Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Young Mom Fixed Today

This is the young brown tabby female, mom of four, originally. She was fixed today while traps were set to catch her kittens. I'd never seen her kittens. But this evening, one was in the trap. I set another trap, and immediately caught a second kitten. So far, no more kittens have been caught, although traps remain set. And these two, tame immediately and about six or seven weeks of age, are skin and bones, but otherwise healthy. They're so skinny I don't know if two more could have survived. Four were seen about two weeks ago, but only two have been seen in the last week. That does not necessarily mean they are not still alive. It means they have not been seen is all.

Mom looked pregnant again, but she wasn't. She was chock full of roundworms. I wormed her, and, this afternoon, she has eaten two cans of food already. After I trapped her kittens and set them beside her, she looked content and all were ready for naps.

A couple has been feeding mom. They have dogs, very lovable but loud dogs, nosy dogs, too, they are. The disabled woman of the couple, in a wheelchair, wanted badly to keep the kittens but the dogs raised a ruckus that could not be stopped so off went the kittens with me. And now, I am trying to find somewhere else for them, since I don't want them getting sick with what the bathroom kittens, returned by Heartland, had, but fortunately are now over with.

That's the girl kitten on the left, looking over her shoulder at mom, behind her in another trap. The boy is on the right. They're gorgeous kittens.

There are little tragic family dramas playing out like this everywhere right now.

Update: Caught kitten number three. Another brown tabby boy. Traps still set under that house. I have mom and the three kittens set up in my garage. Don't want to bring them in the house for fear they'll get the Gaki bug. I have three kittens in my bathroom. Kittens everywhere. I had a terrible time getting back up after being down, setting a trap under the house again. Knee giving me pain today. Need some rest.

One Cat

I have one cat in my car ready for the spay game. She's a young mother from off Grand Prairie. She has kittens under a house I can't get under. Supposedly they are four or five weeks old. I've not seen them. They have traps under the house set for the kittens but no sign of them. This makes me worry, that they are not as old as the couple thinks they are.

My car is running ok. I added fuel injector cleaner from the dollar store and I hope no more coughing and sputtering start attempts.

Supposedly the part to fix the stuck electrical switch for the windows might be ordered this week. Yeah, have no idea why it hasn't yet been ordered. I think it's been six weeks since I took the car in.

I sprayed down the front of the radiator yesterday to get bits of leaves and twigs out of it, for better circulation. Sometimes I vacuum the front of a radiator but the shop vac I got at an estate sale fried a year ago.

I have three take off tires of one brand on the car then a fourth tire of a different brand which was more used than the other three. That tire needs replaced. Has some tread left, but not that much. I need to replace the front struts.

I am seriously toying with the idea of doing it myself. I remember sort of how, using C clamps as a spring compressor, for the suspension spring. I remember all the stories of people who have had whatever they used to compress the spring break or slip, and then the spring knocking them in the shoulder or breaking an arm, and one unfortunate I read about years ago, got knocked in the face and killed, when his homemade spring compressor failed.

That is a lot of force, to be sure, but I think I can do it. Think I can. Otherwise, that's hundreds of dollars to get front struts replaced.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


UPDATE: Car started perfectly this morning. Yay!

Car is acting up. Would barely start tonight. But it finally did. It would turn over then run, rough and jagged, coughing and huffing, then it would die. It made some cut short sucking noises too, as it tried to run.

Once I got it going, it was ok, but once back, it was really way too hot in the engine compartment. I don't know what to think. I'm nervous. I need that car. My life depends on that car. It's miles to where I buy cat litter and farther still to where I`get my groceries and cat food.

I don't know how I would live without the car. Not here. Impossible.

I also need it for work. It has to keep running, is what it has to do. Period.

You hear that, car of mine? Do you?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Been E-mailing HSUS

I've been trying to find spay neuter grant money to keep Poppa Inc. going. So, I took the bull by the horns and e-mailed Humane Society of the United States. I know they raked in over 80 million the year before last in donations from reading their tax return on Guide Star. I know they have over 40 employees making over 100k a year.

And, I found out, they have at least two employees in Oregon. I got answered by someone named Scott, who I guess lives in Oregon and is one of their employees. He responded very very briefly. One sentence in fact. He said they fund some groups that then give grants for spay neuter. I asked "What groups?" No response so far.

Then I e-mailed a Portland HSUS employee who used to live in Lebanon. I only know that because the local paper has a reporter who is a friend of hers and writes articles periodically about her. I figured, "Why not try her? She's from Lebanon. She has to know how bad the situation is there at least for cats."

I gave her the whole spiel, about how bad it is in this county, how there are no county services for cats, gave her a brief run down on Poppa Inc. and how many cats I've taken in just in the last two years, using Poppa Inc. funds and asked again if the HSUS could give out grants to fund spay neuter. I told her I was contacting her because this is a huge problem and we need the big national big money organizations on board, because they have the big bucks to help solve it. And the advertising and publicity to do it. Sure I was begging. I don't care anymore. The HSUS is a rich organization. I really have no idea what they do. No idea. I tried to find out specifics on their website to no avail. It's all very vague to me.

I know they have funded political campaigns, like for some measure once in CA. They say they've given funds to a horse rescue with 200 rescued horses somewhere in Oregon, which is good. But with as many high paid staff as they have and raking in the money they are, where is it all going?

I'd like to see a lot of it fund spay neuter. I hope I get a response from the former Lebanon resident who now works for HSUS. She must know how bad it is here. She couldn't not know if she lived there. So I hope she understands and can light some fires under the right people and get some money back here in grants for spay neuter. Wouldn't that be nice? I know she could do it. I am crossing my fingers that she will respond.

Kittens Improving

This is the second torti from the Lebanon colony. She was spayed last Wednesday.
I was trying to determine if this was indeed a different torti than the one already fixed, which is not so easy from a distance sometimes. She was not fixed and in this photo, taken at maximum zoom, was advancing towards the drop trap. I put down the camera and yanked the string, that pulled out the stick holding up the drop trap. I then had to leap from my car and make a mad dash for the trap, to hold it down while I threw a blanket over it. Then, I could fetch a transfer trap and transfer her into a live trap from the drop trap. I keep meaning to make improvements to the drop trap, so that it has a catch board, to land and latch onto. Otherwise, the cats can bounce it up enough for one or all to get under an edge and be gone. This happens most often if several cats are under the trap when I yank the cord and when I yank it from long distances.
Tabitha, one of the three kittens in my bathroom, sick, from the Lebanon situation. Tabitha is almost over her cold, but still has an inflamed second eyelid in one eye.
Tabitha again, showing clearly the conjunctivitis she has been fighting off.
Skye at least is finally opened her terribly inflamed eyes. I am not sold on the anti viral drops anymore and am going to switch back to antibiotic ointment. Skye was terribly ill when I got the three back from Heartland and she hadn't eaten in days. She has, until two days ago, here, existed on force fed nutrical and sub cu fluids. I did not think she would survive she was so very sick. But she has. Now she is eating on her own and even playing.
Prancer, Tabitha and Skye. Prancer shows off. Tabitha and Skye watch.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kyron Horman Sighting in Yreka, CA?

Click post title to go to a bizarre twist in the missing Portland boy saga. An Idaho psychic told police that Kyron is in the Yreka, CA area. After that, someone saw a little boy who looks like Kyron in a Yreka Walmart with an older couple. Police reviewed the video tape from Walmart and have sent it to Portland investigators to see if it is possible the boy in the video with the older couple might be Kyron.

I can't imagine why an older couple would kidnap a little boy. The reasons are never good. They usually involve the sex or child porn industry.

I hope this is not some publicity stunt by the psychic.

If it is Kyron, at least he would still be alive. And I hope, if it is him in the video, law enforcement gets the bastards real quick and spirits Kyron back to his family.

I have become obsessed with the search, hoping and hoping. I can't stand it when little kids go missing. Drives me nuts. I keep hoping for breaking news to pop up that he has been found. How could a little boy go to school and just disappear? How could that happen?

