Saturday, July 26, 2014

Number 51


Yard Stray Number 51, Funny Face, was once owned.  He comes almost up to me, but he does so hissing and growling.  But he has tooth issues.  He needs fixed, number one.  He spray marks and fights all over this area.

This morning, driving along Marian, just past the hoarder house, there's a dog running loose in the street.  I pull over, sick to death of the animal neglect in this area, and because I've seen this dog many blocks away several times. At least, I think it's the same dog.  I think it's a stray and I have no idea what I'd do with him if he did get into my car.  He runs up on the sidewalk when I stop.

 It's a border collie looking dog, mostly black long hair but with a white splash on his chest.  He halts 15 feet from my car.  I open the passenger side door to talk to the dog.  But he's wary.   Just then, down the block, from a duplex, a guy comes out on the sidewalk and yells at the dog to get over there.

I guess it does not surprise me much this dog, running loose all over the area, often a mile up the road, comes from that duplex.  They used to have a pitbull.  Maybe I am mistaken that it is the same dog I've seen way down the street, in a field, twice now, and once standing in a parking lot way way down the street, before the dog ran off, into the field, and on.

Funny Face, if he comes back tomorrow, might be getting himself fixed Monday.  I've put in an e-mail to the Heartland surgery coordinator, to see if it could be done.

I was dismayed to see yet another new cat on the block, coming over the fence from the apartment complex, also a male, also a black tux, but with no white on its face and medium length hair.  Will it never end?

The apartment complex manager says they require tenants to keep their cats inside and that they be vaccinated, photographed and fixed.  But there are always the tenants who try to sneak in unfixed unvaccinated unregistered cats.  They allow tenants to feed two strays.  One is a female I got fixed a few years back and they also allow them to feed Funny Face.  They know he was once owned and is now a stray.  I was grateful they allow this, but I want to get him fixed.

They told me this when I was there trying to find out the number for the woman who may or may not have owned that tabby I got fixed last Monday, who had moved out of those apartments.  However, she had unfixed unregistered cats and had been evicted.

Friday, July 25, 2014

On a Happier Note.....Remember Studley, the yard stray before last?

Bad things have happened lately around here.  And in the world.

As stress built for me, night before last, and I witnessed an episode of road rage in front of me, when someone cut someone else off....I wanted to jump out of my car and yell at the antagonists, "Lighten up, you jerks! We have to love each other. Don't you know the world is crumbling around us due to all this violence and greed? I wanted to yell....

Muslim extremists are going to sexually mutilate the women of Iraq!

Russian backed rebels shoot down two more Ukraine planes!

500 children found locked in rat and roach infested shelter in Mexico!

Underground water reserves depleted in seven state region, water apocalypse feared close!

And climate change brings maggots to Chicago homes!"

OMG, I thought, I'm the one who needs to lighten up. I've become a facebook feed.

I need to change what I feed my brain.

That's when I came home and Nyquilized.

Today I'm trying to focus on happy things.  Like this video I found, being shared, of a lone kitten without a real friend, so he's playing wildly with a ceramic orange and white cat, about his size, and it's hysterical.

And on the photos Heartland Humane in Corvallis sent me of Studley, now named Donald, in his new home.  They were sent by his new owners.  They even wanted to bring him to Heartland to show him off and how well he is doing.

Remember Studley?   He was the sad starved buff and white boy, who hung out in my yard for a month, spray marking to beat the band.  I had to trap him, because he was driving my cats mad, with that, and because I felt so sorry for him.

Safehaven refused to take him on, but Heartland took him in and he got a home within three weeks, and his owners adore him and he adores them AND their dogs.

Who knew?


Receiving these photos made me so happy. Also, I hear that Galihad, another abandoned Albany boy, is doing well, still in a trial home, under OCO's eye up in the Portland area. The kittens are doing well also, I'm told this morning, and will soon be scheduled for neuter. Both are now of weight for that to be done.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hoarder Nearby

 200 Rabbits and Guinea Pigs were removed from a filthy trashed out house and garage yesterday and today by local police.  The woman has been charged with neglect.  She was left her three dogs and three cats.  I'd gotten cats fixed at that house.  Why did the police leave the cats there, when one is obviously in very very bad shape?

Three weeks ago, I stopped by that house, when with a friend, a house I knew, to ask why their cat was so skinny.  She's a gray who looks like death warmed over.  I'd see her occasionally when I'd drive down Marian street to town.

