Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is Having Color Trouble with My Blog?

Jeanne is, in Baltimore, says suddenly the bottom section is dark brown. Looked just the same to me. Then I switched to Mozilla and boom, the blog colors are messed up and whacked out on MOzilla. No support available right now, to find out why. I tried all their little tricks on the "web pages don't appear right" trouble shooting page, but none made my blog back into normal color, so I'm back on IE, and it's normal on IE.

Who else is having trouble, with it appearing very dark brown on the blog post parts, with blue print, which is unreadable due to the very dark brown background. And who knows why this happened on those using Mozilla. At least I am assuming Jeanne is using Mozilla. I know when I tried to see it on Mozilla, you can't even read it.

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