Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wrong Torti!

Tabby male, showing off his eartip, after his release this morning.
The Lynx Point fixed last Monday, out in the grass.
The wrong torti, with too many kittens. The orange tux little boy is the one who is very ill and almost died last night, but I think he'll be fine.
Two of the older kittens.
Dandelion, the buff short hair male kitten.

This morning, when I returned the seven adults from the colony fixed yesterday, the caretaker daughter had trapped three more. All three are flame points. This will be five flamepoints so far fixed from there.

She also showed me a photo she took last night, of another torti adult. I looked at the photo and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, that is the mom of the white calico kitten. Who is the torti in my bathroom?" The torti in my bathroom looked like a male to me originally, big looking jowels. In any event, she's not the mom I thought she was, but nonetheless, the kittens love her.

I brought back the three Flamepoints, after releasing the other seven. Nine adults have now been fixed from the colony. I have four more in hand, counting the bathroom torti.

There are at least seven more I know of needing caught and fixed: two more all blacks, one a huge male.

There are two more black and whites, one of whom is more white than black, young and likely female while the other is huge and fluffy with just a big fluffy white chest spot. That one is a male.

There is a huge white male, with some gray on its face. This one I haven't seen, but the daughter took a photo of him. He's a Lynx Point looker and massive.

There is a big fluffy orange tux male too.

And there is another torti.

With the four to be fixed tomorrow, 13 adults will have been fixed from there and 15 kittens removed, 28 cats so far.

Heartland has agreed to take some of the kittens and this is wonderful. I'm taking some over now. They are breaking out in conjunctivitis and colds one by one. The little hisser boy orange tux male I thought was going to die last night, he got a sudden onset cold so bad with bilateral conjunctivitis. However, steaming, clindamycin, fluids, some coritisone ointment rubbed on his sore red nose and idoxuridin antiviral eyedrops, the very last I had, pulled him back from the edge of oblivion. He still looks bad but he's eating. I must get more of those drops. They are magic.

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