UPDATE: The clinic just called. They did have to do an X-ray. His patella is behind his knee, not in front, so his rear leg cannot operate in any normal fashion. The vet felt any knee surgery would fail, most likely, and that it is an older injury. How old, he doesn't know. He does not think he was hit by a car, but rather suffered direct trauma to a specific part of that leg, likely being kicked or fell.

The vet feels he could be fine in an indoor only home, certainly though, not scampering around trying to survive on the streets. And if the people who adopted him had the money, they could either have the leg amputated, if need be, or the knee surgery repair could be attempted.

So, for today, he's getting off easy. He had X-rays, exam, shots, tested and was neutered. I think the bill will be about $200, just guessing though. Now, to find the guy a home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mom and Kittens

This is the mom and kittens from down town Albany. The mom is tame and was abandoned then had kittens under some people's house. The gray female kitten and the male black tux were the two I grabbed when crawling around under the house. I netted the little black female kitten today, when returning the males fed at the same house, as strays outside.

It is tragic so many cats are left behind or dumped out by Albany residents. It can break your heart to see these sad cases. I have nowhere for this mom. I wish I had somewhere they could go together, but I don't have such a place. There is someone up north willing to foster the kittens, but they can't take mom.

Hard Hard Hard

Another sad case tonight. The woman whose mom cat and kittens, along with an adult male, I took to be fixed last week (where Happy came from) called tonight. She said she'd had a stray female come into her garage, dying and severely dehydrated. She wanted to know if I had fluids, which I did. I went over. She grabbed the bag from me. She's a former vet tech she said.

She was drunk tonight and while I was there, trying to help the cat, her already drunk boyfriend rode up on a bike. She immediately went out to join him on the street. I didn't know what to do. It was a neutered brown tabby male, severely emaciated and dehydrated.

After fluids, he seemed to breath better, but he is in dire shape. You can't really say why, just looking. He could have diabetes, hyperthyroidism, FIV, Felk, kidney failure, been poisoned, you just don't know. She called the police, to ask them to take him away. I guess there's a fund through SafeHaven so injured or sick strays can be treated. But then what, you know, so most are likely euthanized. There's no shelter in this county. These poor abandoned cats have absolutely nowhere to go.

The woman wanted me or a neighbor to take him. I said I couldn't that I have too many now, including one of hers. She was angry about that then, and her boyfriend wanted him dumped out "He's just a stray cat, not our problem," he'd say.

The woman slammed her garage door closed, cat inside, drunk boyfriend inside too. I left.

I fear the boyfriend will convince a former vet tech to dump out a cat, maybe on his last legs, abandoned by others, to die on the cold concrete of this cold world.

Maybe her heart will win out.

All the hard cases are getting to me lately. Sometimes I just break down and sob lately.

So many people in this area I meet over cats are alcoholics or addicts. I wonder often if there are people who are not addicts or alcoholics around here. I don't seem to run into people without addiction issues. There must be those without them in Albany. Somewhere.

I couldn't take in that poor male kitty. But I am hoping very much that woman will help him, at least give him shelter as he dies. She cared enough to try to help him. If Drunk Boyfriend hadn't come over, I know she would have followed through. I hope she is strong enough to follow her heart, not Mr. Drunk's apathetic appeals to push him out.

Old Woman Colony Kitty: Not a Mom Cat

The last cat, supposedly, from the old woman's colony, allegedly the mom of the four kittens I already took in to be fixed, turned out to be a male. That unknown Siamese I photographed, that's going to be the mom of the kittens. I am working on ideas to catch her.

My knees are a wreck of bruises today, from being under the house. I have two very sore ribs, probably from when I came down on a pipe under there I hadn't seen. I'll heal, but boy am I worn out. I've been sick for about ten days, a cold first or the flu, I don't know. Then I've got irritible bowel and my stomach has been very painful of late.

I found someone willing to foster the two kittens from under that house. I am very happy about that. She'll take the third, too, if I catch it.

I've been doing exercises every night, to loosen up and to get in shape. Seems to be a slow process, but I think it's helping. Otherwise, cutting those tree branches, then pulling them through the overhead wire into the yard and some were very large, would have put me in more spinal cord and muscle pain. So I think the work outs are helping me.

I trashed my newest old tennis shoes under that house, so yesterday I washed them. In the meantime, since rain has hit, and some cold, I couldn't really wear my sandals while I wait for my shoes to dry.

I found an old pair of tennies in a corner of my closet. I can't remember what happened to them, but they're really hard, crusted hard you might say. I wore them yesterday and they didn't hurt my feet that badly. Today the other pair are dry now, so I can wear them.

