Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TP2 and 12 More Cats

I've been working one trailer park in Sweet Home, trying hard to get everybody there fixed.  Seems endless however.  But I was contacted by someone in another Sweet Home trailer park with cats everywhere.  To distinguish the two in my mind, I call them TP1 and TP2.

Tomorrow, one more boy from TP1 will be neutered.  I'd tracked down the black and white, fed on a porch, that others thought was a girl.  But he's a boy and well loved and will be fixed tomorrow.
This is him

He will make number 39 fixed from TP1 (trailer park one).

In the meantime, Becky from Lebanon, trapped one of two boys on her block still needing fixed after neighbors carted home five kittens they got free in front of Walmart.  That was last summer they brought them home.  They don't take much responsibility for them, however.  Becky now feeds the survivors.  One boy already was run over and killed on the road.  Becky got the female done elsewhere, but she was not ear tipped and she mistook her for one of the unfixed boys, trapping her last week.  At least now she has an ear tip.

But two nights ago, she showed up when I was napping, in the evening, with a screaming angry boy she trapped.  One to go, after he's fixed.   I have this little device I attach to a trap so people can feed in a trap, but yank a cord and get an unfixed cat without retrapping a million fixed cats.  Works so well.

It's just a short board, just shorter than the height of the trap door, with a hardware right angle attached at the top, facing one direction, and another hardware right angle on the other side of the board, at the bottom, facing the other direction.  I drill two holes in the side of the board, and hinge it with loose zip ties to the outside front of the trap.  I attach a line to the hardware angle at the bottom of the board.  The trap door rests on the other hardware angle, facing inward, at the top.  You can just yank the line, to drop the trap door, when the right cat is eating in the trap and let everyone else eat in there too, so the unfixed cats think its all nice and safe.  Ha!

But then fat Waddles, a long fixed boy, decided he'd nap in the trap!

Anyhow, the male she caught is aggressive as hell, but not really feral.  And he screams at the top of his lungs.  He's not been a fun garage guest, let me tell you.

This morning I went up to TP2 and caught ten there.  My limit at the clinic is 11, and now I had 12 cats in all, including the Lebanon screamer and the boy from TP1.  But one of the 10 from TP2 is a tame abandoned pregnant gray tabby girl, who was relinquished by the woman who had been care taking her since her owners left her.

Fortunately, the facilitator, a Wilsonville woman who is good at finding cats placement, having contacts in many rescues and shelters, found her a place to go tomorrow.  She's one lucky girl.

With that, nine cats will be fixed from the TP2, one from TP1, then the Lebanon screamer boy.  Below are photos of 8 of the 9 TP2 cats to be fixed tomorrow.
Tabby on white manx male

DLH black male

DLH orange male

DSH light orange tab male

Huge Chocolate Pt. Siamese male

Young torbi female, in heat (males chasing her)

Black and white male

Gray tux male

Then there's this cat, at already fixed kitty with severe ear mites and a fluid filled tumor hanging off its throat.  The Facilitator is trying to find her a place right now, but if anyone else knows where she might go, and get medical for those conditions, let me know.

Well, 11 more get fixed and another abandoned kitty gets off the streets and won't be having kittens under a trailer.  Another good day for valley cats.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photos of Yore

I do love using the word "yore".  Why?  Beats me.

Having nothing really new to say, I thought I'd add in some old photos today, much like Elephants Child and Highriser and others do, on Sunday calling it Sunday Selections.

First off, some photos from the last trip to the north coast, with cats.  That was on April 4, seems like years ago now, and I took Miss D and Slurpy for dental care.  As usual, I was worn out and sought out a parking lot for sleep.

South Jetty ocean overlook from Fort Stevens State Park

Wetlands to the north of the parking lot, still show signs of last summers wildfire in the area

A couple of crows gather nesting material
At the Peter Iredale shipwreck beach, also in Ft. Stephens State Park, the wreck is diminishing, as it erodes away.

And yet, with erosion, more of the ships spine is visible

Driftwood hooch

Crab shells in the sand

These are likely from molt.
Freight ship on the Columbia River

American Empress Steam Powered Cruise Ship, at dock
The ship is beautiful but the cruises are vastly expensive, running over $3500 for about 9 days.  Way out of reach for the likes of me, but I can admire the ship's beauty.

We've not had much sun yet in Oregon, just a few days of blasting heat, instead of a gradual transition from winter into spring and summer.   It's dismal, this constant rain and gray.  But there have been dramatic sky moments!

There are a lot of sheep raised in this valley.

Well, that's it for older photos, although I took the last sky photo just today.

Lucy and Pepper will be going off to get their medical care, dentals if needed, all that, next week.  The fundraiser for them, both old gals from the trailer park, is going good, shy only about $100 from the goal to cover the costs.

Thank you so much to all who have contributed!  It's so kind of you to help these old gals out.

