Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caught Six Males

Heartland said they'd fix four cats tomorrow. I caught six out there at the VV. I aimed with my drop trap only at big males. I caught five dominants and a sub dominant. There are two dominants left to catch with two dominants fixed last time.

I hope Heartland can manage all six tomorrow.

Yup, I deleted the rest of the post. Way too whiney and depressing for even me. Would be a major downer to read. For even me. Later on.

I chose this path. I will find a solution to the long term financial and car woes I am in. Or not! I am allowed by Poppa to try to get enough of a copay to cover my gas. Often I am unable to do so and with gas prices so sky high, puts me in a world of hurt.

I do love solving huge cat problems quickly. I love it. If I can avoid going deeper into the hole doing it.

Nine Kittens Get Hearing Back! Miracle? No. Dead Earmites!

The nine bathroom kittens can now hear!

Before, they could not possibly hear. Not after what I saw come out of their ears when I cleaned them. I inserted small amounts of ear cleaner, staring with the youngest Lynx Point, then worked and massaged the ears to their base. The base was hard, and I know what that means--impacted ear mite debris, long standing!

That poor little Lynx Point's ears were packed full. Bit by bit, the hard balls clogging their ears to the drum, composed of earmites, wax, dirt and ear mite feces, softened, loosened and dropped out. Some of the balls that came out were larger than peas. These are tiny kittens. Over and over I would repeat--adding fluid, massaging, rinsing, flicking out debris I could see. I finally ran a small stream of warm water in the bathroom sink and washed their ears out that way.

Finally after two hours work and myself itching like crazy in sympathy, I treated each kitten ear, now clean, with ivermectin.

Poor little kittens.

But now, nine little kittens, born perfect, can hear once again!!!!

Miracle? No. I killed their damn ear mites. Then I washed them down the drain with a rubbing alcohol trailer.

Nine Kittens in My Bathroom/Ten More Out There Who Need Out of There

I have nine VV kittens in my bathroom. All were severely dehydrated. That's because the only water available to the cats was off in the sheep/goat field or down at another house from a pond. I asked the caretakers to please put out water for the cats, which they immediately did.

So many people will put out food for cats but not water.

Here, the black tux and gray tux kittens, drank and drank and drank, once I showed them the water bowl.

All have very slight URI's, ear mites, fleas and roundworms.

Today, once rested, I will bathe them all and clean out their ears. All are on the antibiotics given me by Heartland for the first three, the three Siamese whose eyes were glued shut. All three of those are popping quickly out of trouble. The girl of the three has blossomed instantly and chases around the bathroom playing wildly.

The little boy who was the sickest also is infatuated with cat toys and wrestles with his sister, reluctant to stop for sleep.

The shyest of the nine is the gray tux boy with the button nose. He was seriously dehydrated. The black tux drank first from a syringe full of water. He gulped syringe full after syringe full of water.

So, here's the list: Three Lynx Point boys, four weeks of age. One chocolate point female, five weeks. One calico (female), five weeks. One muted torti (female), four weeks. One tabby female, five weeks, one gray tux male, one black tux male.

Those still out there, in need of foster: org tabby male, torbi female, gray male, all five weeks, tabby on white male (four weeks), 2 more Siamese, four weeks, then the latest litter of newborns, three of them, one week and in a lawn mower bag. The three newborns can stay with mom awhile. I believe they are all Siamese.

I was called by the ninety year old wonder woman in Lebanon. She's had a new tamish stray show up at her colony, who previously were all fixed. She never leaves her number, which leaves me scrambling to find it.

The rural trailer colony lady called me. She told me the cats disappeared after her daughter moved out of the trailer and so she quit feeding. I told her cats don't just "run away" from a food source and to please continue to feed. I guess she did so, and she has seen at least two. She wants me to trap them and move them to her barn, since the trailer will be demolished. I said I would do that.

An Albany man was shot to death by a woman renting a room in their house yesterday. The house where this occurred is where Born in a Boat Brutus was born, behind the house. The man had given Brutus and his brother to some people who live in a trashy apartment building just down the block, facing the cross street. Brutus, now named Brody, lives with a Corvallis woman while his brother lives with an Albany woman. I recently stopped by the house where his mother was fed, and happened to see her stroll up the sidewalk. The cats take refuge in the backyard of the murdered mans' house. The renter, a woman in her thirties, was arrested after she called 911 just after killing the man, her landlord. The man's wife and kids were not at home, thankfully. I wonder why she murdered him. It's horrible.

This is also a block the other direction from where I'm trying to catch another stray female.

