Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two More, 27 in All, Me Going to Bed

This is the black male who was in the trap this morning, along with the black and white with mustache. This male turned out to be a crypt orchid, meaning he had one nondescended testicle. The vet then had to open his belly and search it out. Otherwise, he would still produce sperm.
This gray and white big angry male was in the trap yesterday morning, along with the last tabby and two other blacks. This was the only normal male of the six fixed Monday.
The gray and white male again.
The last tabby, quite a beauty, in one of my traps yesterday morning, and will be fixed tomorrow, along with the black and white, the gray and white, and three blacks. This tabby also turned out to be a little girl.
Adorable black and white, young, in trap this a.m. who will be fixed tomorrow, the third black and white I've trapped there. This little black and white turned out to be a girl also. In fact all the tabbies, three of them, and all three black and whites were girls.

I am headed to bed, my beloved bed, whom I adore and miss. I am soon to embrace you, my bed!

This morning, I hauled my sorry ass out to the seed warehouse once again. Two more cats. A young black and white mustached one and another all black.

I saw no others, but I know there are more. The fuzzy Siamese. A black cat with an injured foot, and the sleek short hair black, looked male, I saw jumping up into the hay. The one in the trap is the cat I saw headed from the field under the deck of the office, last night, all round faced and half fuzzy. She glared at me, last night, when I thought briefly of setting a trap beside the deck with a board on top to protect it from rain.

There were wet paw prints right up to one trap set near where I saw that black sleek male last night, then Starling feathers three feet from the trap. It was a statement I guess. "Who needs your tuna? I can out wait you."

In fact the cats could. The starling mobs out there are legendary. When I first arrived on scene, I commented to the manager what they really needed was someone trapping Starlings. He said no worry on that, the government is taking care of it. I said, "Huh? The government kills Starlings for the farmers?" "Yup," he said.

I said "They're not doing a very good job of it."
"Nope," he said, and that was it.

Tomorrow's the end of the trapping there. 27 cats. They told me they are releasing the ones from the room, 17 up there right now, already fixed, and waiting to get out, in the morning. That's fine with me.

The manager has not picked up the two kittens he said he wanted to take home. He didn't want them eartipped. He hasn't called. They're so darn cute. They clean each other, purr, chirp and play in the rabbit hutch in the garage, and beg for cat treats, which I can't hand them fast enough through the wire mesh at the front of the cage.

The other two in the other cage, fixed Friday, are only still in there and not back out at the warehouse because I was too tired to deal with it. Tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest, they'll go home, too. The six in traps, now clean and set for the night, will be fixed tomorrow and returned Tuesday morning.

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this one and that makes me really really happy.

I wonder what the mix will be on these last six. I know two are males at least.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please Vote for Miss Daisy's Photo!

Please, please, please!!!!Click post title to go to the Bissell pet photo contest, register, then vote for Miss Daisy, by typing her name into the search box for this voting period. Ultimate winner gets to choose a animal charity that will get $10,000. I need to get that grant for Poppa Inc., so I can continue my self-appointed job of getting mid valley cats fixed, like the 25 I've trapped so far at that south Corvallis seed warehouse in the last three days.

Miss Daisy now has 33 votes. I think she will need a lot more than that to win.
Being isolated has its draw backs, that's for sure, in trying to find money to continue a very important work for animals. Wish I had a zillion friends who would all vote.

What's up with TV lately? Like tonight. Two channels have those celeb gossip shows. I don't know who would watch that stuff. Another channel, KATU out of Portland, is running a game show rerun. Reruns on 13 of some, one of the many generic crime or CSI shows. They all seem the same, but really obnoxious in reruns. Why on Saturday and Sunday nights now is it just reruns??

I am tired of my life in a way. I love helping cats, but I don't have any friends. I think I could make friends somewhere else. I really need to take control of my life while I'm still alive and try to find a way out of Albany, maybe to Eugene. Couldn't be any worse anywhere. I don't have any significant human contact sometimes for months on end. Sometimes its even longer.

I keep thinking I will find a way to make friends around here, but I don't think I will. I've tried all sorts of ways. I even tried several ads on craigslist. That might not have been so wise. I have online friends, but it's not the same really.

Online friendships are easier, that's for sure. But I so much wish I could find people to hang out with, watch movies with, go for hikes with, go swimming with, around here now and then. That hasn't happened. I know it would be terrible to try to move again, but I want my life to include humans. I don't know what to do.

I can't say I am a recluse because I go out when I round up cats. In my opinion, a recluse never goes out. However, I no longer go out unless I am out trapping or rounding up cats. That's a bad thing probably. I don't think I've given up hope but maybe I have.

