Wednesday, May 06, 2015

R.I.P Rosy

Rosy was doing better, I thought, even taking food from a syringe and using the litter box to pee.  So I left her at 1:00 p.m. today, to go get some things.  I came home and found her laid out dead, in the litter box.  She'd been attempting to poop, as there were some hard poops in there and some on her butt.  It was likely too much for her heart.

My dear little girl, rest in peace.  I'm so sorry you did not have a good start to life.  She had fun here, with her family, in the year and two months she shared with me and mine.

Goodbye sweet Rosy.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Dream

I had a strange dream.

The night before last, I was up way too late trying to contain the right cats for vet dental care the next morning and then up early again, since I'd failed the night before. I figured I'd catch up with a nap after delivering the cats.  But then I found Rosy and spent the rest of the day in a panic, over emotional over her plight combined with the lack of sleep.

So I lay down for a nap, because that's how I deal best with stress--well rested.

I had a dream.

I was running along a two lane road, because terrorists were stationed on the other side of the road, shooting at people.  Then I realized there were terrorists also on my side of the road.  I ran and ran, terrified, and they missed over and over.

I ran to the other side of the road thinking things would be better.  People were screaming and running, trying to find places to hide.  I did the same once on the other side.   I was in a panic and sure I was to die.

The terrorists were hunting people down to kill them, like cats hunt mice, like weasels hunt down voles.  People would hide behind objects or in barrels but the terrorists would methodically search them out and shoot them.

 I ran into these racks of tightly packed clothes like at Goodwill where you can't even get an item out of the racks they are so closely packed.  I tried to hide within all those racks of clothes.

I saw a little boy, white as a sheet, eyes wide, trembling.  Behind him was a little girl, crouched down with her arms bent and clamped across her ears.   Then the men came, with their assault guns, knocking over the racks searching for people to kill.  I thought I was going to die, so I may as well make it mean something.  I signed "Shhhh" to the children and jumped up so the men would chase me and then I ran.  

It worked and they came after me and I ran into this market type area where people were scattering as bullets were flying everywhere.  For some reason, none of the bullets hit me.  I ran uphill then, up this alley. I thought how could I possibly be running all the time, when I am out of shape and my right knee is so unstable it barely qualifies as a joint.  It did not occur to me in my dream that this was a dream and that's why I could do things I normally could not do.  The alley I ran up was very narrow and there were some cement steps up the side, which I ran up.  At the top was perched this shack, precariously over the alley, like it could fall off, with a wood door, slightly ajar.  I burst through to hide.

Inside, a young man stood up, like a young teenager.  His shirt was off and there was a hole in his lower left side oozing white and green infection and it was all puffy and red around it.  The smell was horrible.  He had another bloody wound higher up on his right side.  "Help me," he pleaded.  "But you should know, I'm one of them."  I knew what he meant, that he too was a terrorist.

I said, "I will help you but you should know, I am an infidel to all religions."  

"I don't care, please help me," he said.  So I proceeded to help him with his wound, washing it out and cleaning it although the smell was awful.

But suddenly two men burst in with guns and I knew it was the end, and I backed against a wall and closed my eyes, trying to think of something nice, like warm water and sun and floating on my back in the lake.  But the young man said something in his language and the men ran out of the shack again, without killing me.  That was the end of the dream or all I remember of it.

I woke up very startled.  I thought about the dream for awhile though, because I don't often remember dreams.

Rosy is much better.  She had a sinus cold, which is what made her so dehydrated and dehydration made her cold.   The sinus cold was hidden by her dehydration, so now with fluids in her, the congestion is back.  It's one of those colds where the gunk drains backwards, down her throat, like old Electra had.  It's not as apparent to an observer because there's not the eye and nose drainage.  You have to hear it.  But it makes their throat sore and its hard to eat or drink with it.

So she's on fluids, nutrical and steaming and hopefully will recover, with time and care.

Mops and Tugs are also doing just fine, following their dental surgeries and multiple extractions.  So it's all just fine here and I finally had a vivid dream that I remembered!