There are three possibilities. That he didn't stay at school, which would mean a family member took him and did something to him. That's number one and there's no good outcome there. Number two is that a stranger or family or school acquantance took him. And there's usually no good outcome there either. The third reason is that he hid somewhere, and then got into trouble quickly, couldn't get out, couldn't breath, something like that, or that he wandered off, got lost, hurt, fell, and by now, has died of hypothermia.

If he is out there dead, from wandering off, the vultures will soon let searchers know that. Why would a little boy wander off, with class I think about to start? The only reason I could think of was if he was already outside, went to the playground, saw something and went to investigate and never made it back. Or was out there, and god forbid, a hungry predator took him. But this is all so unlikely.

They have released few details. Details like when did class start that morning and was that when he was noticed missing. I find it curious no one remembers seeing him that morning. The only other sighting of Kyron that morning was allegedly by his deskmate, of the same age, who claims to have passed him in the hall and that Kyron said he was headed to look at the "electric" science exhibit again.

If that is the case, then he would have disappeared between that spot and wherever the electric project was? Who was in there looking at it, when Kyron might have entered, surely someone, and if someone was, and did not see him, was that classmate telling the truth? Little kids lie for all sorts of reasons, including to be in on something, or because they feel it is expected, or to mitigate a loss.

Supposedly there were tons of people in the school, and no one else saw him, just one little kid, beside his step mom? Now that's too wierd. I'd be going over and over the story that little kid is telling, to see if it is true and if it isn't, I'd be going over and over the story with step mom.

She's a big facebook user. Social media is being heralded for getting out the word on Kyron. But what if Facebook was the weapon used to find and stalk Kyron through his stepmom's activity there. What if Kyron was being silently stalked beforehand, by someone who seemed like a "friend" on facebook, but who was in fact not at all a friend, but someone intent on grabbing a child.

If a cat gets lost, they're rarely found. If they've never been outside and get outside, you start running down the possibilities. They're going to be scared, look for a safe place to hide away, come out only under the shield of darkness at first. Usually, you have to go out at night and early morning to look, with a flashlight. Often, to find them you put out a huge plate of food, and then you sit way back, quiet, with binoculars and wait and watch.

I remember the search for two boys that went on and on. All the while, they were right there, beneath their eyes, in a trunk, dead, suffocated. Accidental.

And the boy searched for diligently, found much later. He'd apparently died of hypothermia very very close to the house and had been covered in snow. Or, more recently in southern Oregon, a toddler runs out into the woods and vanishes. A family friend found her just in time, deep in berry vines, barely visible to him. But he'd called and stood in silence listening. This too was very very close to her home, as would be common sense.

What if he is around or in that school still? Bring in a corpse dog. Think outside the box of where a kid could get closed into it, and not be heard. I'm sure they've done all this. I'm telling you, missing kid stories drive me nuts. I want them to find him.


They're still alive. So I gave the tortis, who were not named prior, the names Jeanne from Baltimore offered up: Tabitha and Skye.

The kittens have existed on nutrical and sub cu fluids. Until today, when Prancer and Tabitha began prancing and playing and eating kitten food, the dry variety. Still Skye, the sickest littlest one, refused to eat. Granted, she was getting plenty of calories through forced nutrical and fluids sub cu. She didn't have to eat to stay alive.

Heartland has been extremely helpful with caring for these sick kittens. Today, they gave me more fluids and more nutrical. I am hoping soon I will need neither for these kittens anyhow.

But, tonight I made a mixture. I got chicken and baked it. Then I cut up some of it in small pieces and pureed it with powdered KMR and some water. Oh my gosh, they went for that. The littlest torti, Skye, sucked down 10 cc of the mix, smacking her lips.

I have discovered kittens have to be cleaned/groomed or they do not thrive. I groom them around the mouth and face, with repetitive motions, like a mother licking, with a warm wet piece of cloth. They just love this. Repeated short cleaning strokes along the mouthline and beneath the chin and this is kitten bliss, even sick kittens respond.

So, they're ok right now. You never know with kittens. One minute they can seem to thrive and the next, they're dead of anything. So I live in the moment when caring for fragile kittens and enjoy it.

We got the cat grant from Albany. Click the post title to go to the article about us getting it, in the paper no less. I had no idea it was even a possibility anymore. Councilman Dick Olsen went to bat for the funds, citing common sense.

I read the paper online. Imagine my shock to see that. I immeditely e-mailed Poppa's board members to tell them. Moments before, Beccy, the treasurer, e-mailed to ask if we had heard anything about the grant and I told her we didn't get it, which is what I'd been told a few weeks ago. Yahooooooooo!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day Too Long. Day Too Wet.

I got up too early after being up too late tending to sick kittens. Two are improved but the sickest one remains critical.

I took the torti from the Lebanon colony, and two owned tame cats, a male and a female, up to be fixed. Then I went and got some anti viral drops for the kittens. Poppa Inc's pres paid for them. I'm kind of totally broke.

I'm still sick, still snorfling and coughing as junk drips down the back of my throat. I should have taken it easy a couple more days, to get over it completely.

The clinic thought the cats would be done by noon. So I hung around. SafeHaven had their van up there with a load of animals at the same clinic. The vet always told me there, they'd do mine first. Today, when I called back at noon, eager to get back home and check on the kittens, the clinic told me they would not be done for two or more hours and that they had lots of surgeries going on. They also told me they were not doing mine first but that they were in the mix somewhere with SafeHaven animals.

This caused me anger. I began to get steamed inside. I called the clinic back and told them I needed to tell them something so I wouldn't get passive aggressive about it, bottling it in. I told them SafeHaven has a transport van and gets donations that pay for their gas. I'm in deep doodoo financially. I pay for gas and even for the required flea treatment on each cat and to save on money, I sit in a parking lot while the cats are fixed, so I don't have to pay gas money to drive back to Albany, then back up. I wasn't happy, you see. And I was terribly worried about the kittens, in my bathroom. I would have come back had I thought it was going to be an all dayer up in Wilsonville.

But the one assistant had her story wrong. They had not started surgeries until late due to lots of drop in appointments. They did mine immediately and I was on my way by 2:00. I apologized for going off on them, cited stress, exhaustion, illness, but admitted that is no excuse. I came home and was surprsied to find all three kittens still alive, although how the one is hanging on, I don't know. She was severely dehydrated so I gave her 40cc of fluids. I should have bought another bag of fluids and I forgot.

I buried Gaki. He'd been in the freezer at the clinic. I couldn't wait that day, couldn't see it happen, just couldn't couldn't couldn't. I had reached a limit on my abilities. He came home with me today. He's buried beneath the rose now. I'm still wavering on that limit.

It hurts me to lose a kitty, one that wants to live. He died for no good reason. Damn the miserable louse who abandoned him. Damn that vampire to hell.

They haven't found that little boy, missing from his school for days now, and that is very very sad. Little kids, animals, old people often bear the brunt of too much.

We need a miracle in Oregon. The rain never ends here. We need Kyron Horman found alive. We need that real bad here.

The rain came down so hard at one point, when I was picking up those anti viral drops, that I watched a storm drain ferment and erupt like a volcano. Guess it was full and there was air beneath. Water was pouring like a river from the sky onto the parking lot sloped down to that storm drain. The storm drain could not take it. Water shot up from it like a fountain, like a pipe burst, like a waterfall defying gravity, shooting skyward. I watched transfixed, through the misted drenched windshield of my car.

When I was getting off the freeway, right before, there was this gravel truck, double trailer gravel truck. I winced to see it for my own windshield and just as I did, rocks flew off the truck's load hitting my windshield. I'd been trying to get by him before that happened. I shouted although my windows were closed, "Fuck you" and "How dare you?" And how dare he drive like that with a load, dumping rocks at every bounce to hit windshields and take money out of other people's pockets. How dare he?

He got off same exit, Wilsonville. I would have followed him had I not been late to get the cats there. I took down his Odot number and I will file a complaint if, tomorrow, I find a ding in that windshield I just replaced. How dare he drive with an open load? He was headed, I bet to the never ending project there in Wilsonville. Along the way, he didn't mind shedding rocks onto innocent driver's windshields. Like mine. Fuck him.

Attempted Abduction of Male Child in St. Helens. Sex Offender Arrested.

Click post title to go to story. Did this man take Kyron, I'd like to know?