I should probably go outside my comfort zone and take some risks on new things. I'll have to come up with some ideas. Otherwise, I think recluse will soon be an apt title for myself.

I want to come up with a bucket list. I did rent that movie and it was lousy. Lousy! But the idea is romantic to me. A bucket list, a list of things I want to do before I die. How arrogant to even consider. So many people never get out of a slum they live in. But that thought should not stop me. My issues from the past have held me back these last 8 years, since I left the mental health system. I've not had much chance at life. I may die tomorrow, for all I know. I shouldn't even be wasting my time writing this. I should be sleeping. Tomorrow, well, it's now today, is another new dawn, born with all sorts of possibilities. Maybe its time to embrace them.

Solar Livestock at Fairgrounds. $500k Stimulus Money

It's ridiculous. $500,000 in federal stimulus money for solar panels for a livestock building at the Fairgounds. How many people will that employ? Not many, I bet. Half a million dollars right out of taxpayer pockets, too.

To me, that's nuts. That won't stimulate anything.

13 More Seed Warehouse Cats Fixed Yesterday

This is one of 13 cats fixed yesterday, from the seed farm. This is one of the five males of the 13 and he is huge. Today, I returned nine of the 13 cats after sleeping ten hours. I'd already returned the 8 females fixed Thursday.

I was too tired to pull the two kittens from one cage, going to a home, or the two kittens in the other cage, returning, out to take. I found, in the four traps I'd left set, four more cats. Two blacks, the tabby, and an unknown gray and white Siamese mix. Four more, and I saw I think at least two more all blacks out there. I left traps set and came home. That will be 25 caught there so far. The manager then admits there are more at the other warehouse down the road. I said, "We need to fix those too then." He would not agree to it, says there aren't that many. I said "there will be."

Thank heavens! The clinic up in Portland did all 13 of the cats I trucked up there with in the back of my car yesterday, from the seed warehouse. I had registered five to be fixed, then called and asked about ten. But I took 13, because I stopped in to check traps left set at the warehouse early yesterday morning and three more big all blacks.

I took the 8 females, fixed Thursday, back to the warehouse during the day yesterday, carrying them up some steep stairs to a very large room all set up to hold the fixed cats until the unfixed ones can be fixed. And there more to catch. During the day yesterday at least three more big black adults were seen. Then I know of the tabby and the fluffball Siamese still out there, too.

But at least 21 of them are now fixed. Two of the kittens, both girls, a Siamese and a black, are going home with one of the workers, probably today.

16 of 21 fixed so far have been females. 8 of the 13 fixed yesterday were girls. Of the 13 fixed yesterday, there was one Siamese kitten and one tabby kitten and 11 all blacks!

Friday, January 29, 2010

21 So Far

I went over to the warehouse early this a.m., to check the four traps I'd left set. I had three more blacks, two of them big boys! No sign of the tabby or fluffy Siamese.

I loaded the three in my car, on top of the ten already in it, and headed off to the vet, with 13 cats, 11 of them black. I didn't know if they could do them all or not. They agreed to do them all! Yay.

I'm taking the 8 girls back today. Well, at least they'll all be fixed, if that tabby and that fluffy Siamese can be caught. I started trapping Wednesday morning. Now, on Friday, 21 of the cats are fixed. But, I really don't like to quit unless they're all caught. I'll try to cut some sort of deal with this manager, a price per cat maybe. $25 per cat would not pay for even half the fixes, but it'd be better than nothing.

The bill for the first 8 females alone was $370. Seven normal spays and one in heat spay, which cost $10 more. Each also got Advantage, courtesy of me, and roundwormer.

I think they're going to pay a set price per cat, whatever we can work.

I just talked to the manager again. He says he's seen three or four black ones today, meaning there are probably six or eight more to catch. Gosh darn it. But 21 is a great start. They have a room set up for the returning cats to live in until all the rest are caught. It's a nice huge room, with little hiding places, too, so it's good.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 South Corvallis Seed Colony Females Fixed Today

This is the black kitten, Mahoo, who will be fixed tomorrow.
This is the brown tabby female fixed today with black female four, behind her.
Lynx Point Siamese female, fixed today.
The Siamese again.
Black and white female two, fixed today.
Black female two, fixed today.
Black female three, fixed today.
Black female one, fixed today.
Black female one, again.
Black and white female two again.
Black and white female one, fixed today.

Trapping the seed warehouse colony has been slightly nuts. Trying to juggle the 18 cats caught so far, keep them straight, since most are black, and get all of them trapped before returning those fixed is keeping me busy.

