Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cats for Tomorrow

I thought I had the cats all lined up to take up to be fixed tomorrow. Someone in Lebanon was actually going to take their own three up. Then some Sweet Home folks were bringing three more down. And a Philomath woman trapped another male. That would have been seven and I was worried about overloading my vet.

Then came the crash. The Lebanon woman cancelled, just now in fact, at 9:30 at night, too late to find replacements. The Sweet Home three are kittens, not suitable to be fixed at the regular vet, who requires cats to be four to five pounds. That means I went from seven cats to one cat. Sad.

The SH three will have to go all the way up to Wilsonville because they're just kittens.

My TV is back to showing all channels I used to get, limited basic, at least. Yay! The problem ended just as suddenly as it began. I don't know what caused that glitch but it was interesting, I'll have to say. Veeerrry Interesting.

I generally blame my cats for strange happenings because I figure they probably somehow caused it. I think they caused this one, too. I don't know how they did it, but I know it was them.

Keni, Poppa Inc.'s pres, who came down from Beaverton to help place housing units for the cats inside the Corvallis homeless camp, haul in food for the homeless, and try to trap more kittens who have appeared, got Poison Oak, for her reward, and has one eye swollen shut. I couldn't find anyone at all around here to help, so good old Keni came all the way down to help. Heart of gold, she has, and now she has poison oak!

Despite bathing in the remnants of my technu after emerging, filthy and torn up from the camps this time around, I now also have poison oak. I have one spot between my boobs and one spot on one boob. But then, I've had Poison Oak on and off all summer, from going in and out of those camps and getting scratched up by berry vines while in there searching out kittens and trying not to step in human crap, which is everywhere. No big deal to endure another round.

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