Baby Raccoon Runs out of Woods at Lebanon Colony. One More Cat Caught.

I want to finish the Lebanon colony. I knew there were two more cats to catch, possibly three, if there were indeed two tortis. Yesterday afternoon, I caught the second torti. She waltzed out of the woods and under the drop trap all alone. I could not believe my luck.

No such luck catching the shaggy black or the other Lynx Pt. But, I saw the big black male, fixed ten days ago, the driveway gestapo patrol, chase the Lynx Pt., meaning it is probably a male. Whew!

I came back later on, to try again, but the rain was pounding by then. The daughter and her husband came out to show me photos of what happened between the time I left and the time I came back. A baby raccoon and we're talking tiny, suddenly ran out of the woods and towards her husband, who backed off quickly, thinking mom must be close. The little guy then ran to their barbecue, then began nuzzling the husbands leg. One of his eyes was missing, scratched or torn out, they said. No mother in sight. He picked the little thing up and nestled it against him. They said it was making the most bizarre sounds. They took it to Chintimini and told them they will take it back, if it gets well. They have at least two mothers with babies there. Bad scene with too many raccoons. I told them about raccoons getting canine and feline distemper. They also have bats exiting their eves in high numbers at night. The father of the woman, who lives there now with her husband, builds bat houses to attract them.

I like bats. I remember catching cats at the Koos warehouse. I'd go into old musty buildings full of junk at night, to search out and catch cats, and bats would spook out in droves all around me. I'd stand still, and could feel the wind from their wings against my face.

But, some also carry rabies around here. There have been several down bats found, after they are brought in by pets they had already bitten, who tested positive for rabies. Never touch a bat on the ground. If you can see a bat, in the daylight, something's wrong with that bat. However, raccoons, cats, dogs, they will catch, play with and eat a downed sick bat. That's not good.

Anyhow, I hope the little raccoon is ok. I wonder what happened to it and its mom. I heard a single deep rumbling growl behind me late last night out there, that gave me that sudden cold shiver and propelled me quickly into my car. I don't know what was up there. It was not a raccoon growl.

The second torti will be fixed today.

Vision, my ancient river cat.
Panda, from Lebanon.
Panda again.
Mums, also from Lebanon.
Mops, from the BS colony Dead Car field.
Honey, from the homeless camp.
Electra, my own ancient former feral.
Comet, from Heatherdale trailer park.
Honey again.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Missing Little Boy, Kyron Horman

The boy, missing from his school out in rural Cornelius area, which is off highway 26, east of Portland, is still missing.

This can drive me nuts, to think of a child out there somewhere.

He was reportedly timid and unlikely to wander off school grounds alone. The area around the school is engulfed in brush and high grass, according to the reports, and the photos.

His step mother left him at 8:45 a.m. after taking a photo with him showing off his science project. The school was crammed with people that day in a "public event" for the science show, according to the paper.

He was seen by someone else at about 9:00 a.m. the reports said, but then was marked absent by his teacher, once class finally started, after the exhibition of the science fair projects. His step mom called 911 when he was not on the bus after school and when she found out, after calling the school, he had been marked absent that morning.

Search and rescue teams have been combing the area. The FBI has been brought in with their child abduction team. They know the clock is ticking.

Skyline Dr. is not far off Cornelius Pass road. I have been in that area, because Recycled Gardens, Poppa Inc's fund raising nursery, used to operate on Cornelius Pass Road, not far off highway 26 and just past its intersection with Grand Ave. (oops, not Grand, West Union) Poppa's president and I used to take breaks for lunch at Rock Creek McMinnamins, not far away either. I think that restaurant has since burned to the ground, but then, I heard, was rebuilt.

I used to go up once or twice a month to volunteer at RG by mowing the grass and weeding. That was years ago. RG closed I think it was three years ago.

It's mostly farmland, nurseries and even filbert orchards out there. We had a constant coyote problem, even very close to the RG barn. We would see them hunting in the field not far from the barn right off the road in broad daylight.

The traffic travelling Cornelius Pass road drove fast. It was often a nightmare to pull into the nursery driveway, because it was at the top of a blind hill. Crossing the other lane to turn in was sometimes hit and miss as cars and trucks, roared up that hill sight unseen til the last moment.

The owner of the property RG operated on, a retired animal loving psychiatrist, still lives out there I think. She has had a variety of people also renting a duplex on the property and living in her house as caregivers. I always liked her. At one point, I wanted to rent that duplex from her, live in it, and help maintain RG, but a vacancy in tenants never happened.

Anyhow, the area is very rural beyond RG out and beyond. But I think there are roads out there that cut back to Hillsboro and highway 26 west of RG and there are ways to cut across to highway 30 too, somehow. I think.

However, it's remote location makes me think, if the boy was abducted, it must be someone associated with the school, who knew that day there would be lots of people in the school so he or she could get away with it. But there were so many people there, wouldn't someone notice if a kid was being grabbed and hauled against his will into a vehicle? I doubt he was outside the school, but maybe he decided to run to the playground.

I would guess if he was abducted, someone had been stalking the school and maybe a parent or employee innocently mentioned, to a friend or anyone, the science fair and how it would be a madhouse of activity, setting the idea in that persons mind to search for prey.

Or, I'd have to think the little boy himself had been watched by a stranger until the right time and the right bait could be used to get him somewhere he could be grabbed.

I saw a mention that the step mother mentioned on her facebook page they had also lost a family pet recently. I don't know if the pet was lost literally or died. If the pet disappeared, and now so does the little boy, makes me wonder if someone has something against someone in the family, for some reason. Or, if the pet was stolen, to use as bait to draw a boy into a predators trap. Well, likely if the pet disappeared, in that area, a coyote got it or it was killed by a car. I'm just thinking of scenarios.

I also read that other neighbors said a woman driving a white pickup came up a long driveway or dead end road, that is not a through road, but not far from the school, and that there is a ravine up along that road. They said she sat in the truck idling for a long time, until a neighbor turned his dogs loose, then she took off, but later I think it said same truck returned. They said that is beyond bizarre on the day after a little boy disappears. It was Saturday I think.

What if someone accidentally ran over the little boy in the parking lot of the school, and had other issues, and decided to dispose of him? I don't know, am just trying to process how anyone could hurt a little boy. Maybe he did run off, fall and hurt himself. HIs science project was about tree frogs. Maybe he ran off to try to find a live frog. Maybe he crawled into somewhere, to hide for whatever reason, then could not get out. A refrigerator. A car trunk. A cabinet in a room and he would suffocate before anyone was back in the room to hear his cries and pounds for help. Kids get closed into open car trunks accidentally all the time.

I am nursing three kittens today from the Lebanon colony. Heartland took in seven of the kittens almost but not quite two weeks ago. I got an e-mail from a Heartland worker that some were being returned because they got sick, very sick, and maybe too sick to save, and they did not want to euthanize them without asking me if I would take them back. I charged over to get them. Two are torti short hairs and the other is Prancer the brown tabby tux female kitten.

Only one is very ill and she is extremely ill. I have her in a carrier, with a vaporizer going, then I go massage her back on either side of her spine, which makes her start sneezing up the congestion. She has been purring up a storm.

I have been trying hard to find out about the other four kittens I took there with these three, to make sure they are ok. Two of them, both orange long hairs, were the Qtip Boys video kittens. Then there was Dandelion, the buff orange short hair boy, and Vixen the long hair torti.

So far no response from the shelter manager. She's off today, but did e-mail me from her home when she heard some were returning. She thought it was two who are sick and one of them was one of the orange boys, so that made me worry when the three they had there were two tortis and the brown tabby tux. I hope the other four are just fine. I'm sure I will hear from the Heartland shelter manager soon about it.

Gaki, R.I.P. Poem for Gaki by a Friend

Gaki, R.I.P

Rest in Peace, little guy. God knows, you’ve earned it.

Your sojourn with us here was short, painful and desperate.
Yet was it not in vain,
For you were the occasion of much love.

Love is eternal.
It transcends death.
It blesses both giver and recipient,
and binds them eternally.

There is a Place,
not of this or any world,
where you shall once again know the angel
who strove so mightily to rescue you,
to join her struggles with yours,
in your effort to live.