Today the first 8 were fixed. To my shock and to the vet clinic's shock, all 8 were adult females. Where are the boys?

This colony mimics another Llewellyn Road colony I just finished. All 12 of those cats were black. 8 of them were females. Of the four males, three were kittens and one was about 8 months old. Again, where are the boys?

My vet clinic says it's a lesbian road is all. I said, "Maybe it's the farm chemicals."

Well, there's still a chance with the seed colony to turn some boys. I have ten more waiting to be fixed and I saw at least four more out there: two blacks, a tabby and a big hairy Siamese.

The 8 fixed today were a Lynx Point Siamese female, short hair, four short hair blacks, two short hair black and whites and a brown tabby.

I have five short hair blacks, including two kittens in the car trapped today. I have three other kittens to be fixed waiting in a rabbit hutch: the Siamese I call Mowgli, the tabby kitten I call Mauai and a tiny black kitten I call Mahoo. Two of those will go home with a worker.

I also have two late teen all blacks waiting to be fixed who were trapped yesterday. 8 more all blacks to be fixed, a tabby and a Siamese. The vet is expecting five cats tomorrow. I don't think they'll overlook the fact I am showing up with ten instead. All they can do is say no.

Well, time for bed. I have all 8 who were fixed today, settled in, with food and water. I have the ten for tomorrow set to go also. With this 18 fixed, that's 30 cats fixed on Llewellyn Road in just the last ten days.

Oregon Tax Measures Pass Without Me

I did not vote. It felt wrong to me. It's not my money, I feel somewhere deep inside, to take away from people, by checking a box. I've always felt that way. If I was paying those taxes and I wanted to pay them, then I would say ok, but I don't pay those taxes or even feign to understand how it might affect business or the rich.

I don't know rich people. In fact, I think they're mythical creatures. They may as well be. The circles I've lived in, and in my isolation, I would never encounter such people. I hear about them, see recreations of what they might be like on TV and in movies, but I can't believe they exist. Not really.

I know business is what fuels everything. I don't believe in making it harder to run businesses or keep jobs. Public Employee jobs don't count really, because they cost taxpayers. I've heard tales that half Oregon's workforce is composed of public employees. I don't know if that is true. I know at OSU there are lots of people who work at the university but are privately employed as contractors or researchers and actually produce money. At least I know one of those. Diane that's you, if you still read.

Public employees are vital people, however. As long as they don't cost so much they bog the state down. They teach the children so those children can grown up to get jobs, open businesses and pay taxes that support that cycle, the circle. And they perform a lot of really needed services.

I know they get great benefits compared to everyone else and lots of people see this as the reason Oregon is going under and due to their union, that does not allow bad employees to be fired, not really, and doesn't give an inch in PERS, even when the state and the rest of its citizens are being forced off a cliff. It's too bad everyone can't have retirements like PERS. It'd be great

Back to the tax measures, I didn't vote and I am not ashamed I didn't vote. I've taken crap off people all my life for not being good enough, for not holding a job, even though the system itself recruited me as a lifer. I'll never be good enough. A lifetime of such rants against the likes of me has taken its toll on my spirit.

I have only one defense now that I fall back on. Perhaps it seems pathetic to some, but it's all I have. I tell people "I do work. I am a public employee." That's what I consider myself. I am on disability. That's taxpayer money. Therefore I am a public employee, a public servant and I faithfully serve the public, because that's what public employees do. I'm out there, like I was tonight, half the night, trapping cats, serving the public. I'm a public servant you see, proud of what I do, wise in use of taxpayer money, as best I can be.

That's what I have to tell myself, to maintain any ability to face the angry judgemental faces out there.

"You good for nothing, on public assistance!" It is not just Rush Limbaugh who makes such cries. I've been thusly accused all my life.

My excuses and reasons mean nothing.

"No," I can only offer, and honestly, "I am a dedicated public servant and I would never misuse or flaunt the $649 per month salary that I get. Do not worry. I am on the job. I am effective and efficient."

If you ask, if you see me, if you start in on me, I will close my eyes to shield myself from more of the same, because I cannot take more. Please. I cannot take more judgement. I am a public servant.

I did not vote on the tax measures. I did not feel deep down that I had a right to take other people's money from their pockets. Don't take mine, please, either. It isn't that much and I do work very very hard.

Please don't be so mean to me, on every front, because I am so lonely for kindness.

