Thursday, October 29, 2009

Four Cats Fixed Today and Lucy's New Owners Don't Want Her

Lucy's nice home in WA state isn't working. They don't want her. They say she is too aggressive with their adult male. Well, they didn't follow introduction protocol, nor do they seem to realize she's been taken from her kittens and gone through a great deal lately. She's hormonal and came down with mastitis, too, I was told. So no, she's not going to want an adult male anywhere near her.

But does she get along with other cats? You bet. She coexisted well, with her kittens, as a stray, with over a dozen other cats, some not fixed. She co-existed well here, with my cats, while nursing kittens, which is unusual. So my guess is she is stressed to the hilt, from all that has gone on. She's coming back, first to Wilsonville, then home to me.

That will be next week. I'll bring home one of her kittens, too, so she'll feel better.

Four cats were fixed today, all boys, from the Corvallis Seven.

I cleaned my gutters. It was a dirty filthy yukky job, but it had to be done. I also bought bolt cutters and cut off those damn cable ropes, then lowered the cat wire so I could get to the gutter on the cat yard side, and get the leaves off the cat yard wire with ease. It got down and am I ever glad about that.

I called the City of Albany to see what they have planned for leaf pickup this year. Last year was a big fiasco. They decided to save money and have the city do it with front end loaders and dump trucks, and it took so much longer than they realized, that I don't know if leaves were ever picked up in some areas. I never knew when they'd come, if they did, and the leaves I piled by the curb blew into huge messes.

This year, it's back to the disposal company doing it. In Corvallis, they're at it now, weekly. But not in Albany. Leaf pickup will occur only three times and the first leaf pickup isn't for two more weeks. But, with high winds and rain, many leaves, including those off my maple are now on the ground, in huge piles everywhere, and there is nowhere to take them. Two more weeks. Unbelievable. Albany needs to figure out when leaf fall begins a little better.

I call it the Albany leaf fiasco.

Well, there's nothing that can be done about it. I am going to put them by the curb and what will be will be. If any haven't blown away in two weeks, they can get picked up.

I feel very guilty taking Happy and Lucy with her three kittens to that Wilsonville woman. She has little space, even less money and no way to adopt out cats. I tried to get her to let me take some of them back yesterday, when I took up cats to be fixed, but she said it was ok. But it isn't. I need to take them back, I know. It is so hard to find cats homes these days.

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  1. thank god you have the wilsonville woman to help out, Jody. You aren't in much better shape than she is, so if she offers to keep them for a bit, let her. Do you bring her food for the cats?