Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toyota Recalls Cars, Suspends Sales Over Accelerator Pedal Woes. Nothing New. My Scion Too!

Click post title to go to story of massive Toyota Sales suspension of certain models affected by the accelerator pedal trouble.

This is not a new problem. I've had this happen with my Scion repeatedly. In fact one time, I had to lay on the brake pedal while the car still was trying to accelerate. That was actually in a parking lot not long after I got the car, and scared me white faced. I didn't know what to think. I still don't, because it still happens now and then.

I have tried to figure it out. First problem I notice, you can get your shoe toe stuck under a protrusion above the pedal and not even know it, unless you were barefoot. Then you would feel the very tips of your toes on top caught on something. You think you are taking your foot of the gas, or letting up but because the toe of your shoe is stuck, you're not.

This problem would be more common then with people whose feet are longer or wider than average or with certain shoes.

That's one problem.

Another also has to do with the shape and angle of the pedal and it's little area, but it's a protrusion on the right side, where your shoe can also impinge slightly, but enough to keep your foot fully on the pedal when you think it isn't. Again, unless you were driving barefoot, then you'd feel it.

But there's something else going on, too, something that makes me think something gets stuck inside or is slow to respond, beyond the firewall between the pedal and me, inside the engine compartment, and keeps the engine pumping full of gas, even if your foot is off the pedal. In other words, something is failing besides the pedal and perhaps the shape of the body of the car in the pedal area.

That's my take on the issue. I've had several scary moments with this issue. The first time was not long after I got it. I didn't want to say a word then, although I mentioned it to my brother, because I was unbelievably grateful to be in a decent car and because I thought maybe I was doing something wrong and because I was afraid if something was wrong with the car, I'd never get it back.

After awhile, I learned to adjust and to be wary of this issue and ready to act when it happens. I've never had it happen at highway speed, which is good! They never recalled the Scion over this problem or even mention it happens with Scions. But it does. I know for a fact it does.

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