Saturday, July 22, 2017

Slogging On

I slog on,,,,,

My knee plagues me in terrible pain, especially nights.  I was to be referred to physical therapy.  Last week I called my doctor's office to see if the referral went through.  They had told me the physical therapy place would call me when the referral went through to schedule.  I found out the referral was approved, but the place had not called.  The office said I should call them.  I did.  No answer, just a message machine but the voicemail assured me my call was important and they would call back.  I left my name and number.  No call back.

I called twice more in the next days with exact same result.  I have no idea what to think.

I found knee strengthening exercises online and began to do them, although last night the pain was significant.  I lulled myself to sleep finally chanting.

I called my brother to complain yesterday, expressing frustration with the medical system.  He laughed and said they're good at pushing pills but when you have something really wrong, not so good.   He talked about a friend whose wife, he announced, was told she had stage 4 cancer.  "Stage 4," my brother said, "I'm so sorry.  Is she getting any treatment?"  "Well," his friend said, "she has an appointment to discuss options in two months."  My brother's jaw dropped.

It's been almost six weeks since I injured my knee.  I still don't have any idea what is really wrong with it, although the last visit, I was told its likely an MCL tear but beyond that, I have no clue what to do since sounds like the physical rehab place is for some reason, stalling out.  First I was told at the ER, it was likely a ligament tear, that I'd need to see an orthopedist, then get an MRI but would have to go through my doctor's office.  I go to the resident clinic, since they, I was told then, were the only place in the system, accepting new patients.  I went over six months without a doctor after my last one quit.

When I finally got in, it was December of last year and I'd first injured my knee in late November, carrying heavy objects up some stairs, then a couple weeks later, sliding on a hairball.   The new doctor I had, two months out of med school, told me then my knee issue was one of old age, to use ice and take Aleve.  She was new to me and I didn't want to make waves then, since it'd taken so long to get a new doctor who could renew my bp med, so I went along.   I'd already been applying ice, using a brace and taking Aleve.

But then a couple weeks before I reinjured my knee it became terribly unstable, and felt like to was going to cave in to the inside, or extend outward, beyond straight, which was an awful feeling.  I called, trying to make an appointment, but was told my doctor, whom I'd seen just the once, couldn't see me for several weeks.  I got an appointment for the next Monday with another newbie.   It was that night, with one step up from the garage to the house, that something on the backside of my knee gave way, with a loud pop, and I could no longer put weight on my right foot.  

That next Monday, the doctor I saw, announced I had bursitis and he could cure me.   I had no reason not to believe him.  He brought out needles and injected my knee first with an anesthetic, then cortisone.  I walked out without crutches, but that was because of the anesthetic.  Three days later it wore off and the pain intensified, but he had said it would but then it would get better.  So I gave it a month and it never got better.  And went in  again.  The doctor seemed almost angry I would come in, complaining of severe pain, especially at night, and gave the new diagnosis of MCL tear, and that I would need physical rehab and sent off the order.  That's where I am now, six weeks after the injury, without a clue, feeling at a loss, and physical rehab has the approved referral but won't answer or call me back.

More kittens.  One nights break and one kitten, Flower, was caught at the Albany location, where she was left in a trap outside all night, for her mom and siblings to see.  No surprise no more have been caught there.
Flower is already fixed now and mostly tame too.   At least to me.

Then another nonprofit referred a Lebanon woman to me, with a mom and kittens who had shown up.  I took a trap up there.  She'd already grabbed two kittens, both boys, both darling.  Yesterday she caught the young adult male, a skinny teen, who hangs out with the mom, so he's here too, and I don't know what I'll do with him.   And then a darling little girl kitten.  I guess there are two more kittens and mom.
This little Lebanon trailer park boy is already very tame.

This little girl was so scared, but a little bit of KMR, syringe fed, changed things around.

The third Lebanon trailer park kitten, a little boy, is a little wilder.

I also had caught two kittens living in the dumpster at Circle K, then when trying to catch their mom, a young adult black male, who was fixed Monday along with 8 others, the other 8 all being kittens.  Five of those are from a stray mom in Brownsville, not yet caught.  They are being fostered in Brownsville.  I only got a quick glance at a couple of them when I drove over Thursday during the day, to pay the Heartland bill for the six fixed there, Flower, plus the five from Brownsville.
Circle K dumpster girl Sitka

And Sitka's sis Wrangle

At Willamette Humane's clinic, Eclipse, the black young male from Circle K, and Sitka and Wrangle, the two dumpster kittens, were being fixed.  The two kittens were tested, as any group that takes kittens for adoption, wants that done.  Can be an expensive add on, however.
Circle K young adult male Eclipse.  He needs a barn home.  The kittens mom is gray and I hope to catch her too.

