Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Boy and His Toys


Titan really got tame today.  When he discovered the joys of toys.

I wore him out!   He's leaving Saturday, for a Portland sanctuary, but he'll be in a private home.  Hopefully he will get his own home very soon.

A home full of toys!

Once Titan was purring in my arms and playing, one of the two black kittens became very very interested.  Next to come over, to the house kitten side?

It's funny how the two all black kittens stick together and Titan and his black tux sister, so far unnamed, stick together.

We were supposed to get a big winter event here, but we didn't get a lot of anything. Farther north in Portland, it wasn't snow that fouled things up but what came after---freezing rain.  Nothing like freezing rain to cause car wrecks.  One after the other.

Ice droplets on Cherry Tree

More Cherry Ice

We got a tiny dusting of snow

Crying Kitten


Titan, one of the four wild things I trapped at the Albany colony, was fixed Tuesday along with Flint, a black long hair teen male, and Juble, another short hair black kitty from same colony.

I returned Flint and Juble yesterday.  I figured Flint was a couple months too old to tame.   But Titan went back to the bathroom, to rejoin his three siblings.   But he cried.  And cried.  And cried some more.  He wanted his mommy.

Finally this morning, he settled for a human.  Me.

Titan is now tame.

One down.  Three to go.

Titan decided I was good enough.

The mom of the four kittens is a skinny scrawny young black tux female I haven't yet caught.   As far as I can tell, there are two adults left at the colony needing caught but there could be more.  

Monday, December 05, 2016

Good News!

Chinook is doing just fine.  I called the clinic today.  In fact, he has a new name--Oliver, and will soon have a new home.  The vet had a friend with a kitten who needed a kitten.   Good luck Oliver (a.k.a. Chinook) and thanks so much to my beloved affordable vet clinic and their kind vets and staff.

Also, I was gifted a few more reservations for tomorrow, 3 more to be exact, and five more a week from tomorrow.  So what do I do?  I go trap six more cats at the Albany colony.  Five of them are technically kittens, four of those smaller than one, who is more of a teen.   3 will be fixed tomorrow and I'll hold onto 3 until next Tuesday, when they will be fixed.

Of the smaller four kittens, there are two blacks and two black tuxes

Black long hair teen, in foreground with the short hair black adult behind

Black adult

The black long hair teen again.  This one, looks male, is too old to tame.  The grand daughter of one of the feeders may try to tame some of the younger kittens.
Merry Christmas!  I got my fake tree up yesterday.  Got it two years ago at the Habitat Store for almost nothing.  Cats don't mess with it as much as they do with a real tree.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Another Trip to the Coast

I took another trip to the north coast affordable clinic on Thursday.

The night before, I attempted, starting early, to get Tweetie contained.  She is the one I felt really needed to go, as she had not seen a vet since she was a kitten and got spayed, after I caught her and over a dozen others fed over in Columbus Greens trailer park.   She'd gone home after being fixed, but then the old woman died suddenly, and I went and retrieved all the cats I'd helped her with, because the family said they'd help find them homes.  Think I ever heard from the family again?   Nope.

Think about containing your only cat to visit the vet.  Then think about trying to round up a wild kitty, in a maze of cat runs, the cat yard and house, with many other cats on the run too, now, in a panic mode.  Took me four hours. I started before dark too.

There was cursing involved, a couple of falls when I tripped over things, banging, more cursing, torn flesh (mine).

But I got both Tweetie and Nemo, Starry's brother, contained and in the car, then it was off to bed.   But the dashing around, the reaching up, the falling down, did a number on my knee and I moaned in pain two hours before finally I got up and took Aleve and got an ice pack.
Tweetie got vet care

So did Nemo!

So I wasn't my best the next morning, starting out at 4:30 a.m. for the drive.  Not only were Tweetie and Nemo along but so was county park kitten Chinook.  I'd trapped him with two others, along with Julie, of Spay Inc. ten days prior.  Julie took home all three, and suddenly brought Chinook over last Saturday morning, taped up in a small box, in a bag and handed him over.  Like a little gift bag.  It had no weight to it at all.  She said she couldn't tame him and never would be able to tame him.

I'd him a few days and the first thing I noticed was he was severely dehydrated.  He only pooped out two tiny hard rabbit pellets in those days.  I gave him sub cu fluids, nutrical, but in the end, I knew he had to see a vet or he would die.

So he was along, in the soft shell zip up carrier I'd used to tame him.

I checked in Tweetie and Nemo, then went out to get Chinook, to wait with him for the vet appointment.  No Chinook!   He's gotten out of that soft shell carrier.  Panic overtook me as I pulled up coats and blankets in the car looking.  There he was, curled up in my sweatshirt in the passenger side.  Darn cute smart little guy!
We waited for the vet appointment and he was very brave, came out of the carrier to stare down huge noisy dogs and yapping little dogs.  In the appointment room, I put him back in the carrier and said " me how you got out".   Within moments he was nosing at the corner where the two zippers converge.  Smart kitten!
Chinook, waiting with me to see the vet

In came the vet, who made a startling proposal.  She suggested I leave him there with them, at least a week.  They would care for him, handle him lots and maybe even find him someone who wanted him, but if not, I'd be called to come get him, if he was ok, in about a week's time.   I said "Thank you, I trust you."  She smiled and said "that's a good way to be, to trust people."

The cost was $30 for the office visit.   It will be another $50 if they call me to come get him.  The vet will call also if he needs expensive medical care, to check with me on it.

I wasn't getting anywhere with Chinook, in getting him to eat or poop and this was a good deal.  He was going to die if he stayed with me.  I knew that.

I'm hoping for the best.

I had a good day there.  I slept most of it, in my car, at my usual beach parking lot, and only woke up about 1:30 p.m.   With only a little over an hour before I needed to pick up Nemo and Tweetie, I decided to go over to Costco for lunch.  I get their mocha freeze and a piece of pizza.  Very affordable!

Inside, in the line, a pair of gay men began chatting with me, asked if they could come for dinner.  "Why yes," I said, "I would be honored to have dinner guests."   Then I said it would be a long drive for them, clear to Albany.  They were from Vancouver, down on the coast for the day.

A construction guy wearing carhart tan work pants that were too short and sporting a rust colored beard, pointed out I was not within the lines.  I looked down to see checkered painted lines, that were to direct we patrons, one way, then the other, back and forth until it was our turn.  He then quickly, with drama, moved back and followed between the lines back and forth, until he came back to his original spot, then grinned.  He hadn't followed the lines either.

Tweetie had 2 teeth extracted while Nemo needed 7 extracted.  Both were updated on shots and worming too.

We got home late, due to huge traffic tie ups on highway 26 and highway 217 in Portland.   I thought I'd never get out of the jam up.

None the worse for wear, however.  Good luck Chinook.  Bye bye for now.

Want to see some cat photos?

Old Lucy from the trailer park is doing well, loves to sleep nights atop me.
Gretal too, older now, is doing well.  She likes to come meow at me when the wet cat food plate is empty.  She has no teeth and while others without teeth still manage dry food, Gretal only wants wet.

How about a Miss D photo to start your day?   

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Bad! Five More Cats Fixed

I took 9 cats in Monday to be fixed, after being gifted those 9 reservations suddenly.  Well, how could I resist when I saw four more reservations up for grabs, for yesterday?   Don't ask someone like me, even if tired, to resist such an offer.

Besides, I tried to make reservations for more cats to be fixed, there in Salem, rather than driving clear to Portland with cats and found they are booked out til mid January.   

Spay Neuter spots are like gold around here.  Very rare and hard to find.

It's the number one thing that keeps the cat population hard to control.

So I went after those four reservations.  And caught five more cats.

I wasn't trying to be difficult and blatantly trap an extra.

I wanted to catch a four cat colony down in Tangent.  I went there mid day after I got those reservations and after dropping off the nine on Monday at the clinic.   I could see immediately it would not be easy to get all four caught quickly there.

Two yapping dogs met me at the door.   They were so loud and the barking did not stop inside, when I went in to talk to the woman.   They were allowed out on her porch to bark at me when I left too.  I could see it might be a difficult challenge, to trap the cats there.

There was no spot level enough to set up the drop trap, which might have made it easy.  The cats would come out from under the  trailer straight up onto her handicap ramp up to the porch.  I knew they'd see each other trapped, which would make it tough to catch more than a couple of them.  With the yapping dogs and the women's refusal to contain the dogs, saying "oh they won't mind the dogs barking", I opted to return after dark.

I did return after picking up the 9 cats in Salem, and setting them up for the night in my garage.

I quickly caught two of the three kittens in the same trap.  Without light on the porch I couldn't even see the traps, to know if one had sprung and knew it would be a long wait to catch the mom cat and last kitten.  The woman would have had to exit her trailer to even check the traps, spooking the cats, if I left them set, then call me, and I'd have a ten minute drive down to pick up the trap with the cat and get it out of sight of the other cat.  This meant catching the other two there that night wasn't going to happen.  So I left with just the two teens early, and headed for the Albany colony where I'd already caught five, to catch two more there.

I caught a big male there right away, but other cats were near when I did so.  I hadn't bothered with setting up the drop trap as there was no light available outside there either, adequate to see.  I hung out a bit there, waiting, after I caught the big male.  

Then I left two traps set, feeling I would be lucky to catch even one more cat, and left to go home, I was so tired.  I had already 3 of my 4 cat quota.  Wasn't home more than half hour when the colony caretaker there texted me that both traps were full.  Now I had five cats, but four reservations.  I wasn't going to release an unfixed cat.

I took the fifth cat with me yesterday and hoped they would agree to do that one too and they did.  Thank goodness. All five are still in my garage, recovering after surgery.  They will go home this morning.
Little Flanders from Tangent was fixed yesterday

Mystic from Tangent, Flanders sister, also fixed yesterday

Goblin, a male, from the Albany colony, was fixed yesterday

Mamo Gray, a gray tux girl, was also fixed yesterday

And so was Stashio, a big male

After dropping off those five cats at the clinic yesterday, I needed to return the seven fixed Monday still in my garage.  George and Agnes, the two kittens, had already gone home with Spay Inc. Monday night.

I next returned the five fixed from the Albany colony.  Four girls and one boy.   Even the black tux they had named Charlie was a girl.  The only boy of the five was the all black short hair I had named Midnight.

I was quite tired but finally got around to heading off to Sweet Home, to take back Norma and Norman.  Norman, Norma's last teen needing fixed, also turned out to be a girl.  Lots of girls among the nine I took to be fixed Monday.  Seven in all.

Both the man and his adult daughter were there waiting to greet me.   I love this pair.  I'd been worried I would let the man down, by not getting the last two caught.  The man is nice, witty, a hoot, considerate.  When I'd been out there, waiting in my car, that stormy night, to catch these last two, he'd composed a snack bag for me, and brought it out to my car.  The bag contained potato chips and a cookie.

This time, after I released the two girls, and gave them the records from the clinic, They handed me a flat box the size of a CD.   Chocolates!  They are delicious!

Getting cats that people feed fixed is really a glorious endeavor.  It helps the individual cats which is why I do it, but it also affects the cat population and all who deal with the cat population in entire regions.   It reduces costs to shelters and tax payers, too.  And the effort can affect cats and those who help them beyond this area, in that shelters and rescues, if not overwhelmed with local cats and kittens, can reach out and help areas farther away.  And it helps the people who feed and love them.  They can suddenly do so without that gut wrenching worry, knowing they will breed even more cats.  Takes away the guilt.  Makes them happy.  Improves neighborhoods too.

I get to meet some interesting characters, people of all sorts, of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, incomes, races and belief systems.  They're all the same, really, bound together in my mind as similar in that they are caring for kitties.  It starts with one, that shows up, desperate, needing help.  That the person, whomever they are, whatever their background or beliefs or income, does not turn a blind eye to a little kitty in trouble, makes that person a hero to me.  I like helping heroes.

It's deeper than that, however. The world seems mean and violent sometimes.   When I find people stooping to help a stray cat, makes me have hope.   I think someone who does that must be deeply kind, to the core, no matter if they seem gruff or are poor or in otherwise terrible circumstance.   I take little comfort in words.  People spout words all the time.  Christian words, preaching of all sorts, people telling other people how they should think and act.  But its actions that count.   There's no more telling action about a person than to see someone helping a little stray in trouble.  I think to myself 'I bet that person would help almost anything or anyone in trouble' and it makes me feel peaceful to know there are people so kind out there.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nine More Cats Being Fixed and Another Kitten From Waterloo

I was gifted 9 spay/neuter reservations that someone else wasn't going to use, up at WHS today.  I didn't want to waste them!

So I went back up Saturday night to the colony near Sweet Home.   I'd trapped four of the six cats in the colony about ten days back, but failed to catch the mom of the four teens, or one of the teens.

I'd left my drop trap set up there, for the old guy to feed under, to get them used to it.  And he did too.   Not the usual.  

I sat in my car, in the dark, out about 30 feet from the covered lighted garage, while he nervously watched from inside his house.  I could see the curtains in the bathroom move. The bathroom window faces the garage.  I knew he was watching and hoping.

The weather was horrible.  Rain poured.  Wind howled.  It was cold.   I could barely even see the drop trap through the rain hitting the windshield.  Nonetheless I caught the mom cat very quickly.  I transferred her into a trap, set the drop trap back up quickly and got back into my car.  The wait would be long.

Over in Corvallis, the Civil War football game was in its last minutes.  I'd heard some in and out coverage of the game on the car radio while driving up to the colony.  The Oregon State Beavers were trouncing the Oregon Ducks.  The Beavers had not won the Civil War football game in many many years, but this year the Ducks are crap and the Beavs whopped them.  I'm not even a football fan but the news felt like a good luck omen.

I'd sat there freezing, barely breathing so I would not even move the car for almost two hours when that teen finally showed up and ducked under the drop trap to eat..  I didn't even know for sure it was the right teenager, since another one looks a lot like him, and the windshield was so hard to see through from rain.  But I yanked the cord, to drop the trap over him, and it was the right teen, and the old man came out happy and I was happy too.  They're getting fixed today.  I named them, for the records, Norma and Norman, off Netflix's Bates Motel series, which I enjoy.

Norma on the left, Norman on the right.  They are getting fixed today.
Then I contacted an Albany colony caretaker, referred to me a couple months back, but for various reasons, people busy the main one, they hadn't had time to deal with it.  They were up for me coming over yesterday morning.   They don't know how many are there and hadn't talked to the neighbor, who also cares for them, because of his work schedule, but nonetheless, I set up the drop trap and dropped it when five cats were under it eating.   Took less than half hour.  I transferred them out to individual live traps and all five, sexes unknown, are up being fixed also.





Then Spay Inc. said they had someone with two kittens although I thought they were going to be older and wilder.  When they came they seemed so little, but were both over 2.5 lbs, so I knew they could be fixed.  They came from somewhere in Brownsville is all I know.  The pair, I called them George and Agnes, tore up the bathroom last night.  Not in fear, as ferals might do, but in play.  They looked so self satisfied this morning too, over their destruction.  

Well, they're up being fixed.

Little Angel George

And George's partner in demolition, Agnes
Remember a couple weeks ago, returning a lactating cat, Autumn, to the county park and immediately trapping her three tiny kittens?   Well, Julie had taken all three, but brought me one of them, saying she couldn't tame him, two days ago.   He tamed very quickly, actually.

I named him Chinook for the King Salmon that roam the Pacific off Oregon's coast.  But there's something wrong with him.  He was very dehydrated when he came here and still is, plus he's only pooped once, little hard rabbit pellets too, like he is severely constipated or something.  He still hasn't pooped much or eaten much.  Giving him fluids and cat lax, keeping him warm and happy and hoping he will survive.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It's raining, it's pouring here in Oregon.

The cats are quite happy to lounge around atop me.   I intend a quiet day.

I was thinking back on all the cats I trapped or helped just this November and felt good, happy, satisfied.

I made the video at the top to remember them all.

All those little faces......

Have a great day!