Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Four Cats Fixed Today

The Wilsonville woman also took in a calico mom and her two orange tabby female kittens. I believe they were found in a wrecked car.
One of the orange tabby girls.

This is the calico mom of the two orange tabby girls.
Happy, a male kitten, formerly of 18th street in Albany, was fixed Monday and now is up for adoption.
This is the Philomath male, Diamond, fixed yesterday.
The last cat from Clover Ridge, fixed Sunday at the FCCO clinic.
One of two Sweet Home Calico kittens fixed yesterday.This is the other Sweet Home calico kitten fixed yesterday.
Sweet Home black male kitten, fixed yesterday.

I took two cats to one clinic and two, kittens, to another today, to be fixed. Three of the cats were from Sweet Home while one was a male from Philomath trapped by a dear friend of mine. She has a collector who lives nearby, so, bless her heart, she cleans up after these folks, who don't know how much heart and money a neighbor has put into dealing with the consequences of their actions.

So two boys, today, and two girls. All went back home end of day.

I've been communicating with a Nebraska woman. She can't find help. A neighbor man died and left at least ten unfixed cats behind. She's been feeding them, but knows little about cats and is appalled there are no programs to help in that area. She has called the big wig outfits she has donated to for years: namely, Alley Cat Allies. She has received no call back and finally searched the web and found my website. Today, I was about to ship her a trap, out of frustration, that there is no help there at all, to get cats fixed and low cost spay neuter is considered to be $80, even for a feral. She has no money. I am going to find a way to get those cats fixed, I tell you. I will. I am determined. This woman wants to do the right thing and that determination needs rewarded. With action. Not talk. And fancy websites.

So, once she finds a vet and gets a price list, I will be putting out a plea, from Oregon, to help a woman in Nebraska and I hope we can all gang up on this situation and get it resolved, long distance no less. She did finally find someone who might be able to loan her two traps, so I'm holding off on shipping her one for now. I'm not messing around. I have every intention of getting this woman's situation resolved any way I have to do it. Who's in?


  1. You don't even have to ask me Jody, you know I am in. Can you give me the woman's name? I would like to call Alley Cat allies too about this - when I think of the money I, too, donated to them over the years it makes me angry. We will get this resolved one way or another for her. I will send money, too. Just let me know.

  2. I will send whatever I can, too, to help! Just let me know how!

  3. by the way, those orange tabbies and calico kittens are just the cutest!

  4. I am - let me know how. What is it about orange tabbies? Is it just me or are they just super mellow or simple or what? Little girl is a luscious little nip.

    Jeanne-finished my class-94 on the final 91 for the class-got a certificate! Now to get a job-fingers crossed.

    Cruise on Wednesday then I will hopefully be stress free or at less stressed so we just gotta get together.

    Sorry, gals, been celebrating with Canadian Club-time to crash.

    Ladies-take care!


  5. And I'll be sending you a donation in December/January, Jodi...I can't send it right now, but promise in two months. And you know you can trust me to keep my word.

  6. Whitesocks, I know your word is as good as truth itself.

    Judith, what class?

  7. 12 week H & R Block tax preparation. AND they are talking to me about a position!

  8. VEry wonderful, Judith.