Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three More Cats Fixed Today

Black tux female, from Lebanon colony, spayed today.
A big unfixed Lynx Point male, defers, when confronted by the big black male, and heads on up the driveway. I ran into the two males facing off when returning four of the six cats fixed yesterday.
The two big unfixed boys square off.
Black male, gearing for a fight.
These are the two girls trapped by a different woman, outside Lebanon, when trapping for a raccoon killing their chickens. Both were lactating. The woman was horrified, because they lit their burnpile today. She wonders if the kittens were deep inside it. I hope not.

I took up three more cats to be fixed today. The black tux short hair, from the Lebanon colony, was not a male at all. It was yet another female, but, happily, pregnant, not lactating.

I was moments from leaving for the clinic, when I checked my e-mail. A Lebanon woman had trapped two cats when after a raccoon and did not want to release them unfixed. I guess she had posted on craigslist for help and someone sent her my e-mail. Guess it was lucky I took time to check my mail early this morning.

I asked if she could meet me at Home Depot within 20 minutes and she was there and grateful. Both were girls. And both were, sadly, lactating. She will hunt for the kittens. The girls are already home and ready to be released, since the clinic uses gas anesthesia and they are under barely ten minutes. Also, they have a laser they use on the wound after surgery, not only for pain relief, but, it has been found, it quickens the healing process by leaps and bounds.

All ten kittens in my bathroom are leaving tomorrow. I am happy, and yet I will miss their antics, sheer innocence in the face of all the tragedies of life, and the fact they recover from their hardships simply if a toy is placed in front of their face! Course a bowl of food is nice too, and even a syringe full of warm KMR, even if they can eat on their own.

I have two moms in with them, the contented torti, as I call her, who was really very happy to return to my bathroom after her spay, eager even. The black and white female, fixed yesterday, mom of the three bottle babes, one now deceased, is also in the bathroom, but not so eager to be there and not so eager to mom anybody, even her own kittens. The torti on the other hand, would accept any and all kittens, I think, and be good with it.

I am returning four of the six fixed yesterday (minus the two moms), settling the female fixed today in for the night then settling in for a very very early night off myself, phone off the hook. It's pampering take it easy time!

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