Don't forget, please. I am not fleecing you. I have no idea how to use and abuse the system. I know people who do know how, but I don't. I'm good at nothing, except this job I have. That I could do in my dreams.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

13 Cats Trapped So Far at Seed Warehouse

I've been out freezing my butt off. Somehow, I forgot to throw in my pack with my wool sweater, hat and gloves. Somehow, I forgot to take my book. Somehow, I even forgot a coat. Fortunately, I had along my raincoat, which kept me somewhat warm. I always carry a blanket, too, so I wrapped up in that. Because it turned cold out there tonight. The cats got spooky after I caught six more very quickly tonight. There are more out there needing caught. So far I have 13.

I took photos of a few of them. But I have two tabbies, two black and whites, two Siamese and the rest are all black.

I had to go back and check the three traps still set, very very late, or early, depending on perspectiev. I get home just now and there are two guys walking up the sidewalk from the end of the cul de sac in hoodies carrying some sort of tool case or something. They don't live on the block. My instant reaction was "my gosh, these are burglars or car prowlers." It could be true. I circled around and tried to see which way the went but couldn't and I called the cops. I wonder if one of my neighbors got theived tonight. They also could have been visiting late with a neighbor I suppose. Unlikely, but, I didn't see them do anything illegal.

Seven Warehouse Cats

I got called by a man yesterday who acted like I should know him and know what he was talking about. I didn't know either. He said, in a husky drawl, "Well, them cats, let's get started on it then."

I said, "Huh??"

"Well, I guess it has to be done, you just going start on it?" he repeated.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said.

"Well, you know Cheryl, your friend Cheryl, married to Carlos you know, set it all up."

I stuttered around, trying to go through my brain files for any couple I know might be named Carlos and Cheryl or something close. I came up with zilch. "I'm sorry. I still don't know what you're talking about or who you are talking about," I apologized.

"So you don't know nothing about them cats at the warehouse or Cheryl or Carlos?"

"No," I pleaded, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Well, I got a bunch of cats out here, running in the warehouses, and I better get them fixed and Carlos knows you and gave me your number."

I said "I don't know Carlos, but that doesn't matter. How many cats and where and you're taking them back, right, because I can't take on more cats."

"Well, there's ten. Maybe there's 13. There could be more. And we're down here south of Corvallis."

"Ok," I said, "Where south of Corvallis exactly, and I'll come down in the morning and start up. YOu going to pay for the fixes?"

"Well, we might pay for some of them. Here's my cell number and we're down there off 99. Just come on down."

I said, "So you're a grass seed farmer? Do you know Roger?"

"Course I do. Everybody knows him."

"You going to see him anytime soon?"

"Course. I see him every night." I already knew where. Pioneer Villa. They all gather like clockwork, especially Roger. You could set a computer clock by him.

I said, "Tell him hi and you can ask him how many I trapped for him."

"Oh so you know Roger, eh, well how many you catch for him?"

I said, "Try over 200."

"Naaah, not that many!" he says

"Oh yeah," I said, "that many! So it's good you're taking care of these now, before you get like Roger. He'll tell you that."

This morning I caught seven at the warehouse. I don't have that many traps anymore. I took seven traps and caught seven cats within half hour or less. There are more than ten. There are more than 13. But there are far less than 200!

Carlos's wife, Cheryl, works in the same place as the Albany woman, who wrote that letter to the editor, in response to a cat hater letter, and admitted she fed strays and needed help getting them fixed. I got I think 12 or 14 fixed there. So Kelly (from letter writer colony), gave Cheryl, whom I've never met, my number, who gave it to her husband Carlos who works at the seed warehouse run by the husky voice man who called me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is Having Color Trouble with My Blog?

Jeanne is, in Baltimore, says suddenly the bottom section is dark brown. Looked just the same to me. Then I switched to Mozilla and boom, the blog colors are messed up and whacked out on MOzilla. No support available right now, to find out why. I tried all their little tricks on the "web pages don't appear right" trouble shooting page, but none made my blog back into normal color, so I'm back on IE, and it's normal on IE.

Who else is having trouble, with it appearing very dark brown on the blog post parts, with blue print, which is unreadable due to the very dark brown background. And who knows why this happened on those using Mozilla. At least I am assuming Jeanne is using Mozilla. I know when I tried to see it on Mozilla, you can't even read it.

Toyota Recalls Cars, Suspends Sales Over Accelerator Pedal Woes. Nothing New. My Scion Too!

Click post title to go to story of massive Toyota Sales suspension of certain models affected by the accelerator pedal trouble.

This is not a new problem. I've had this happen with my Scion repeatedly. In fact one time, I had to lay on the brake pedal while the car still was trying to accelerate. That was actually in a parking lot not long after I got the car, and scared me white faced. I didn't know what to think. I still don't, because it still happens now and then.