To this place do the angels repair,
to rest and recuperate between their missions.
There they foster one another’s charges in their absence.
The one given your interim care
will restore you to more fullness of life
than you ever dreamed of,
in her cabin on a sunny hillside meadow,
in a clearing in a great forest,
while you await the return
of your own special eternal angel
from her current mission.

Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord;
And let Light Perpetual shine upon him.

by Jim Eblin
Corvallis, OR

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sad Story Out of Portland

A little boy disappeared from his school Friday. I hope they find him alive. Click post title to go the latest story.

Craigslist Ad Being Forwarded Around

This ad, posted to best of craigslist, then to a site that shows some of the posts, is being forwarded around. Not sure where (location) it was originally posted.


Date: 2010-06-02, 2:02PM CDT
Reply to: see below


You aren't looking for them, but I found your 2 dogs

Sigh. No one is looking for these guys. And I see why.

They hump everything in sight, try to dominate our old doggies, try to
eat our cats and pee on everything and bark at everything. Neurotic,
lick constantly. They know no commands, either in English or Spanish.
They are aggressive and most likely lived in a puppy mill.

You dumped them, probably, and we picked them up before they were killed
by traffic. Unneutered, no tags, two small males under a year old.

I hate you, person who dumped these dogs.

There are no lost ads on phone poles, no lost ad on Craig's list, no
lost ad in the paper.

We put signs up all over, put a found notice in at the local pounds. If
you were looking for these filthy little ragamuffins, you would have
found them.

We are afraid to take them to the pound because under stress, your dogs
were snappy and horribly afraid, and dogs are judged by temperament for
adoption placement. They would not have passed that test.


They are, under their filth, mats and horrible habits, adorable.

They have learned "Quiet," "Come," "Sit."

They have stopped being so neurotic and we have broken most of their bad
habits in just a few days.

They are smart and sweet and are looking for guidance and WANT to be
good little dogs.

One is a purebred little white and buff guy with an under bite, the
other is a brown little dog that looks almost exactly like a miniature
version of a larger breed dog. They know each other and were obviously
(by the same bad habits) raised (poorly) together.

We will get them neutered, train them and get them into a good, loving
home with people who use the brains God gave them.

If these are your dogs, come on by. Not so you can have them back. So I
can kick your ass.


I drove up today, for the brunch prior to my niece's graduation. I called and told them yesterday I was coming just for that, but it was brief conversation. I got no calls regarding the weekend's plans and events. I know my older brother was busy and my younger brother and his family were up there staying for the weekend.

I walked in almost an hour after I had planned to arrive. That's because the freeway was a mess. Torrential rains had poured down on the drive up. Even in the Terwilliger curves, on I5, which are steep, south bound vehicles hit spots of water that sprayed up and over a six foot barrier fence, hitting north bound cars. It was bad out there!

They had already eaten, but were still nibbling. I did not even recognize my younger brother's older daughter. That was embarrassing. She's an attorney now, in Arizona. I blurted out an excuse for not recognizing her immediately, "I've only met you about three times in my life." I think I got eye rolls at this. It is an old person type of line. But I think it's fairly accurate.

I might have met her five times. I don't know. Not many times.

I also resorted to lies when friends of my brothers' families would ask who I was. To one woman, I finally said, "Oh, I'm not related. I just wandered in for the food." Hahahaha.

Haunted still by Gaki's death yesterday, I suppose I wanted to feel some sort of bond or support or something. My eyes wanted to cry but I held it back. It is hard to lose kitty friends.

I don't have anything in common with the people there. Many travel extensively, in the U.S. and even outside it. They have work connections and friends and talked about buying different shoe brands and clothes. I stared at these faces blankly. I had nothing of interest to them to talk about and the things they engaged talking about to one another were foreign to me.

I left quickly since they were all leaving to go get changed to go to the graduation.

The graduation was at the Adventist school right next to the Adventist hospital where I was beaten savagely by Adventists then released into a snow and ice storm, 12 degrees out, no shoes coat or transportation. I never got so much as an apology out of the Adventists. It hurts me still to think there was no real reaction from my family over this attack on me by an institution run by the religion we all grew up in and that they still hold dear. This signaled to me, no matter how much I try not to think it, that I am worth nothing to them.

They have their lives and their histories and I have mine. Adventists nearly killed me. I hate Adventist institutions. Why in the world wouldn't I?

I did want to cry driving home in the endless Oregon rain but I finally brushed off my sadness and lonliness. I have to realize this is the way it is and accept it and try to find human connection and love elsewhere.

My brothers have raised great kids. They're smart and probably will be very successful in life. I hope so. I hope my brothers and their wives can see what a great thing they've done with their kids. Hasn't been easy.

I won't be taking cats in for awhile. That is because I am out of Advantage and currently in debt. I need to lay low, pick up cans, whatever I have to, to get back on track with things. I wanted to finish the east Lebanon colony. There were two left. Maybe I can get another group to do it. Or find somewhere local to get them done.

Lawn Blues

I lost the lawn war.

My mower bearing froze a couple weeks ago, and although I took it apart, I was unable to get that bearing freed up to easily spin. I'm still trying.

In the meantime my brother sent me another reel mower, this one not as sturdy as the one that broke. I immediately mowed the front lawn, however. I had chopped the top off the 18 inch high back lawn using a hand sickle. It was rough looking but low enough that yesterday, I intended to mow it down with the reel mower.

However, the old man intervened. I didn't ask for it, but it happened.

I heard him cursing up a storm in his backyard and went to see if he had injured himself. He'd come out of his place in the back, he said, and gone through a bunch of cobwebs which got all over his face.

He doesn't like cobwebs or spiders.

So I tried to shoot the breeze with him. He was trying to decide on a bike ride or mowing his lawn. He had neighbors after him, he said, over his yard. I said "Ignore the lawn nazi's and go for a Harley ride. This is the only day it's not going to rain for awhile. Screw the lawn. Go ride your Harley." I told him I now had a mower, pointed it out proudly, and said I'd mow his front lawn if he wanted to go ride his Harley.

He doesn't think reel mowers are "real" mowers, and started saying he was going to mow my back yard. I again urged him to chuck that idea and go for a Harley ride, to seize the day!

He showed me thistles three feet tall out front, next to his window. He said, with a sarcastic grin, "Took a lot of loving care to grow those that big." I started laughing and said "They're fine looking thistles for sure!"

He took off then. Next thing I know, he's out there, mowing my back yard space, which is rather small. I go out and try to tell him, because he's huffing and puffing due to breathing issues, that I'll do it, but he won't have that, because he says it's the only exercise he gets. I try to tell him, "But mowing is the only exercise I get and I need it," which is true, but he won't give it up.

I try to warn him about rocks on the edge, because he's mowing right over my flowers, and then, sadly, my four inch high vegetable plants. He yells at me and waves me away, thinking I'm saying I don't know what to him. He doesn't really hear much. My back yard vegetables are now history, fodder, mulch. Sad.

Then he mows out front, too and I'd already mowed that, but he didn't think it was short enough I guess and now it's, um, certainly short enough.

I appreciate him wanting to help, but I didn't ask him, to, and now he's taken over again. I don't know what to do anymore here. I don't know. It's a confounding confusing thing. Cul de sac life is really soap operic and silly in many many ways.

If he'll leave my vegetables alone, and I can replant, I've decided to hell with the rest of the yard, and he can do what he wants. Seems important to him to do it, and I don't like doing it. So it's a good deal for both of us. He's a bored old man, like I get bored. He's got power tools and needs places to use them. I just want to have the vegetables because I need to have them to eat.

I haven't been to a store for vegetables for a long time. The reason is, I can't find anywhere affordable around here, where the vegetables aren't all shipped in from out of country. Yes, I said out of country, not out of state.

To shop for groceries and vegees, I go to Winco in Corvallis or Salem, or farmer's markets or farm stands where I know the people and how they raise crops. I do not frequent roadside stands of people I don't know, who could possibly dump a zillion chemicals on their vegetables or raise them in their own poo, for all I know. If you don't know who is selling food along the road, you don't know how they grew what they're selling or even where it came from. I want to know.

