Saturday, January 30, 2010

13 More Seed Warehouse Cats Fixed Yesterday

This is one of 13 cats fixed yesterday, from the seed farm. This is one of the five males of the 13 and he is huge. Today, I returned nine of the 13 cats after sleeping ten hours. I'd already returned the 8 females fixed Thursday.

I was too tired to pull the two kittens from one cage, going to a home, or the two kittens in the other cage, returning, out to take. I found, in the four traps I'd left set, four more cats. Two blacks, the tabby, and an unknown gray and white Siamese mix. Four more, and I saw I think at least two more all blacks out there. I left traps set and came home. That will be 25 caught there so far. The manager then admits there are more at the other warehouse down the road. I said, "We need to fix those too then." He would not agree to it, says there aren't that many. I said "there will be."

Thank heavens! The clinic up in Portland did all 13 of the cats I trucked up there with in the back of my car yesterday, from the seed warehouse. I had registered five to be fixed, then called and asked about ten. But I took 13, because I stopped in to check traps left set at the warehouse early yesterday morning and three more big all blacks.

I took the 8 females, fixed Thursday, back to the warehouse during the day yesterday, carrying them up some steep stairs to a very large room all set up to hold the fixed cats until the unfixed ones can be fixed. And there more to catch. During the day yesterday at least three more big black adults were seen. Then I know of the tabby and the fluffball Siamese still out there, too.

But at least 21 of them are now fixed. Two of the kittens, both girls, a Siamese and a black, are going home with one of the workers, probably today.

16 of 21 fixed so far have been females. 8 of the 13 fixed yesterday were girls. Of the 13 fixed yesterday, there was one Siamese kitten and one tabby kitten and 11 all blacks!

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