I have tried to figure it out. First problem I notice, you can get your shoe toe stuck under a protrusion above the pedal and not even know it, unless you were barefoot. Then you would feel the very tips of your toes on top caught on something. You think you are taking your foot of the gas, or letting up but because the toe of your shoe is stuck, you're not.

This problem would be more common then with people whose feet are longer or wider than average or with certain shoes.

That's one problem.

Another also has to do with the shape and angle of the pedal and it's little area, but it's a protrusion on the right side, where your shoe can also impinge slightly, but enough to keep your foot fully on the pedal when you think it isn't. Again, unless you were driving barefoot, then you'd feel it.

But there's something else going on, too, something that makes me think something gets stuck inside or is slow to respond, beyond the firewall between the pedal and me, inside the engine compartment, and keeps the engine pumping full of gas, even if your foot is off the pedal. In other words, something is failing besides the pedal and perhaps the shape of the body of the car in the pedal area.

That's my take on the issue. I've had several scary moments with this issue. The first time was not long after I got it. I didn't want to say a word then, although I mentioned it to my brother, because I was unbelievably grateful to be in a decent car and because I thought maybe I was doing something wrong and because I was afraid if something was wrong with the car, I'd never get it back.

After awhile, I learned to adjust and to be wary of this issue and ready to act when it happens. I've never had it happen at highway speed, which is good! They never recalled the Scion over this problem or even mention it happens with Scions. But it does. I know for a fact it does.

Today's Hot Cat Fix Photos!

Beautiful Teen Boy, from Corvallis!
Long hair black female, from Albany.
Same girl again.
A muted calico female, from Albany.
And the orange tabby on white male, from Albany.

Today, these four gorgeous kitty's are getting fixed. Two boys, one from Corvallis, just a teen, and one from Albany and two Albany girls, from the same house the boy comes from, and the same house the five kittens fixed last Saturday came from. KATA took in those five kittens I think.

Possible Home?

I got an inquiry from someone interested in adopting cats, although they are a bit distant. Nonetheless, if it is a good home, I would happy to deliver them. They are interested in two barn cats and two tame cats. I already asked them to consider Tweetie and Button, for the barn cats, and Teddy as one of the tame cats. Anyhow, I am curious to see if I hear from them again. They are some distance away, but if it's a good home, I'll deliver them, no problem. Cross your fingers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Clean up Tomorrow

Tomorrow's cat fixes will be clean ups, as I call getting the last cats of situations in to be fixed. The mother and two older siblings (one boy, one girl) from mom's prior litter will be fixed tomorrow. Her latest litter, five kittens, were all fixed last Saturday.

The fourth cat to be fixed tomorrow is the only surviving kitten of the female fixed last week from the unemployed man in Corvallis apartment. All four of his cats will then be fixed and all nine of the Albany families' cats will be fixed. They have a female who was already spayed. And their cat load should be down from nine to four by now, as they were giving the five now fixed kittens to KATA today I think.

So tomorrow is cleaning up the last of two situations. Both human parties involved benefited very greatly from this help, not to mention the cats involved who benefited. Eight at one home, four at the other.

Voter Fraud in Vote by Mail Investigated

Click post title to go to GT story about a complaint of voter fraud in Benton County. Apparently someone posted a comment after a Gazette Times letter or article, boasting he or she found it easy to vote five times in this election by getting adult family members to sign their ballots and let him vote them and a coworker.

This is nothing new. When I lived in Corvallis, long ago, a guy bragged about selling his signed ballot for $5. He wanted a pack of cigarettes. Vote by mail is ripe with such fraud. It would only be a surprise to really overprotected people.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Cats. Photos

Please note the round Vote for my Cat button up above. It's a pet photo contest. Ultimate winner gets to choose a charity Bissell will donate $10k to, and Poppa Inc. could use that money to help fix a lot more mid valley cats. The voting goes in weeks, and the next voting period doesn't start until January 28. I uploaded a Miss Daisy photo for the next voting period. Grab your friends and vote your hearts out during that week long voting spree. You can read up on the contest guidelines also!

Here are some today photos of some of the long term cats here.