So I have six kittens again in the bathroom and two young adult males, Eclipse and the orange tabby teen from the Lebanon trailer park, are in the garage, waiting, for somewhere else to call home.  I don't have a photo yet of the skinny little Lebanon orange tabby boy.

Despite my knee pain and dysfunction, I keep at it, but fortunately, outside of the Circle K kittens, I'm asking caretakers to do the trapping, to lesson any stress on my knee.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Emptying---Goodbye to a Lot of Cats

Yesterday was long and wonderful.

I was up too early, awakened by knee pain, no way to get comfortable.

It's been over a month since the injury, but sometimes I'd think it was yesterday.   I've received no useful medical help outside of some stronger than Aleve anti inflammatories.

So my alarm was set for 5:30 a.m. but I was up before that.   I prepared the four cats I was to take, Raven, the tame black tux from Mountain Shadows, George, the wildish black tux, Nita, the wild mom of the four kittens, and Jynx, a tame black tux, also from the park, but owned.  I had five reservations and one of Nita's kittens looked big enough.  I got out the postal scales and sure enough, he was just over 2 lbs, so I put him in a kitten trap and off we all went, headed to Salem.  We arrived by check in time, which is 7:15 a.m.

In the check-in line, two familiar faces.  Jodie, from Brooks, with a cat, and Edith, clear from Roseburg, with a car loaded in cats from Douglas County.

I came home to find on my computer a message from Meow Village.  They had agreed to take all seven kittens, including little Jules, who was up being fixed.
Jules, one of Nita's boy kittens, fixed yesterday, then went straight to Meow Village

I was happy!   I began preparing all their records and gave Nita's other three kittens their first vaccine.

In the meantime, the guy from the sticks colony, the one who broke one of my traps by "adjusting it", called and wanted to meet me at Circle K, to return the other, said he was done, mentioned he'd trapped a cat he'd never seen before and that was it.  He had no time for this.  

I didn't argue.  I went to meet him and stood outside my car.  He drove up in a pickup and I could smell the trap before he even parked.  Skunked!   Ha!  So that was why the rush to return the trap.  His wife's been away, on a trip, ha!   He hadn't even tried to clean it up.  There is skunk spray dried onto the bottom and sides of the trap.   I've had it soaking in a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

I'm glad to be done with that one.  

I went to pick up the cats at the Salem clinic and my friend, who places barn cats, was there to meet me.   She took home Nita and George, both fed, with Nita's kittens, at the same trailer at Mountain Shadows.  Allegedly, the same tenants left both behind when they moved out.  
Young mom Nita, now spayed, and off to a new beginning

George, formerly of Mountain Shadows, is fixed now, and off with his friend Nita, to be placed as a barn cat

I loaded up Jules, Nita's kitten, Raven and Jynx and headed off to Meow Village.  I'd brought along the other six bathroom kittens---Nita's other three---Jillian, Tuffy and Mocha, plus the sticks colony kittens Zephyr, Sapphire and Mosquito.
Nita's boy Mocha, now with Meow Village

Nita's girl Jillian is also with Meow Village now

Tuffy is with Meow Village too, Nita's 3rd boy
The three sticks colony kittens went along:

Wonderful Zephyr, already tame, went along with the other six to Meow Village.

Wild thing Mosquito, half the size of her alleged siblings Sapphire and Zephyr, went too.

So did the gorgeous Sapphire, the silver muted torti, on the bottom of this photo (That's Tuzio up top)

I was so grateful to Meow Village for taking them on!

Then it was home, and soon Melissa stopped by to adopt Raven.  Goodbye sweet Raven, no more Mountain Shadows for you.
Sweet Raven then went to her home after being fixed yesterday.  She was in heat again.  No More Mountain Shadows for you, sweetie.