I've been to Shop n Cart since moving here, now renamed Mega Foods and the prices are over the top. Very expensive. The first time I went there, I saw freezers full of FREEZER BURNED chicken packages. I thought "Oh my gawd, why are they selling this?" I figured they'd accidentally stored it wrong and were selling it off cheap. But no. That's how they sell it there--freezer burned to beat the band and even the freezer burned chicken is higher priced than Winco's non freezer burned chicken. That was a telling factor for me about that store and what it stands for.

What kind of a store matter of factly sells freezer burned chicken and why?

The other stores here in town are very expensive. Safeway. Fred Meyer. Albertsons. The only food store I can really afford anymore is Winco. Walmart's food prices are way up there too and they mainly sell prepackaged food, which I don't think is real food.

So, at least in the spring and summer, I like to grow vegetables, so I can just go out and pick something and eat it. I don't grow a lot because I have almost no space where the sun might hit, if the sun ever returns to Oregon, that is.

It doesn't take much skill or anything else to grow squash and bush beans, so that's mainly what I grow. Last year, two yellow bush bean plants, rarely tended, gave me beans clear into the fall and they were delicious. I have mustard spinach growing everywhere now like a weed, so I do have plenty of that to eat. Nothing else is really growing much because of the weather we've had, cold, extreme rain and wind and no sun. Plants want some sun. So do I!

Another of the Three Bottle Boys Dies

Another of the Lebanon colony bottle babies died. I believe it was the one who had the rattle, when I picked them up, like he had inhaled water. The fosterer, up in Portland, is very upset. She tried so hard. That was Poppa Inc. president's daughter. I wonder if the third will die too.

They didn't have much of a chance after nearly freezing to death and laying in water for most of a day.

Been a hard couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

R.I.P. Gaki

Gaki is gone from this world. Rest in Peace, beautiful boy. I'm so sorry. I tried hard to help you overcome. I know you wanted to live.

The vet was astounded at the severity of his conjunctivitis, so astounded he is sending tissue samples to pathology in case this is some mutated virus. I think it will turn out to be calici, not herpes. He had trouble chewing. I think he had ulcers in his mouth and on his tongue too. Calici will do that.

I don't know if it will be newer mutant virulent calici. Some of my cats caught the cold Gaki had within two days of coming here, mid May, but none of them got the eye and nose inflammation. That means the vaccines they've had protected them. Those vaccines include protection against both herpes and calici viruses.

Some cats react differently to the same virus. He reacted with violent inflammation. His body didn't like that virus at all. It overreacted in panic, causing the inflammation that ultimately led to his death.

The vet said there would be no light of recovery at the end of this painful tunnel for him and that the pain he was in was severe. He was with me less than three weeks. I very much wanted that boy to make it.

I took him all the way to Wilsonville this morning. They open at 7:30 a.m. I couldn't stand it anymore. He took a terrible turn for the worse overnight.

Gaki was abandoned in N. Albany. He was then trapped by someone and ended up at Heartland. He was just under a year old and not neutered. He had severe behavioral issues usually consistent with being rough housed with as a kitten growing up. This usually occurs when there are unsupervised out of control young boys in a house or a mean young adult male. But young girls can be just as vicious to animals, if they are not brought up with decent parenting.

His behavioral issues included biting and coming at you swinging and biting, but he settled down here, and seemed happy, despite the cold he broke out with almost immediately. He seemed just overjoyed to have a cat family who accepted him, even if he was growly. He fit in quicker than most other cats I've brought in. I had to isolate him when his conjunctivitis hit and this was terribly depressing to him. Last night, realizing he was turning for the worse, I let him out once again, to roam amongst his new found friends. This perked him up greatly.

I put him back in isolation for the night. This morning, his condition was even worse. I laid with him on the bed for awhile. He was rubbing at his bleeding eyes and growling to himself. I dosed them with antibiotic ointment for lubrication, and got dressed to take him north.


Gaki today will breath his last on earth. I feel terrible for him. He wants to live, but his eyes, although now clear of infection, are bloody and inflamed. When he sleeps, the fluid mixes with blood on the edges and dries, driving him nuts in the morning trying to open them. He frantically claws at his eyes, growling and flailing out, striking at enemies in his pain and frustration. I wish he could fight them with his claws, because he's a great fighter and could vanguish an enemy of flesh, wrestle it snarling to the ground, he could. If his enemy were only not some virus causing him such pain, and cheating him of his hope for a life and happiness. He has become ultra aggressive in his misery.

I'd let him go through the pain if I felt he'd make it through and recover. It's ok to have pain, if there's a light at the end. But not if there isn't. He's going to the vet today and if the vet says there's no light waiting for him at the end of this, then there's no sense to it.

I could take him in to Heartland, have him euthanized there, but there would be no vet there to confirm there is no hope of his recovery, and the guilt would eat me alive. I know that about myself. Then I fear he'd have to wait, sitting in a carrier, knowing he was going to die if I took him back there.

He got better for a few days and in the last two days has gone downhill badly.

I keep his eyes lubed with antibiotic ointment and washed, but there is no relief to the conjunctivitis.

I'm still sick, coughing now, as the trickle down hits the back of my throat. Going stir crazy I am, at home alone here, trying to get better.

The backyard neighbors were raising hell last night, had rap music blasting so loud the base made my walls tremble. I finally yelled at them fervantly. I was trying to sit out in my backyard, with this short respite from pouring rain and relax. I couldn't do that with music so loud it was pounding in my stuffed up brain. I hate rap. At least most of it.

I yelled "Please, have some respect for your neighbors, turn it down." I think it was about half hour later they finally turned it down. I was happy.

I asked my cats "Am I becoming a total bitch?" I might be.

Then I thought "those people haven't ever cared how they affect neighbors."

There was the puppy, tied ruthlessly to the tree, whining and howling day and night forever, keeping so many people awake.

The months of the barking dog were followed by a summer of out of control toddlers, screaming, swearing, tearing things apart. That was last summer. I rounded up a bunch of their toys and balls they had hurled over the fence and offered them back to the kids, who took them back, then one of them took a ball and hurled it right back at my face. "Ok," I thought, "so that's how it's going to be." I dread this summer.

I told my cats last night, "I need to get out of here. I really need to get out of here." In the last week, I've called several places listed for rent in rural Benton county. So far, no luck on finding somewhere I can both afford and that allows cats, but I feel good that I am at least making the move to look. I did let my brother, my landlord, know.

Being sick, I've had too much time to, for one example, cruise craigslist. That is not a happy camper hobby, if you like animals. It can drive me nuts to see the way people are giving away and getting rid of animals and their reasons. Craigslist is where you find all the unfixed unwanted kittens and cats. It's like a waking nightmare, to read the pet posts. I need to stay off that site.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Jack Tonight

Jack/Gaki, the Heartland cat, is not going to get any better I don't think. He got better for awhile, then his eyes got worse with a vengence again, are bleeding and terribly inflamed. He's in miserable pain. I don't think there is hope I can help him overcome this. The infection cleared up, but not the extreme conjunctivitis. I used the antiviral drops until they were gone on him, but I cannot afford more. And I don't think it's kind to let him suffer any longer.

I am taking him back to Heartland tomorrow and his suffering will end. This is very hard on me. He was happy here very briefly. He acted like he finally had a family, a place to belong. The other cats were accepting him. He got a bad bad cold within two days of arriving here, then seemed to get over it. I kept him confined in a rabbit hutch while he recovered, and when he was mostly recovered, I let him free roam. Some of my cats caught the cold and recovered.

But, not long after he recovered, he came down with sudden extreme bilateral conjunctivitis, the likes of which I've never seen in severity. That was oh let's see, about ten days ago. I realize it takes quite some time to recover from something like that.

He is not an easy customer to eye medicate. He is a biter and a whacker, but we reached a truce on that regard and I was able finally to get his eyes medicated routinely. But despite medications, including antibiotic ointment and the antiviral drops, he has not made a recovery. Except the horrendous green gunk drainage ended. Now, it's just the inflammation, but I can't seem to get a handle on it. I don't know why.

His conjunctiva is bright red and raw, bleeding at times, and extends half over each eye. This is terribly painful. I wash his eyes with saline solution three times daily, which he doesn't like, and have continued the meds, to keep his eyes lubed, and the anti viral drops until they ran out.

