Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Temp Fix Idea---Mine. Capture Escaping oil with Balloon.

I have an idea to temp fix the BP oil leak, flooding the gulf with sticky brown goo.

It involves huge huge balloons. That's right. Balloons. Made of really tough stuff. At the bottom the balloon would be attached to a heavy steel loop with heavy duty hooks and that steel hoop would be anchored over the leak. Gauges would release all hooks simulataneously when a certain pressure inside the balloon triggered the sensor. At the same time, the bottom of the balloon would be cynched shut. The balloon would rise. Why? Because, I hear, there's a lot of gas mixed into the oil. Otherwise, ballast would raise it slowly. Expansion, from decreased pressure upon rising from the depths, would be accounted for. Once up top, the oil/water mix would be pumped out through a filter that would seperate the oil and water.

I think I've done my share. That's the big idea.

Many such balloons could lay in wait, while one fills, to be immediately hooked into place.

This is a temp thing, to capture some or most of the oil escaping.

I think it's a great idea. Remember, you heard it here first!


  1. Actually, that doesn't seem terrible. The only thing I'd say is it would have to work with existing balloons like hot air balloons or weather balloons ..and it might. That's only because we probably don't have time to design test and manufacture something completely new at the moment.

    I wonder whom one should tell about something like this?

  2. don't worry Jody - its hollywood to the rescue - Kevin costner, James Cameron, and Robert Redford are all going to fix it......

  3. What about Bruce Willis. Why isn't he involved after the whole asteroid blowing up affair he was involved in, even in movie pretendland. I mean, I'm sure he will want in on the action, if the cameras are rolling, along with the bucks into his pocket.