AFter she left, tired out, I still had chores.  I fed the farm colony cats on my way to Sweet Home to return Jynx, of Mountain Shadows, to his owner.  At least that beautiful boy is fixed now.  
Jynx went home after he was fixed, clear back to Mountain Shadows

Home then, and  straight to bed, early enough, tired enough,  I never heard the phone ring.  If I had heard it ring, I would have known the elderly Albany woman, who feeds a mom and three kittens, had caught one kitten in the trap I left her.  Maybe then I could have stopped her from making a novice mistake.  She left the kitten in the trap out all night on the porch, for mom and her other two, to see.   I'd warned her not to do that, but it hadn't sunk in.   When I picked up the little girl this morning, I told her it might be a long while before she catches anybody else.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Lake

I went to the lake yesterday.  I had to get away.  My mind was distracted by several happenings.

Both involved kittens who were too quickly given up upon.

The guy from the sticks colony doesn't want to bother with trapping the last kitten there, he says.  He's too busy.

The Mountain Shadows tenants who had wanted a mother cat and her kittens removed plus a male never really tried seriously to get the last kitten, after I left with four kittens, the mom and the male.  The guy demanded I come get the traps NOW.  I responded it was quite a drive up there.  This made no difference to him.  The attitude combined with horror for that last kitten, on its own, without mom or siblings suddenly, kept me unfocused and wanting to cry off and on all day Saturday.

Then came the fence issue with the neighbor.  Her and her son were out putting the piece back up that was illegal to begin with, on this property, not hers, whose post destroyed the underground downspout drain line, rests against the foundation of this house and has caused under house water problems.  I had the unholy task of telling her "no", to leave it off.  I told her it was a permanent removal when I took it off for the heat pump repair.

She went somewhat bananas when I told her "no".  Then she demanded I get rid of the section.  It's her fence that she put up, and she should take some responsibility and dispose of the section.  But she is not that kind of a person.  I tried to carry it around to the back but my knee gave out and I dropped it on my toe, which began to bleed where it hit.  So I just left it laying in the yard.

I decided I had to get some relaxation.  Early Sunday morning I loaded the raft, after taking care of all the cats here, including the extras, and headed to the lake.

I didn't swim because my knee won't do sideways movement, like to frog or scissors kick, but I did row around the lake and up the river for about four hours, and many many miles.

The lake, which is really a reservoir, and we drink the water from it, is not looking good.  Algae and weeds were plentiful as was trash and soapy foam in many places.  People had built teepee lean-to's in spots, and I could smell their purpose.   I didn't want to think about human feces and piss a couple feet off the lake.  Do people think before they do these things?  That's our drinking water.


 I went up river from the reservoir and found it quieter and cleaner, for the most part and relaxed beneath a rope swing

On the way back home, I picked up a tame male, Jynx, from Mountain Shadows whose owners want him fixed.  He will be fixed today, along with 3 others from Mountain Shadows, two of whom will leave with a friend, who will meet me at the clinic, to be placed as barn cats.  Another, the tame black tux Raven, will leave tonight too, to her new home.  And I'll take Jynx back to his owner tonight.

Here are the five cats being fixed today.  All five are from Mountain Shadows.  I realized one of Nita's kittens looked big enough to be fixed and sure enough, he was just over 2 pounds.  So Jules is being fixed.

Jules, Nita's biggest boy, being fixed today.
George a big boy from Mountain Shadows, who was allegedly abandoned, when not much more than a kitten, along with Nita, by residents, is being fixed today.  He and Nita will leave from the clinic with my friend who places barn cats.

Nita, the little mom, also being fixed.  She will leave, with her friend George, with a friend, who places barn cats.
Raven from Mountain Shadows is being fixed today.  Tonight, she will go to her new home.  Melissa has a bedroom set up for her already.   She's going to have a much better life.

Jynx from Mountain Shadows is also being fixed today.  He's owned in the park, but his owner wants him fixed and he's needed it for awhile!  He goes home tonight to recuperate with his family.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

See You Around Precious, Teala, Tuzio and Bro's

Precious left the building yesterday, along with her four kittens.  Yes, FOUR kittens.  Two more were found Thursday, in the mill next to the trailer park.   The last was in bad shape, very dehydrated.  By the time I got to Tracy's trailer, (she'd gone to fetch them), she and her husband were syringe feeding them water, which they badly needed.   I mixed wet food into water and started in giving them that, with the insulin syringes Tracy had.  Her husband had to take a break from binge watching Breaking Bad to do it.

It was a miracle they survived.
Precious and her brood, not long after the reunion.  Tuzio is first, on left, then Teala, then the most dehydrated of her two latest boys found, and on the far right, one boy can't leave alone the bowl of KMR.  Thank you Elaine!