I got cats fixed at that house a couple years back and again some time before that.   It was no fun.  They had said they'd donate and didn't.  I took them clear to Coos Bay, to the S/nipped clinic, which is a terribly difficult day for me.  When I brought the cats back, that night, exhausted beyond exhausted, I expected them to be happy and help me get them from my car.  I'd told them how far I'd had to go, to get them fixed.  I also expected the promised donation.

I get neither a donation nor help getting them from the car.  The woman, about my age, and her daughter, were at the table, in a junk jammed kitchen playing cards and refused to even acknowledge I was there, outside of an angry grunt my way.

I hated them, seethed in exhaustion and outrage, that night.  But I also worried for the cats, knowing how they were.  They also wanted me to take cats to the vet for an ex husband living somewhere, was never told where, in a trailer.  They said the cats there were sick and probably would die.  I said I couldn't pay to take their cats to a vet, that it was his responsibility to treat his cats with kindness and left.

The last cats I got fixed there were Boots, Heathcliff and Brady.  It was in December of 2012.  I have photos of Boots and Heathcliff, one a long hair orange tux and the other a short hair orange tabby tux.  But not of Brady, whom I describe as medium hair gray.  I wonder if that is Brady I see, the skinny one, and not a female.  I see the long hair orange tux boy, in bad shape too, but not as skinny as the gray.

Ever since, I've felt a deep unease when I pass that house, going to town.

The older woman showed no emotion when I'd asked about her skinny cat three weeks ago, said, as she waddled to her car, "I'll take her to a vet."  I knew she wouldn't.  My friend said she'd go back and try to get the cat from them.  I found out later that she never did.

Then yesterday, I saw police cars at the house on my way to the grocery store.  On the way back, I saw a big police van with the back doors open and lots of cages inside, with animals.  I hit the brakes, but then changed my mind and went around the block and turned up the street right beside the police van.  There was a man inside the van.

I thought it was a police officer or maybe someone from Safehaven.  But when he came out, he said he'd lived at the house.  I asked what happened, after I found out they were rabbits in those cages.  he said someone turned them in.  I said where are the cats.  "Oh," he said, "It's you.  You got them fixed for us.  I have two of them, the blue boy and one of the orange boys and they're fat and healthy."  I said, "What about the little gray one, what's wrong with her, she's so skinny."

I could see her, laying in the dirt against the house, as police officers carrying cages passed by her.  She was over grooming and looked fertive, like she was pretending to herself nothing bad was happening, that everything would be ok.  I could not take it and began to cry.

I drove off slowly.  But that night, I could barely function.  I e-mailed the paper, the news stations, trying to find out what was going on.  There's been too much lately, around here, too much animal abandonment and craziness.  I can barely handle living here.

Finally I resorted to Nyquilizing myself to sleep.  I don't know why it affected me so strongly, the plight of that one skinny kitty, wandering in a daze. One thing affecting me is that Galihad and another cat were abandoned not even a block from that house.  The house where they were left has a backyard not more than 150 feet from the back of that hoarder house.   I suppose that was one factor in why I was affected like I was.

 I woke late this morning.  KEZI news wanted me to call them, to describe what I'd seen.  They'd been one I e-mailed the night before, trying to see if anyone knew what was going on there.  They were now going to cover the story.

I called the reporter who e-mailed and described what I'd seen.  She asked if I'd describe the scene on camera and I felt obligated, since I'd told them about the story and asked them to find out what was going on.  I hate being on camera, just hate it.  I was also dead brained and dull, from the Nyquil and stress of late.

But I went, with my fangs bared for that poor cat.  I saw her there in the yard, with the police there again, hauling out even more rabbits and Gunea Pigs.  Turned out there were 200 hauled out of that garage.   I asked the community service officer about the cats, pointed out the skinny kitty.   She didn't know what would become of them.

I had a brief interview with the reporter who asked me to describe what I saw.  I also asked her to ask Safehaven, who took them all in, if they would be getting them fixed prior to adoption.  I don't think they are.  I think they're already adopting them out.  Taken in yesterday, already up for adoption.  Without being fixed.   This makes me crazy.

I suppose its easy to criticize when I'm not the one caring for all those rabbits.  Rabbits are difficult and expensive to fix.  Safehaven, although they just moved into a huge new location that's a lot of animals to take in suddenly and care for.  I hope they can get help from other shelters.  People's interest (and volunteer help) often fades quickly, after such an incident.

If you can help financially or want to adopt a rabbit in need,
here is a link to Safehaven, the shelter where the rabbits are currently being housed.

