Friday, October 23, 2009

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

The couple, who have fed some strays, and are now moving, caught four of them. They have a barn home already found and set up to receive these kittys. They're a very nice couple.

I'm stiff and sore today. Keni, Poppa's Pres., came down again to help out trapping at the homeless camp. We were told there are at least four kittens still roaming the camps plus one adult female, at least. We set traps, brought in food for the homeless, and laboriously carried in some housing units for the cats, to try to keep them out of the campers tents. Some of them get annoyed when the cats try to come into their tents to play or keep warm. But, for a couple of beat up old cat women, carrying one of them in, down a slippery bank, and along the muddy bank to place we could get up the other side, was a bit of a strain on injured joints.

We got it done! The only cats I caught, however, were already fixed. One I caught was one I'd gotten fixed two years ago. I had not seen him since. The cats are like ghosts there, in the huge area. Trying to locate the kittens proved impossible yesterday, but we gave it a good try.

Today, a storm has hit and is blowing all the leaves off the trees out back. I spent an hour whacking the wet leaves burdening down the cat yard wire, off of it. I had sworn I would rig a solution before fall came and I didn't. Me bad.

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