Monday, May 24, 2010

More Kitten Photos

Who can resist cute kittens?

Of the 8 in my bathroom from the Lebanon colony, five are orange boys. There is the pretty boy, outgoing and outrageous, playful and funny, who is long hair orange and white. There is a long hair straight orange tabby and a long hair buffer in color tabby. There is a short hair buff boy and a dark orange and white short hair boy. There are three torti girls, one long hair, two short hair. The two short hairs have quickly come to realize bathroom life here with lots of food beats out life lived huddled inside the metal shell formerly occupied by a car headlite!

All are quickly getting over their eye gunk troubles. Four of them came with no eye problems. The ones who did are quickly overcoming! Two may be spoken for already. The little boy and his mom did find the Lynx Point Siamese's kittens, took them a bed, food and water. They are about the same size as those in the photos below, they said.

This is so far the most outgoing of the kittens. He is a clown!
This tiny torti LOVES her comfort time.
This is the long hair kitten who had gunked eyes. In this photo, I had just washed them.
Buff boy has a slight earmite issue. He's already had one ear clean.

In other news, another house is up for sale on this short block. That makes two houses for sale on the block, and another empty. I think it is going to get rented out. A neighbor told me that. I think there are only 13 houses on this block, if I counted right and I probably didn't. With three empty or for sale, that's kind of a high percentage seems like. Maybe it isn't. What do I know.

I bet it's my cats driving them out. Sure, they're indoor but that doesn't mean they haven't dug a tunnel. I bet they're out at night creating chaos and havoc while I sleep. Then they probably sneak back real quiet like, covering their little tunnel hole opening and pretending they've been sleeping peacefully all night. They're such pretenders, these cats. I always knew there was more to their lives than this innocent purring, lap sitting, playing, eating, sleeping thing.

The poor Siamese Lynx Pt, spayed today, in photos in post before, is just starved. She has so far eaten THREE cans of wet food. Poor girl, raising kittens out in the grass and trying to rush up the driveway to get a few bites of food before its all gone. She's just starved to death. She has been sitting now, in the trap, in my car, purring her head off. She's so happy to have a full stomach! It kills me to take cats like her back. Triggers something in me with her, she's so desperate. I want to bring her kittens here and house them all until they can be adopted out and then find her a home too. But, I can't take them all in.

If I take her kittens, tomorrow, when I'm up there, she'll be free, and can eat more. They all can. I can do that for her. I can steal her kittens away. That at least will help her.


  1. meant to say - more cat food coming your way next week - i'll send three boxes at least..

  2. oh my god what adorable adorable kittens? Can we call one ginger after mine who passed? After all,
    ginger was an orange tabby, too....that torti is beautiful by the way...

  3. YAY!!! Thank you, Jeanne from Baltimore.