Friday, October 30, 2009


Lucy's back. The Wilsonville woman called me suddenly today to say the woman she adopted her to was bringing her back immediately. I told her to bring her kittens, then too, because it sounded like the lovable loving Lucy had turned into a stressed out monster, like me today.

So she comes down this evening, while I'm trying get ready to go tomorrow, stressing me out. I didn't want to take another cat while I'm stressed and trying to get ready to go tomorrow. And she didn't bring the kittens, which would have helped both Lucy and me.

So, I'm trying to get ready to go, something I should have done during the afternoon, but couldn't due to getting caught up in Lucy's return, minus her kittens, which I thought were coming too, which would have made life easier on calming down Lucy, who has been passed around way too much, and on me, in dealing with a stressed adult cat who misses her kittens. Well anyhow.

Also, my printer broke down today and I had not yet printed up my flight ticket for tomorrow's transport of Tiny Tim to his new home. I rushed to Corvallis, to get a new cartridge since an error code indicated the black cartridge was defective. I know what happened. Miss Daisy has been sneaking in her, and crunching down on top of the printer and paper tray. Last time she did so, I heard a nasty crunch. I still have not got the printer working despite the new black cartridge, which Rapid Refill, when I explained my urgent need to get the printer working and why, donated the new refilled black cartridge. Anyhow, am about to try to get a page to print. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow is going to be an incredibly long day for me. But an exciting day. I will be leaving very early and getting home, if I catch a very tight Seattle connection, after 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The flight down is only 2 1/2 hours. The flight back is through Seattle.

I will meet with Kate and Ned, Tiny Tim's new family, go to lunch with them, quickly, get back to the airport to check in and be gone. My big vacation for the decade! Ha! Three hours in Huntington Beach. I plan to have a good time in that mini vacation, I tell you. It is a better vacation than zero hours, don't you think?

And I am happy Tiny Tim is getting a great home with good people.

Boy there have been some freak fatal accidents lately. Yesterday, two twin brothers pulling a trailer behind their SUV, cut a corner and hit the back of a T-bird. A man was working on the front of the T-bird, and was crushed when the trailer struck it, and the T-bird rolled over him and came to rest on top of him.

Today, a woman goes in to get her hair done, at a salon in the front of Fred Meyer and doesn't make it home alive. An old woman hits the gas instead of the brake and plows through the window of the salon at high speed, even going through a brick wall. The Albany woman killed was pinned between the old woman's car and a sink.

Just goes to show you, any of us could die any second. I better stop complaining about anything, like I have been, and enjoy every second alive I get.

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