In the second segment of the news, they show a brief clip of me.  It's been edited for their purposes.  They said neighbors didn't know what was going on, then showed me saying "I had no idea what was in that garage."

I'm not a neighbor.  I had told the reporter I got the cats fixed for those people and when I did, I had no idea the garage was full of rabbits.  Oh well.  I guess the news people have to use what they get how they want.   I looked bloated and fat and dull.  Because I am.

Actual neighbors should have been able to clearly see what was going on.  They did nothing.  The house was often full of people too, losers all apparently, who did not intercede for the animals, or even for children in the house, because they were discovered when child services was called to check on a child's welfare there.

When I saw the news tonight, in the second segment they showed a video clip of that poor cat, showing how skinny she is, so at least there's a video record of her suffering.

 Because the paper article on it says while she is being charged with neglect, her three dogs and three cats will be left there with her.  It also said the dogs health will be monitored.  The cats?  They're on their own.  When I saw that, I started to sob again.

At least the rabbits got help.  At least the dogs health will be monitored.  But the cats?   For them, there's nothing.  Nobody gives a shit about cats around here.

We've already had another train suicide here this week, and an apartment fire that killed a very nice man.  When I saw the photo of the burned out apartment, I remembered when I set a trap, for a stray kitty, right outside that same apartment a couple three years back.   I remember how bad the ants were that year, how they swarmed the bait on the trap outside the second floor apartment, how the man mentioned it.  He's died in that fire, also last week.  Maybe there's just been too much bad news this week.

The paper article had vanished briefly on the website, or perhaps, on my computer's view of it, but it's back now.  See below.
Local paper article on the hoarder.
Here's the Eugene TV stations story on it. The skinny kitty can be seen at 1:00 minutes in.

 The news link story above might not work too long either.

It's up to me to help them.  I'll have to ask those people, who did that to so many animals, for permission, too.  What kind of world is this?

I need to get out of town, out in nature, reboot.   

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Goodbye Goofy and Roman

They're gone.  The kittens.  Roman and Goofy.  Those wild boys.  Gone.  Taken in by a kind woman.  They'll be fine.  They're moving on in their new lives. 

They quickly learned how fun toys are.  But being former feral, their wild noisy play, that sounded like stampeding elephants, at times, in the bathroom, heard from my bed, came at night.  In the morning, they'd look so sweet and blinky eyed sleepy.  But the bathroom would be trashed!

Unrolled toilet paper would be everywhere.  Toys I'd find dunked in water dishes, drawers opened too, with objects from them all over, turned into toys also.

Kittens are too much for me.  Their energy!

So goodbye Roman and Goofy. Goodbye and good luck and now I can at last sleep through the night.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Help Me Understand

I thought I'd done such a good thing.  A feel good thing.

I trapped that lost gray tabby last night, the one the people came looking for, door to door, two weeks ago.  They left me their number.  They moved out of those apartments behind the cul de sac, and hadn't been able to catch their unfixed young  boy.

I gave them a good lecture about spay neuter.  They had unfixed others, too.

I find their number, once he was in the trap this morning, and call.  No answer.  I'm perplexed.  She'd said to call anytime day or night, if I saw him, and she'd come immediately.  Hmmm, I think.  So I take him on over to Heartland, to be neutered.  Pre arranged.  Been having spray mark issues with you know who.  Peeman Sam.  And others.  Over him, an unfixed boy, out in the yard.

I think, "She'll call me.  She was so anxious to find him.  Don't worry.  She'll call."

But she didn't call back.

I start to worry, to wonder what I'll do with him.

I get back home and try to make alternate arrangements somewhere.  I try Safehaven.  After all, now they have that new shelter.  33,000 square feet.  OMG.  That's huge.  Surely they can take him.

But no.  I get a call back.  "We'll put you on a list, call you maybe sometime, if we ever have room."  I laugh loudly to myself.  "Sure you will."  I know about the list.  It doesn't exist.   I say, "You never help."  The guy laughs, like he knows its the truth.

Here's the really funny part.   I see someone out front, a car, an old couple getting out.  I go out my front door to see if maybe someone is visiting me.  (Not, they're appraising the dead neighbor's house) As I open the door, an envelope falls.  There's a handwritten note scribbled on the back, from the people looking for their lost cat, saying they're still looking, signed her name, with her number, the same number I'm calling with no answer.   The same number I'm leaving messages that say, "I've got your cat.  Come get him."  With no return call.


