Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is Having Color Trouble with My Blog?

Jeanne is, in Baltimore, says suddenly the bottom section is dark brown. Looked just the same to me. Then I switched to Mozilla and boom, the blog colors are messed up and whacked out on MOzilla. No support available right now, to find out why. I tried all their little tricks on the "web pages don't appear right" trouble shooting page, but none made my blog back into normal color, so I'm back on IE, and it's normal on IE.

Who else is having trouble, with it appearing very dark brown on the blog post parts, with blue print, which is unreadable due to the very dark brown background. And who knows why this happened on those using Mozilla. At least I am assuming Jeanne is using Mozilla. I know when I tried to see it on Mozilla, you can't even read it.


  1. We've been having trouble lately. We're on a mac and using Safari or opera.

  2. works ok for me at home & work. we're on internet explorer. got internet back at apartment last nite! then feel promptly asleep.

  3. It isn't the browser; something seems to be broken in the layout. Have you maybe edited your html template?

    The file that gives the paper color is http://www.blogblog.com/scribe/bg_paper_mid.jpg but instead of loading in the main content area, it appears at the very bottom left of your page.

    This happens in Explorer 6, 8, Google Chrome and Firefox 3.

    I'll poke around some more to see if I can find the problem.

  4. It looks like div id="main content" (which feeds the background image to your page) is trying to render in the head area simultaneous with div id="main-top" ..maybe this means that there was no closing /div tag for main-top.

    If you've been messing with your template, hopefully you have a backup copy. :)

    If you've only been adding things using "page elements" then probably something you recently added either has an extra closing /div that shouldn't be there OR some similar open element, this messing up the rest of the rendering.

    Besides template mis-edits, this can also happen if you add erroneous html into Page Elements using the "Add HTML/Javascript" element.

    Hope this helps you find the problem!

  5. I'm not having any trouble with it. Looks fine to me on IE.

  6. Some versions of some browsers will render code more sloppily. However, div-id="main-content" (which contains the paper-like gif that makes your blog readable) is NOT rendering in the post section but instead in the head area simultaneous with div id="main-top" ..it shouldn't do that.

    I suggested some added /div tags closing main-content too early. Perhaps they accidentally were left in when you did a copy/paste job in Page Elements?

    It's worth checking.

  7. One possibility:

    divPleave vote for Miss Daisy in the Bissell Pet Photo contest. Winner chooses an animal charity that gets $10,000! Poppa Inc. could use that money to fix many more mid valley cats!/center /div/strong /SMALL

    ...This div tag is not defined, so the closing /div may be closing main-content (which opens at the start of this column. But main-content is what provides the background image.

    I see a couple of other html problems, too, but they are less likely to be the cause of this issue. You should be able to remove both of them.

  8. Pagini, you'd have to speak English. I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.

  9. Well, it's working now! You must have done something. :)

    Sorry for the geek speak. I used to get paid to do that kind of stuff.

  10. A website designer? What do you do now? Do you survive with your art sales?

  11. I work freelance web design and book design. I used to have decent job doing those things but these days corporate America has outsourced most of that to India and China. I only keep afloat because of my sister, who also makes the care and feeding of feral cats possible.

  12. Hoorey I can see again! Its a miracle! Must have one of your relics floating around here, Jody...
    I can't seem to get internet explorer to work at all anymore. It always says "Internet explorer is not responding" and i have to go all control alt delete which says the same thing when i do and then the thingy comes up (my tech speako here!) that says internet explorer is closing and that are looking for a reason why its not working. I always click cancel on that because after a thousand tries apparently it still hasn't figured out why its not responding. I think I'll try to find an earlier restore point and see if that might work. Otherwise I might have to go to updates and expunge i.e.8 if thats the problem...