Here's Sam again.
Cattyhop, Comet, Dex and Miss Daisy, four of the cats here I now count as my own, since adoption for Comet and Cattyhop is unlikely by this time. These four have been with me the longest of all the cats here, outside of Vision and Electra, who are elderly.Cattyhop was one of a group of squirting diarrhea kittens I trapped at the Slaughterhouse colony, so named because the old woman feeding the cats lived next to a Slaughterhouse. The kittens eventually got over their diarrhea. Two, who looked just like Cattyhop, bobtails and all, went to a McMinnville woman who still e-mails me now and then. She just loves them.
Comet has been with me many years. Ever since I got the first call about Heatherdale trailer park. I lived in that shack in Corvallis then and my back was failing. I took out 16 kittens from outside one trailer. A woman, a meth addict, had brought the cat she'd gotten at SafeHaven, unfixed, and left the cat with her mother there. The cat had litter after litter. The cat was even pregnant again. I took in 16 of the carport kittens, as my back failed. Comet was the only one who didn't get a home. I also contacted SafeHaven and urged them to fix kittens before adopting them out. I think they do that now.

Dex was originally abandoned by her people in Dallas. She was then taken in by a Corvallis woman with over 120 cats, who fled from a city decree she either turn the cats over to Heartland or leave with them. She left, and ended up in Fall City, but then was evicted there too. After a young couple rescued 60 of the cats from the woman in Fall City, they then were evicted and left Dex behind at their place, up in the hills above Philomath.

They came back for some of their things, at the same time I showed up there, intent on rounding up the cats they'd left when they moved. I found three people with Dex in that empty house. They had a rope in a slip knot around her neck, which they had used to pull her out from under a hot water heater. She was pulled at the end of that rope and choking herself. They were treating her like a wild animal. She was terrified. I put her in a carrier and said "She's coming with me," and left. She's been with me ever since and will remain with me til she dies.

Dex is around ten years old. Electra, is 12 years old. Vision is 16 years old. Miss Daisy is 6 years old. Comet and Cattyhop are both four years old.The two rural Philomath girls are still here. The caretakers were supposed to come get them this weekend, but I haven't heard from them. The one girl's eye is still looking bad. The eyedrops did not seem to help much. A flattened ulceration is still clearly visible along with clouding. I can't really keep two more cats and the one girl should be indoors, and the eye watched to see if it heals. I asked the caregivers to see if any of their friends would take her in, but they are pretty noncommunicative, in many ways.
Sam sprawled.
Daisy Face!
Squiggler Daisy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Five Kittens Fixed Today

Today, five kittens from Marion St. were fixed, two girls and three boys. KATA is going to take them in. The three adults from same house will be fixed Tuesday. Their orange cat is not the orange cat I got fixed from my yard. I thought it would be, since we live near one another, but it isn't.

There was a big long hair brown tabby male hit on Marion street a couple months back. I bet it was the one female kittens daddy. There has been a big tabby on white male roaming the area since I moved in. I was told he is fixed. Now, seeing these kittens, I'm not so sure.

This is one of two female kittens, fixed today.
Same female again.
And her male brother counterpart.
A gray tabby on white male kitten fixed today.
A brown tabby on white male kitten fixed today.
This is the other female kitten. She sure is cute. KATA thinks they already have a home interested in her.
The DMH brown tabby female kitten again.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Humane Society of the United States Fleecing People, Getting Themselves Rich

Please click the post title to go to an article about HSUS and what they don't do. And how much they haul in from donations, and what that money isn't used for. They have 41 employees making over 100,000. $.26 of every donated dollar goes right back into making them more money. Of the millions upon millions they raked in last year, they made only 4 million in grants for animals and most of that was to fund a CA initiative on farm animals.

Reject HSUS. They do nothing locally to help animals. Want to help animals, then donate to Poppa Inc. by clicking here and that money will get used to fix Oregon animals, because nobody gets paid at Poppa Inc.

I think of myself and so many others out there struggling on zero budgets to save lives and then I think of the overpaid people at HSUS, recruiting money in emotional ads and letters that could be used to help animals at local levels and it is an abomination. Please write to them and tell them so.

More Cats and Unemployed Man Cleans Up

When I returned the three cats to the Corvallis man last night, I could not believe the difference he had made in that place in one day. He had cleaned his heart out. I could not smell ammonia at all! He was beaming when I told him how amazed I was. He did a great job. Next week, the kitten, who is close to four months, will be fixed, too.

I'm taking in five kittens to be fixed tomorrow. KATA is then going to take them in. The people also have three adult cats who need fixed. of them is an orange tabby, and.....turns out they live real close to me. I told them I think their orange guy might have been already fixed, like fixed last Saturday, um, if you get my drift. They said "Great!"

But, they keep letting him out and haven't been able to check yet. They say he looks no different, like he was neutered, and so the yard stray I took in Saturday could be a different cat. But I think not. We'll see. I sent them a photo of the one I got fixed, but their internet has been acting up and they have not yet been able to check to see if it is indeed their Simba.

