Friday, January 29, 2010

21 So Far

I went over to the warehouse early this a.m., to check the four traps I'd left set. I had three more blacks, two of them big boys! No sign of the tabby or fluffy Siamese.

I loaded the three in my car, on top of the ten already in it, and headed off to the vet, with 13 cats, 11 of them black. I didn't know if they could do them all or not. They agreed to do them all! Yay.

I'm taking the 8 girls back today. Well, at least they'll all be fixed, if that tabby and that fluffy Siamese can be caught. I started trapping Wednesday morning. Now, on Friday, 21 of the cats are fixed. But, I really don't like to quit unless they're all caught. I'll try to cut some sort of deal with this manager, a price per cat maybe. $25 per cat would not pay for even half the fixes, but it'd be better than nothing.

The bill for the first 8 females alone was $370. Seven normal spays and one in heat spay, which cost $10 more. Each also got Advantage, courtesy of me, and roundwormer.

I think they're going to pay a set price per cat, whatever we can work.

I just talked to the manager again. He says he's seen three or four black ones today, meaning there are probably six or eight more to catch. Gosh darn it. But 21 is a great start. They have a room set up for the returning cats to live in until all the rest are caught. It's a nice huge room, with little hiding places, too, so it's good.

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