I don't know what to do anymore other than hand him back to Heartland and end his suffering.

I don't want to, but his suffering is great.

In other news, there are nonstop free kitten ads on craigslist, most originating out of Lebanon. I give up. What is the point of trying to get cats fixed in this county? People don't care. These kittens will be picked up by people who won't fix them and they'll go on to reproduce and reproduce down the line. There isn't any way to solve this problem when people have ways to get the cats in to be fixed, but just won't and don't care. The poor kittens in the ad below are being given away at just five weeks of age. Five weeks.

5 free kittens absolutly adorable free no rehoming fee (lebanon)

Date: 2010-06-04, 7:26PM PDT
Reply to: comm-bec5g-1775986691@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


there's 5 lil cuties
there 5 weeks old.! and healthy.!
4 black
1 black and white
come get em while there hot.!
take em like ya stole em.! :)
thank you and god bless.!~
my cell 971-240-0306

Allied Insterstate Debt Collectors Harrassment Calls Stopped by Oregon Dept of Justice

I received dozens of calls from an unknown number on my trac fone. It was soooo frustrating I can't even say. I use the trac fone only for emergencies, since I am not exactly financially lubed, and to communicate with the vet clinic, when I have cats being fixed.

So the harassment was terrible. I'd answer, even pull over somewhere when driving, to see if it was the vet clinic calling, only to find it was another of the calls from the debt collecting agency. I had found out who was responsible by typing the number calling into the search engine.

The Internet is full of complaints against Florida based Allied Interstate debt collectors.

I filed a complaint online. I filed a complaint with the FCC. And, I filed a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice. This is a department that needs fully funded and they are my heroes.

Getting a phone number in Albany, Oregon seems to come with liability. Seems a lot of people here owe a lot of other people money.

I had my long time credit card rate jacked, from 9% APR to 30% APR, which prompted a quick cancellation. That rate jacking I was told, by Capital One, was solely due to the zip code where I live. Apparently, in my zip code, there are many people who owe money, so I got rate jacked because I live where I do. That so sucks. Seems like discrimination by zip code which should be illegal, right?

My land line was had before me by someone in Albany who must owe everyone in the world money. I still get the debt collection calls for the former owner of my landline number. Then came the trac fone, and with it, a string of debt collectors calling, on debt owed by various Albany residents who have had this trac fone number before me. I can't seem to escape it. My only resource of help has been the Oregon Department of justice who has stopped these harassers, targeting me in error, in their tracks.

The pathetic letter of justification, written by Allied Interstate company owner to the Department of Justice, offers no apology for their behavior in targeting me in error. They claim to have made 34 calls to my number. It was more than that. Even it was 34 calls, that is telephonic harrassment! No stranger has a right to harrass someone on that scale!

They claim they did nothing wrong in doing so and that they finally ceased when I told them who I was.

Here's what he didn't fess up to. He didn't fess up to the fact when I called them on two occasions, besides also calling their corporate office number, to let them know, in rather blunt language, that they had no ethics or integrity, that their first representative I talked to, refused to tell me what company he worked for or why they were calling, unless I would first give him my Capital One card number. I have no account with Capital One since the rate jacking.

He became vulgar and threatening, because I would not give him this information. The second time I called them, a woman answered and also refused to talk to me unless I gave her my capital one account number, which led me to believe they were scammers, intent on stealing my ID or just emptying bank accounts. I asked them to stop calling my number and she became flippant and sarcastic. People were laughing in the background. The calls continued.

I was driving with a friend, who was going to help me end my misery, by putting me on her cell account and help me get a phone, when they called again. This time the woman was slightly more sympathetic.

I told her straight up their unrelenting harassment was why I was in a car right now, headed off to a wireless phone store, so I could ditch this trac fone with its tainted number and their harassment, and that they had no soul and how could human beings behave like they were behaving.

It was this that finally led her to tell me who she worked for and without demanding first my Capital One card number, (which of course I do not have), the name of the person they were really out to get, some Albany guy who owes money.

And finally the calls stopped. Mother fucking asshole company who thinks it is ok to harass people even in error.

What kind of people are they? They are, as I told them in the corporate office message, people without souls, without ethics or moral compasses to guide them and I feel sorry for them.

But, I also think they should cool their harassing asses in jail cells. All of them.

Lebanon Man Calls me a "Flag Happy Cat Geek"?

I contacted this Lebanon person, who posted the ad below, from a different of his ads, offering help getting any mom cats fixed. In fact, he said he has three unfixed mom cats. He declined help, but then reposted his free kitten ad, with the following, and I think he's referring to me but I'm not positive:

Call me for a cool cat!

Date: 2010-06-03, 8:25PM PDT
Reply to: comm-jpxwm-1774326179@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


3 kittens for a small(10 dollars) rehoming and adopton fee.Call me ,quick,because the do good flag happy cat geek is all over these adds!Peace! 541 990 4686

I sent him an e-mail and asked if he is referring to me. I told him overpopulation is no laughing matter and that being kind and responsible, by fixing one's cats, is a good thing, not something to be ridiculed.

Here is my response, posted on craigslist Corvallis/Albany pets. It likely will be flagged quickly.

Re: Flag happy Cat Geek

Date: 2010-06-04, 9:40AM PDT
Reply to: comm-mjcnj-1775002711@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


The man posting free kittens ads, referring to the flag happy cat geek, might be referring to me. I don't flag. I don't mind being called names, if he is. I am often called names. I did contact him offering to get his mom cats fixed. The reasons I do that are to try to stop overpopulation horrors, not for any other reason. Not far from where this person lives, I've taken in 16 adults to be fixed, from a trailer park, and netted two little kittens, living in the poop encrusted corner of an old woman's bedroom. They went to a foster shelter in West Linn, where the calico kitten is fighting for her life and may have leukemia, which is spread by breeding and fighting. There are many more unfixed cats at that same Lebanon trailer park.

Not far from that trailer park, last week, I got 20 adult cats fixed and dug 18 kittens out of various locations from an old rotted pallet in a field to hidden spots in a nonfunctioning car. One died, from laying in water for a day. I had 17 kittens in my bathroom, many with kitty colds, which was overwhelming and finally others, in Portland, stepped in to help. That's 38 cats and kittens from one situation in one week. I use funds from a Beaverton nonprofit, to get all these cats fixed and donations to Poppa Inc. are very much needed since almost all their funds now go to this area. (Donate at www.poppainc.org and if you do, THANK YOU) In addition, the vet where I take the cats to be fixed, requires the cats be flea treated. I have to come up with the money myself to cover Advantage. I also worm the cats. This is difficult on my tiny income. I do love cats and want to make a difference for them.

Overpopulation really isn't funny at all. It's horrible. Am I a cat geek? I don't know. I am a geek probably. I love reading and learning. I also like action. But, the man who posted, responded to say he wasn't referring to me, if I'm not the one flagging, which I'm not. Yay on that.

The guy says he's not referring to me as the flag happy cat geek. I have my doubts, since we corresponded about fixing the cats, but I'll take his word on it. And I don't really care if he is.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Reel Mower

Wouldn't you think this would be made in America?
You would be wrong.
My old one, with the frozen bearing was. Look at the bottom right of the metal label, riveted onto the old brush bar. It matters to me. I will restore the old made in the U.S.A. mower.

My brother sent me a new reel lawn mower. It's brand name "American Lawn Mower Company". He was sure it would be made in America, like the one I had with the rusted frozen bearing. When I wiped off the rust and found, on the brush bar of that ancient mower, the words, "Made in U.S.A." my heart swelled with pride.

I thought this one was made in America too. My brother got it at a lumber company. But, plastered prominently on the box containing the American Mower Company Reel Mower, was, in printe, "Made in China". My heart fell. My respect for the product fell too.

I am going to fix that old mower made in America. It is solid, all metal and deserves to keep on mowing.

This new one seems solid in the blade assembly, but the handle assembly is part plastic and its' parts do not fit together tightly. In addition, the handle bends when I push the mower and the blades do not cut half as well as the old one, when it ran.

I will resurrect the better built old real American mower. This one is a fake. To find out a mower, with such a name American Mower Company, is really made in China makes me feel duped and dirty.