The Siamese mix female I returned yesterday afternoon had already pulled out her stitches by 7:30 p.m. The owner had not been home and I had handed her over to the owners sister. But I always tell them they need to watch the females closely and if they begin pulling on their stitches, they will need to get an e collar immediately.

I guess the sister put the cat in the bedroom and left. When the owner got home, the cat had pulled out all her stitches and she had rushed her to a local vet, who stapled her back up. I hope the kitty's doing ok now.

Those e collars are uncomfortable and an expense but sometimes they are worth it. I don't see many cats pull on their sutures but I warn everybody about it, in the first set up of the appointments and when I return the females.

I fell asleep last night crooked and twisted across the four foot long love seat. I woke up SEVEN hours later, at 2:00 a.m. groggy and cranky and twisted. I finally got to bed again and slept a few more hours. I am feeling the pain today, from the homeless camp jaunt. I knew I probably would end up sore from running heavy supplies into the camps, through foot deep muck and today it hit. I'm sloggy and painy and sore, but I'll get over it. I hauled in about 140 pounds of cat food and human food, but they were awkward pounds. It's harder to carry awkward bags when slogging through the muck, too, in my defense.

Flawed System

My own right wing brother told me he thinks the whole concept of Capitalism is flawed from start to finish. This is because, he feels, it is based on never ending growth and spending and greed. If people don't spend their money on needless items, over and over, you can't have economic growth.

The messages sent out by the government are conflicting.

"Save!" But if people save, they don't spend. Then jobs are lost, factories are shut down and the distributors and retailors who ship and market those products shut down jobs. That's why, he concludes, products these days are more than ever built to fail. In one way, you could say, this retains jobs. But in another way, it fleeces the common folk struggling as it is, and it consumes natural resources and fills landfills, often with harmful chemicals in these products.

Our economy and jobs are no longer jobs based on fulfilling basic needs. There are too many people needing jobs and to support families in our ever growing human population. But how many "things" and products does on person or one family need to survive? In reality, not that many, but if we're not consuming, consuming, consuming, the economy flops or stagnates. In the end, the inevitable end, it will anyhow, no matter how many plastic and electronic gadgets we buy.

I told my brother, "Boy, that's dire."

I said, too "I wish I knew how to fix it all."

I do, actually.

Humans could stop breeding too many humans. This is the root cause of all problems. And the only way we can survive, economically, in the long run, is to curb our human animal urge to breed. I really believe this, because we are an animal species and the models are clear with every other overpopulating animal species. We justify our refusal to see ourselves as an animal population usually through religion.

Capitalism only works if people are spending and consuming way more than we need. It is based on delusion, the delusion of never ending growth. I see no other viable economic or political systems that have ever worked long term either. We need to become creative, and perhaps integrate a mix or think up a new one.

My Own Little Teabag Event

I conducted my own little teabagger event. A rebellion of sorts. I shredded my ballot. I'm not voting on the tax measures. Too many lies from both sides, is my reason. But just one reason.

I am a registered Independent. The Two Parties are destroying our country.

I wish the Democrats could understand the need for fiscal restraint and for individual freedom. I wish the public employee unions would recognize that their employees get better benefits and retirement than most Oregonians and give a little.

I know there are ranting raging Republican public employee retiree's, because I've met some of them, out there cat trapping.

I remember one man in particular who'd like everyone to suffer, except don't touch his public employee retirement account or benefits because he earned that. He has no sympathy for private sector employees who lost their retirement accounts to the Enron debacle or the crash thereafter due to greed from bankers and Wall streeters and legislative, at the federal level, blind eyes and winks to the Wall streeters and bankers indiscretions.

It was somehow their fault, he reasoned, and sided with the execs at Enron. That was the last time I encountered this man, when helping him and his wife again, for which they forgot to invoke their Republican Christian belief in fair play and pay me.

This too is common with the Republican screamers I encounter: screwing me! If you're so into personal responsibility, I've tried to argue, and Christian values, then why didn't you fix your pets in the first place and now that you didn't fix them, why not invoke your value system and pay me a fair wage to trap them and take them to be fixed, instead of....SCREWING ME! That's been my futile argument, after listening to their outrageous right wing rants until I want to vomit, while helping them.

I hate both parties and the legions who exhibit dead brain blind allegiance to their parties.

The democrats have an affinity for social programs but they do not become creative with those social programs, or even see to it that they are run humanely or efficiently. The Oregon DHS is notorious for its negligence in child protection. If it was ever looked into seriously, Oregon would be notorious for its abuse of mental patients, like I was abused. For this, I hold Democrats responsible.

On the other hand, my father was a hypocritical child molesting right winging Christian Republican, the Rush Limbaugh variety, so I can't, because of the horrors this brought to my life, consider voting Republican. I've met too many just like him.

