Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Six Cats Fixed Today were Females

All six of the VV colony cats fixed today are females.

I returned them, and trapped 8 more this evening.

There are kittens everywhere.

I also picked up the mother of the kitten on the lam, (the kitten who escaped during her pre-surgery exam at Heartland). The mother is a stray out on Seven Mile. She, however, is already up at the clinic, as I left her there when I picked up the six who had been fixed.

I also returned Tia, the warehouse Siamese mother of born in trap kittens. I'd had no chance before. Afterwards, I stopped in at Heartland and got the three Siamese kittens registered with them, but had to bring them home, and am fostering them for Heartland. I hope they can find someone to take over.

There are so many kittens out at this colony, I can't keep track.

The good news is they registered the rest for a July 7 FCCO clinic. The bad news is it will be me trapping them and transporting them to that clinic.

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