I'm getting old. I've met a lot of people who retired younger than I am now. I think they're mainly state workers or military.

My front yard next year will be a garden, for food. I want to produce more of my own food. The front yard is the only place that gets sun. I figure squash are the most bang for buck, and beans. Squash grow very easily and you can dry the seeds which are high in protein, to eat all winter.

UPDATE: I just caught the last kitten over there and have the kittens and mom in my bathroom. The mom will be spayed and returned. I think I have someone who will take the three kittens. She is very nice and lives up north and loves cats.

I am trying very much to move on from the missing Clover Ridge kitty. It does no good to dwell on it much further. That is why I removed the post about the situation. It's just too painful for me to think about. In the process, at least I met a nice man in Salem, who has done a little bit of rescue, the one the woman claimed she took the female to, but in fact didn't. He seems like a very kind hearted person.

When I returned the male, who was supposed to be a female, to the Lebanon colony, the old woman confessed to confusion over which cat might have hung out with the kittens. The problem is that so many look alike and the clinic where she got some of them fixed, did not eartip the cats. So with so many who look so much alike, that can create confusion very easily. So, I will help her trap all the uneartipped adults and we will figure it out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seven Cats Fixed Today

The S. Albany female, taken in as a stray, now being fixed today.
The former Lacomb kittens, now teens in N. Albany, fixed today.
One of the orange sisters.
The Lebanon male, up being neutered today.
One of the strays fed in Albany, caught last night, being fixed today.
The only survivor of a calico's litter, black tux teen, being fixed today. I'll get that calico.

In the midst of the drama over the white female from Clover Ridge, I was also rounding up cats last night. Seven are up being fixed today.

One is the last cat, maybe, from the old woman Lebanon colony.

One is a male from a very disabled old Lebanon woman.

Two more are former Lacomb kittens, among 14 fixed from three females and their offspring. These are the last two. The Lacomb folks adopted two out to a N. Albany couple. Today, the two girls are being fixed.

One is a black female, taken in as a stray, in south Albany.

Two are from a downtown Albany house. I've trapped so many cats there before. They feed all the neighborhood strays and throw aways. They said a calico had had a litter, with only one survivor. And a black tame female, abandoned nearby, showed up pregnant and had three kittens under their house.

I went intending I guess to get the two females. I ending up trapping the calico's teenage offspring, but not the calico and a big yellow male, of which there are many the couple feeds. I caught orange males there before and now it appears there are two more to catch there, besides the one from late last night so huge I could barely lift the trap, at that point, I was so exhausted.

You see, I spent a good share of last scuttling around after four week old kittens under their house. I'd put their black tame mom into a carrier and thought the kittens would be young enough to easily grab. TWo were. I found them crouched inside insulation under the house. They hissed and spit at me, crawling around on my stomach under there in the dark and the dirt and the cobwebs.

But the black one was far more independent and scrambled to the far end of the underside of the house. I had to get him, or turn loose mom. I spent the next hour chasing a fleet footed black shadow under that house by flashlight, on my stomach. I never caught him and finally gave up and turned loose mom. I brought the other two home. For now. I can't keep two more. I have to bottle feed them, but not much because they are eating soft food.

I had my remote control trap set up due to the numbers of fixed cats already there. I'd caught the black tux teen using it and had set it up again. Suddenly, from the down the street, comes this bizarre image==a cat flopping along, with one rear leg useless, apparently detached at the hip. It was unbelievable to see that poor gray male, unneutered, in that condition.

He went into the trap and I flipped the remote sender switch. Nothing! The remote sender unit had failed to send the signal. Frustrated, I tried to sneak up to spring the trap manuelly. The cat saw me last second and zipped out, running at full speed, or full flop speed, down the sidewalk.

I was upset with myself. Not only had I missed one kitten after two and a half hours under a house on my stomach in the dirt, but now I'd missed a badly injured cat due to equipment failure. I was totally exhausted and filthy by this time.

I came home and had trouble sleeping due to pain, from my scuttling under the house, and worry, over the Clover Ridge kitty.

But at least seven more cats will not be reproducing in and around Albany and Lebanon. After delivering the cats to the clinic, I slept most of the day. I needed it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Caught the last cat?