Monday, May 04, 2015

The Good and the Bad

Today Mops and Tugs got needed dental care.  Mops had most of his remaining teeth removed.  He has one lone premolar up top now.  Tugs did not fare much better and had multiple extractions.  Both cats also were micro chipped and had their nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

That's the good.  Here's the bad.

I got home from taking the cats over by 8:30 a.m.  I got out of my car and entered the garage and heard a cat crying out, over and over.  I went into the garage room and there was Rosy on the floor, in a prone sitting position, crying out, not moving.

My first thought was that she'd fallen from the cat run.  I'd not been out in the garage room this morning until I got back from Corvallis, at 8:30, but I had been out there late last night, as late 11:30 p.m.   Two days ago, I noticed Rosy's behavior changed.  She was in a ground level carrier Vision usually sleeps in and didn't run away, as she usually does, being a full out feral, when I cleaned the litterbox nearby.  I noted this in my mind and meant to check her out today.  Too late.

I moved her quickly into the bathroom.  She could not walk and was cold as ice to the touch and dehydrated.  Dehydrated?  A young cat like her?  It is hard to assess the health of a feral as they flash by, but guilt flushed through me.  She'd been struggling.  But with what?

Her brother died suddenly of a saddle clot a year ago.  He'd been fine one minute and the next he was laid out on the floor screaming and unable to move.  I only figured out what he'd had later on.   He lived for exactly nine minutes after that happened.  Nine minutes in which I frantically tried to get ahold of an emergency vet,  or Heartland, for euthanasia, and warm him, as I did not understand why his rear half was ice cold and his rectum white as a sheet, or what would cause him so much pain he was crying out.   Rosy behaved in much the same way this morning.  Almost exactly the same.  She was in pain, cold, but over her entire body and could not move.

I moved her into the bathroom and got a heating pad on her.  I warmed some fluids and gave her some, not much, but enough to give her some warmth.  I texted Heartland I would be over with a dire case in need of euthanasia and spent the next hours beside her, as Heartland told me to bring her at 2:00.  However, she did not die, she improved.  She perked up, even started acting feral towards me again, but is very weak.  She regained use of her rear legs.  

So she's in the bathroom, but very weak.   I don't know if she had a heart issue or fell off the cat run and ruptured a blood vessel or broke her pelvis.  I strongly suspect heart issues.  But there's no need to euthanize her without giving her a chance, so we shall see.  She's not in pain anymore and very alert.

Feline distemper crossed my mind.  She's fully vaccinated, but that doesn't mean a cat cannot get it.  She has not had any vomiting or diarrhea, however.  I watch for that when I clean litter boxes.  Distemper usually causes a high fever, but the cats' temp drops right before death.  Seems like she would have died by now.   Nonetheless, I feel a slight panic over a cat with an unknown lethal problem and think of distemper, FIP and the health of the rest of the cats.

They're all vaccinated, and yet, you just don't know.  That provides protection, but the cat can still get it.  I think about vaccines and if they had not been made right to begin with or stored at the proper temp somewhere before they were given.  I will be watching the other cats with suspicion for awhile.

Taking her to an emergency vet would cost hundreds of dollars that I do not have, nor will I ever have.  So in a case as extreme as this, my only option is euthanasia.  If she broke her pelvis, it will heal, on its own, with confinement.  If she has a heart problem, she likely will not recover.  I should have a much better idea in the morning, if she survives the night.

Rosy, from the 60 Cat Lebanon Olson Lane colony.

There are times I think back on that colony and that woman, who was selling her house and just walked off and left 60 cats and kittens, she had fed, but not fixed, on their own.  How cruel can a person be? Rosy is one of those lost souls.

Some Memorable Cats

I was attempting to organize my stored photos, last night, and took a trip down memory lane, staring into fuzzy faces who have left here, either by death or adoption.  Gazing into the eyes of long gone friends made me smile, to remember, and sad, too.

