Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11 Albany Cats Fixed Today

I drove up to the VV colony to return the cats tonight and saw a fawn on the property. The fawn was so happy when its mom returned.

Even though 14 cats have now been fixed at this colony, many remain who need fixed.

Neither this calico nor the black tux are fixed yet. However, the kitten is in my car.

I grabbed this kitten also. Ten others need somebody to step up and foster them.

This gray male still needs fixed. In fact I counted three all gray cats who still need fixed.

This gray tux needs fixed as do at least two other adult gray tuxes.

Kittens in the grass. Three of these four kittens are still out there in need of someone to foster them. I grabbed the Siamese.
Another unfixed gray kitty.
The third unfixed gray kitty.

This calico is not yet fixed.
But this kitten is in my car.

These cats from the colony were fixed today:
Skrawny gray tux female, fixed today.
Torti female, fixed today from VV colony.
A second Lynx Pt. female, fixed today.
Abbytabby tux female fixed today.
One of two huge problem orange and white males, but this one got fixed today and the other is in my sights.
Gray tabby tux male fixed today.

A 2nd giant problem medium hair brown tabby male, from the VV colony, fixed today.
Not shown in photos of the 8 VV's fixed today: DSH gray tabby female.

I took up 11 more Albany cats to be fixed today. Eight of those hailed from the VV colony. The grand total fixed there as of today, in two days: 14. 11 females and 3 males. Also, 8 kittens have now been taken out. In two days, 22 cats from that colony have been assisted by little old me, plus Poppa Inc. funds. However, there are lots to go there. I counted ten more kittens at least and they all really need out of there. Volunteers? Just line up!

Two orange tux kittens from Albany were fixed also. One was a boy and one a girl. They are owned.Two Albany loved owned kittens fixed today.

Rounding out the 11, was a female abandoned on Seven Mile Lane and the mother of that kitten I sat out trying to recatch outside of Heartland. I didn't get a photo of her or one of the 8 from the VV colony fixed today. Was kind of worn out.

I also said goodbye to the six Albany FIV kittens. Their mom was fixed June 21 and KATA took in the six kittens afterwards. But two tested positive for FIV, after which KATA quit testing. They need held a couple months and retested. They will get that in Portland. They spent the last two days back here in my bathroom and today moved on in their young lives.

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