Precious, Teala and Tuzio were already scheduled to head up to ARCF yesterday, and they quickly agreed to take the two newcomers to the family.

The reunion was unbelievable.  I brought them into the bathroom together in a live trap and sat them on the counter.  Precious became frantic to get them out.  Below, on the floor, Teala and Tuzio were going nuts, wanting up to see them.  I picked them up to put them on the counter with mom and got the boys out of the trap.

Precious was gloriously happy to see them, chirping and purring in a glow of motherly love and relief.     I hadn't known what was troubling her.  Sometimes the young mom would slap at me.  No more slapping after her two boys were found and they were all back together.

Yes, both tabby on white and both little boys, one so dehydrated he was in trouble.  I gave him sub cu fluids and flea treatment.   By yesterday morning, still they had so many live fleas, I was horrified.  I gave them baths, and the water was red with flea dirt.   I cleaned out their ears, filthy with mite gunk too and treated them with some ivermectin mixed into ear cleaner I got at the coast vet.  More fluids, now eye meds, (they'd eaten probably too much in the night) and off we went north to Wilsonville to meet up with ARCF.

I have a lot of faith in ARCF.  They work with a  vet clinic closely and are very ethical in their foster care of unwanted cats and kittens.  I was very relieved ARCF would take them on.

I was there at the trailer park trapping kittens at another trailer.   I got four of the five kittens and mom, so tiny she was caught in a kitten trap.   The people who fed her call her Nita. They told me both Nita and George were abandoned when very young, not much more than kittens, by people in another trailer when they moved.   We also caught George, the black tux male they fed.   They're still trying to catch that last little kitten and I have no doubt they'll succeed.
Very petite Nita

One of Nita's four kittens.  The four here are 3 boys and one girl.

Two more of Nita's kittens

And the last

This is black tux George.  You can't see him very well.  He's a nice boy, although wild, a polite boy, I'd have to say.
I was assisted in trapping the kittens and cats at that trailer by the couple's caregiver, and young daughter, who is only about ten, I'd guess.  They're still after the final kitten.

In talking to neighbors, I found a stray black tux tame female, unfixed, and couldn't leave her behind.   I guess KATA took her kittens.   She's probably pregnant again.  I had understood a black tux was the mother of some kittens around the corner, that the people are fostering to give up to KATA, but had been told they took that mom.   I'll have to clarify, because what if their mother is out there roaming still too, and unfixed.

So the black tux female, Raven, is here too, and I have a home lined up for her after she is fixed Monday.  Thank you Melissa for adopting Raven!

Nita and George may be going to my barn home placement friend.  I think she may have two openings this week.  I hope she can take them this week, anyhow. There are many more up there needing help.  Her kittens are old enough to be on their own.  That leaves her four kittens (five once the fifth is caught) plus the three already in the bathroom still from the sticks above Lebanon.  Zephyr, Sapphire and Mosquito are still here.  Zephyr is a tame boy now and likely will go to Second Chance Companions.

Around these parts, maybe everywhere, we wait on affordable spay neuter appointments.  It's ridiculous how difficult it can be to find affordable spay neuter and sure is contributing factor to feline overpopulation.

I was surrounded by people at the trailer park wanting to complain to me about all the new rules there with the new owners.  There is nothing I can do about any of it but try to get the cats out and to safety, however, besides just listening.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere Kittens

My bathroom is full of kittens, two from Mountain Shadows, plus their mom, and three from the hills beyond Lebanon.  Only two of the kittens are fixed.  Zephyr and Sapphire.  Mosquito, their sibling, is much smaller.

There is only one other kitten out there to catch.  They still have one trap, and after several misadventures, recatching the mom cat many times, and even a relatives small dog, they caught Mosquito.

One to go.  I know they can do it!!

Teala and Tuzio, Precious's two kittens, are a lot of fun.  Teala especially is a character, wildly playful and fun, but oh so smart too.
Tuzio in the back, Sapphire in the front


Awesome Teala

Hormonal Precious

Meanwhile Precious herself wants petted and held so badly, but often suddenly slaps me, when I'm petting her.  She's had some hormonal and stress issues, since bringing her kittens in, to that trailer in Sweet Home, so I would guess very soon she'll be back to normal.

So that's the story.  And if that isn't enough kitten cuteness, check out Teala in the video below: