Monday, July 25, 2016


Cat in Trap Recovery Shelves I got at the Restore!
I got all nine cats fixed today.  The colony seven I took to be fixed today included four females and three males.  Three of the females will go to Spay Inc. as she talked the people out of them, basically to save the cats.  They're all so horribly skinny and parasite ridden.

The boys go back tomorrow.  The other two cats were a big huge black tux male from Brownsville and a gray long hair female from Tangent.  The Tangent girl is already back home.  Awaiting the Brownsville transport lady who brought him up after helping the woman who feeds him get him contained.

Here is Lucinda, the only one of the 7 colony cats I didn't show a picture of in my other post.  She was fixed today and will go back home, but the other three wilder females, Goldie, Saphire and Sweet Pea (I named them) will not.

Bruiser from Brownsville, freshly neutered.

Geez Louise, you were in heat.  Now spayed and back in Tangent.
Back at the colony, there is one more female needing caught and one more kitten, but that's it.

This girl still needs caught and fixed.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Colony

I was contacted by Spay Inc. who needed help with an Albany colony.  She had already taken one kitten from a female down from this colony and gotten the female fixed.  She had been unable to find the female's 2nd kitten.  That cat turned out to be owned.  Sort of.

This colony is just a few houses from where she got the female and kitten.   She asked initially if I knew of any free clinics coming up.  I have 8 reservations tomorrow in Salem, and had only two cats lined up to go.  So I offered to use those reservations.

I met her at the colony yesterday and in short order we trapped 8 adults and six kittens.  There are a few more kittens, we think.  Unknown if there are more adults because the people don't seem to know and are not even sure who the four are who are already fixed.  We finally figured out two of the fixed ones.  Don't know if any of the ones we caught will turn out to be fixed.

That's why ear tips are so awesome.  You know, no question.

Spay Inc. took the six kittens, who were all starving, flea and worm ridden and some sick with URI, and weak from parasites.

Spay Inc. also took one of the adults, since they have a spay/neuter appointment on Tuesday.

I have 7 adults here, and with the two coming, one from Tangent, one from Brownsville, that's one over my 8 reservations.  I asked Heartland if they were having surgery tomorrow, and they said "no", but I got no response yet on whether they have a surgery on Thursday or room if they do.  It's tough here, to find anywhere to get cats fixed.

I will take all 9 tomorrow with me, and hope the clinic there had a cancellation, or can just do one more.  If not, I'll deal with it and try to figure something out and hope I won't have to drive clear to Portland to get one cat fixed.

Among the two I have here, two very pregnant cats.  One of them, the most pregnant, is in my bathroom, just in case.  

They call this guy Jax.

How pretty is this kitty?

This one seems to have a tooth issue.  The above pictured three are in one cage and eating up a storm.

Poor Petie, the Lynx Point, has not been getting nearly enough food.
And lastly, in the cage with Petie, who was very sleepy, are a mild mannered male (in front) and Goldie, a pregnant muted calico, in back.  Goldie is wild.
I didn't take a photo yet of Miss Preggie in the bathroom, don't want to upset her.  She's very nervous.

The other two to be fixed tomorrow are a stray boy from Brownsville and a female who showed up in a barn in Tangent.

So will be a good day for Linn County cats with at least 8 getting fixed tomorrow and 9 if I'm lucky.

Also, a friend financed the rest of the fence build and it's done!  So happy that project is now complete.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Off Kilter Sleep

I'm off kilter from going to bed early for several days to prepare for the trip to the coast yesterday, so this time I'd be rested and not have to spend the day dozing in a parking lot.   Now I am having trouble getting back on track though, on the old sleep schedule.

Here are more photos from Tuesday's journey to the coast with cats.  By the way, both Alexi and Angel seem to have fully recovered although I know they must be a bit sore in the mouth.

I love trees.  They intrigue me especially the giant ones and also the way they bend in the big storms to survive.

At the coast, at Oswald West, I stumbled upon giant trees again and trunks so massive and twisted I could do nothing but stare, mouth open, in awe.

These photos do not do these trees justice.  I felt I was walking among giants, scarcely an ant myself, in significance by comparison.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day at the Coast with Cats

Yesterday, I had two more appointments on the north coast at the vet clinic.   I took Alexi and Angel up this time.  Alexi had been working her jaw like something hurt and I knew Angel needed work done, as I checked her teeth last time I clipped her.  I could see a lot of tartar.

I had plenty of sleep and was up by 3:15 a.m. and off by 4:30 a.m.

Car ran great.  I've changed its plugs, flushed it coolant system and replaced with new coolant, changed oil and filter again, and added cleaner now to 3 different tanks of gas.  Ran like a dream machine.

I dropped the cats at the clinic and headed south along the Oregon coast.  I was done with Ft. Stevens State park area.  I don't like the cars running around on the beach.   That whole scene isn't pleasant to me.  So I looked for something different.

I passed by the touristy Seaside.  The beach there is wide and flat and fairly uninteresting.  The town is cute, but packed often in tourists and tourist trap type expensive little stores.

I passed by Canon Beach too, although I like Tolovano State Park.  Just a parking lot with beach access and you walk north to see Haystack Rock.  I love Ecola state park too, even the winding drive into it, then the hike way up the bluff, to the hikers camp and great view of Terrible Tilly, the lighthouse on the rock way out off the point.

I passed by my favorite couple of day use parks too, Arcadia and Hug Point.  I came back later to Hug Point.  I really like that beach.

This time I pulled in at one of three day use parking lots for Oswald West state park.  I'd not even checked it out before.  Beach access but you hike in.   There were no trail maps or markers at the middle parking lot so I was clueless and took the first trail I saw.  Which led across the creek right back to the highway, which I had to cross to the northern parking lot, on the west side of 101.  From there a trail took off.  No maps of any sort.  Typical Oregon.

I headed up the trail, which climbed up above 101 above that creek.  It was quite beautiful and not a soul on the trail either which was nice.  I finally could hear the ocean and came to a fork.  One way said it was to a cape and the other to the beach.  I chose the beach, since I'd not been to that beach.

Monument Memorial near the trail fork
Looking down at the beach from the bluff trail

This is Short Sands beach picnic area.  I didn't see this til I left via the direct route well maintained trail to the middle parking lot.  I didn't know there was a more direct trail to the beach.  But as I came down the bluff trail, I saw a woman coming in on that trail, a woman I'd passed as I headed out from the parking lot.  She was headed back to the parking lot, with arms crossed, looking confused.  So she'd gone back and found the direct route trail.  

Short Sands Beach is fantastic, with tide pools to explore at north and south ends, and surf that had, by the time I left, attracted almost 3 dozen wet suit clad surfers of all ages.

Waterfall at the north end of the beach along the bluff 

Anenomes abound


Wrong turn, there crab.  Anenome's love crab.

This crab claw seems to be giving the world a last middle finger.
Nice camo, crab!

Not such good camo, crab!
Tree clings to side of the bluff

Gooseneck Barnacles
Next post, I'll put up a few more photos I took.  I also went to the cute coastal tourist town of Manzanita and parked along the beach to take another walk on the sand.  Manzanita is right by where I camped with cats a year ago, at Nehalem Bay state park.  The state parks are so expensive now for camping.  I cannot believe the prices.  I read one campsite is now $29 to rent for a night and I'm not sure if that counts reservation prices, which can be $9 online.  The prices have made it so many people can't camp anymore at our own state parks.

After walking on the beach there, I headed back, stopped briefly at Hug Point.

Alexi had to have almost all the rest of her teeth pulled.  She'd had 14 teeth pulled in April of 2015, but yesterday she had all but one of the rest pulled, along with a convenia injection, a steroid injection, pain meds and droncit.   Angel had 3 infected teeth pulled then tartar cleaned off the rest.  She also got antibiotics, pain meds, droncit, and a rabies shot.  All for under $300, which is why I ADORE that clinic.

The kitties are recovering today.

Angel in my car after her vet care

Alexi yesterday after major dental work

Saturday, July 16, 2016

All You Need is Love

The kittens attachment to Snowball has progressed to nursing.  Which is such a cozy comfy I-am-loved, world-is-terrific thing.

Their relationship is beautiful to behold.  Snowball needs them and they so badly need her.

