Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passive Aggressive Letter

I haven't checked my mail in awhile. I get a letter in the mail, anonymous. Every word spelled correctly, using all the cat lingo familiar to people who work in rescue, trap ferals or in shelters. This is someone who knows me, but is too much of a wuss to give a name. Why? Either because they've screwed me over before or because they don't want to get involved, want someone else to do all the work, make all the effort, incur the costs of housing another Albany cat.

Pisses me off. Hey, passive aggressive piece of work, you're reading, because you know me and I have good idea already who you are.

The letter included $30, with another passive aggressive statement: "Guess I'll have to trust that you will use it to help this cat." That's passive aggression, asshole.

You don't have the courage to use your name, because you know me, and you're lazy, don't want to do the work to catch, fix, treat, vaccinate and find a home for this cat. Asshole. You want someone else to do it. Cut the crap. If you write again, that letter will be refused.

The handwriting is very distinctive.

Hey you piece of cowardly garbage, testing alone would cost me over $60. Do you know that? Of course you do, that's why you're a non involvement passive aggressive specialist. "you do the work and pay the costs" that's what you are, a lazy passive aggressive asshole.

You know me. You know my address. But you are a COWARD who shoves work off onto others. And you've screwed me over before, or you would have included your name. That makes the short list of who sent this very short indeed.

You want to be helpful? Then find him a home, then I'll trap the cat. YOU FIND HIM a HOME to go to, asshole, or I do nothing. Got that? lazy passive aggressive pass the buck look the other way "I don't get involved" asshole?

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  1. wwwow thirty bucks...if there was a return address i would return the money to her. the cat would eat that up in a week.