This morning, Mops and Tugs are over getting their teeth checked out.  I wasn't going to take Tugs, but rather Honey, Tweetie or Button, but those three vanished into another dimension, I swear, when I got that look they know, although I try to fake a relaxed "everything's just fine" look and even practice it,-- that look that means "somebody's going to the vet".

Buffy, Mop's sister, had 10 teeth pulled when she went.   Mops was on the list . Tugs, however, was on the secondary list.  Still on the primary list:  Sassy, of the Business Nine, the last of those cats to get in; Angel, Tweetie and Button, a.k.a. the trailer park sisters, and Honey from the Corvallis Homeless Camp.   Teddy and Starr from the homeless camp, both had dentals in the last year.  Honey's the last of Camp Cats in need of a vet dental.

Tugs, from the Lebanon Shovel Killer Christian neighbor Colony

Mops, from the BS Colony
Good luck today, Tugs and Mops!

I got my first donation, through my website for the nonprofit I'm starting--the Happy Cat Club.   A link to that site is on the right sidebar!  I am not exempt yet, but I did file the IRS paperwork requesting to be tax exempt.

After sending off the filing fee and form, online, I was ecstatic but also I felt a sinking feeling, and almost thought I heard the "whoosh" sound that a phone makes after you successfully send a text.

"There goes $400," I thought, "into a deep dark black hole, never to be seen again."

Thankfully, I later got an auto receipt, for the filing fee, but not the form.  "Uh oh," I thought.  I sure hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  Took me a long time to save up that fee, to file.  I'm sure it will be just fine.

Now to the cats...

In one homeless camp, in Corvallis, I got 52 cats and kittens fixed.  I moved to remove most of the kittens, and any tame adults I could.  I've gone back to save others several times.  One of those tame adults I took out was Fat Zach.

Fat Zach was an awesome huge black male who adored other cats and was laid back as a cat could be.  He had a thick wrestlers' neck and would tussle with Peeman Sam for hours.  I made a video of it.  If you can't watch it all, at least check out Sam's smooth move at 2:26 and the look on Zach's face at 2:42!  Classic!

Zach also loved a cat I'd just rescued from a local trailer park, whom no one wanted, a male with eye issues I named Crusty. Zach calmed him and lay against him, licked him, hugged him until sometimes Crusty would get irritated. Crusty went to live with a couple on the coast while Zach now lives in Corvallis. I miss Zach and his ultra loving ways.

Fat Zach on my Bed

Fat Zach at Christmas.  And Yes I decorate my cats for Christmas.  Doesn't everyone?

The first name I gave Zach, after his rescue, was Blingo.  This was the first video I made of Zach, a.k.a. "Blingo", with Crusty, the trailer park boy, with the bad eyes.

Friday, May 01, 2015

This and That

Guess who is sleeping on the bed now. She does so because she likes it when I lay down next to her and pet her.

Vision, my ancient of ancients, with Miss D behind her.

Honey enjoys some sun.   She is the most precious kitty.
Haley, on the left, who had lots of teeth pulled the last trip to the affordable clinic.  Stiletto, her daughter, is on the right.
Sam and Mums are best of friends, but that cat bed is too small for both!

I haven't grocery shopped in awhile, so I eat what's left and today it is an avocado and a cut up beet.  I love beets and I eat them raw, not cooked.  I have beet seeds planted in my small garden space and hope they grow up soon.

As we all know, from experience, beets can cause some interesting issues......check out these issues, as explored below on Portlandia!

Anyone tired of swearing men reality shows?  Not Discovery Channel.  Discovery LOVES them, and the more man drama the better.   I wonder how much is played up and edited into the otherwise probably fairly routine lives of truffle hunters in Oregon.  Man drama is a big seller among, you guessed it, men!

Read about Discovery Channel's new Oregon show "Unearthed" at this link.

But not everyone is happy about this new show, filmed not far from where I live, in Falls City.  I have a friend who works for the city here, who lives there, with her animals.

