Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nine Kittens Get Hearing Back! Miracle? No. Dead Earmites!

The nine bathroom kittens can now hear!

Before, they could not possibly hear. Not after what I saw come out of their ears when I cleaned them. I inserted small amounts of ear cleaner, staring with the youngest Lynx Point, then worked and massaged the ears to their base. The base was hard, and I know what that means--impacted ear mite debris, long standing!

That poor little Lynx Point's ears were packed full. Bit by bit, the hard balls clogging their ears to the drum, composed of earmites, wax, dirt and ear mite feces, softened, loosened and dropped out. Some of the balls that came out were larger than peas. These are tiny kittens. Over and over I would repeat--adding fluid, massaging, rinsing, flicking out debris I could see. I finally ran a small stream of warm water in the bathroom sink and washed their ears out that way.

Finally after two hours work and myself itching like crazy in sympathy, I treated each kitten ear, now clean, with ivermectin.

Poor little kittens.

But now, nine little kittens, born perfect, can hear once again!!!!

Miracle? No. I killed their damn ear mites. Then I washed them down the drain with a rubbing alcohol trailer.

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