Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nine Kittens in My Bathroom/Ten More Out There Who Need Out of There

I have nine VV kittens in my bathroom. All were severely dehydrated. That's because the only water available to the cats was off in the sheep/goat field or down at another house from a pond. I asked the caretakers to please put out water for the cats, which they immediately did.

So many people will put out food for cats but not water.

Here, the black tux and gray tux kittens, drank and drank and drank, once I showed them the water bowl.

All have very slight URI's, ear mites, fleas and roundworms.

Today, once rested, I will bathe them all and clean out their ears. All are on the antibiotics given me by Heartland for the first three, the three Siamese whose eyes were glued shut. All three of those are popping quickly out of trouble. The girl of the three has blossomed instantly and chases around the bathroom playing wildly.

The little boy who was the sickest also is infatuated with cat toys and wrestles with his sister, reluctant to stop for sleep.

The shyest of the nine is the gray tux boy with the button nose. He was seriously dehydrated. The black tux drank first from a syringe full of water. He gulped syringe full after syringe full of water.

So, here's the list: Three Lynx Point boys, four weeks of age. One chocolate point female, five weeks. One calico (female), five weeks. One muted torti (female), four weeks. One tabby female, five weeks, one gray tux male, one black tux male.

Those still out there, in need of foster: org tabby male, torbi female, gray male, all five weeks, tabby on white male (four weeks), 2 more Siamese, four weeks, then the latest litter of newborns, three of them, one week and in a lawn mower bag. The three newborns can stay with mom awhile. I believe they are all Siamese.

I was called by the ninety year old wonder woman in Lebanon. She's had a new tamish stray show up at her colony, who previously were all fixed. She never leaves her number, which leaves me scrambling to find it.

The rural trailer colony lady called me. She told me the cats disappeared after her daughter moved out of the trailer and so she quit feeding. I told her cats don't just "run away" from a food source and to please continue to feed. I guess she did so, and she has seen at least two. She wants me to trap them and move them to her barn, since the trailer will be demolished. I said I would do that.

An Albany man was shot to death by a woman renting a room in their house yesterday. The house where this occurred is where Born in a Boat Brutus was born, behind the house. The man had given Brutus and his brother to some people who live in a trashy apartment building just down the block, facing the cross street. Brutus, now named Brody, lives with a Corvallis woman while his brother lives with an Albany woman. I recently stopped by the house where his mother was fed, and happened to see her stroll up the sidewalk. The cats take refuge in the backyard of the murdered mans' house. The renter, a woman in her thirties, was arrested after she called 911 just after killing the man, her landlord. The man's wife and kids were not at home, thankfully. I wonder why she murdered him. It's horrible.

This is also a block the other direction from where I'm trying to catch another stray female.

I never was called back by the brick house people, about getting the other two cats fixed. They'd gone camping last weekend. Then, over the weekend, south of Albany, a man allegedly looking at puppies for sale, attacked the home owner without warning. The home owner had a concealed weapons permit and ended up shooting the attacker, who survived the wound, in the stomach.

However, the attacker had the same middle and last name as the man who lives at the brick house. I wonder if it is the same man or maybe a son or brother. Or maybe just two people with the same name.

I have been e-mailing and calling every rescue and no kill shelter I can find, hoping some can foster even one or two of the kittens. No luck so far. I pretty much begged Safehaven for help, but their foster scheduler is currently gone for the holidays. I'd done the same from Portland. Nobody even returned my calls.

Kitten season. Nobody wants more kittens.

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