Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two More, 27 in All, Me Going to Bed

This is the black male who was in the trap this morning, along with the black and white with mustache. This male turned out to be a crypt orchid, meaning he had one nondescended testicle. The vet then had to open his belly and search it out. Otherwise, he would still produce sperm.
This gray and white big angry male was in the trap yesterday morning, along with the last tabby and two other blacks. This was the only normal male of the six fixed Monday.
The gray and white male again.
The last tabby, quite a beauty, in one of my traps yesterday morning, and will be fixed tomorrow, along with the black and white, the gray and white, and three blacks. This tabby also turned out to be a little girl.
Adorable black and white, young, in trap this a.m. who will be fixed tomorrow, the third black and white I've trapped there. This little black and white turned out to be a girl also. In fact all the tabbies, three of them, and all three black and whites were girls.

I am headed to bed, my beloved bed, whom I adore and miss. I am soon to embrace you, my bed!

This morning, I hauled my sorry ass out to the seed warehouse once again. Two more cats. A young black and white mustached one and another all black.

I saw no others, but I know there are more. The fuzzy Siamese. A black cat with an injured foot, and the sleek short hair black, looked male, I saw jumping up into the hay. The one in the trap is the cat I saw headed from the field under the deck of the office, last night, all round faced and half fuzzy. She glared at me, last night, when I thought briefly of setting a trap beside the deck with a board on top to protect it from rain.

There were wet paw prints right up to one trap set near where I saw that black sleek male last night, then Starling feathers three feet from the trap. It was a statement I guess. "Who needs your tuna? I can out wait you."

In fact the cats could. The starling mobs out there are legendary. When I first arrived on scene, I commented to the manager what they really needed was someone trapping Starlings. He said no worry on that, the government is taking care of it. I said, "Huh? The government kills Starlings for the farmers?" "Yup," he said.

I said "They're not doing a very good job of it."
"Nope," he said, and that was it.

Tomorrow's the end of the trapping there. 27 cats. They told me they are releasing the ones from the room, 17 up there right now, already fixed, and waiting to get out, in the morning. That's fine with me.

The manager has not picked up the two kittens he said he wanted to take home. He didn't want them eartipped. He hasn't called. They're so darn cute. They clean each other, purr, chirp and play in the rabbit hutch in the garage, and beg for cat treats, which I can't hand them fast enough through the wire mesh at the front of the cage.

The other two in the other cage, fixed Friday, are only still in there and not back out at the warehouse because I was too tired to deal with it. Tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest, they'll go home, too. The six in traps, now clean and set for the night, will be fixed tomorrow and returned Tuesday morning.

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this one and that makes me really really happy.

I wonder what the mix will be on these last six. I know two are males at least.

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  1. Sleep well, good woman! Cat chirping! They should put it on sleep sounds;~) I have a "job" now. I am doing taxes... I had a dream the other night..I opened up a tax return and one of my rescues appeared..with two broken front legs;...( :~( ALL IS WELL-I have him and he is just fine, loving and lovable <3 <3

    Take Care,

    veri word-runtsti..runt he is not THOUGH I believe he may think he is a dog since he puts his paws upon my leg to have his head pet!!