Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 South Corvallis Seed Colony Females Fixed Today

This is the black kitten, Mahoo, who will be fixed tomorrow.
This is the brown tabby female fixed today with black female four, behind her.
Lynx Point Siamese female, fixed today.
The Siamese again.
Black and white female two, fixed today.
Black female two, fixed today.
Black female three, fixed today.
Black female one, fixed today.
Black female one, again.
Black and white female two again.
Black and white female one, fixed today.

Trapping the seed warehouse colony has been slightly nuts. Trying to juggle the 18 cats caught so far, keep them straight, since most are black, and get all of them trapped before returning those fixed is keeping me busy.

Today the first 8 were fixed. To my shock and to the vet clinic's shock, all 8 were adult females. Where are the boys?

This colony mimics another Llewellyn Road colony I just finished. All 12 of those cats were black. 8 of them were females. Of the four males, three were kittens and one was about 8 months old. Again, where are the boys?

My vet clinic says it's a lesbian road is all. I said, "Maybe it's the farm chemicals."

Well, there's still a chance with the seed colony to turn some boys. I have ten more waiting to be fixed and I saw at least four more out there: two blacks, a tabby and a big hairy Siamese.

The 8 fixed today were a Lynx Point Siamese female, short hair, four short hair blacks, two short hair black and whites and a brown tabby.

I have five short hair blacks, including two kittens in the car trapped today. I have three other kittens to be fixed waiting in a rabbit hutch: the Siamese I call Mowgli, the tabby kitten I call Mauai and a tiny black kitten I call Mahoo. Two of those will go home with a worker.

I also have two late teen all blacks waiting to be fixed who were trapped yesterday. 8 more all blacks to be fixed, a tabby and a Siamese. The vet is expecting five cats tomorrow. I don't think they'll overlook the fact I am showing up with ten instead. All they can do is say no.

Well, time for bed. I have all 8 who were fixed today, settled in, with food and water. I have the ten for tomorrow set to go also. With this 18 fixed, that's 30 cats fixed on Llewellyn Road in just the last ten days.


  1. Suspiciously, I have had cats show up at my house over the last couple of months who look just like these warehouse cats. They have been male. They are neutered now. Perhaps the males decided to take a walk?

  2. Wow, that's great!

    You're fortunate to have a vet who works with you like that, too. I have to make appointments two months in advance (and no price break) ...and that isn't the half of it. The only thing that has saved me is the neuter scooter but they don't seem to be doing appointments lately.

  3. They're about five miles south of Corvallis, Diane, then a mile west of 99. I just took 13 more up to be fixed in Wilsonville. I got promised the company would pay for the fixes, but now the manager is hedging. Sucks.

  4. Pagani, how many left do you have to fix, in your colony? You can take through Tigard Animal hospital in conjunction with Oregon spay neuter certificates and get males done for $33 and females for $49.

    Willamette Humane now does ferals for $43 and that includes shots. Just google Humane Society of the Willamette Valley.

    The Wag clinic in Eugene does ferals for $40, which includes shots and Revolution. That's if you had enough to justify the long trip. You can overnight here, if you wanted to.

    I'm not getting any price breaks at these clinics. These are the standard prices they charge for anyone. Countryside vet in Jefferson does females for $45, $55 if in heat, $67 if pregnant and males for $35. Eartips are free.

  5. You are quite the amazing woman!!! Those cats are super lucky to have you on their side!