I'm creeped out by the note also because I was home all day yesterday, except for one hour, and nobody came to my door.  I believe they left the note in the middle of the night.  That is totally creepy.  I tell neighbors, so they can watch out.  One neighbor tells me the people behind her now have a huge marijuana grow going, allegedly for medicinal purposes.  Yeah right.

At 2:00 I'm shocked to get an answer when I call.  They claim they are on their way over to my place right then.  Wow.  Coincidence.  Right when I call them, they're on the way over, without even calling me back.  "Huh," I think.  "That's a little too good to be true."

They also claim they're buying me a whole bunch of cat food to bring me in thanks.   One part of me wants to believe that.  Another part, my skeptical realistic side, is whispering loudly "Wow, what a con."  They claim they'll come get him as soon as he's back from surgery.  They don't.  They've still not come.  They're never coming for him, I think now.

How strange.  I mean they left that note in the crack of my door just yesterday.

Angry now, I call the police.  It's against the law to abandon a cat.  I want them hunted down and charged.

I talk to a community service officer.  I start by saying this is all very odd.  After I tell him the story he says "It's not that strange.  This IS Albany, after all."  He's right.

He calls them, leaves a message, calls me back, says their phone went right to message which means its turned off or dead.   He says he'll call me in the morning to see if they ever came to get their cat.  Fat chance they will, I think.

An Albany employee, my friend the code enforcement person, says she'll foster him for now.  Thank you Mary!

Things will never be right here in the Twilight Zone.

After all.

Check him out.  Glad I gave him a name for Heartland neuter records.  Benny.

I've become completely freaked out over all this, the fact she wouldn't answer her phone, then finally did, said she was on her way over, then never came, never answered the phone again.  And that note left, apparently in the middle of the night.  This isn't normal or right.  Then I get a call, although I never heard it, saw it later, came in at 10:45 p.m.  Who calls at that hour?

 Message is from some unknown guy, who claims the owner had to leave town suddenly and he'll pick up the cat.  I text him that I have released the cat and I never want to hear from any of them again.

Unfortunately, that's what I have to do.  I don't feel safe.  This isn't normal, nothing about it.  He should be fine.  He's been on his own for awhile now.  Except he can eat in my yard or several other people's yards nearby.  And there are beds too for him and other cats, in two yards at least.  It is the best I can do because I don't feel safe with this.

No good deed goes unpunished.  I feel so sad for that cat.  I can't even sleep.  What is wrong with people?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

On the Lake

I took my raft up to the Reservoir a few days ago. Unfortunately, I became impatient with the blow up time and did not blow it up fully, so it was squishy in the water. Oh well. Usually I blow it up as tight as possible then pour cold water over it, or haul it down to the lake with my two wheel rear end cart, which allows me to carry the front only, and there, with it on the cool water, pump more air into it, once it contracts. I skipped this crucial step and paid the price in a squishy raft on the water. I didn't row that far this time. Just across the arm, around the point, and across the main body of the lake, to a small rock beach. There were not too many people on the lake, maybe a dozen ski boats, is all, unusual for this time of year. The water level has dropped quickly and the lake has rapidly warmed. Weeds are growing all along the bottom in most area, which is yucky and signals if it gets too warm, algae could start in, as it does in many Oregon rivers and lakes by mid summer, often closing them due to the toxic health effects of some algae.
 Here's a link to one of the first closures, Odell Lake, off Highway 58 out of Oakridge, closed now due to Blue Green toxic algae.
 I took the little donated camera along. It's so tiny I can easily fit it into a zip lock bag, to keep it dry. That was fun.
The kittens will be leaving for a Portland area rescue on Tuesday. Roman is very tame now but Goofy, the Siamese is still skittish and needs a better foster situation with more people handling him. They play wildly at night. I moved the homemade screen door on the 2nd bedroom to the bathroom so they can better socialize to human activity. They love other cats but most of my cats are kind of beastly to kittens. The ferals from the Lebanon colony love the kittens however.
Goofy on my lap.

My old river cat, Vision, now 20 years old, at least, is failing. She has become weak in the hindquarters, thin, deaf and she is not long for this world. Yesterday I trimmed some of her long hair, to give her some relief, not all, because I didn't want to stress her out. I needed to trim her nails, which I did, because she still traverses the high cat walks, with carpet and she could catch a nail, when leaping, and that would be a nasty bone crunching end for her. I want her end to be peaceful and easy. It won't be long. My precious baby.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitten Video

I made a video of the boys. Please share. Maybe we can find them a good home!