Thursday, October 22, 2009


One of the two orange and white boys didn't come out of anesthesia well. I took him back to his owner, but by 8:00, she called and wanted me to come get him. So he came here. I gave him fluids, a bit of nutrical by mouth, had him on a heating pad and he's up now, finally, at 3:00 a.m. but still not quite out of it.

I fell alseep on the couch about 10:00 p.m. Just woke up and checked on him, did my dishes.

The poor little boy is crawling in fleas. The woman told me she thought he'd get free flea treatment and worming today, too. I don't know where she got that idea, maybe from her friend, who referred her, for whom I got 10 ferals fixed. Don't know.

I was supposed to be up early this morning, because Keni is coming down, to again help me with the homeless camp, since I can't find anybody to help down here.

And tonight, I'm supposed to help a woman trap four cats she feeds to be fixed, then relocated to the barn home of a friend of her daughters. They are moving, you see, and didn't want to leave these strays they fed without anybody. She said the landlord there traps strays left behind by tenants and has them killed. She doesn't want the cats she feeds killed.

I also ran into the daughter of some folks I got cats fixed for out on highway 20. She said they were moving. When I asked, "You're not leaving the cats behind, are you?" She said, "Well, yes." I came home upset, looked up their number and called the house, explained who I was and asked if they were indeed going to abandon their cats when they moved. It was another daughter who lives on the north coast who answered the phone and said "I'm not leaving them. I'm taking them home with me." I said, "That's a relief. Thank you."

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  1. poor flea guy. i hope you can get some rest today so you don't get rundown. i'm glad the other daughter is taking the cats...i hope she does.