Monday, October 26, 2009

Every Channel on my TV, even the ones I'm not supposed to get, Broadcast same Station

I am in awe. I'm not sure what happened, but about twenty minutes ago, I went into the kitchen. I had been half watching something on TV, while cleaning. But, in the kitchen, I could hear the channel had changed. I figured the cats stepped on the remote. I go in, pick up the remote and try to change the channel back. But the same station is on every single channel! America's Funniest Home Videos, like some Halloween nightmare, on every single channel right up to the highest channel I could get on my TV--99. It is coming in on channels that are snow channels for me usually, with limited basic cable. Not anymore! The channel that has taken over my set is PDX tv.

I call a tech guy I know. He said to disconnect the cable and try to hook a makeshift antenna to the cable outlet, like a wire and hold it up. I do so and get flickers in the snow field on Channel 7, which, without cable, would be PBS. So tech guy doesn't know what's going on, but doesn't think it's my TV, thinks its likely comcast. So I call them. They are intersted to say the least. They say maybe they'll get lots of calls about this problem soon, but until then, too bad. And they said, maybe it's your TV. Yeah, I'm sure it's my TV, comcast. It always is. Like that last time, remember? Hohohhoohoooo.


  1. Hi! Someone posted a link to your blog on this Facebook link (you need a Facebook to see it) and I thought that I would say hello!

    It sounds like you have an accent... Where are you originally from?
    Also, good luck with the tv!

  2. i didn't do it Jody I swear...but if you join up i'll add you to my friends! And yes, she does have an accent. She sounds just like everyone else in oregon - so its an oregoonian accent!