Lastly, the gray female I trapped in Albany Friday morning, whose feeder relinquished her, is doing quite well in foster with Felines First, looks like.  She LOVES cat treats.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Pregnant Teenager on her Own

I was contacted by a Portland group who had been contacted by an Albany woman feeding a shy very pregnant kitty.  They asked if I could go trap her, and I did early this morning without any trouble.

But I spent some sleepness minutes last night thinking how stupid it would be to do that.  What if she had kittens before I could get her spayed?  A wild mom, in my garage with kittens?  I'm not an adoption group and few groups will foster a wild new mom.   But I went anyway.

When transferring her from trap to a garage cage, she didn't dart in when I took the towel off the trap.  A feral does that.  Instead she hid her head and looked to be crying.  She has a very sad depressed little face.

Still tired out, I didn't think, I just reached in from the other end of the trap and began to pet her.  Although she didn't warm to it, rolling and purring, she liked it and quickly eased up in the visible tension in her body.

She was very interested in eating a lot.  then sat in the front of the cage watching everything.  Again, this is not feral behavior at all.  This is the behavior of a kitty on her own who doesn't know what to do.   Where she was being fed, its all concrete, cars and parking lots.  Nowhere she could have had those kittens safely.

Well Felines First volunteered to foster her if the woman would relinquish any claim to ownership which she did enthusiastically, realizing it was an awful place for a little kitty to try to live.

So tomorrow she'll go to Felines First, Chelsea again, who also has Pepper, will keep her safe to have her kittens then get spayed and find a home.  I'm calling her Shiloh, but not sure what her name will end up.

She's darling and no teen, human or animal, should be on the streets in such a condition.   Shiloh is now safe.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

13 More Cats to the FCCO

The Happy Cat Club---Creating Peace Through Surgical Procedure.

I'm cracking myself up, still brain dead exhausted, which makes me giggle.  I've created a whole lot of peace the last month at that trailer park.  Best way to do it, is drop the protest signs and neuter some cats.  Or some people maybe?

I'm a peace activist really.

The trailer park may soon lose its scent of unfixed male spray.  I can only hope.

Not yet....but getting there.

I took 13 more cats up to the FCCO yesterday to be fixed.  12 of those were from the trailer park and two of those, after they were fixed, went to a Wilsonville rescue to be fostered until adoption with another group.

The two relinquished were from the gray cat trailer.  They had said they would have their two remaining boy cats, whom they didn't want, ready for me Tuesday when I arrived to trap.  Did they?  No.  And the guy casually says "well there are four more, and we don't want any of three teens."  My jaw dropped.  How could you not mention you still have four more unfixed cats.   They had not been contained and I was there til 11:00 p.m. Tuesday trapping 3 of the four, even though they could have picked them up.  Go figure.

Gray tabby teen girl, from gray cat trailer, fixed then off to foster

Relinquished gray teen boy, from gray cat trailer, fixed, and off to foster with his sis

Adult gray male, fixed and returned to gray cat trailer
When I was waiting around, with a drop trap set in the back at another trailer, the caregiver for yet another trailer stopped to chat and said her boss had an unfixed teen girl.  She was just a couple trailers down.  She too went to be fixed as she was getting out and the park is full of every unfixed male in Sweet Home, I swear, on the make.

Teen torti fixed yesterday from trailer park.
I went after the teen rape gang, as I call them.  I had identified no less than 8 big males after one little teen, who couldn't sleep or eat and ran all the time to escape them.  I caught her and five of the teen rape gang.

This is one of two tiny teen girls the rape gang had been after.  She's now fixed and so are both her sisters.

This is her sister, who was fixed yesterday too.  The third sister was fixed last time I went up.
This was going on in the back yard, face off between the big white male and a gray tabby male.
That face off ended up this way:
And also fixed!
Residents were happy the big white male was caught for fixing.  So was I. Until I turned around to the drop trap, and there's another big white male eating under it.  And so......
Whitey Number Two was also fixed yesterday.
Curiosity Gets you neutered, buddy!
And neutered he was yesterday.
Mr. Lilac Got Neutered also
But not this guy and he badly needs neutered.  Neither did I catch a second huge black male (first one was done last time) or the massive brown tabby manx male.
Here's what the car looks like as I was about to leave for the clinic yesterday.
Road trip with Cats!

Today I returned all 13 cats.  Did I mention, number 13, the lucky one, trapped in Lebanon, turned out to be an already spayed female.  She got her ear tipped though, so nobody will wonder again, and vaccinations updated.

Of course, even though the cats are returned, the work isn't done.  Laundry, cleaning.....I want to sleep!!

Cage covers and bedding, ready to wash and not particularly good smelling.

The trap and carrier cleaning begins!
After which may come heavy drinking and snoozing......interrupted by occasional loud swearing.