Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad News for Linn County. Paper Plant to Close. 230 good jobs gone.

Click post title to go to story about the sudden announcement that the Millersburg paper plant will close, leaving 230 people without work. They were family wage to really good family wage jobs.

The paper plant, the article states, was the biggest property taxpayer in Linn County. Of course, I guess since the company will still own the property, until they find a buyer, they'll still have to pay those property taxes. At least there's that.

In the meantime, that's a lot of high wage jobs to lose. Linn County already has higher than average unemployment. Very sad.

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  1. My dad is a retired engineer from a newsprint paper mill that closed two yrs ago. NO new paper mills are opening any time soon and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but esp if it is owneed by any of the big cos like Wey, Abitibi-Bowater , etc, they sell those mills for parts and scrap even if they have ben recently renovated! Worse, the people in the area have to pick up the taxes and so water costs increase, house taxes increases, and on down the line. Even the pension plans of the workers - now retired- are up for grans because the cos can declare bankruptcy. My dad- who worked for the same co. for 35 plus yrs, gets a good pension now (and had for many yrs since he retired some 20 yrs ago) but there is a current court case where this co is filing for bankruptcy and he may loose it. Yes, he still has his Canada pension plan (not much) and my mom has a pension as a ret teacher but what will happenc to so many families who have not saved, who have no other source of revenue, - it is very worrisome and they leave the community - whose resources they took without ever putting anything back into the community high and dry. Your location may help, I hope but so far, none of the paper mills I know of, and that is in the double digits now, have been reinvented. The cos that own them refuse to sell them and govts often made bad deals (worse in some places) so little can be done. This is not good and I feel not just for the workers but for everyone who depended on those taxes, the jobs that the mill generated (small businesses that may have been spinoffs). I hope it does not adversely affect you! I am afraid it will affect the cats b/c where this occurs, many people bring their pets to local shelters (if any exist) or leave them behind!!!! It's horrible for the animals! Makes me sick!