Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caught Six Males

Heartland said they'd fix four cats tomorrow. I caught six out there at the VV. I aimed with my drop trap only at big males. I caught five dominants and a sub dominant. There are two dominants left to catch with two dominants fixed last time.

I hope Heartland can manage all six tomorrow.

Yup, I deleted the rest of the post. Way too whiney and depressing for even me. Would be a major downer to read. For even me. Later on.

I chose this path. I will find a solution to the long term financial and car woes I am in. Or not! I am allowed by Poppa to try to get enough of a copay to cover my gas. Often I am unable to do so and with gas prices so sky high, puts me in a world of hurt.

I do love solving huge cat problems quickly. I love it. If I can avoid going deeper into the hole doing it.

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