Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seven Cats Fixed Today

The male, I think, of three tabby tuxes fixed today, from Corvallis Seven group.
I think this was one of the two tabby tux females.
And I think this was the other female.
This fuzzy gray teen male, was fixed today, from the Corvallis Five group.
This cute fuzzy blue point male Siamese teen was fixed today, from the Corvallis Four, although their mom was fixed last week. That would make this group more accurately called the Corvallis Five. The mom was a chocolate point Siamese.
This was the only female of the four fixed today from the Corvallis Five.
This is the Corvallis Five adult male, fixed today.

Seven cats, all from Corvallis, all craigslist contacts, were fixed today. I have four more going in tomorrow from one of these situations. They had seven in all needing fixed. Two girls and one boy were fixed from the Corvallis Seven group today, while a male and thee teens, two boys and a girl, were fixed from the other Corvallis situation. The mom of the teens was fixed last week.

Since Sunday, including tomorrow, 17 area cats will have been fixed this week. That's not bad for one week. I hope Poppa's budget is holding out. I'm trying to think of ways to make money for Poppa Inc. The numbers of cats in this area alone, fixed through Poppa funds, is astounding. Yet I can't seem to get any publicity for Poppa in these parts.

Tiny Tim passed his vet check this morning with flying colors. He is good to go on Saturday. I am getting extra sleep every night so the transfer of ownership goes very smoothly.

As for the Nebraska cats, still working on it.
I found this spay neuter clinic that isn't that far from the location she gave. It's in Colorado and sounds great!

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