That should be a crime, to call a company American Lawn Mower company when the mowers are made in China. I'm very hopeful my brother will take it back in outrage. Time to take a stand. I left him a message about it.

A Cat Needs Help! Donate Anything You Can and Pass it Along!

Another blog, Parade of Second Chances, has posted an urgent need for donations to cover surgery for a badly abused cat. I know you people out there reading are the best of the best. If you can come up with any dough, even a tiny bit, send it their way, would you? Click the post title to go to the cats story and information on donating to help.


My niece is graduating this weekend from high school. I received a formal invitation. When I contacted my older brother, I told him I had no suitable clothes to wear, that my clothes are all rags. He said they'd be able to get me some maybe.

I never heard anything more on that regard. Meanwhile, my younger brother said we'd all stay up there in Portland for the weekend, and catch up, like a family.

But, the age old problem rears its head. I can't pay for a motel room. I don't have that kind of money. It's an awkward thing, to do anything with anybody if you have no money. If someone in the group wants to go out to eat, for instance, that's something I can't afford to do. If my brothers and their families would want to go out to the movies, I have to make some excuse, because I cannot afford such things. Or they have to fumble and try to decide, in fervent whisperings, who will come up with the money for my ticket.

My older brother finally sent out to his e-mail list a list of events associated with his daughter's graduation. I told him I would try to make it to the brunch but that would be all I could do, due to the clothing issue.

Today, I told him, via e-mail, I would likely not make it even to the brunch since I am sick. He did respond, one sentence, that that is fine, that I couldn't make it.

I think my younger brother and his family might be headed up there today for the long weekend and her graduation. I'm not sure. I'm not in their communication loop and I don't want to ask. It's too awkward, really. But the reasons are practical. It's about money.

It takes money to go stay in Portland for a weekend, and I could never/would never attend a graduation in ragged jeans, faded and full of holes, and shoes with holes in them. I would not want to embarrass my niece like that. Or my brothers and their families. I don't even know my niece. While she grew up, I we in the mental system and my brothers were not exactly family oriented, except to their own families of course.

Income disparities create huge crevices between people/families that are often impassable.

I am the outcast, the awkward relative, with a past nobody wants to bring up or to stare in the eyes, my eyes. It's only hard on me, not them. I keep trying to do something with them, my brothers and their families, but I know they have their own lives and always have and I've never been a part of those lives, being shut away like I was, in the abusive lonely mental health system.

Now, that I escaped that hell, after 30 years of my life was stolen from me, I come out and find I have nobody at all to call family.

Since leaving the system, I've been on the hunt for a niche, for people, a tribe, somewhere to fit in. Sure I'm damaged goods from decades of isolation and abuse. A soul can only keep on trying, til the end, and that is what I will do.

I am the revered leader of this clan of cats living here. Some people would call me a cat slave. Either way, I do have that.

In other news, the oil spill effects are terrible I can't watch coverage of it anymore. It was all over for me, watching, on my computer, Anderson Cooper showing birds just drenched in oil, gasping for breath. It is a terrible thing what is happening down there, very terrible. Will this propel us to think twice before we drive or use oil based products like plastics? Probably not.

Most of us would not have any idea how to get along without oil products. I am one of those people.

We live so far from our jobs and families. Even from food sources. Much of our food is shipped in from far distant places. Our whole society and those across the planet would have to change fundamentally, to decrease oil reliance.

For one thing, we would have to use mostly local goods and foods. We're not set up in every community to be self-sustaining on any level. Everything is shipped in from medical supplies, to clothes, to building materials to food. Even local merchants don't sell locally produced goods to any degree.

Communities would need to reorganize so people could walk to work, or take public transit. People commute long distances to work now. It's tough to find any job. Transit systems would have to become user friendly, and allow shopping bags on buses and trains, more than what you can hold on your lap, to avoid the necessity of multiple trips when shopping.

People would need to share rides more. Many people love to drive. I do. I don't like riding with others, especially people whose driving habits might be questionable.

Business and pleasure flights to far off places would have to end. Planes consume massive quantities of fuel.

Then there are all the other products made from oil, too numerous to even comprehend. Life without oil would be very very different. Like I say, most of us have no idea how that would be accomplished.

One day, human kind will have to live without oil, because it will be gone. I'll be dead by then. Long dead.

Check Out Craigslist Post. Woman gets Free Kittens, then Resells Them for Bucks

Supposedly it's some big woman from Corvallis, according to the post below, picking up free kittens then reselling them or something:

Male Tuxedo Kitten /please help (albany)

Date: 2010-06-02, 1:22PM PDT
Reply to: comm-hfkfy-1771954922@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


please help me.. I gave all three of my kittens to gal that said she wanted them for her room mates. she came and got them then put them right back on here and sold them. she was a bigger girl and was from corvallis.. i have her number its a 503 area code.. if any one got one of my kittens please call. 541-497-4311 iam not looking ot get them back just want to know if you have any info on the lady you got the kittens from. I am turning her in for fraud.... my kittens where one tuxedo and one all litte little black one and one tripped gray white and black.. 541-497-3411 please call

Location: albany
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Then, there is this post (below).
Here kitty kitty kitty

Date: 2010-06-02, 9:29PM PDT
Reply to: steelhead125@comcast.net [Errors when replying to ads?]


3 tiger striped kittens for a small rehoming fee.Please adopt one ,and dont flag my add.we donate all proceeds.also pet food donations accepted.10 dollars,your choice.God Bless.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

DMV Crapola

To be talked down to, by whomever this evening answers the DMV phone, about this problem on whether or not my payment went through, is really disgusting.

She wanted to tell me my computer probably didn't allow the payment because their site is secure and my computer isn't set up right for secure payments. I pretty much said "bullshit" because I pay elsewhere online and did renew my registration online the last time it was due. While the first DMV operator was very helpful, this one, this evening, talked to me like I was a child. I did not appreciate it.

She said I needed to get some computer knowledgable person to come to my house and help me. She said they wouldn't have any idea if my payment went through until tomorrow whereas the person this morning, said they could tell in a couple of hours. She also said the only way I'd really know would be to call my credit card company. I said, you know what that's like, a half hour on hold, being disconnected at least once, never really getting information you need.

She had no sympathy for my plight with their website problem and whether my payment went through or not. My friend said it was likely end of shift and the woman didn't want to deal with it.

I'm so sick, bad bad cold, have been sleeping all day. I returned the four cats anyhow, took the trap left there, because it is apparent they will not trap for the two left needing fixed, including a pregnant female. I am dismayed, in many ways, that such a situation went unresolved so long, when the man could have taken care of it much sooner, resulting in far lower costs. But why would he care, when he has not taken on any of the costs. They donated enough to cover the cost of fixing four of the 37 cats and kittens.

My own costs for bait, gas, wormer, flea treatment, KMR were high. And the costs to the fosterers have already been high. That includes for food, KMR, medicines, and one kitten already had to go to the vet. He got a high temp suddenly last night, but is now doing ok. It was one of the icicle boys, the bottle babes.

I believe it is the one who was "rattling" when here, due to possibly inhaling water or falling into the water dish put inside the cardboard box. They were bottle babes, incapable of eating or drinking on their own. The water dish put inside the box is what immediately spilled when they then moved the box, causing the kittens to lay in water until I went out and got them.

With still at least two cats, one pregnant, maybe more, needing caught and fixed, I would have hoped they would be hell bent on getting them caught and this done. But no, apparently they're not. Well, I'm doing the best I can at getting it under control quickly. If I wasn't sick, I'd be up there trying to get those last two. I was told there may be two torti's, and if that is the case, then there are at least three more to catch, two of those would be females at least.

Summer Come!

Summer has not been seen in Oregon for many months now. Summer's long awaited return is overdue and we, in Oregon, fear something terrible may have happened to Summer.

I am sick, started getting sick last night, a cold I think this time, not allergies, but I could be wrong. The wet and cold doesn't help me brave my illness well.

I was tired last night and fell asleep on the couch! I need to return the four colony cats fixed yesterday, but it's just pouring out there and we are supposed to have maybe record breaking heavy rain today.