I never was called back by the brick house people, about getting the other two cats fixed. They'd gone camping last weekend. Then, over the weekend, south of Albany, a man allegedly looking at puppies for sale, attacked the home owner without warning. The home owner had a concealed weapons permit and ended up shooting the attacker, who survived the wound, in the stomach.

However, the attacker had the same middle and last name as the man who lives at the brick house. I wonder if it is the same man or maybe a son or brother. Or maybe just two people with the same name.

I have been e-mailing and calling every rescue and no kill shelter I can find, hoping some can foster even one or two of the kittens. No luck so far. I pretty much begged Safehaven for help, but their foster scheduler is currently gone for the holidays. I'd done the same from Portland. Nobody even returned my calls.

Kitten season. Nobody wants more kittens.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11 Albany Cats Fixed Today

I drove up to the VV colony to return the cats tonight and saw a fawn on the property. The fawn was so happy when its mom returned.

Even though 14 cats have now been fixed at this colony, many remain who need fixed.

Neither this calico nor the black tux are fixed yet. However, the kitten is in my car.

I grabbed this kitten also. Ten others need somebody to step up and foster them.

This gray male still needs fixed. In fact I counted three all gray cats who still need fixed.

This gray tux needs fixed as do at least two other adult gray tuxes.

Kittens in the grass. Three of these four kittens are still out there in need of someone to foster them. I grabbed the Siamese.
Another unfixed gray kitty.
The third unfixed gray kitty.

This calico is not yet fixed.
But this kitten is in my car.

These cats from the colony were fixed today:
Skrawny gray tux female, fixed today.
Torti female, fixed today from VV colony.
A second Lynx Pt. female, fixed today.
Abbytabby tux female fixed today.
One of two huge problem orange and white males, but this one got fixed today and the other is in my sights.
Gray tabby tux male fixed today.

A 2nd giant problem medium hair brown tabby male, from the VV colony, fixed today.
Not shown in photos of the 8 VV's fixed today: DSH gray tabby female.

I took up 11 more Albany cats to be fixed today. Eight of those hailed from the VV colony. The grand total fixed there as of today, in two days: 14. 11 females and 3 males. Also, 8 kittens have now been taken out. In two days, 22 cats from that colony have been assisted by little old me, plus Poppa Inc. funds. However, there are lots to go there. I counted ten more kittens at least and they all really need out of there. Volunteers? Just line up!

Two orange tux kittens from Albany were fixed also. One was a boy and one a girl. They are owned.Two Albany loved owned kittens fixed today.

Rounding out the 11, was a female abandoned on Seven Mile Lane and the mother of that kitten I sat out trying to recatch outside of Heartland. I didn't get a photo of her or one of the 8 from the VV colony fixed today. Was kind of worn out.

I also said goodbye to the six Albany FIV kittens. Their mom was fixed June 21 and KATA took in the six kittens afterwards. But two tested positive for FIV, after which KATA quit testing. They need held a couple months and retested. They will get that in Portland. They spent the last two days back here in my bathroom and today moved on in their young lives.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Six Cats Fixed Today were Females

All six of the VV colony cats fixed today are females.

I returned them, and trapped 8 more this evening.

There are kittens everywhere.

I also picked up the mother of the kitten on the lam, (the kitten who escaped during her pre-surgery exam at Heartland). The mother is a stray out on Seven Mile. She, however, is already up at the clinic, as I left her there when I picked up the six who had been fixed.

I also returned Tia, the warehouse Siamese mother of born in trap kittens. I'd had no chance before. Afterwards, I stopped in at Heartland and got the three Siamese kittens registered with them, but had to bring them home, and am fostering them for Heartland. I hope they can find someone to take over.

There are so many kittens out at this colony, I can't keep track.

The good news is they registered the rest for a July 7 FCCO clinic. The bad news is it will be me trapping them and transporting them to that clinic.

Cat Herds

I was called about a new colony, a couple asking for help fixing the cats they feed. A grandchild volunteers at Safehaven and got some numbers to call. I went up this morning just to look, and was overcome. This is a cat herd!

The cat trapper in me wanted to solve it instantly and I could have, had I had the traps and the money for fixing and willing vets. Although I had no appointments today I called my vet and asked to bring some up. Then I sprung into action.

I grabbed three sickly starving four week old Siamese kittens. I quickly trapped the first six I could grab which took only moments since they're starving. Too many cats, too many worms in the too many cats and too little food for cats and their worms to eat.This tabby on white is being fixed today.
This Lynx Pt Siamese is being fixed today. I saw at least three Siamese and grabbed two of them.
The chocolate point Siamese and gray tabby being fixed today.
Calico, being fixed today.
Same Calico.
Torbi being spayed today.

Here are photos of this herd. I take photos because I don't want to miss any cats and wanted to count them and that is easier done with photos.