So I'm dropping from the game. Call me unAmerican. I'm not. I love America. I hate both parties running the country. At least they negate each other.

I know good people in both parties. I know more good people in the Democratic party, however, because for some reason people registered as Democrats seem to be more involved in bettering their own communities, in all sorts of ways. Perhaps this is the nature of Democrats who seem community oriented, as opposed to Republicans who may see themselves as individuals more. I don't know. I'm far more comfortable around a group of Democrats I think. In a group of Republicans, I would be worried about saying something wrong, not being good enough, working hard enough, making enough, or revealing my inglorious past, that sort of thing. Maybe I'm getting into stereotypes now.

But I'm not voting for either party or their policies. The tax measures will pass or they will fail without my ballot making a mark either way. The candidates have public images created for them, run in brilliant campaigns and ads, that cost more than it would cost to fix every cat in America. And the ads are lies, charades. I won't play this game anymore.

If the measures fail, and social services are cut as a result, and I break my leg and have to have a neighbor set it, so be it. If I end up homeless, so be it. If I have to bury myself in a field when in my last moments alive, so be it.

If I'm run over by some super rich guy racing for the border because the measure passes, so be it. I'll wave goodbye as I die. Hahahaha. If even more jobs are lost, and looting becomes the norm to survive, so be it.

Nothing can really deeply affect me anymore. I don't have anything to lose, really. I've lived homeless and I can do so again. I've scrounged for food and I can do so again. I've endured the deaths of countless friends, humans and animal, and if I lose more, so be it. I've lived without power, without a car, without Internet, without a roof, without friends or family or a support system at all, and while these things are nice, they are luxury items. If I lose any of these things mentioned again, so be it.

I can't win in this capitalistic world. I can't. I'm a bad capitalist. I admit it. Don't care. I'm getting up there in years. There's no hope for me to be built into a factory ordered capitalist of the Republican or Democratic molds. Don't bother trying.

Go find some angry young people and divert their outrage into becoming your little soldiers! But not me. I'm old and skeptical and just want to sleep with my cats. Don't even send me a ballot anymore. Really. It's a waste.

I love Oregon. I love America. I love the way the fog hovers over the fields in the early morning when I can see the mountains far away, above the fog, dark, like stern benevolent guardians. I love crisp clear winter nights, when the air is sharp and crackles to the touch and the stars shine glorious above. Sometimes the woods call to me, when I'm out driving on some cat mission. My eyes are drawn into the forest, the mystery and beauty layered deep and soft. It's all I can do, to not stop, leave my car and run into the arms of the forest. The mountains call to me, too. Can't you hear? And the rivers.

But the cackling of politics only gives me headaches and makes me more and more yearn to run away.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Corvallis Cats; 3 Albany Cats

Six cats are up being fixed today, three males and three females. Three of the cats are from Corvallis and three are from Albany.

This Siamese mix female also comes from Albany. I asked who her mommy was and if she's now fixed and she said she didn't know. She said she would ask, since the owner of the mother is a relative or friend of a relative who lives on Queen.This is a gorgeous silver tabby on white male, from an apartment complex in Albany, up being fixed today. Behind him, is a brown tabby female from same location, being fixed today. I always ask where they came from. This woman said one is a kitten from a stray who lived at the complex. The stray was trapped and taken to the Humane Society. The other cats' mother is at Oxford House, she said, and now spayed, too, since she was hit by a car, and when at the vet for her damaged leg, she also was fixed.
The beautiful boy again. I didn't get a good photo of the girl, because she was hiding behind him.

The next three cats, all being fixed today, are from the Corvallis Lonely Unemployed Man apartment.

This is the only one of the three he could catch, a nice looking white and black male he calls "Baby". Before I saw Baby, thinking it was likely a small cat, I asked how much Baby weighed, since I had a couple of small carriers and one big one in my car. The man says "Ten or fifteen pounds." "Ok," I said. "That's one big baby."
This is the female from Lonely Unemployed man apartment cats, who is the reason they're all getting fixed. The man originally contacted the local FCCO coordinator about getting her fixed. He referred him to me, since he had to resign as coordinator due to extremely busy schedule. No more local FCCO clinics right now.
The Corvallis female again.
The long hair beautiful boy from Corvallis, whom I chased all over that apartment with my net. He was quick and it was dark in there, and he's dark. And there was lots of stuff he could get under and behind.
The big black long hair gorgeous male again. Baby, the white and black, and this big guy, have been engaging in pee marking contests, using the mans' couch and carpet as targets for their territorial battles.