Snowball had no one where she roamed, to watch out for her, to come home to, to care. Houses she'd lived under sold.  Nobody wanted her.

Until her rescue.

Now she's found love.  And not just from me.

Two kittens from the apartment complex on Queen sure needed love.  The little girl was sick, with bad congestion, both scared, born under a building, not really getting what they needed, once rescued, from me, a human.

But all you need is love.....

They're going as a family to Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary tomorrow.  You will want to adopt all three, together, once the kittens are big enough.  You really should indulge yourself this, too.  They need you.

Seven More Cats Fixed

I was contacted by the FCCO to assist a woman feeding a mom and kittens in Albany.   I took out first a regular trap, tied open, to feed in, but was told only a couple kittens would go in at a time and the mom cat would just growl at the trap.

So I swapped it out for the drop trap, fastening it up so it couldn't drop, to get them used to eating under.  The kittens were an easy sell, on eating under it.

The five kittens, somewhere near 12 weeks old, are adorable.  Four boys and a girl.  3 of them are Siamese mixes.  A Flame Point.  A Torti Point.  A Chocolate Point.  The five are rounded out by two orange tabby boys.  Mom is a torti, and very vocal.  I guess she's been around the neighborhood quite awhile.

This is the torti point Siamese mix girl.

There are two orange tabby boys.

Yesterday, all six were fixed up at the FCCO, in quite a long day.  I left at 6:30 a.m., arrived at 8:00 a.m., dropped off the cats, then went a few miles to a favorite parking lot, to have breakfast, snooze an hour, then go dork around to kill time til 4:00 when I could pick up the cats.  However I arrived early at the clinic, thinking I'd snooze, did briefly, then saw others going in and was able to pick up a bit early.

The Chocolate Point little boy is the smallest of all the kittens.

The torti mom is vocal, not that feral, and was a very good mom to this batch, although I've been told other litters have vanished.

Flame Point Male, twice the size of the chocolate Point male.

One of the two orange tabby boys

The torti point girl kitten.  She is darling.
Traffic home was far worse than the traffic coming up.  It's never really a good day anymore on Oregon's jammed up highways.  There are too many people now I guess and the highways, built decades ago, have a tough time accommodating all the people with their cars.

It was bumper to bumper for endless miles.  I don't know how people tolerate it who have to do the commutes daily.   The nightmare didn't end as usual south of Wilsonville, but continued all the way to Albany, to a lesser degree.  Often the traffic came to a near halt but more often slowed to 35 mph for miles stop and go.  I was so glad to finally get home.

Thursday, I took Snowball to Heartland to be fixed.   She did very well and tested negative for FIV/Felk.  She got all her shots and a microchip too, for $40.  It's a good deal.

The kittens missed her.  Tomorrow, Snowball and the kittens are going to Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary.  I couldn't find anywhere else for them.

The kittens, Eli and Rebecca, adore Snowball.  This was taken yesterday morning, the day after her spay, before I left for Portland with the other six.
Eli and Rebecca are not Snowball's kittens but that doesn't stop them from acting like she is their mom, or her from acting like their mom.  It's beautiful.

On a sad note, Pepper, the mat cat from the Sweet Home trailer park, was found dead by her owner in Lebanon.  Chelsea took her in first to groom off those horrible mats, that coats her like a suit of armor.  But then decided to adopt her, give her a home, although she knew Pepper was very old.  On June 1, I took both old girls, Lucy and Pepper, rescued from that trailer park, to the north coast vet clinic for extensive medical care.  Pepper there was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism and the vet told me it likely had already damaged her heart.  She was started on pills to slow that extreme metabolic rate caused by hyperthyroidism, but she died a few days ago, suddenly, apparently of a heart event.  R.I.P. Pepper.  So happy you could have love, food, kindness and a great last few months of life.

Pepper at the vet clinic

I tried to get Pepper free of mats first, for hours, with scissors, but I failed, then called for help and Chelsea, a groomer, offered.   Then she offered something even better, a home for old Pepper and I was thrilled.  Pepper had a very loved life in the time she was there.

Pepper had a blast her last months, at her home in Lebanon, with a loving family.  She loved dogs and all cats too.  Love you always, sweet girl.