I spent yesterday pruning four limbs off one of the two maples, to reduce leaf fall on the roof, thus avoiding gutter clog, at least some gutter clog. Just four limbs, one of them small, produced a massive pile of branches and leaves, since each limb I cut off, with the plastic sawzall, whose battery does not last long, had many small off branches. I have been cutting them up, ever since, a little bit at a time, as the battery dies and is recharged and dies again. I then take the cut up branches to a woman who heats her place using a wood stove. She needs the wood.
It was easier to cut small holes in the chicken wire topping the cat yard, around each branch, then, drag the branch through into the cat yard, once cut. It wasn't that easy, however, and I had to get creative in some instances, to get the branch to fall where I wanted it to fall, before I pulled it on through. I then patched the cat yard topwire holes.

Is this the last cat? This is the one I drop trapped today at the Lebanon colony. But after spotting the Siamese two houses down, I now have serious doubts. Check out the Siamese forhead markings. These cats are related.
The mystery Siamese, over near the old woman's colony. No eartip!
Happy, the littlest kitten from the 18th street mom cat, now fixed, who had four kittens. I got three fixed, but Happy, was too little. He's here now, trying to get big. Then he'll be fixed and up for adoption. Happy is a sweetheart!

I had the old woman in Lebanon withhold food last night. I went up this morning, with the drop trap, intent on catching the last cat, the cat she says is the mother of the four kittens I already took in to be fixed.

I have taken in six cats from, there the four teens, from the mother's last batch plus two other young cats. The other two, Dirt Eater and another black and white, were roam ins.

The mother's sister, who looks much like her, is not eartipped. The old woman, however, swears she is fixed. The Siamese is eartipped and she calls her "the grandma of all". I set up the drop trap so I could yank the string from inside her place. I watched the trap from from a high window, inside, using a mirror I taped to a mop handle.

Finally, after about every other cat had eaten, the mother cat wandered under the trap. I went to the window and yanked the cord, pulling the stick out that held it up. I did so blind, not able to see the trap. But we caught her. I covered the drop trap then transferred her out into a tomahawk trap.

We celebrated briefly. But as I drove off, two houses down, out front, I see a different Siamese, coming out from beneath one of the many rusted out cars encrusted in berry vines. The house looks haunted and houses a collector. I was told by a different neighbor, once, when the fire department came, to get the person out of there, who had a medical issue, it took them an hour just to clear a path through junk to get to the person. I believe it, seeing the overgrown junk enshrouded ill maintained house from the outside.

It's the type of house neighbor kids, at least in my era, would dare each other to run up and touch something on the door or porch, because it looks haunted and overgrown and scary from the outside.

Seeing that other Siamese, knowing this cat in a trap in my car has huge feet and looks kind of male to me, made me wonder. I wondered if the other Siamese is really their mom. The old woman said the grandma of all, the Siamese, was always with the kittens and she couldn't figure that out, since the grandma of all is long fixed. "Unless," she said, "they didn't really fix her."

That can happen, but it isn't likely. If indeed she saw the Siamese primarily with the kittens, when they were little, because the old woman has bad eyes, maybe it was the Siamese I saw when leaving, who has no eartip, in front of the haunted house, two houses down.

Seems to never end, the cat problems, in such neighborhoods. I shouldn't call them cat problems. They are people problems.

Some of these cats were born under the haunted house and some, the old woman said, are over flow from the foreclosed upon collector, merely two blocks away. She thinks the two black and whites who roamed in originated from the collector.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. I do think this to be a female, in my car, in a trap, despite the wide nose and big feet, because I believe this old woman knows her cats.

I have been trying to arrange to get two former Lacomb kittens fixed for some time. There have been complications in conflicting schedules each time before. I hope tomorrow is the day. The Lacomb household who had two orange females, and together they had seven kittens I took in, also had taken in a dumped off torti, with four orange kittens. They adopted out two of them before they contacted me, unfixed. I want to mop up that situation in totality by getting those two in. They are now well into teenhood. The total fixed when these two are finally done, from that Lacomb situation: three adult females and 11 kittens, 14 cats.

This Lebanon cat in my car, to be fixed tomorrow, is cat number 7 from that situation.

I got a call for assistance with a female and three kittens from College Park Drive. I get pangs of anxiety just to think of driving down that dead end street again. I think of all the horrors I witnessed there, a few years back, when trying to solve the massive cat problem caused by an unbelievable number of irresponsible people grouped together in one area.

Abandonment occurred on a weekly basis there and so did animal abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, drug use and criminal activity. It was traumatic to get invovled, but I did anyway and got about 90 cats fixed, rehomed dozens. Neither kids nor animals should live in such surroundings as existed there, in those apartments, at that time. I wanted to grab the kids and run away with them, too, to give them better lives and hope.

I don't want to go back. I don't want to drive down that street again. But I will be doing so tomorrow. There are ghosts there, rightfully woeful and angry. But it's one of those things.