Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cat Herds

I was called about a new colony, a couple asking for help fixing the cats they feed. A grandchild volunteers at Safehaven and got some numbers to call. I went up this morning just to look, and was overcome. This is a cat herd!

The cat trapper in me wanted to solve it instantly and I could have, had I had the traps and the money for fixing and willing vets. Although I had no appointments today I called my vet and asked to bring some up. Then I sprung into action.

I grabbed three sickly starving four week old Siamese kittens. I quickly trapped the first six I could grab which took only moments since they're starving. Too many cats, too many worms in the too many cats and too little food for cats and their worms to eat.This tabby on white is being fixed today.
This Lynx Pt Siamese is being fixed today. I saw at least three Siamese and grabbed two of them.
The chocolate point Siamese and gray tabby being fixed today.
Calico, being fixed today.
Same Calico.
Torbi being spayed today.

Here are photos of this herd. I take photos because I don't want to miss any cats and wanted to count them and that is easier done with photos.

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