The cats are really happy just lounging in the traps in my car, but the two big males, with their big male smell, will start getting my cats agitated.

At the vet clinic up in Wilsonville, I was very sorry to hear one of their techs, a very smart competent young woman, is moving back to N. Carolina, to be closer to family. She said she just can't do it, be so far from them, anymore. And she's tired of Oregon's horrid weather. We will all miss her.

We've had a no good spring here in Oregon, very wet and cold, like winter. Everyone is aching literally for sunshine and it just doesn't come. It's June and the sun should be showing through every now and then at least, shouldn't be storming like its winter and freezing still. Gardens have been given up on. Summer we fear has got it in for Oregon, like a spat or a grudge and is punishing Oregon by just not coming around.

Summer, I personally love you. What do you need, to make a showing here, a sacrifice, gifts thrown into the sea for you? Please, Summer, come, you can stay with me, I have a room made up for you already, and I just love you.

What else do I hate? Online bill pay for DMV. I try to renew registration online, and get to the final step, of payment, click submit, and what comes up, on my browser? The page that comes up next is: This Web page has expired. What the fuck? now I have no clue if the payment and information went through or not. So I try to call DMV, to ask what to do now, and they said they don't know, maybe wait a day, and call them, see if they can tell if it went through.

Don't pay your bills online. Especially not on a state run website.

The neighbor down the block likes to parking lot his excess vehicles square in front of my bedroom. I want to go smash his windshield. He can park his own vehicle in front of his own god damn house.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gun Trouble in Oregon

There are just too many whack jobs packing heat in Oregon.

The young man shot to death in Portland by police would be alive today if he had not had a stolen gun in the glove compartment and, then, in the hormonal charge and heat of a police confrontation, he grabbed that gun and shot an officer twice in the legs. He was then shot and killed by police. No gun in the glove compartment? He'd be alive, not six feet under.

Then there was the "good citizen" who witnessed the theft of three cell phones, and took it upon himself to kneel and shoot at the thieves taking off in their car, in an area with people waiting for a bus across the street, and other car traffic. He had no regard for others lives.

Whack job. He feels he did the right thing. Bullshit. He could have killed someone. The cops can't shoot at a fleeing car. Only gang bangers do that. And people hyped up on their own egos and hormones and packing guns.

Today, in the local paper, a story about a father and son, who became enraged at a local gas station, down here off I5, when they felt someone's vehicle was blocking a gas pump. What to do. Oh, pull out guns. And that they did.

One man pointed his gun at another man and threatened to shoot him. His 18 year old son pulled out another gun. According to a witness, a child from the same vehicle, no doubt unaware their family adults were engaged in an adult tantrum, ran in front of the pumped shotgun. They were chased down by state police. Mother fuckers.

No guns handy, and there may have been some words, but not guns pulled and pointed at other human beings, with threats to end their lives, over a fucking gas pump.

Hot heads out there, lose the guns. You are a danger to sane folks just trying to live. You're a danger to yourselves too.

Too many temper hot whackos in Oregon carrying heat.

Photos of Four Cats, 2 Boys, 2 Girls, Fixed Today

Young Torti Point Siamese female, being spayed today.
Massive Lynx Pt. Siamese male, being neutered today.
The Lynx Pt. again.
Young Brown tabby tux female, up being fixed also.
Big Black dominant male, the Lynx Pt.'s nemesis. They're being neutered together. So fitting.

Peace, through surgical procedure. That was to be my big Jody the Cat Trapper for Governor of Oregon slogan.

Caught Four More at Colony. Raccoon and Cat Photos

Guess who I caught this evening? Yup. Both these big guys. They can be neutered side by side! I also caught a young brown tabby tux and a young torti pt. Siamese. We didn't count them in those left. I still have a fluffy black to catch, another torti, and another DMH Lynx Pt. Siamese, who looks pregnant.
Raccoon, orange and white fixed male, and, AND, another medium hair Lynx Pt. not yet fixed who looks pregnant.

Raccoon, unfixed fluffy black kitty, and the big buff tabby male fixed last week.
Raccoon and the orange and white young male fixed last week.
Raccoon and the black male fixed last week.
Young DSH Lynx Pt. spayed last week.
The spayed young Lynx Pt. again.
This black still needs caught and fixed.
The Big Buff tabby male fixed last week.
Black male fixed last week and young brown tabby tux, whom I subsequently caught to be fixed.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ten Cute Kittens Now in Portland. Moms Go Home Tomorrow. 33 Cats and Kittens in One Week.

In one week's time, I trapped and transported to be fixed 16 adult cats from this one colony and dug 18 kittens out of all sorts of god awful places, from moldy wet pallets to boxes to tight spots in bare metal old cars. I got a long lasting antibiotic shot for one sick adult male and had another male's foot abscess, from fighting because he wasn't fixed, cleaned and drained, along with his earmites cleaned and treated. All the cats were flea treated and wormed. I've dealt with a dying kitten, buried him, and I've dealt with having 17 kittens in my one bathroom, too and that isn't easy, let me tell you.

If anybody out there is reading this, and thinks they can still just let their cat breed, boy, you would be a heartless stupid soul who lacks any empathy for those busting their butts trying to solve this horrible overpopulation problem. Or, you'd just be one selfish person. That's about all I have to say to people who do not fix their cats or strays they feed.

The overpopulation problem is like a big huge bull elephant standing in the living room that everybody is pretending isn't there, except a couple people out of a million. That's a good take on it.

Shelters long have pulled in the donations while doing absolutely nothing to solve the problem except sucking funds from the few groups worldwide who understand you can't shelter out of this problem and that instead, you focus only on spay neuter. The money needs to go directly to fixing the source.

Don't be stupid with your charitable money. Donate to spay neuter groups or go find unfixed cats and get them fixed. If everybody would do that, pretty soon, the only animals in shelters would be those waiting for homes if their owners had to move or died. And that, shelters could handle just fine, with very little space and money.

I finally got going, despite exhaustion clouding my brain and making me move real slow, and got up to Portland to the fosterers with the ten kittens. I had not had time to clean out their ears and treat them for mites and I felt bad I hadn't done that. Nor had I clipped their nails. I've been a little busy!

I did not have time to return the two females in my bathroom, nor the female fixed yesterday. I changed the female fixed yesterday to a clean trap before leaving and did the same upon return. The calico doesn't mind my bathroom, but the black and white female does mind and is very feral. I wanted so much to take all three back this morning, but I just could not get myself going and had to make decisions. Which was more important? Getting ten kittens to Portland and foster homes and out of my bathroom? Or getting two adult feral females out of my bathroom and home, along with one in my garage? Well, both were important! But, it was all arranged for the fosterers to pick up kittens and I couldn't let them down or be late, so that was more important.

The bathroom females are well kept, eating, bedded and drinking in style. The garage female, fixed yesterday, is also being well kept and extremely well fed, which she likes. So it's no big deal for them, I'm sure, to be well fed and out of the weather for another night. It's my issue, wanting a bathroom free of feral cats and several days to sleep straight through.

Of the original 8 kittens, five were orange tabby boys. Three of those went to Heartland. Two remained here, as they had broken out in colds. This is Rum.
And this is Hisser Spitter and very sweet.
The torbi kitten shows bottle boy the ins and outs of Q-tip theft and play.
This calico is Neat Freak's sister!
This long hair torbi kitten was one of four I dug out of soggy grass beneath a rotting pallet in a field. The young Lynx Pt. Siamese medium hair was probably their mother. Two of the kittens were to Heartland and two remained here. I didn't want to overload Heartland. This kitten is so funny. She prances around showing off her hair and beautiful gorgeous tail, strutting and preening.
This, the second Woods Box torti, is terribly bonded to humans. She wants held and carried around and forget my mom, she says, because she never fed us enough.
One of the two Icicle box boy survivor bottle babes, as I've dubbed them.
One of the two Icicle box bottle babe boys, whose black and white young mom, once in the bathroom with them, completely rejected motherhood.

This white muted calico kitten was the sole survivor of one of the torti mother's litters. But which torti? Not the one I've had in my bathroom.
Woods box torti kitten, one of two very thin kittens I found in a bed box at the edge of the woods.
Long hair torti, one of the original 8 kittens, who is now at Heartland.