Not even happy about the show are many truffle hunters, who believe raking for truffles is bad for the forest floor and that the show will make novices head out to do more damage.  I pick mushrooms now and then, for personal use.  Lots of people do.  You just have to be a little careful to not get the poisonous ones.

 Others pick to sell, in the fall, and every fall, mushroom hunters get lost and die in the woods from exposure or injury.  But have I ever heard of mushroom hunter violence or murder?  Nope.  Not even for truffles, those little black buried fungi sold to restaurants where I could not even afford to sit down.

So I think the drama is getting played way up to sell.  I have no intention of watching it.  Well, I can't, since I don't have cable.  And I don't want to.

I had enough of cursing swearing man drama after watching several seasons of Deadliest Catch.  I tried to like the Gold Rush thing, that featured some already wealthy Oregonians, heading to Alaska with massive amounts of equipment, to tear up the landscape in search of gold.  I never could get into that one.  I guess I'd had enough by then.   And I don't want more.

My brother tells me stories of the man drama going on in the construction world.  I am fascinated by it, since by and large, women are supposed to be the drama queens of the world.  I learned over the years, man drama is huge out there too.

But I'm at my limit and I won't be watching "Unearthed".

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zipline!

Z is for Zipline! They are the rage. You can find zipline tours all over the world now. Like this one in Astoria, where I go with cats to the affordable clinic. Be sure your wallet is packed with cash, however. This one costs $99 per person. I can get my thrills for free, but it looks like fun.
And now, the A to Z challenge is over and done with. It too was fun. Not an adrenaline rush fun but a goal oriented/complete something come up with posts mind game fun.  According to blogger stats, I received 44 visits from the A to Z challenge site.   This blog is not highly read anyway.  Many of the blogs I visited had about as few comments and readers as I do, so made me feel not so bad about having a blog few people read.   Any visitors I get, are sure welcome.

 Z is for Zipline. Zippity Do Da I'm Done!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hoss Was Adopted

Remember Hoss?   He was fed by the parrot lady, who fed other cats, most of them owned by others.   I got five cats fixed on the block and Heartland Humane agreed to take in Hoss, the white and black fixed tame stray, to relieve stress on the parrot lady and the neighborhood.

Hoss turned out to be a total sweetie.

And sometime in the last couple of days, Hoss got a home.   He's been over at Heartland nearly a month.  

Isn't that grand that he will get another chance at a great life?

I think it is. Good luck kiddo!

Hoss, at Heartland Humane

The parrot lady was thrilled to hear about his good luck.   The gray tabby unfixed male is back, she says.  She says she'll call when she sees him and I told her if I was home, I'd throw the drop trap in the car and come over and we'd see if he'd fall for it.

She's wearing a heart monitor.  For an entire month.  I'd asked if she ever went walking, as I have been looking for a walking partner.  She said then that she didn't, because sometimes she would fall.

I had no idea when said fall, she meant pass out cold.  She did so about ten times last year and already three times this year and has the bruises to prove it.  She quit her job with kids over her fainting, afraid she might faint with a child in her arms.   Her doctor, a woman, told her it was just part of getting old.  So she had to do a work around that doctor to get any sort of help at all.

Can you imagine, a doctor that lazy?  

She drives, and she lives alone.  That is not something that should go untreated and undiagnosed.   I looked up her symptoms after she hung up.   She just faints, suddenly, without warning and the only symptom she remembers happened one time was she couldn't breath.

Probably is a heart thing.  If you faint, that means blood isn't getting to your brain.  Or oxygen.  Your blood maybe doesn't have enough volume or oxygen carrying components.  Or is being restricted by artery disease.  But the most common cause is heart electrical issues.

But she gets migraines and is also on primeron.  Migraines can cause fainting and certainly hormone replacement can mess you up badly, from many angles.  Allergic shock?  I do love puzzles and mysteries.

Anyhow, the parrot lady is happy for Hoss and I am also.  Thanks Heartland, for giving him a showcase and lets hope his new people are a lot better than his old people who left him.