Sunday, October 25, 2009

80 Cats Fixed

I went to the FCCO clinic today in Corvallis. I think about 80 cats were fixed. I had only one reservation. That was to go for a Millersburg stray male, but those folks failed to catch him, saying he didn't show up Friday or Saturday nights.

But, fortunately, I got a call from the Albany people feeding the last two abandoned cats of 20 left behind by a tenant. I had taken the orange male to the Neuterscooter to be fixed, but they had been unable to catch the female. She'd been trapped before by another party, who then, for some reason, released her. So, I finally showed them how to selectively trap by tying a fishline to the trap door, running it up through an eye hook screwed into a crack, then in through their patio door, which can be closed and even locked over fishline.

They finally cut the line when both the orange boy and the female were in the trap yesterday. I went and trasnferred the male out and took the female to the clinic today. She was spayed and that ends the need for further trapping in that location, as all the cats are now fixed.

The clinic seemed to go quickly and smoothly. I signed on for cage cleaning morning shift. There were no gloves to use or even brushes in the cage cleaning supplies, which was lame. They did have one pair of ultra small gloves that would not fit on my hands. I tried using latex gloves but they just kept tearing on the traps.

When my shift was over, by then, most of the cats were done. I slept in my car a couple hours and by then, the kitty was spayed and I left. I was so tired today and tonight, too. Hope I am not catching the flu. I slept on my couch awhile, watched amazing race, fell asleep again, and now am going to bed.

The woman who was fostering the black female, from downtown Albany, and her three kittens, now seven weeks old, found a great home for Lucy, the mom cat, although they now call her Ginny. She is indoor only and lives in WA state now. She has found a home for the little black tux male kitten too, once he is fixed, leaving her three kittens from here, who will need homes, once fixed: Happy, from 18th street, then Sunshine and Tiger Lily, the two Under the House girl kittens from Lucy, a.k.a. Ginny.

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